Eating JUNGLE FOOD: Traditional AMAZONIAN Dishes in Lima Peru

  • Published on Dec 8, 2017
  • Food from the Amazonian Jungle?! I never expected this.
    Did you guys like the end? ;)
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Comments • 815

  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  2 years ago +484

    This is a re-upload, i'm really sorry guys! We had to fix the subtitles. Thanks for understanding!

    • PhantomAngelofMusic
      PhantomAngelofMusic Year ago

      @ODCM Videos The New York Ichiran egg, was his biggest disappointment I've seen yet. It was the closest to him hating something I think

    • Swordking Master00
      Swordking Master00 Year ago

      Strictly Dumpling some parts of the country of perue they have canibles there!

      ANGELINA ANGELINA 2 years ago

      Jimmy Quian Xue Chan is starting to get love handles . . .

    • BAY BAY
      BAY BAY 2 years ago

      Strictly Dumpling hi

    • Francisco Zahradnik
      Francisco Zahradnik 2 years ago

      No problem Mike "Jackie" Chen. Whenever you want to come to Chile, glad to be your host. But obviously you travel on your own budget. You need a sponsor.

    TIMOTHY 7 days ago

    Anyone ever see Mikey take food togo......He did not wanna eat them ants.

  • Sup Mate
    Sup Mate 18 days ago

    That soup would have tasted like bowl of soap to me lol

  • hannah van wyk
    hannah van wyk Month ago +1

    Everything is almost yellow



  • Lady Bingo
    Lady Bingo 3 months ago

    Mikey, that was ... f ANT astic!

  • Rosemary Archer
    Rosemary Archer 4 months ago

    Mike have you ever gone to Guam.
    Or Ukraine to try street food? Go to Guam great food

  • Víctor NDG
    Víctor NDG 4 months ago

    Thanks a lot from Perú!
    You are welcome when you want!

  • VioletUnicorn 918
    VioletUnicorn 918 5 months ago

    STOP SAYING “RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!” 😡

  • Wilson
    Wilson 5 months ago

    That piranha looks like fried pomfret

  • Rose Ch A
    Rose Ch A 5 months ago

    Me dio hambre de ver toda esa comida!

  • Barbarita VP
    Barbarita VP 6 months ago

    “Drama free fish” jajajaja you’re so funny 😂😂

  • Olga Torres
    Olga Torres 6 months ago +1

    That is my food , lm born on jungle , love love jungle food

  • Guisella Vanessa aguinaga

    Gosh you just made miss my country so much

  • Guisella Vanessa aguinaga


  • veronica medina
    veronica medina 6 months ago +3


  • sunahura
    sunahura 6 months ago

    I love this guy, i love this channel

  • Angela Tessa
    Angela Tessa 6 months ago

    Perú ❤🇵🇪

  • AMAB Charat
    AMAB Charat 6 months ago

    Madre santa ese es mi tipo de comida mmmm deli deli

  • Victor Nolasco
    Victor Nolasco 7 months ago

    Excellent video - it’s not often that Peruvian amazonian food is reviewed. Arriba Peru

  • Informacion Gonzales
    Informacion Gonzales 7 months ago

    11 dolares un juane😂😂😂😂 como engañaan a jackie chan

  • Nadia R.A
    Nadia R.A 7 months ago

    You didn't try the Suri?

  • maximas
    maximas 7 months ago

    You ever thought about the animals you eat.? Perhaps you could try vegetarian food sometime.

  • innicent916
    innicent916 7 months ago

    Get a damn haircut

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit 8 months ago

    you almost made fufu which is better than that

  • ComoEthtathThenior Tulio

    The restaurant owner reminds me a lot of Gus from Breaking Bad

  • Vanessa Bolivar
    Vanessa Bolivar 8 months ago +3

    Thank you for showing the wonders of the peruvian amazonian cuisine. If you think that the food was good, so now imagine eating all of these magic food in the middle of the jungle while watching the amazon river, that is one life experience. :)

  • xsuperz
    xsuperz 8 months ago +1

    LOVE THIS VIDEO!! This is my favourite food

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx 8 months ago

    3:40 "I just want to take this ball and shove it into my mouth" 😂

  • Kytsune-Izzie
    Kytsune-Izzie 9 months ago

    I am from Peru,Lima,I never had amazonian food,this is interesting,I want to try it when I go back :D

  • Un chico de a pie
    Un chico de a pie 10 months ago +1

    the food of the Peruvian jungle is my favorite, my family is from there and I always go to eat every year, hehe

  • Louis V
    Louis V 10 months ago

    i cant unhear penis soup lol.....

  • Erick Cv
    Erick Cv 10 months ago

    Im sorry u had to drink that aguajina fermented. It is not supossed to be like that. Actuslly that restaurant is not a good one for amazonian food, but great u ate amzonian food.

  • Marcelo Miranda
    Marcelo Miranda 10 months ago

    Ñaño, vengase a Ecuador. // Bro, come to Ecuador.

  • Sol Baratta
    Sol Baratta 10 months ago +1

    the price of the plates were so expnsive. and this juane is not 100% original

  • Diana J
    Diana J 10 months ago

    Normally I don't wish a complete eradication of any plant, but I specifically hope that cilantro is taken out of circulation every day.

  • Gazo Alphonse
    Gazo Alphonse 10 months ago

    super smash bros.? x)))

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 11 months ago

    The guy behind you looks like you were in his way. His body language was saying, "can this dude please move somewhere else so I can do my job".

  • Luis Quevedo
    Luis Quevedo 11 months ago

    no se que chucha dices pero te veo

    GIFPES 11 months ago +1

    Those ants are called tanajura or içá, in Brazil, they are the female of the saúva ant.

    GIFPES 11 months ago +1

    If he had mixed the bananas and lard to some crispy pork skin cracked down into it, he will get something like a mofongo(typical from Puerto Rico).

  • Somer A.
    Somer A. 11 months ago +1

    I'm not kidding, "charapitas" can make you feel like having a heart attack, don't try it at home! 😂 Just native people can eat that.

  • Aidan Bertsch
    Aidan Bertsch 11 months ago

    It’s like a magic show in my mouth -Mike Chen

  • Aidan Bertsch
    Aidan Bertsch 11 months ago

    Do you feed your pigs with magic -mike chen

  • Aidan Bertsch
    Aidan Bertsch 11 months ago

    I just want to take this ball and shove it in my mouth -Mike chen

  • Raniel 3030
    Raniel 3030 11 months ago

    Love the shirt man! Aloha

  • D C
    D C 11 months ago

    I love how you really describe the food for example nwhen you ate the fish in the leaves. I love how you described the different levels of taste as you eat more deeper in the dish. That is is one of the reasons I love many of your TheXvid channels !

  • ahkine
    ahkine Year ago

    yeah every time you see your wife its like i want to put you in my mouth

  • Tania Carrillo
    Tania Carrillo Year ago

    El palmito con mayonesa es lo mejor

  • Majestic Q11
    Majestic Q11 Year ago

    You'll hit 4m subs in 2019 .
    My prediction guys 😂

  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island Year ago +1

    You're holding up a PIRANHA.

  • Sir Wabutan VX
    Sir Wabutan VX Year ago

    Mikey for Smash

  • Ped Ro
    Ped Ro Year ago

    Im very disappointed because he didn't eat suri

  • Andrew V.
    Andrew V. Year ago

    Fish is meat, bro. Lol love your vids

  • wasabi-in-my-eye
    wasabi-in-my-eye Year ago

    Jackid Chang meetings John Leguizamo.

  • Xerxes Jordan Pizarro


  • Rebecca A
    Rebecca A Year ago

    The audio in the restaurant was very echo-y, but I hope you do more food trips in South America and perhaps even Africa. Juane de gallina kinda reminds me of a tamale.

  • Kate Brown
    Kate Brown Year ago

    I do not like rice. I would much rather have pasta.

  • Larry Parish in Hudson, Fl.


  • Jocelyn Richmond
    Jocelyn Richmond Year ago

    It may not be, but that pork meat in the beginning sure looked dry.