• Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Welcome to another episode in the FIFA 20 Career Mode Rebuilding challenge series! The whole objective of this rebuilding challenge is to see how many seasons it takes through simulation and transfer business to qualify for a Champions League final, it'll then be up to us to put our skills to the test and see if we can complete the job! For today's instalment of the series we are going to be rebuilding AS Monaco! Make sure you leave a like if you enjoyed the video and want to see more :)
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Comments • 356

  • Shayan MB
    Shayan MB Day ago

    U are pronouncing the 1 in ligue 1 wrong, its not une, its ligue an

  • Satei Sameer
    Satei Sameer 11 days ago

    Love AS Monaco 🇲🇨

  • Bradley Clark
    Bradley Clark 15 days ago

    Coincidence how he ALWAYS wins the champions league final first try, I’m just sayin you should show the difficulty and show that your not using sliders to help you

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 17 days ago

    He called Monaco a city were it's actually a country. Get your facts right Jarrad

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 18 days ago

    It's happened. Pogba has left Man UNITED. Real Madrid. 3:29

  • Bartosz Gamer
    Bartosz Gamer 21 day ago

    Union Berlin there struggling

  • Baron MasterGamer
    Baron MasterGamer 21 day ago +2

    18:47 this is false advertising

  • jakesolheim75
    jakesolheim75 23 days ago

    You Should buy Icardi like Goddam you're all missing out on a gem

  • Mansoor Ali
    Mansoor Ali 25 days ago

    In every rebuild he is always get Barcelona in the Final ....

  • Martijn v L
    Martijn v L 29 days ago

    As a Monaco fan my eyes hurt, you’re selling literally everyone. Even Ben Yedder, you should make it a bit more realistic

  • mohamed ahras
    mohamed ahras Month ago

    i got ramos in de monaco

  • Filip Pecovski
    Filip Pecovski Month ago

    So a Dijon re build ?

  • Adrian Kristiansen
    Adrian Kristiansen Month ago

    Please do Tromsø IL they where relegated this season from the Eliteserien

  • Man Kiotis
    Man Kiotis Month ago

    He called lautaro lozano

  • Glub Glub
    Glub Glub Month ago

    My dumb ass read doing a rebuild as Monaco

  • Ricardo Sanches
    Ricardo Sanches Month ago

    Hi Jarrad why you don't make a Rebuild with Saint Etiene because this soccer team is bigger in France
    They have 10 titles on Ligue 1

  • Finlay Hitchings
    Finlay Hitchings Month ago

    Please do a norwich rebuild, we are going into mediocracy

  • Micross Lasan
    Micross Lasan Month ago

    Pls Wisla Krakow

  • T0X TWST
    T0X TWST Month ago

    You could have bought junior for less than marco asensio because he has a 54m release clause

  • randallfe
    randallfe Month ago

    Where are the stats

  • randallfe
    randallfe Month ago +2

    You should show stats

  • Matt Fred
    Matt Fred Month ago

    Plz rebuild the worst team in fifa 20

  • Gio D'Alba
    Gio D'Alba Month ago

    Do Everton

  • Dr Salt
    Dr Salt Month ago

    The Glik signing is very West Ham like

  • Emanuele Mileo
    Emanuele Mileo Month ago

    New Rebuilding Inter or Bayern please

  • Axel Faes
    Axel Faes Month ago


  • Lucas Correia
    Lucas Correia Month ago

    Rebuild AS St. Etienne

  • M'Aiq The Honest
    M'Aiq The Honest Month ago

    Have they fix career mode yet?

  • Shadow Hunter
    Shadow Hunter Month ago

    Rebuild Getafe

  • Miika Järvinen
    Miika Järvinen Month ago

    Is norwich rebuild coming?

  • lautaro fakiani
    lautaro fakiani Month ago +2

    No one

    Absolutely no one

    Jarrad: lATiRo Martínez

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos Month ago

    please rebuild Sporting CP. Sporting is such a big team in Portugal, we gave Figo and CR7 to the world, we have 18 league titles, but we dont win one in around 18 years.

  • gucci bandit
    gucci bandit Month ago +1

    sunderland now!!!

  • JM Rattigan
    JM Rattigan Month ago

    U bought no CB for Zoma 😂more worried about a GK 🤦‍♂️🤣

  • Oakgoat 600
    Oakgoat 600 Month ago +3

    U might have to Rebuild Dijon
    But do Birmingham City before

  • A74
    A74 Month ago

    Do a rebuild with Dijon lol

  • Ottaire 13
    Ottaire 13 Month ago +1

    Jarrad it’s Arrizabalaga
    Not Orithabalaga

  • Emile Jr. Edora
    Emile Jr. Edora Month ago

    You should rebuild Dijon

  • MkandJC Studios
    MkandJC Studios Month ago

    It’s AZ Alkmaar

  • pimmie pimmie
    pimmie pimmie Month ago

    Pls do a belgian side rebuild would love it😁

  • André Almeida
    André Almeida Month ago +1

    Rebuild Benfica, please. Maybe you could try and bring some of the players they used to have.

  • Antonio Coletta
    Antonio Coletta Month ago +1

    can the youth sector be used?

  • 1234567890 Laurentiu

    Wtf bro, martinez?

  • Harry Davis
    Harry Davis Month ago

    Do an Ipswich town rebuild please 🙂

  • beloved1066
    beloved1066 Month ago

    stoke city rebuild

  • Samuel Yang
    Samuel Yang Month ago

    lol kepas wearing kappa

  • L and N Leysath
    L and N Leysath Month ago

    am I the only one who did scorpion kick the subscribe button?

  • Fady Kingo
    Fady Kingo Month ago

    احلي شنب بحبك اخوك من مصر 🤗😍

  • Charles Luk
    Charles Luk Month ago

    Arsenal is sad and we.need Jarrad

  • James Armitage
    James Armitage Month ago

    Rebuild Fulham

  • George Stewart
    George Stewart Month ago +1

    Come on do a Scottish team

  • SirSavageL
    SirSavageL Month ago

    Do a Dijon rebuild

  • MMA Life
    MMA Life Month ago

    Juventus rebulding

  • MattyIsh54 _
    MattyIsh54 _ Month ago

    Please do a dejion rebuild

  • Lukas Vanopbergen
    Lukas Vanopbergen Month ago

    you should up your difficulty

    KARIMZE SUFI REACT Month ago +1

    Please do derby county

  • Asphalt Races
    Asphalt Races Month ago

    New England Revolution

  • toxic moj
    toxic moj Month ago

    Legit just did a Monaco rebuild

    KARA PERI Month ago


  • Semi Sümer
    Semi Sümer Month ago

    losc lille rebuild