How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • At NYC's John F. Kennedy Airport, 1,000 bags an hour are checked for narcotics and illicit food. Customs and Border Patrol officials are tasked with stopping these goods from entering the United States.
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    How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport

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  • BadBadLeroyBrown
    BadBadLeroyBrown Hour ago

    They found my mangoes🍑 but didnt find the cocaine I jammed up my wifes azz💩💩💩

  • Raffe Uddin
    Raffe Uddin Hour ago

    Thank you for sharing information. Good job

  • Per Jho
    Per Jho Hour ago

    But why would u post it now people no how u do it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Simple Nature
    Simple Nature 2 hours ago

    120 lbs doesn't seem like a lot. but put a few guppies from your shitty fish tank into a pond and they mate, well there you now have a dead pond. i want a retired sniffer dog one day tho.

  • Parker Pederson
    Parker Pederson 3 hours ago

    Do they do this for bombs too?

  • JustSomeCringyKid
    JustSomeCringyKid 4 hours ago

    bad and naughty children get out into the tomato swirler to atone for their crimes

  • Hooman st
    Hooman st 4 hours ago +1


  • Luis Antonio Espinoza Ortega

    120 pounds = 54. 4 kilograms

  • About Me
    About Me 6 hours ago


  • vivian
    vivian 8 hours ago

    bad and naughty vegetables go to the Food Whirlpool

  • Gugunet26
    Gugunet26 8 hours ago

    So, basically they just waste tons and tons of good food that could be distributed to starving people all over the world

  • Hayley Chiang
    Hayley Chiang 8 hours ago

    Well now I want to see dogs at JFK I go there so much and I’ve never seen one

  • Joshua Zhao
    Joshua Zhao 9 hours ago

    It would be so much better to donate the food instead of throwing it all to waste. Some people don't even have the privileges of affording fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Martin
    Martin 14 hours ago

    I love that food is illegal -.-

  • Pervy3age
    Pervy3age 15 hours ago

    الورق عنب راح!

  • HuMan Being 34/7
    HuMan Being 34/7 16 hours ago

    What? There was a Question as to How to Protect US from dangerous foods? Yet WE get GMO’s? They didn’t seek true answers I see. They Thought foreigners brought it too us.

  • HuMan Being 34/7
    HuMan Being 34/7 16 hours ago

    Those foods they are destroying are Probably better than the GMO’s we get.

  • 63 Impala rag Dude
    63 Impala rag Dude 16 hours ago

    TSA is the biggest fraud. The organization was created from a false flag attack on American people which no one went to jail for. An attack that killed thousands of Americans and soldiers.

  • Lyn Travis
    Lyn Travis 17 hours ago

    I remember going to Mexico and Jamaica 10 years ago and that was the law back then. We have to respect the laws.

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang Nguyen 18 hours ago

    Damn who will reimbursement the people of the food but they should just use bug spray on it

  • Reinba And Solaris
    Reinba And Solaris 19 hours ago

    I have a beagle so that's why when she enters the house she runs immedietly runs to the kitchen

  • Soahum Bagchi
    Soahum Bagchi 20 hours ago

    Agricultural specialist like ginger. (Pun intended from the narrator)

  • Alroye S Serrao
    Alroye S Serrao 21 hour ago

    Such a good move for agriculture

  • Babu Blue
    Babu Blue 22 hours ago

    Thats why America have too may homeless and foodless people. Without out distroy them why not give them to those people who dont have foods. And about diseases. If nature wants, it will happen any how.

    • LoCoMoTiVe
      LoCoMoTiVe 16 hours ago +1

      you dont get money out of it.

  • Babu Blue
    Babu Blue 22 hours ago

    😂😂😂 Foods

  • Nygur Andy
    Nygur Andy 22 hours ago

    I am so happy we actually could solve world hunger problems but we prefer to destroy tons of foods because the USA thinks it's bad!

  • Raymond 007
    Raymond 007 22 hours ago

    So much good food is destroyed tho

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams 23 hours ago

    They let me throw with liquids without even checking

  • Raymond 007
    Raymond 007 23 hours ago

    Why are said food illegal?

  • Daily Tofu
    Daily Tofu Day ago

    What a waste of food >:(

  • sonic 768
    sonic 768 Day ago

    Bruh this is why so many countries are starving, the U.S is doing stuff like this

  • Serenityafterall
    Serenityafterall Day ago +2

    That's right , Get those 40,000 new breeds of "SPIDERS" 😲 !!!!! Way to go "Bisket" Yahoo 🙌 !!! 🔨🚫

    • LoCoMoTiVe
      LoCoMoTiVe 15 hours ago

      you probably already have thousands of geneticly altered species running around on your continent by eating your GMO crap. so whats the difference?

    • BAnana Ew.
      BAnana Ew. 19 hours ago +1

      Serenityafterall second like yay a yay a plus first comment yay a yay a.

  • Cory Gold
    Cory Gold Day ago

    I feel attacked by the "and leave the Serrano Ham in Spain, because biscuit, will find it"

  • MXXT 696
    MXXT 696 Day ago


  • Jasmine Johnston

    A guy trained bees to sniff out drugs. Like dogs, bees have an amazing sense of smell and in fact, bees are apparently easier to train than dogs. The bees are put in special capsules (without getting stung even!) and a substance that smells like a drug, such as marijuana, cocaine or khat is placed near the bees. They respond by sticking out their proboscis, ready to receive a treat of sugar water, a substitute for nectar. The trained bees are then placed in a device with sensors that detect the movement of each bee’s proboscis every time one or more bees smells a narcotic. Imagine that- sniffer bees!

  • StarLord Jae
    StarLord Jae Day ago


  • Jeremy Shrum
    Jeremy Shrum Day ago


  • kris
    kris Day ago +1

    That girl knows how to eat. I see the incinerator, but I'm just saying - if the food is edible, there are other ways to dispose of the contents within the guidelines... without the incinerator.

    • kris
      kris Day ago

      I'm actually hoping I'm right, because there are starving children in Africa, or something.

  • T Pain
    T Pain Day ago +3

    Me: *this mango 🥭 is the only thing I have left to remember my Grandpa.*
    Airplane Security: *im about to end this mango’s whole career*

  • thhdhn2
    thhdhn2 Day ago

    Fruit need special visa to enter the us borders

  • rey.jazzy
    rey.jazzy Day ago

    i don't even care about all the other stuff in the video. those dogs aRE BOTH GOOD BOYSS JUST LOO K AT THEM SMILE

  • David Silver
    David Silver Day ago

    Are you Suuuuuuuuure Ginger dosent eat all the confiscated food

  • Peridot Cheese3
    Peridot Cheese3 Day ago

    My Pasta You Destroyed Why did you do that
    You have 120 pounds I have to remove all of the food
    My Pasta Your A monster

  • 摩天楼オペラ

    Plot twist they ship the chopped up stuff to chinese resteraunts.

  • Jesus
    Jesus Day ago

    No way i was at jfk the day before this was uploaded

  • Dave Lang
    Dave Lang Day ago

    Dogs are smarter than human lol

  • huh?
    huh? Day ago

    I don't get it so what's wrong with someone bringing a gun to America it's not like their is any laws lmao

  • Osctrich
    Osctrich Day ago

    And I wondered why there where police officer janitors

  • Leo
    Leo Day ago

    I love the dogs

  • sherry p
    sherry p Day ago

    They know better they should go to jail if they continue .to do this stupid s*** to our country.😕

  • RashaKardinia
    RashaKardinia Day ago

    i can not believe there is people carrying such a fruit and vegetables or meat among there socks and clothes .... for hours in warm and dark place !!!! such a stupidity

    • LoCoMoTiVe
      LoCoMoTiVe 15 hours ago

      first: ham like serrano doesnt need to be cooled.
      second: i can guarantee you that it will be cold in 30000 feet height.

  • amcf2000c
    amcf2000c Day ago +1

    Dangerous items
    Shows bananas

  • Jamee Ahmad
    Jamee Ahmad Day ago

    ur doing \too much

  • Jed Nolasco
    Jed Nolasco Day ago

    What a waste !!! Donate it to d poor...

    • LoCoMoTiVe
      LoCoMoTiVe 15 hours ago

      no you dont get money out of that. welcome to capitalism.

  • channel 1234567890

    America: waste food
    Africa:need food

  • J A L L A R D S
    J A L L A R D S Day ago

    They don't allow any healthy vegetables and fruits to get into their country. *America*

  • Zoned 247
    Zoned 247 Day ago

    I don't know how I feel about Ginger's Muffin Monster

  • Observer
    Observer Day ago

    Serrano ham is great though 😠

  • nethis93
    nethis93 Day ago

    I understand why they make a huge deal about this. I live near berks county in Pennsylvania and spotted lanternflys wreak havoc here. you see them littering the streets in the summer as they destroy trees, crops and are just a total nuisance.

  • John Person
    John Person Day ago

    I searched up ‘cats’ into TheXvid and this was the 5th recommendation

  • MinecraftMel
    MinecraftMel 2 days ago

    His name is Biscuit!!!!

  • Anna Vereschagina
    Anna Vereschagina 2 days ago

    Americans r so extra

  • Another Random guy
    Another Random guy 2 days ago +1

    On a school trip, my friend declared an apple instead of throwing it away; we had to wait an 1hr 30mins more in line

  • jeff naval
    jeff naval 2 days ago

    no wonder why she is fat. hahahaha

  • Raymond Leggs
    Raymond Leggs 2 days ago

    whats so bad about horsemeat sausage

  • Sharjeel Waris
    Sharjeel Waris 2 days ago +1

    At 4:29 that guy was probably eating the foods he confiscated and the camera man was like “picture time”😂

  • Fey Trickster
    Fey Trickster 2 days ago

    Honestly, if I got caught by biscuit or spike I wouldn't complain. They're good doggos and deserve their treats!

  • RadiantNoob
    RadiantNoob 2 days ago

    that’s not protecting people, that’s starving people

  • travis hart
    travis hart 2 days ago

    They should have brought burgers baby!

  • subscribe please
    subscribe please 2 days ago

    Where the drugs get destroyed is top secret. They never destroy the drugs.

  • Show time
    Show time 2 days ago

    I am sure she really want to eat some of the food she is destroying.. yum yum. I know I would. LOL

  • Yys Lmao
    Yys Lmao 2 days ago


    • esvete
      esvete 2 days ago

      did u even watch the explanation lol

  • Barbaros Hayrettin
    Barbaros Hayrettin 2 days ago

    Shipping them and sell them for high prices it not illegal right

  • Woelan
    Woelan 2 days ago

    "dangerous foods" *bananas*

  • Maylin Portillo
    Maylin Portillo 2 days ago

    ok but they better put my shit back the way it was . also that’s kinda disrespectful bc people spend all that money on food just for it to get thrown away like then give them they’re money back. just my opinion