Brad Makes Sourdough Pizzelle Cookies | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


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  • Syd E
    Syd E 17 hours ago

    My brain can't recognize Brad without a hat on

  • Nancy Leighton
    Nancy Leighton 20 hours ago

    "when it's done, it's done" ✅

  • EJ Matthews
    EJ Matthews 20 hours ago

    >says they need an old Italian grandmother
    >immediately calls Claire

  • Van Mielenhausen
    Van Mielenhausen 22 hours ago

    what about a vanilla ice cream with some cultured cream?

  • Nenye71
    Nenye71 Day ago

    The editing on this series is incredible. I'm so happy I found this channel through SortedFound.

  • RebelCosmonaut
    RebelCosmonaut Day ago

    It's like if Starlord had a cooking show

  • R Kraus
    R Kraus Day ago

    It’s the same thing with my first 3 crepes. Throwaways. They’re never as good as the ones afterward. The pan had to get hot and lubed up.

  • Maheen .I
    Maheen .I Day ago +1

    I wish I was that whisk Brad was licking.

  • lbc562
    lbc562 Day ago

    Is Brad single?

  • Willow Hope
    Willow Hope 2 days ago

    14:32 you missed an opportunity to say 'things Pammed out' XD

  • Maisey Wolf
    Maisey Wolf 2 days ago

    You gotta go ham on the Pam

  • Christoph Yocum
    Christoph Yocum 2 days ago

    Brad! "Perfect garbage"?! What about recycling? What about composting? 😞

  • jeremy lacasse
    jeremy lacasse 2 days ago

    There is something wrong with anyone who dislikes chocolate but likes white chocolate, it’s practically a sin

  • Richard Weaver
    Richard Weaver 2 days ago

    Afforgotto I forgot tho

  • Richard Weaver
    Richard Weaver 2 days ago

    Love this guy

  • Kate D
    Kate D 3 days ago

    Is Brad an Ares and related to Julien Solomita?

  • J Nina
    J Nina 3 days ago

    19:50 when he goes “ay!” Cause the cookie came out not flat 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pamela Dearing
    Pamela Dearing 3 days ago

    Always Pam it harder.

  • Dorian Poppenberg
    Dorian Poppenberg 3 days ago

    Claire used to be my favorite. Then I found Brad.

  • Harry Proudlove
    Harry Proudlove 4 days ago

    my new fave cooking show

  • Emily Ledford-McAninch
    Emily Ledford-McAninch 4 days ago +1

    Wait! Did Claire get one!?1

  • Zak Saturday
    Zak Saturday 4 days ago

    3:20 Vinny playing around with that spark effect genuinely made me look back

  • hannah starner
    hannah starner 4 days ago

    The sound effects kill me

  • Henli Bestyana
    Henli Bestyana 5 days ago

    the way he pulls up his pants lol

  • Rota_ Lunatik
    Rota_ Lunatik 5 days ago

    It's a wafer not a cookie 😕

  • BeenieBombYT
    BeenieBombYT 5 days ago

    Brad almost reminds me of an alternate universe chef version of Brett from Cow Chop, haha

    KRISTYNA VEGA 5 days ago

    I haven't had this much fun for quite a while! Hilarious! And...pls be my husband?!?!

  • tweetyspecial
    tweetyspecial 5 days ago

    Lick that whisk boy! With the raw egg and all

  • tweetyspecial
    tweetyspecial 5 days ago

    Molly is racist.

  • J&J Bassing
    J&J Bassing 6 days ago

    Could probably watch Brad to almost anything as long as he narrated his every step.

  • Tiago Seiler
    Tiago Seiler 6 days ago

    Aluminum is a mineral? An element? Lol. Stick to cooking Brad, you won't make it as a science teacher :-p

  • Acacia Coffelt
    Acacia Coffelt 7 days ago

    Thank you Molly!!! I thought I was the only one that's not a fan of chocolate.

  • Jayden Warran
    Jayden Warran 7 days ago

    It is nice, after a long hot day of mowing looking at the perfect yard.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 7 days ago

    gotten to love brad.. weir sense of humor and i dg it.. plus all the lil popups or annotations wen hes talking or doing sumtihng.. the camre and music work so perfectly even though i hate the word perfect.. evrything just works though the lighting sumtimes makes it to weird to watch... will continue to watch though.

  • zaitesushion
    zaitesushion 7 days ago

    Pam me harder, Brad

  • JDBoats89
    JDBoats89 7 days ago

    Pretty damn impressed he knew the Coast Guard motto. Thanks, from a Coast Guardsman.

  • Knowledge Is Key
    Knowledge Is Key 8 days ago

    XD im laughing so hard 7:13

  • Yedidah Vergara Olivo

    4:16 that's everyone when she said that, like, I can't even.

  • Guaca Flocka
    Guaca Flocka 9 days ago

    What is that knife Brad is using called??? Someone please help

    • Darcy James
      Darcy James 8 days ago

      Guaca Flocka it’s a Lamsonsharp #658 but it’s been discontinued. A similar knife would be an Almazan knit

  • JMS1089
    JMS1089 9 days ago +2

    Can you just eat the batter lol? It looked pretty good.

  • Armond Mohsenin
    Armond Mohsenin 9 days ago

    jesus how many adderall did he pop before shooting this

  • jeannie marie
    jeannie marie 9 days ago

    Emeril Lagasse said Bam when cooking and seasoning his meals lol

  • anchuto
    anchuto 9 days ago

    When he opened the can of cocoa powder I swear I could smell it.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 10 days ago

    "THAT'S A LOT OF PAMMAGE" - Phil Swift

  • David Millar
    David Millar 10 days ago

    I need Chris to PAM me harder...

  • equalyzer
    equalyzer 11 days ago +1

    I wasn't sure if Claire left before this video or not. I LITERALLY expected a real big hug from Brad the moment (12:46) Claire started running towards him! Life-Saver The All-Mighty CLAIRE!

  • rainbowwstar
    rainbowwstar 12 days ago +1

    i can hear the italian

  • Rosa Salvaje
    Rosa Salvaje 12 days ago

    did this man just bite into ice cream with his two front teeth?

  • CharlesF69 '
    CharlesF69 ' 12 days ago

    This show would be nothing without Vinny

  • Colin
    Colin 13 days ago +1

    Claire came out looking like Rogue from the X-men.

  • Pier-Luc Boivin
    Pier-Luc Boivin 13 days ago

    I don't even care about cooking but I subscribed to this channel anyway. Brad is the best. The editing is cracking me up!

  • Fluffy Blue
    Fluffy Blue 14 days ago

    I really like this series😍 the content is amazing and it’s always really funny and well put together! However!! I got sad and a little disappointed when you threw away the egg carton with the eggshells in it. And you didn’t recycle!! Please do! It doesn’t take that much more time or energy and it saves the 🌎 That’s the one thing that can improve the show👍🏻👍🏻

  • Tony Valdivieso
    Tony Valdivieso 14 days ago

    15:10 for everyone who's already watched the video and came back to hear about the mess.

  • AndreaLynne
    AndreaLynne 14 days ago

    omg, brad is hilarious xD love him!

  • Bewitched1063
    Bewitched1063 14 days ago

    Those fit perfectly in a quaker oats container for storage.

  • Suzanne Cadagan
    Suzanne Cadagan 15 days ago +2

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again BRAD AND CLAIRE NEED A SHOW TOGETHER

  • Emma Mitchell
    Emma Mitchell 15 days ago

    "it's tasty!" ...wrong show

  • Thtamandap
    Thtamandap 16 days ago

    The Pam segment... all I could think of was buzzfeed unsolved and the Hotdaga...Pam Pam Kazaam!

  • im a fucking sandwich as everbody else

    you can also get these in germany there its called oblaten its literally the same thing but like in germany. have fun.

  • Sh4dowhun7er
    Sh4dowhun7er 17 days ago

    Brad is like the cool uncle of cooking

  • SideBomb15
    SideBomb15 17 days ago

    _”picked it up at a garage sale, three dollars, suckers!”_ 6:59

  • Momo I Love I.M
    Momo I Love I.M 17 days ago

    Judy is me hahaha (to brad) "need some of your sugar babe"

  • Kris Soares
    Kris Soares 17 days ago

    Lol the way he talks to Vinny reminds me of how rick talks to morty 🤔🤔

  • Isaac
    Isaac 17 days ago

    When they say PAM! I think of Michael Scott yelling PAM! at Pam and scaring her.

  • Abel Longoria
    Abel Longoria 17 days ago

    Lmao show up to a party with one in your hand

  • Jess Mathews
    Jess Mathews 17 days ago

    Cringing at his pronunciation of pizzelle

  • An Vuong
    An Vuong 17 days ago

    Love how interactive he is with Vinny. Great video!

  • thekingtroll2
    thekingtroll2 18 days ago

    I want to order 4 dozen of those pizelle cookies. Help feed a fat person.

  • meingott717
    meingott717 18 days ago

    brad and molly hate each other

  • Nolan Dickson
    Nolan Dickson 18 days ago

    Someone make a time machine so we can tell child Brad in the future he gets a job spraying non-stick spray into an open fire and yelling, "PAM PAM!"

  • aquadroplett
    aquadroplett 18 days ago

    I was like ooh special announcement? Are we getting an it’s alive cook book? Nope! Just forgot to add an ingredient 😂

  • Bailey Seagriff
    Bailey Seagriff 18 days ago

    i want brad to make edibles

  • Rebeca Vargas
    Rebeca Vargas 19 days ago

    0:40 "It's tasty!"
    me: that's the wrong youtube cooking show!

  • Donna October
    Donna October 19 days ago

    20 minutes of Brad? Yas.

  • Savy D.
    Savy D. 19 days ago

    Lol r u just a giant child? XD I am laughing where do u work I wanna work there xD

  • Istoleyourwalletwhileyouwerereadingthis.

    Brad is really rad.

  • Leleitia Urquhart
    Leleitia Urquhart 19 days ago

    God I love brad. I love him even more when he fucks things up

  • *M A R S*
    *M A R S* 19 days ago

    why is Brad baking?

  • Szobiz
    Szobiz 20 days ago

    those are still krispy in the freezer?

  • Szobiz
    Szobiz 20 days ago

    hahah why vinny said sorry?

  • Szobiz
    Szobiz 20 days ago

    14:03 hahahahaha that's what thought!
    So funny how when u get an specialist attention everything is right doing the same things were done before

    • Szobiz
      Szobiz 20 days ago

      i feel this effect should be researched more

  • Szobiz
    Szobiz 20 days ago

    i don't understand why we need a starter for everything. is not like we are industrial kitchen...

  • Szobiz
    Szobiz 20 days ago

    white chocolate is the best chocolate, whatahell?
    edit 4:17

  • Szobiz
    Szobiz 20 days ago

    2:19 that spark scared me lol

  • Szobiz
    Szobiz 20 days ago

    I saw a coment about the hat and got me wondering
    How come noone use things like glove or proper cap to avoid hair falling to the food. not to mention the beard! I'm not allowed to work on a kitchen without any of those...

  • Noel Davis
    Noel Davis 20 days ago

    My Italian family pronounces it "Pit-Zay-La"

  • Jalee Lopez
    Jalee Lopez 20 days ago

    Does Bon Appétit compost?

  • Alastair Hewitt
    Alastair Hewitt 20 days ago

    Aluminium is a mineral, element, & resource. You owe Brad anywhere between 10 & 30 points depending on your grading policy.

  • Renad Bakhet
    Renad Bakhet 20 days ago

    I feel very sorry for all the good fresh food being thrown in this show! why?? u could just 've done trick to the camera and not wasted the food.

  • Jessie Cupo
    Jessie Cupo 20 days ago

    He got so angry 😂😂😂

  • Laura Cosma
    Laura Cosma 22 days ago

    Bonus fact: "pizzelle" literally means "little pizzas (pizze)" in Italian. You're welcome.

  • Helen Park
    Helen Park 22 days ago

    you two gotta stop flirting LOL

  • Michelle Howard
    Michelle Howard 22 days ago

    I love the little HP bar for brad. Comedy gold

  • Bailey Roca
    Bailey Roca 23 days ago

    God what is brad gonna do without claire

  • Анна Вакуленко

    is Brad an Aries cause I’m getting serious Julien vibes

  • sentimental girl
    sentimental girl 23 days ago

    i bet hes an aries

  • Tony Perri
    Tony Perri 23 days ago

    You say it the same way you'd say pizza, with the "-ts-" sound

  • Bob D
    Bob D 23 days ago

    Be my friend, Brad.

  • Christian Slowik
    Christian Slowik 23 days ago

    Relatively easy super easy or hard make up your mind brad

  • mark
    mark 24 days ago

    *clearly burnt side* "that side is gunna be a real crunch side"