How to Make a Glazed Tofu Steamed Bun with Pickled Vegetables Recipe • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Learn how to make this delicious steamed bun recipe!
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Comments • 290

  • Matthew Francis
    Matthew Francis 7 months ago +174

    WOW! My third Vegan Video in one day! GUYS! I'm Matthew Francis, the Chef and Tasty Producer of this video! Don't these look awesome!? If you do want to have meat instead of tofu, the marinade is perfect with any protein! Just switch it out and cook the same way! These are awesome! I ate ALL of them after I finished shooting this video lol. Please make them, they're so good! If you do, share your photos with me on Instagram, (@matthewfrancisj). Do you have any questions for me about the recipe?

    • Vlog영풍
      Vlog영풍 4 months ago

      정말 대단하네요
      너무 잘보고있어요
      저도 베이킹 좋아하거즌요

    • Pine Apple
      Pine Apple 7 months ago

      @TheMegaVoter yeast is not sentient

    • me goodman
      me goodman 7 months ago +1

      Love the vegan recipes 😍 (I enjoy the non-vegan ones too lol, I just veganize them when possible)

    • Saṃsāra's Light
      Saṃsāra's Light 7 months ago +1

      You made this?
      I'm not vegan, but this looked really good, lol.

    • TheMegaVoter
      TheMegaVoter 7 months ago

      How can instant yeast be vegan?

  • Grateful Princess of God

    When I am watching the video for the first time, I set to fast playing speed. But when I am making the actual buns, I set to snail playing speed. 🤣

  • sweet bunny
    sweet bunny 2 months ago

    I tried them and there were delicious thanks for recipes

  • Kawaii Tsudere Neko Baka Face

    Warm orange

  • BunnyFett
    BunnyFett 6 months ago

    I would eat so many of these

  • Samiksha Pawar
    Samiksha Pawar 6 months ago

    Lusting for it already

  • Bayan Rahman
    Bayan Rahman 6 months ago

    My only problem is the smell of the yeast I get after making it. Is there anything I can do to make it go away? But this recipe is 💯💯💯

  • A Peppermint Candy
    A Peppermint Candy 6 months ago

    I have a better recipe for tofu.Also buns would be better with meat.

  • Khyati
    Khyati 6 months ago

    Asian taco

  • Emzbob
    Emzbob 6 months ago

    I'm crying that was so beautiful (It's 4am I should sleep)

  • Julex Studio
    Julex Studio 6 months ago

    Blackpink house

  • Rickle Pick2003
    Rickle Pick2003 6 months ago


  • Mia Ma
    Mia Ma 6 months ago

    Nice one

  • Cristalheart
    Cristalheart 7 months ago

    I made this recipe for my omnivorous family, everybody loved it ! 10/10 would recommend !!

  • G Bradley
    G Bradley 7 months ago

    Why organic sugar? Waste of money.

  • Chaia's Curations
    Chaia's Curations 7 months ago +1

    I just started a TheXvid channel please give me some feedback!!!!

  • Ericca Hovie
    Ericca Hovie 7 months ago

    My husband made this for dinner last night and it was FABULOUS!!!

  • Sêptëmbėr Jãį
    Sêptëmbėr Jãį 7 months ago

    1:19 Shoooot you better pour all of that in there 😅

  • Hàng tốt Chính hãng

  • James da Hughes
    James da Hughes 7 months ago

    Put one less tofu square in there and they would’ve been perfect 😍

  • Bez leba
    Bez leba 7 months ago

    Why baking powder and yeast in the same dough?

  • Faith The Awesome
    Faith The Awesome 7 months ago

    Where is Justin Y

  • TheCookingNerd
    TheCookingNerd 7 months ago


    I don’t have that bamboo dumpling thingy

  • Channel of Randomness
    Channel of Randomness 7 months ago

    I was literally watching this during dinner! ITS MAKING ME SO HUNGRY! Just delicious.

  • Peter M. Abraham, BSN, RN

    Far too much sugar.

  • জীবনের গল্প

    Nice video

  • mleanl
    mleanl 7 months ago

    Chinese food is always a labour of love and can actually be time consuming to make from scratch, but the results are always worth it! This is an interesting twist. The steamed bread is so delicious and you can pan fry them for a crispy outside and stuff them with whatever you want.

  • Christian Malipol
    Christian Malipol 7 months ago +1

    Lmao if they post this on their insta, people would lose their shit hating about it😂😂 poor tasty🙁

  • Maarten Elfrink
    Maarten Elfrink 7 months ago


  • Zoey_draws
    Zoey_draws 7 months ago

    Sooooo yummy

  • No_One 32
    No_One 32 7 months ago

    the video is not great

  • mikejoe21
    mikejoe21 7 months ago +2

    Please trim your nails before cooking!

    WAYNE _WOLFY 7 months ago

    i love steamed buns

  • daisy kate
    daisy kate 7 months ago +1

    I am amazed to see it really good

  • Vardhan Shrivastava
    Vardhan Shrivastava 7 months ago

    organic sugar????????????????????

  • Heinrichsreither
    Heinrichsreither 7 months ago

    You should add this to the vegan playlist!

  • Pavle Glisic
    Pavle Glisic 7 months ago

    Please make new 101 videos

  • lolo san
    lolo san 7 months ago

    To love the word
    Lick puts up and shares my channel 🌹
    And the second and God

  • иван семенов


  • Morgan Nixon
    Morgan Nixon 7 months ago

    I’m vegan and this looks good!

  • elmariachi
    elmariachi 7 months ago

    should've specified luke warm water , i'll guarantee you someone is gonna murder their yeast with almost boiling water

  • ASMR Yuma
    ASMR Yuma 7 months ago

    So yummy!

    JESUS IS FREEDOM 7 months ago

    You know what would be awesome ? If y'all made playlists with foods for people with allergies or who need sugar free foods. A lot of the times I'll click on these videos and half way I realize it has an ingredient I can't have :(

  • The50fangirl
    The50fangirl 7 months ago

    Oooooh, burnt tofu!
    In the words of Gordon Ramsay, “If it’s brown it’s cooked if it’s black it’s f*cked”.

  • Damned Dude
    Damned Dude 7 months ago +1

    I can smell the food from here.

  • Ross and Bek
    Ross and Bek 7 months ago +4

    OMG! Love steamed buns! Drool factor is at 10 out of 10! 😋😋😋😋

    • Meuni Chap
      Meuni Chap 2 months ago

      @Ross Taylor The solution is to actually steam them for more periods of time but just with convection heat. So you let them steam as always, don't open it yet, turn off the heat and steam for five more minutes. That's how it works for me

    • Ross and Bek
      Ross and Bek 7 months ago +1

      Just follow the recipe silly! Yes, that are so good. We made them with lots of different fillings. Soooo yummy!

    • Rebekah Taylor
      Rebekah Taylor 7 months ago +1

      Depends how sticky! They are meant to have a little bit of stickyness anyways! Yes that are delish!!

    • Ross Taylor
      Ross Taylor 7 months ago +2

      Gimme Gimme Gimme! I've tried to make these but they ended up sticky. Any suggestions?

  • Saif Tutorials
    Saif Tutorials 7 months ago

    I'm drooling.!
    Who likes/dislikes Pickle?

  • Ginger Kubicz
    Ginger Kubicz 7 months ago

    Ima use my homemade kim chi and put it on rice. My steamed buns never come out right. :)

  • Cook' omania
    Cook' omania 7 months ago

    Looks delicious

  • shreya ashna
    shreya ashna 7 months ago

    I made these earlier and i didnt quite like the texture of the steamed buns so i decided to fry them and they tasted sooooo good! I swear it was awsome

  • Olivia G
    Olivia G 7 months ago

    Mmm tofuuu look so gooood

  • Denny Dominggus Putra
    Denny Dominggus Putra 7 months ago +12

    Tasty should produce more cuisiens from South East Asia country. Such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand etc. The diversity of spices that they used are incredible. Thank

    • Pine Apple
      Pine Apple 7 months ago +1

      Tasty should have its own version in many countries, not just japan and the u.s.

  • jaws_ 6008
    jaws_ 6008 7 months ago +1

    Hey guys tasty is the reason i started youtube i love cooking if you want to support me go to jared cooks and subscribe

  • christina s
    christina s 7 months ago


  • Neill
    Neill 7 months ago +1

    this is a lot of work lol

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 7 months ago

    Very nice 👌

  • jatvirginmega
    jatvirginmega 7 months ago

    dude. WOWWWW. and i rarely ever comment.

  • Annette Williams
    Annette Williams 7 months ago +1

    4 min video but 20 hours of cooking 😩😩 looks good though lol

  • Mariana Silva
    Mariana Silva 7 months ago

    So vegan!! Thank you!!!

  • Butterball150
    Butterball150 7 months ago

    I don't want non, unless you got tofu buns? Whipish 😁

  • recoil53
    recoil53 7 months ago +2

    What happened Tasty? Where did it all go wrong? What happened to the days when there would be layers of cheese on top of cheese topped with cheese? Desserts of cream cheese filled with sugar and more fat?
    What happened to us? Why are we doing this to each other?

    • Pine Apple
      Pine Apple 7 months ago

      @recoil53 WheRe iS tTHe SoUR cReaMmmmmm¿¿¿¿¿

    • recoil53
      recoil53 7 months ago

      @Elis G There is Goodful. I'm not asking for fried cheese smothered in cheese sauce buried inside a cheesecake to be in Goodful.

    • Elis G
      Elis G 7 months ago

      Cause all people gotta eat and enjoy good food. However, it'll please you to know they still put layers of cheese and butter on lots of things, vegan recipes aren't stopping that.

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 7 months ago +2

      Vegan zombies have taken over Tasty.

  • Mam J
    Mam J 7 months ago

    You don’t have to make the buns, at your local Asian market they’re usually in the frozen section and all you have to do is steam them and they’re usually vegan.

  • samm
    samm 7 months ago

    *i just entered this video because i thought it was from HowToBasic*

  • Skinny Bamboo
    Skinny Bamboo 7 months ago

    looks so good. Gonna make this for chinese new years

  • Nicole White
    Nicole White 7 months ago

    This recipe looks really good except for all the sugar added to it.

    • Nicole White
      Nicole White 7 months ago

      @lunayen yeah, no thanks. Hard pass.

    • lunayen
      lunayen 7 months ago

      You are free to omit the sugar if it hurts you so much. Or use sugar alternatives.

    A__D__MIX CREATION 7 months ago

  • 개와 나의 이야기
    개와 나의 이야기 7 months ago +1

    오늘도 맛있는 음식영상 감사드려요 아침부터 엄청 배가고프네요 ㅎㅎㅎ Thanx~^^

  • hinz Cooking
    hinz Cooking 7 months ago

    Great recipes - Great audience 👍👍

  • Anza Hanif Athallah
    Anza Hanif Athallah 7 months ago

    *vegan steamed hams*

  • Sid
    Sid 7 months ago

    Thats called a Bao

  • Cara Lawson
    Cara Lawson 7 months ago

    these look so fucking good!

  • Johny Ricco
    Johny Ricco 7 months ago

    We have this high end food truck called The Chairman that drives around selling these. Gotta keep track of them online to see where they pop up next.

  • Catherine Tian
    Catherine Tian 7 months ago +1

    this looks so good but so hard

  • idontknow
    idontknow 7 months ago

    gonna try this!!

  • Kellik and Freddy
    Kellik and Freddy 7 months ago

    I really want this for dinner!