ITZY PRE DEBUT Hwang Yeji,Shin Ryujin,Lee Chaeryeong,Choi Jisu(LIA)

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • IG:@brieverywhere
    Posibles chicas que debutarán en el 2019
    ~Somi(no la mencioné, porque se rumorea que debutará en solitario)
    ~Hwang Yeji(líder,bailarina,vocalista y rapera)
    ~Lee Chaeryeong(bailarina principal y vocalista)
    ~Choi Jisu(vocalista principal)
    ~Lily Jin Morow(2da vocal)
    ~Shin Yuna(visual y vocalista,no la puse por la falta de información sobre ella)
    Espero que te haya gustado el vídeo no olvides suscribirte y darle 👍 para más :3
    Ciao 🙋
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  • somebody gill
    somebody gill Month ago

    Whose lili jin??

  • cuyong choy
    cuyong choy Month ago

    who the f*ck is lili jin? 2:38

  • le F
    le F 3 months ago

    chaer trainee 6 years lol

    DJ LEON MIX 3 months ago +1

    Un corazoncito plis

  • BtsArmy Love
    BtsArmy Love 4 months ago

    Lili jin?WTF Lili jin is not part of itzy. I only know yuna.

    • BtsArmy Love
      BtsArmy Love 4 months ago

      @Bri Everywhere okay

    • Bri Everywhere
      Bri Everywhere  4 months ago +1

      Lili Jin is a trainne of JYP,this video is before itzy's debut where it was speculated that Lily was going to be part of the group.

  • aini luthfiyah
    aini luthfiyah 6 months ago +1

    Yeji dance is charismathic n cool. Even, Chaeryeong dance is so sexyyy...😭😍 Eits, DON'T FORGET WITH HER RAP N VOCAL GUYS! SO BADDAS😍😍😍😍 I PREFER CHAE DANCE:3

    GUKU KACAROTO 6 months ago

    Like si cres qe esta linda la bri xDdd

  • its khansa
    its khansa 6 months ago

    Waitt where's yuna?

  • BTSmochii
    BTSmochii 7 months ago

    Who is lili?

    • Bri Everywhere
      Bri Everywhere  7 months ago +1

      Is JYP trainner,it was rumored that it was going to be part of itzy,but actually no

  • Achmad Danil
    Achmad Danil 7 months ago +1

    who lily jin? i know is shin yuna

  • our kpop generation
    our kpop generation 8 months ago +1

    Sadly, Lily didn't make it to the debut and was replaced by Yuna.

  • Blackpink Bts
    Blackpink Bts 8 months ago

    I am totally shook jimin and jhope whiches the song of them with her.......

  • Lari ssa
    Lari ssa 8 months ago +1

    never imagined that Ryujin was a girl who participated in the MV of the BTS
    since the first time I saw Chaeryeong, I thought the same as Chaeyeon, I thought Chaeyeon was participating in ITZY

  • Elric C.
    Elric C. 9 months ago

    Lili might be a solo artist

  • Army's BLINK Then they REVULV ONCE

    Lili jin isnt in the group

  • NanoAxenel
    NanoAxenel 9 months ago

    Where is lily now?

  • rusul
    rusul 9 months ago +1

    I’m very exited for Hwang yeji and Lily jin
    also Chaeryeong so sweet

  • Kim Diiry Liskook
    Kim Diiry Liskook 9 months ago +2

    Hwang Yeji Leader trainee 4years
    Lee Chaeryeong Main Dancer trainee 4years
    Shun Ryu Jin Main Rapper trainee 4 years
    Lili Jin Lead Vocal trainee 4years
    Choi Jisu Main vocal trainee 2years

  • ChouGucci TzuyuMama
    ChouGucci TzuyuMama 9 months ago +2

    Imagine yeji, chae ryeong, ryujin and momo collab in the future 😢🤟🏻

  • OPIKUN -
    OPIKUN - 9 months ago +1

    hwang yeji is a complet jenni in blackpink..but better

    • ChouGucci TzuyuMama
      ChouGucci TzuyuMama 9 months ago

      Who? Jennie the lazy girl? Yeji absolutely waayy better than lazy J

    • Bri Everywhere
      Bri Everywhere  9 months ago +1

      Singer,dancer,rapper and visual ❤️Yeji is perfect👐

  • Gold Droid
    Gold Droid 9 months ago

    Wow! I can’t believe ryujin will be debuting. She was in a video with Jhope

  • julisya musly
    julisya musly 9 months ago +1

    I love hwang ye Ji. I'm a big fan

  • Agnes Damayanti
    Agnes Damayanti 9 months ago +1

    Lololol 0:00 sorry sis but she is eunsoo

  • Cristallyn Tapawan
    Cristallyn Tapawan 9 months ago +2

    I goinh to support them😘😘💜

  • Zyrka Che Alika
    Zyrka Che Alika 9 months ago

    Damn yg's face on 2:56 legit gave me chills.

  • smolbubblegum -
    smolbubblegum - 9 months ago


  • Jungwoo Uwu
    Jungwoo Uwu 9 months ago

    Lili jin😭😭How i wish😢

    ITZONEXO NCTWICE 9 months ago +2

    Finally Chaeryeong debut after eliminated in Sixteen.❤❤❤

  • JohnVic And Janelle Vlogz


  • Rida and shiza Tashfin
    Rida and shiza Tashfin 9 months ago

    Also I wanna mention That the amount of trainings written in this video are completely fake . These girls have trained more than half of their lives and then came in sixteen where they were disqualified and then got additional training

  • Rida and shiza Tashfin
    Rida and shiza Tashfin 9 months ago

    I’m not a hater or anything and no offence to the fans , but the first girl in the video was dancing way better in her training then Lisa could ever dance . Just my opinion . I totally Stan the first girl in the video

  • Isela McIntosh
    Isela McIntosh 9 months ago

    *Is there a reason as to why Lily M didn't make it to ITZY? Or maybe a theory?*

    • onellü
      onellü 9 months ago

      She never being with the other girls

  • Federico Cantil
    Federico Cantil 9 months ago +1

    No wayy!! That Girl Is on Love your self film.And so that She so luckyy

  • Federico Cantil
    Federico Cantil 9 months ago

    Im so Happy That Sixteen Trainee Before (Twice Batch) Is A official Group Right now I love this💜💜

  • Hhaa Haha
    Hhaa Haha 9 months ago +3

    Ryu jin will be the next girlcrush fir The next generation

  • Mina twice
    Mina twice 9 months ago


  • Grace Cho
    Grace Cho 9 months ago +1

    I don't think Lily's in the group. JYP posted a video of the members of ITZY and Lily was not one of them

  • Lylia Bruni
    Lylia Bruni 9 months ago

    lili jin is not in itzy !
    i think she dont have the potential maybe

    • felixquito
      felixquito 9 months ago

      I believe she will debut as a soloist since her vocals doesn't suit a group IMO it won't shine and she needs 4-minute song to showcase her amazing vocals

  • Trần Linh
    Trần Linh 9 months ago

    Perfect charm 😍

  • Emma Nguyen
    Emma Nguyen 9 months ago

    Chaeryoung has been JYP trainee more than 4 years not 4 years

  • DJLNNMR 11
    DJLNNMR 11 9 months ago

    So Ryujin was the girl with Hoseok on Higlight Reel?!😱😱😱

    Oh yeah I bet Chaeyeon will be proud of her dongsaeng💜

  • hana hikaru
    hana hikaru 9 months ago

    imagine somi and natty there, they would be so lit.

  • Mitze Quiñones
    Mitze Quiñones 9 months ago +1

    omg lili😱

  • RJBRO. Yu
    RJBRO. Yu 9 months ago +1

    I’m in love with Shin Ryu Jin ❤️

  • _ NabongAss
    _ NabongAss 9 months ago +3

    I'm falling in love with hwang yeji :)

  • CharmZyEric Laris
    CharmZyEric Laris 9 months ago

    Chaeryong just like her sister Chaeyeon they have the same laugh .. 😍😍😍 .. Same energy i love them both

  • Margaret Verde
    Margaret Verde 9 months ago +7

    WOW ... Jisu and Lily have a good voice !

  • Rafaela Balabuch
    Rafaela Balabuch 9 months ago

    Somi, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Chaeyeon, Yeji, Jisu and Lily these girls would make a perfect group...
    Somi: Face of the group, lead vocal, dancer, rapper
    Ryujin: Main rapper, dancer, vocalist, visual
    Chaeryeong: Lead dancer, vocalist
    Chaeyeon: Main dancer, lead vocal
    Yeji: Lead dancer, vocalist, rapper
    Jisu: Main vocal.1
    Lily: Main vocal.2

  • HeeHaLeE
    HeeHaLeE 9 months ago +1

    Does anyone think Chae Ryong looks like Bang Ye Dam????

  • Manuela Rodrigues
    Manuela Rodrigues 9 months ago

    Tu esqueceu a Yuna risos

  • 김정미
    김정미 9 months ago

    채령이 쌍수 가자

  • Sarangeul Haetta
    Sarangeul Haetta 9 months ago

    What's the title of the intro song?

  • kira yamato
    kira yamato 9 months ago

    Yamaguchi mako not here?

  • Quyên Hồng
    Quyên Hồng 9 months ago

    What is the song begin the video

  • Erlisa Dareen
    Erlisa Dareen 9 months ago

    Lili? Isnt shin yuna was confirmed?

  • jing _
    jing _ 9 months ago

    sorry guys but jeji is already mina. ready to stan yo

  • Quynh Nguyen
    Quynh Nguyen 9 months ago

    OMG! J hope and jimin( bts ) and shin ryu jin ( jyp )

  • Lisa’s Beach
    Lisa’s Beach 9 months ago +1

    Chaeryoung!!!! Omg finally this makes me emo!

  • Ingrid BRIANA
    Ingrid BRIANA 9 months ago

    Lily unfortunately will not debut is a pity !!!!!!!!!!

  • Estefany Silva
    Estefany Silva 9 months ago +8

    Estoy muriendo de felicidad AAAHHH Al fin mi beiia Ryujin va a debutar :') ♡♡♡