The FASTEST gaming PC money can buy

  • Published on Dec 27, 2018
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Comments • 17 786

  • PatrickIV
    PatrickIV 20 hours ago

    Get a bigger case and you could fit 3 maybe even 4 Titan RTX's. You could use 128gigs of ram.

  • Tribute Born
    Tribute Born 22 hours ago

    Great video! What do you guys think of this build
    I'm doing?
    I5 3470
    8gb 1333 dual channel CL9
    1050ti 4gb
    1080p 22" monitor
    Xbox1/PC controller
    300 Mbps USB wifi adapter
    1tb barracuda 3.5"
    TurtleBeach Recon50 set
    I can do this all for $500.

  • Jack Gaming and More



  • IceDevias
    IceDevias Day ago

    Used 960 instead of 970SSD.....really.......
    20% IS NOT ENOUGH y must be kiddin me dude...and like a bonus used server disk with boost instead of full SSD system......reaaaally........ y told FASTEST?!? On userbench y just falled down ONLY bcs usin HDD.....well done!!!

  • Ayewjay
    Ayewjay Day ago

    Linus is kind of a jerk to Ivan. Idk why, Ivan is pretty cool. That pretty lame of linus to be like that basically any time Ivan says a word.

    • lI Il
      lI Il 21 hour ago


  • Danny
    Danny Day ago

    It was 2% because of the ddr4 ram

  • RizeN
    RizeN Day ago

    What about a dual CPU motherboard? Wouldnt that make it even better? with like 4 GPU´s?

    • Spencer Hendren
      Spencer Hendren Day ago +1

      Check out Linus' old Compensator videos. More CPUs and GPUs may work well in some areas, not in games.

  • Olawale Adesina
    Olawale Adesina Day ago

    They didn't say how much the whole build cost.

  • Jaydeep Das
    Jaydeep Das Day ago

    The title was earlier " The gaming pc that only 1% ppl will have"

  • Mack Small
    Mack Small Day ago

    Honestly 8:06 is the only time I laughed. I love these guys!

  • alflife2007
    alflife2007 Day ago

    the german part was not too bad i could understand him xD

  • BlueberryPolar
    BlueberryPolar Day ago

    heres me with roblox low graphics and 20 fps

  • Alexander Cowell-Vu

    U could of gone with RTX titans (sli)

  • Shadow Clod
    Shadow Clod Day ago

    When linus was putting in the mobo I was yelling "LINUS I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DROP THIS"

  • Adam James
    Adam James Day ago

    You forgot to attach the racing spoilers. Woulda made the difference.

  • Matthew Pickett
    Matthew Pickett Day ago

    Anyone know exactly what the 3 m.2 cards he used are?

  • Yanda Avisena
    Yanda Avisena Day ago

    as long as it's game smoothly i dont give a fk

  • Psybit White
    Psybit White Day ago

    This is tech porn.

  • RSB junior
    RSB junior 2 days ago


  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds 2 days ago

    Does Linus have "Peanut butter jelly time"as his ringtone??? KEK LOL :) XD

  • Павел Громов

    I'm Russian, but I have hard time understanding ivan... Ваня, епти, подтяни акцент

  • ankit kumar
    ankit kumar 2 days ago

    Please gift me this

  • m 3
    m 3 2 days ago

    Custom water cooling would maybe boost it?

  • Museum of Modern Crap

    what does linus do with stuff like that

  • Charles Mendoza
    Charles Mendoza 2 days ago

    Anyone else got a little nervous when the pc started shaking at 9:25?

  • Bob Bobbington
    Bob Bobbington 2 days ago

    this guy is a douche bag

  • The Real Patrick
    The Real Patrick 2 days ago

    you should have gone for the new radeon cards with 4 way crossfire

  • Matt Dell'Erba
    Matt Dell'Erba 2 days ago +1

    I got a nice, fast, cheap build here.

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 12 thread, Wraith cooler
    MSI B450 motherboard
    8 GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR4
    MSI Radeon RX580 8GB DDR5
    Sandisk 500 GB solid state drive
    Seagate Barracuda 2 TB drive
    Plays pretty much any new game on full settings, on a budget.

    • EF Toybox
      EF Toybox 2 days ago

      I just built a very similar PC.
      Ryzen 5 2600x
      B450 Tomahawk
      16 GB G Skill Ripjaws DDR4
      Gigabyte GTX 1660 Ti
      Kingston 240 GB SSD
      Seagate Barracuda 2 TB Dr
      Just installed Windows on it about 2 hours ago. Doing drivers and installs tomorrow.

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    that he will eat with his mouth

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    with jizz

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    Then make some baggles

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    Then loogie it onto his face

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    I'd cum on his feet... but then snort it off.

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    and hands

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    oh! and i'd cum on his knee

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    maybe the ear

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    and in the eye

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    and mangina

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    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    and in the mouth

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    and face

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    in the butt

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    gay sex

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago

    I'd fuck the sumbreeeeerro off his head

  • Scott Fun
    Scott Fun 2 days ago


  • accoee
    accoee 2 days ago

    can it run minecraft?

  • loudjester
    loudjester 3 days ago

    can it run minesweeper

  • Nathan Redd
    Nathan Redd 3 days ago

    Why is it that the last 10 videos I've seen of Linus Tech Tips about PC building and setting goals always ends up in Epic Fails? I mean, aside from Low Spec PCs which they succeeded, they always fail on High Spec PCs. What's the problem?

  • name
    name 3 days ago

    is one kidney enough ???

  • No one
    No one 3 days ago

    I'm not even kidding I want that pc give me it right now...

  • kwinndala
    kwinndala 3 days ago

    “Goal 1: Build THE fastest gaming rig money can buy”
    “Goal 2: DONT F it up like last time”
    *forcefully slams $600 motherboard on counter*

    xxXXGODMODEXXxx 3 days ago

    what private school bois use to play club penguin

  • Blake
    Blake 3 days ago

    what do you guys do with a pc ilke this once you have finished building it?

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma 3 days ago

    I am part of the 1% and I would most def use AIOs or custom water cooling. I’m more into really good AIOs. I’m about to build (pay someone since I don’t know how) another top notch gaming PC for 2019 and maybe ready for streaming and editing.
    My set up: built in December/2017
    -8700k cpu overclocked to 4.8 w/1.25 core volt (not delidded)
    -EK-MLC Phoenix 280mm AIO w/cpu block (highest temps on 1 hr stress test 71 C. Idle at 31-33 C)
    -1080ti ftw3 hybrid (AIO w/fan on gpu)
    -G.skill z trident 16gb (2x8) 14-14-14-34 ram ddr4 3200
    -960 pro 512gb m.2
    -Seagate firecuda 2 Tb sshd
    -Evga 850w p2 psu
    -Phanteks Enthoo Pro m se
    - ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC) Z370 ATX Motherboard

    -zowie Ben q xL2546 (240hz/1080p/DyAc) monitor
    -hyper x alpha cloud headset
    - zowie Ben q ec2-B mouse
    - Zowie Celeritas ii keyboard
    - zowie Ben q GS-R Large mouse pad.
    Total cost for everything: $3,806
    Gaming chair
    -secret lab omega 2018: $330
    $4,136 total cost with chair

  • Open EYE
    Open EYE 3 days ago

    lair …

  • ZaineeV
    ZaineeV 3 days ago

    spoiler he's lying.

  • jujuthagreat
    jujuthagreat 3 days ago

    This guy has the best job ever

  • Finger Dressing
    Finger Dressing 3 days ago

    No water cooling

  • Leo Pacione
    Leo Pacione 3 days ago +6

    15:29 he sounds like Michael Scott

  • Stefan Etienne
    Stefan Etienne 3 days ago

    I could build a better pc.

  • Rob The Snake Man
    Rob The Snake Man 3 days ago

    what about the intel weon platinum 28 core processo?

  • Leo Pacione
    Leo Pacione 3 days ago

    15:29 he sounds like Michael Scott

  • FirHol Finance
    FirHol Finance 3 days ago

    Ivan is awesome! 😆👍

  • Panda J5
    Panda J5 3 days ago

    Can I have a old pc you guys have ?

  • Bulletproof Gaming
    Bulletproof Gaming 4 days ago

    Am I the only one that heard gtx instead of rtx

  • PkSRbX
    PkSRbX 4 days ago

    Seems like be quiet is sponsoring this build...

  • Matteo Bukvička
    Matteo Bukvička 4 days ago

    will u donate pls?? i dont have pc.. i want it.. pls, pls, pls..

  • yanglue611
    yanglue611 4 days ago

    Damn!! That thing is sick tight.

  • yanglue611
    yanglue611 4 days ago

    I'm a total complete noob. Funny story short: I blew cpu fan header and fan. I typically use a "floor fan." Since poor people such as I couldn't afford these, I use whatever I can to make it run. 6 months later, I am cleaning the cpu and heatsink. Bent 6 pins on an AMD Phenom ll X4 2.8GHz 4 core. My reaction: Noooooo! I drop the life span on the cpu so bad to the point that I have to start looking for another motherboard and etc. Note: I bent the pins back the way it is-ish. It still runs but can't play excessive games. T-T

  • carringbushpet
    carringbushpet 4 days ago

    Ivan is the best! More Ivan

  • Nicolas Rodriguez
    Nicolas Rodriguez 4 days ago +1

    not the most expensive, throw 4 way sli titan xp and 128 gb of ddr4

  • Sheldon Priem
    Sheldon Priem 4 days ago

    Can u list rest of the parts like to build that pc

    • Sheldon Priem
      Sheldon Priem 4 days ago

      Can u link it down plz I’m want to get my first pc

    • Sheldon Priem
      Sheldon Priem 4 days ago

      I’d like to know what kind of grophic card u are using

  • Rob Hood
    Rob Hood 4 days ago

    Who is the retard?

  • Filip Lalić
    Filip Lalić 4 days ago

    11:26 Linus god damn it bro, I'm gonna have a stroke

  • The Rooster
    The Rooster 4 days ago +1

    These are the specs of the PS6 that is coming out in 2028

  • christian sadykbayev

    you know titan z is better?

  • Qussai
    Qussai 4 days ago

    So basically we're reading the title of the video to him, we all know your money can buy any pc. But what about us?

  • Trash Gamer
    Trash Gamer 5 days ago

    I can barely run minecraft on my pc at 30 fps and im using optifine. Everything is disabled.

  • enzo espinosa
    enzo espinosa 5 days ago +1

    Can someone help me with my PC cause ive been playing on my PC pretty good until all of sudden my PC is struggling with a lot of stuff

  • Bram Stouten
    Bram Stouten 5 days ago

    console peasants be like: my ps4 could beat this easily

  • LXIX Agarian
    LXIX Agarian 5 days ago +11

    But can it run Minecraft with fancy graphics?

  • Athira G
    Athira G 5 days ago

    I think he didnt change the stock fan in the case

  • xd Salad
    xd Salad 5 days ago

    Do u need a M.2 in a gaming pc

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 5 days ago +1

    RGB = The good stuff..

  • Grizzly Adams
    Grizzly Adams 5 days ago

    1080 ti's in sli, lol good god

  • John-Paul Ginley
    John-Paul Ginley 5 days ago

    This was one beautiful PC that I wish I had enough money to buy

  • Karson Cua
    Karson Cua 5 days ago

    But can it play Minecraft????

  • Snuggle Velocity
    Snuggle Velocity 5 days ago

    I feel good just having that cooler in my build

  • Brandon Parra
    Brandon Parra 5 days ago

    How long does it usually take for a pc to come in the mail?

  • Its Red Sky
    Its Red Sky 6 days ago

    Only 32gb of ram? Peasant.

  • Doodoo Gaming
    Doodoo Gaming 6 days ago +10

    When they get more fps in 4k than you in fortnite 360p😂😂😂

  • MrGoodGuy 172
    MrGoodGuy 172 6 days ago

    Which hard drive did you use for the build? No mention of it.

  • R0ffiE
    R0ffiE 6 days ago

    Heyy... I do not wanna be like that guy... but can u make a giveaway on that pc?:)

  • Rommel Rivera
    Rommel Rivera 6 days ago

    Linus... i learned about computers from you.. I want to join you but i don't have any of your payment accounts..

  • TripleFik GT
    TripleFik GT 6 days ago

    ) :

  • TripleFik GT
    TripleFik GT 6 days ago

    My connection 200KBPS!!!!!

  • TripleFik GT
    TripleFik GT 6 days ago +5

    My pc is Intel core 2 duo, GTS 250,3 GB of ram

  • Mayar
    Mayar 6 days ago +5

    It’s weird that things that just run electricity in a certain way can be so expensive

  • Ryan kaough Do it all

    That joke at 13:39

  • Ryan kaough Do it all

    Why you talking so smart

  • Mr. Minks' Weirdo Dungeon

    the dragon fighting the ninjas on the motherboard made me reach for the tissues....