Death Note | Clip: Light Meets Ryuk [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
  • Light's entrance into the dark world of Ryuk began with one name. Here is an exclusive first-look at a brand new clip from Death Note, now streaming on Netflix.
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    Death Note | Clip: Light Meets Ryuk [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 2 947

  • The Real Geek
    The Real Geek 20 days ago

    I actually liked this movie

  • Dinah Kyle
    Dinah Kyle Month ago

    The Gray Goblin

  • Meaning?
    Meaning? 2 months ago

    Where's that cold, calculating, genius, cunning Light we had? The killer of *L*, also some may called "Justice" Kira, I feel bamboozled as fuck. Back then, I watched the movie before the anime, this made me think that Death Note was literal trash, but oh my oh my. Fucking Christ! This anime is good! I'm sorry that's an understatement rather the word "good" doesn't really capture the show Death Note, this anime is sure to be one of the "greatest animes of all time!" The story, plot, characters and their development, the show is very intellectual, convincing, and suspense! It's an absolute masterpiece, its so clever how they go back and forth it's not repetitive and annoying, unlike other animes, vibe I'm getting here is like Code Geass! One of greatest animes I've watched too, it's almost similiar, the show doesnt give you a bad guy and good guy option, it depends on your way of thinking, some may root for Light, some may want him to be caught by Ryuzaki or the successors, like Code Geass, you dont really see who's evil or not, Lelouch and Suzaku was trying to achieve the same thing but in a different way, it's a matter of perspective, these shows are just magical, the feel of real anticipation, and rootness for the characters, all are unpredictable it's a puzzle! It really saddens me sometimes because these kinds of animes are just rare, the thought of me watching it and knowing that I am only gonna be able to enjoy full experience once is what I think the drawback. Definitely Death Note and Code Geass is #1 and 2 in my list greatest animes.

  • someone ghvjvj
    someone ghvjvj 2 months ago

    If only William dafoe’s portrayal of Ryuk was in the anime

  • Lisa Tachibana
    Lisa Tachibana 6 months ago

    The adaption was pure shit - exept for Willem Dafoe as Ryuk's voice. Srsly, it just fits perfectly.

  • Red reaper
    Red reaper 6 months ago

    why they changed that ryuk give light the note book? In the original light just happened to find the death not ryuk said he was not chosen

  • Josh Blaisdell
    Josh Blaisdell 6 months ago

    He was in the first Spiderman movie

  • Miguel Angelo
    Miguel Angelo 7 months ago +1

    Holy shit, this look terrible.

  • _STING_
    _STING_ 8 months ago

    Wtf is ruined this awsome anime...and give us this crap.

  • avicii
    avicii 9 months ago

    Shou we begin

  • Astrithor
    Astrithor 10 months ago

    The only good thing they did here was cast Dafoe as Ryuk, and even then, the writing is awful

  • Fangirl TMurphy
    Fangirl TMurphy 10 months ago

    I will not lie. The movie was just a terrible adaptation of the original source material, but you have to admit... LIGHT IS FCKING HILARIOUS

  • Homam AbouAssaf
    Homam AbouAssaf 10 months ago

    wtf is this
    this is so shame for real death note and espicialy for light
    fuck this shit!!

  • Eric Monaco
    Eric Monaco 11 months ago

    Dafoe Saved this Movie from being Shit

  • Meghna Reddy
    Meghna Reddy Year ago +1

    which is why hollywood should stay the fuck away from anime!

  • joshua 117ti
    joshua 117ti Year ago

    this is not the light we knew the have changed a lot but not in a good way

  • wiwbiz2
    wiwbiz2 Year ago

    Does anybody know there is an actual Japanese movie named Death Note which I assure you is hell of better than this crap.

  • wiwbiz2
    wiwbiz2 Year ago

    Do the concept of death god exist in Christianity ? I think this is the reason they portrayed Ryuk as a demon rather than death god, to relate to audience.

    • Aglaya Majorem
      Aglaya Majorem Year ago

      Really? I'm a Christian. I'm not dumb that I can't comprehend the mythology behind the Shinigami. Shinigami are more like the grim reaper than Satan playing devil. He's literally a nihilist apathetic being who was bored and just enjoyed how things played out to him. No, rather American studio producers think the audience is this dumb.

  • Nitai Gauranga
    Nitai Gauranga Year ago

    Is there a worse adaptation of anything?

  • Elise Gutierrez
    Elise Gutierrez Year ago

    *shudders* Willem Dafoe

  • Googleia Driveia
    Googleia Driveia Year ago


  • DJ. Killer
    DJ. Killer Year ago


  • ahed jehad
    ahed jehad Year ago

    i swear, most of these people don't know what an adaption is...also, i agree that Willem Dafoe is the best thing about this movie.

    • Aglaya Majorem
      Aglaya Majorem Year ago

      You mean studios don't know how to even make one. They didn't even change the names from the original. Can you blame fans for being frustrated?

  • Kman314
    Kman314 Year ago

    he killed kenny! YOU BASTARDS!

  • Syncro
    Syncro Year ago


  • cattigereyes1
    cattigereyes1 Year ago

    The anime’s good though!

    JAJAJAXD Year ago +1

    Netflix nunca aprende, sinceramente menuda mierda. No parará.

  • cromusic ibra
    cromusic ibra Year ago

    This is the only aspect of the movie that everyone agrees on: Willem Dafoe being cast as the voice for Ryuk. He just KILLS IT here (pun intended). I'd say that this is a loyal representation of how Ryuk sounds in the anime... except what's amazing is that Dafoe never SAW the anime. He saw a PICTURE of Ryuk and said "when i saw an image of what Ryuk would look like, i had kinda an idea for his voice, in my head."

  • Shahd Tarik
    Shahd Tarik Year ago

    No thanks anime only

  • Kela Pearse
    Kela Pearse Year ago

    Defoe was the only thing that was actually good in this film :3

  • Ravioli Please
    Ravioli Please Year ago

    ?: shall we begin?

  • Puella Magi Homura Akemi

    Terrifying movie..ugh. At least Ryuk is alright

  • Nicko Valentino
    Nicko Valentino Year ago
    you are welcome

  • bree.
    bree. Year ago

    i dislike that they added swearing more frequently into this. ryuk's voice and design is spot on though

  • yoonhyethepeach
    yoonhyethepeach Year ago

    My eyes are bleeding

  • yoonhyethepeach
    yoonhyethepeach Year ago

    Aren't you supposed to at least know the story before making a movie out of it ?

  • K. Dub
    K. Dub Year ago

    all you little crybaby haters calm down, this actually looks entertaining despite a little poor casting. Wiliam Dafoe was a homerun

  • DrakonikDancer
    DrakonikDancer Year ago

    Light must be more calm and serious in order to make an impression.

  • eternal sunshine
    eternal sunshine Year ago

    ryuk would never force him to write down a name. real ryuk or any other shinigami wouldnt give a fuck

  • Tomas’s Legendary Vids

    Be honest we would all scream like a bitch if Willem Defoe showed up in our house

    • Aglaya Majorem
      Aglaya Majorem Year ago

      Billion people can't all have the same reaction.

  • Jeran Del
    Jeran Del Year ago

    This was not a good movie, but Christ if they didn't nail Ryuk!

  • King Savage97
    King Savage97 2 years ago

    Why is there cussing and so much gore in this movie? Jus because it's on Netflix doesn't mean it has to be mature

  • Nynx aj
    Nynx aj 2 years ago


  • Rizkirafu
    Rizkirafu 2 years ago

    For you guys who bitching about Light's reaction, let me give you explanation:
    The Original Japanese Light Yagami was ALREADY USING his Death Note and KNOW what the Death Note really was SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE meeting Ryuk. Perhaps, he also already calculated the possible existence of a supernatural creature that might come to him one day.
    Meanwhile, this Light HAS NOT even "use" his Death Note yet and doesn't even know what the book really is before he meeting Ryuk, a creature which most American don't believe to be exist. Yes, I know many of people in U.S don't believe in supernatural beings.
    So, it's logical if this version of Light will freak out. If you are a supernatural skeptic and then SUDDENLY meeting a creature like Ryuk, how would you react?

    • Aglaya Majorem
      Aglaya Majorem Year ago

      How lame. Light Turner seems like a dumbed down Light Yagami. I guess Netflix thinks it makes a better interpretation than the source material eh?

  • Soulless Flame
    Soulless Flame 2 years ago

    Ryuk. No matter where he is, you fucking love him.

  • Almanbet Mamaev
    Almanbet Mamaev 2 years ago +1

    Facto you bitch

  • Almanbet Mamaev
    Almanbet Mamaev 2 years ago +1

    Самый тупой фильм тут музыка тупая сюжета нет нет фикс вобще хер с говном

  • YourLocalSenpai
    YourLocalSenpai 2 years ago

    This film could be a good one if it's an original film

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 2 years ago

    this movie was a hot pile of garbage

  • Kenny Kurniawan
    Kenny Kurniawan 2 years ago

    he just wrote my first name

  • Med Amine
    Med Amine 2 years ago

    Wtf this movie was awful like for fs watch the anime or at least read the fuckimg manga I'm so disappointed

  • AlmostSober
    AlmostSober 2 years ago


  • Juaquin Rosales
    Juaquin Rosales 2 years ago

    Willem Defoe is so perfect for Ryuk. Probably the only good choice the movie has made.

  • Antasma1
    Antasma1 2 years ago

    "WE ATTACK HIS HEART!.. oh sorry, wrong movie"

  • WebbanationX
    WebbanationX 2 years ago

    Should I watch this before the anime?

    LIL CLOUT 2 years ago

    It ain't a part of the anime series cuz it takes place after light yagami's death in the anime think about it light yagami and light Turner are two different people

  • LemonSqueeze Z
    LemonSqueeze Z 2 years ago

    Ryuk=Murdoc from gorillaz confirmed?

  • Rakeem B
    Rakeem B 2 years ago

    Funny how they cut out the part where Light pisses himself.

  • Ángela Sofía Jaime Moreno

    ¿Am I the only one mad that Ryuk leave so many apple in it's core?

  • carina
    carina 2 years ago

    I can't take this seriously when Kira is played by young Nic Cage sorry