AirPower Is Here... Sort Of

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Apple AirPower never hit the market for reasons that remain a mystery. Thankfully we've been blessed with alternatives and in the case of AirUnleashed we've got an almost 1:1 replica of the AirPower that never happened.
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  • Hari S
    Hari S 21 hour ago

    100 is still cheaper than what Apple would've charged you.

  • Kenneth Frye
    Kenneth Frye Day ago

    get job!! I like it

  • michael jeacock
    michael jeacock Day ago

    stupid name.
    essential part sold separately.
    rip off of someone else's idea.
    this thing is more apple than apple!

  • Nels
    Nels 2 days ago

    Check other videos people did on this product. He didn't mention devices charge incredibly slow with this product since it's having to share a single charger for 3 devices. Saw one video showing 3 hours to charge an apple watch.

  • Ram Hatecrew
    Ram Hatecrew 2 days ago

    Maybe apple left the project cause they couldn't find the way to sell it for $999

  • Sakonema
    Sakonema 3 days ago +2

    They probably noticed that much power causes brain tumors and just said: "oh.. we can't do it"

  • Tate Gustavus
    Tate Gustavus 3 days ago +1

    It's called android

  • Acee Vee
    Acee Vee 3 days ago

    Come on jimmy. You’re reviewing anything .

  • AngL
    AngL 3 days ago

    Hey lou I actually bought it after watching this video! And I put it in my cart and waited for a bit and I actually got a text from the company asking me if I wanted a discount code I said yes and I got it for 20% off lol

  • ROMONKEY 2234
    ROMONKEY 2234 4 days ago

    Wait this is the first video I'm seeing with 1440 p

  • Martin Knight
    Martin Knight 4 days ago

    😭 😢 i just want that watch 😭 😭 😭

  • yikyu Tam
    yikyu Tam 4 days ago

    is that thing hot?

  • Milan Mandaric
    Milan Mandaric 4 days ago

    They got allready some like this from ikea for half the price

  • Thinkagain6
    Thinkagain6 4 days ago

    They are making more money on fast charging accessories for iphone stuff! .....If they had to include the hefty power brick to power the airpower they wont make money on other shit!

  • Spiral modding
    Spiral modding 4 days ago

    Apple losing a lot of revenue

  • Ramesh Babu
    Ramesh Babu 4 days ago

    who saw raptors in his head

    CLASSYX 5 days ago +9

    Exact same thing on Aliexpress for 20-25$...

  • Divine Zeal
    Divine Zeal 5 days ago

    Not Apple not Buy 😐

  • Ruben Wahyudi
    Ruben Wahyudi 5 days ago

    Samsung a50 just do it?

  • Karim Kamel sobhy
    Karim Kamel sobhy 5 days ago

    lew unbox therapy Canadian caps, where I can buy one?

  • mohyim02
    mohyim02 5 days ago +1

    Me: eats anything
    Stomach: AIR UNLEASHED

  • Carlos Rondero
    Carlos Rondero 5 days ago

    That's cheap

  • lutfi ramly
    lutfi ramly 5 days ago

    Apple: 99 bucks? noobs

  • Apple Foxy
    Apple Foxy 5 days ago

    Samsung can use that???

  • Francisco Perez
    Francisco Perez 5 days ago

    Anybody know where I can find that hat?

  • CatSnack 13456
    CatSnack 13456 5 days ago

    It was probably going to be 2999$ and they thought it was to cheap

  • Robin Hadley
    Robin Hadley 5 days ago

    Bit unfair calling it a knock-off when apple didn't even produce it.

  • Juan-Serbastian Valencia-Moreno

    Lue never bought the series 4 Apple Watch.Or did he🤔🤔

  • Abhishek Chudiwal
    Abhishek Chudiwal 5 days ago


  • Anhad Rana
    Anhad Rana 5 days ago

    Thumbnail is anti- gravitational.

  • SamB_1991
    SamB_1991 5 days ago

    £100 is still better than the £999 apple probably would have sold it for.

  • Jon K
    Jon K 5 days ago +1

    See MKBHD's video today on this charger. Found the 30 seconds to explain this vs Airpower and the issues Airpower had with its design that is unlike anything else out. That is how a responsible reviewer treats things and gives correct info, not this joke of hehe well its sort of Airpower but Apple sucks and couldn't do it- forgetting Apple has dozens of little coils to put stuff anywhere that no charger out can do. Completely different tech

  • Francisco Ramon C. Pardinez, Jr.

    Please give me a nintendo switch

  • krishna kumar
    krishna kumar 5 days ago

    Its a clone of airpower

  • Timmi
    Timmi 5 days ago

    WTH! You can easily find the same thing on AliExpress for less than 20 bucks!! Who wants the name, AirUnleashed!?

  • ArkoN
    ArkoN 5 days ago

    This is EXACTLY what Aliexpress sells for about 20-30$ bucks for months now.... Now a fake company "Betafresh Hong Kong Limited" is droppshipping these for 99$ .... nobody would buy this but wait... People dont get informed properly.. they will... I can send you pictures of my chinese Aliexpress "AirUnleashed" ... the package is even the same... DO NOT BUY THIS FOR 99$ ! There are the exactly same thing on Aliexpress trust me I ordered several to find out what is the best "fake airpower" and they are all the same as this "AirUnleashed" ....

  • M I
    M I 5 days ago

    PAID, MARK ASS BROWN NIGGA DID THE SAME REVIEW. Lu you FAG you should mention it is a comercial

  • GoobieGG
    GoobieGG 5 days ago +1

    Was slightly curious until you said it was $99. That's insane....

  • Eric Lim
    Eric Lim 6 days ago

    What about the charging speed? Wtf featuring a charge pad but no charging speed test..

  • Mo A
    Mo A 6 days ago

    But the air power would cost you two hundred and thirty buckeroos. No roos were harmed.

  • thejasonparker
    thejasonparker 6 days ago

    Search eBay for '3in1 apple wireless charging pad' and get one for less than £20 / $25

  • Ben Waggott
    Ben Waggott 6 days ago


  • Hicham Hicham
    Hicham Hicham 6 days ago

    You scared me.

  • Md Shoaib
    Md Shoaib 6 days ago +2


  • Ranz C
    Ranz C 6 days ago

    Nothing new here moving on...

  • Xnx Gaming
    Xnx Gaming 6 days ago

    He was so aggressive with the unboxing of this :'(

  • Samuel Vista
    Samuel Vista 6 days ago +1

    Hey ... that's a copy of the Samsung Charger Duo, I wonder why?

  • Deni'z von Menace
    Deni'z von Menace 6 days ago

    Wierfull charging device provides wireless charges. For 99$ they could at least make that cord be unplugged or hide somehow.

  • Dave Benavides
    Dave Benavides 6 days ago +1

    *There was an idea*

  • Bobby Stone
    Bobby Stone 6 days ago

    Sooooo even their website is a rip off of apple

  • mike menzer
    mike menzer 6 days ago

    Lew and WillyDO and Unbox therapy guys question for you on this (Even though i don't support apple at all) but i am wondering have you been able with this air unleashed to be able to get you iphone to display the battery percentages on the phone it self when all 3 where on the charging mat it self or did they not do that at all

    I bet a lot of people are wondering this question so i thought i would throw it out there for you and see what you can figure out

  • BosleyBeats
    BosleyBeats 6 days ago

    Maybe they jacked the plans for AirPower and released it

  • Chapter Games
    Chapter Games 6 days ago

    Secretly apple was the one who made it

  • Curry _16
    Curry _16 6 days ago

    Review new wireless Beats!!

  • TheMasticator92
    TheMasticator92 6 days ago

    Apple really out here dropping the ball

  • JABO23
    JABO23 6 days ago

    Do a review of Samsung's duo charging pad please

  • Acid Rick
    Acid Rick 6 days ago

    If it was apple it’d be like $399

  • Kakutasu Matt
    Kakutasu Matt 6 days ago

    New apple *air*
    It's just air
    For $999

  • Diego Amaya
    Diego Amaya 6 days ago

    Then your phone blows up I’m good. I’m sure there has to be a good enough reason why apple hasn’t done it

  • God of war
    God of war 6 days ago

    Its so simple apple is trynna slow the market with those chinese brands releasing new technologies rapidly, therefore the get the time to make their inventions or innovative ideas in a better/cheaper way thats how apple works

  • stu
    stu 6 days ago

    Would this work with an iPad charge plug?

  • Mengyu TIAN
    Mengyu TIAN 6 days ago

    almost 3 years not fllowing unbox therapy ,you look fit now

  • Michael Indig
    Michael Indig 6 days ago

    Nomad does it better IMO

  • Kenji Yagi
    Kenji Yagi 6 days ago

    $100? Wait until other chinese companies reverse engineer and have it to you for $10-20. Give it a few months.

  • Peter Gašperan
    Peter Gašperan 6 days ago

    As a naturally skeptical person, I don't know why, but wireless technology scares and worries me, especially something like *charging*.
    Just speaks unhealthy 'radiation' to me.
    Who knows what truly these energies do to our bodies...!

  • Superman Steve
    Superman Steve 6 days ago

    I seriously hope you guys are super wealthy, you guys are so much fun to watch.

  • T Tube
    T Tube 6 days ago

    I commented to make this review a year ago

  • DiligentBoy 7
    DiligentBoy 7 6 days ago

    Still can’t believe this fools giveaways are scams

  • joy_ Dag
    joy_ Dag 6 days ago

    How can it be a knockoff when it was never released

  • SpaceSaver UnderCover

    Does it include the ability for the iPhone X to show the charge of the other two devices?

  • Tech, unboxing and more with Shovon

    Good af apple should try better..

  • Mike D
    Mike D 6 days ago

    Apple were trying to create a whole new technology that would have far reaching advantages. This is a gimmick.

  • John E
    John E 6 days ago +1

    Lew man c’mon. This isn’t the “promise” Apple promised. This company didn’t do what Apple couldn’t. So misleading. Apples product was to be ambiguous about where devices were placed, this obviously requires specific placement for each item. 🙄 cool device but you just had to ruin with eluding to something that just isn’t true to try to demean a brand you have resentment for.

  • tuckend
    tuckend 6 days ago

    apparently the product failed because they wanted the whole pad to be able to charge things and not just 3 little points where things have to be placed, but this turned out to be very difficult due to the fact of it badly overheating.

  • kadiatou Barry
    kadiatou Barry 6 days ago

    It look like Ikea air power

  • Grizzly Reaper
    Grizzly Reaper 6 days ago +1

    Why am i watching these when i cant buy it because it so expensive! =airpods€499, Iphone Xmax €1500 , iwatch €799 and then airunleashed€100
    My Friend bought an S10 Plus and he also bought Samsung watch and a wireless charge = €1300
    👇 if u hate Iphone just because it so expensive but it works same as the other Smartphones.

  • Mick Gooren
    Mick Gooren 6 days ago

    Bought mine on AliExpress for 25 dollars...

  • mpinganzima claudine

    You but Apple watch iPhone airpods no money to the wireless charger

  • Rafael Rivers
    Rafael Rivers 6 days ago

    Where do I buy it?!?!

  • Kohl McLean
    Kohl McLean 6 days ago

    I bought this from AliExpress for 30 dollars, this is the exact same product just repackaged and sold for 99 dollars.

  • MortalTv
    MortalTv 6 days ago

    That’s the first AirPower so it’s the real one

  • Save Roger
    Save Roger 6 days ago

    is it 999$ too

  • Kiron Kabir
    Kiron Kabir 6 days ago

    by the time i finish watching this video, it'll be sold out for the next 6 months 🙃

  • redstarpiru1
    redstarpiru1 6 days ago

    Great knockoff, I would think it's an apple product just my the box alone

  • Adrian Salazar
    Adrian Salazar 6 days ago

    But does it fast charge? I bought a Belkin's for just my Apple watch and iPhone for $50 and it fast charges my iPhone pretty quick!

  • Elias Enochsson
    Elias Enochsson 6 days ago


  • wow956
    wow956 6 days ago

    I despise wireless or pad charging it’s so inefficient. So much energy is lost, maybe in a decade when tech is better.

  • Santu Kumar
    Santu Kumar 6 days ago

    Telugu got raped to stop rape certified proof . Nacharam goud india cricket captain must start Facebook prostitution with photoshop images of rao, reddy naidu as long distance couples, living in relationship, sex partners etc

  • Derek Drummond
    Derek Drummond 6 days ago

    Meanwhile Oneplus fans shouting they don't need WC with 30 watt fast charging.

  • Remson vlogs Videos
    Remson vlogs Videos 6 days ago +1

    Wow that’s awesome 👏

  • At Oussama
    At Oussama 6 days ago

    so, literally any charging pad ever. what's special about it?
    the reason the one didn't work for apple is that they tried allowing you to charge anywhere you put the devices. this will definitely stop charging if you don't put the device in the correct middle..meh

  • Rylan Romesberg
    Rylan Romesberg 6 days ago +1

    Very misleading. Apple's version of the product was able to charge a device anywhere on the mat in any position. This device has specific positions on the pad that are separated for each individual device. Apple stated that they were unable to release the device because it did not pass their own quality control measures because the device would overheat too much. Claiming that this device is what Apple's Airpower would have been would be a falsehood.

  • AS 10172015
    AS 10172015 6 days ago +1

    I don’t think we can call it a nock off since the real deal never came out 🌚

  • Mark Amgad
    Mark Amgad 6 days ago +1

    whatbis the backgrond music

  • Mark Amgad
    Mark Amgad 6 days ago

    what is the background music??

  • Sup1
    Sup1 6 days ago

    Fcking clickbait ......

  • Benny Goodman
    Benny Goodman 6 days ago

    Great viedo, as everytime!
    I would be interested of what you would say about the Slicecharger by Hard Cider Labs. Especially their Pro Version is said to allow to place your device everywhere, just as Apple planed on implementing in AirPower.

  • Shahanawaz Khan
    Shahanawaz Khan 6 days ago

    So good 😊 sir