Cozy Fireside Treats To Warm You Up • Tasty

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • Stay warm by the fireside with these delicious treats!
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    Cozy Fireside Treats To Warm You Up • Tasty
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  • Zivan _
    Zivan _ Month ago

    *adds raisins to cookies

  • Wilton Boateng
    Wilton Boateng Month ago

    you should have a tv show

  • Sauté
    Sauté Month ago +1

    The apple bread pudding. Omg. Never thought we could make apple bread pudding that way. I have made apple pudding. In India we say Apple kheer. Go through my channel to see the complete recipe.

  • burrito cheesecake
    burrito cheesecake Month ago

    Stay in homework
    Do your school

    LCN LVC Month ago +1

    Irish cream fudge, yes please! :D

  • bbot2020
    bbot2020 Month ago


  • Sky Bomb & Noodles
    Sky Bomb & Noodles Month ago +6

    This is literally what I watch when I'm bored. When I'm hungry and there is no food, I pretend the food that is shown in the video is being made for me. It works!

  • Anita Thompson
    Anita Thompson Month ago

    Jesus is the reason for the season merry Christmas

  • E Jordan Quarterman

    "ohh yes"

  • Yousef Odeh
    Yousef Odeh Month ago

    Wait what the hell is golden syrup?

  • Iconic Doof
    Iconic Doof Month ago

    I'm 69,069th!

  • Elfella Animations
    Elfella Animations Month ago

    3:18 W A N N A S P R I T E C R A N B E R R Y

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen Month ago +1

    Very nice 👌

  • Grant Provost
    Grant Provost Month ago +1

    I like the music. Very nice and pleasant

  • Shamee Shami
    Shamee Shami Month ago

    Nice recipe.
    Happy Christmas

  • Uma Ramkumar
    Uma Ramkumar Month ago

    What the hell is golden syrup?

  • 迷迭香美食
    迷迭香美食 Month ago


  • Helena Maria Lage
    Helena Maria Lage Month ago


  • Beny Febrian
    Beny Febrian Month ago +1

    Wow... There's a lot of sugar

  • denvervegas1
    denvervegas1 Month ago +1

    for the first one, what are the ball shaped things they put before putting it in the oven? i dont think it says and it doesnt look like the rest of the dough? idk

  • Angie Wong
    Angie Wong Month ago +2

    its only starting to get cold later this week over here
    another not so cold christmas for me

  • ClockinLoot
    ClockinLoot Month ago


  • Angie Garcia
    Angie Garcia Month ago

    These recipes look really easy to make. The Dutch pastry!🤤

  • JuJuBee 12
    JuJuBee 12 Month ago +1

    You know who’s beautiful?


  • Saif Tutorials
    Saif Tutorials Month ago +2

    This will gonna fire me up in the Kitchen😂😂😂

  • Jay Pham
    Jay Pham Month ago

    3:07 mmmMMM jizz cookies my favorite

  • Charlene Bernard
    Charlene Bernard Month ago +1

    What? A tasty video without no cream cheese in a recipe? Oh my!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

  • Rach Kate
    Rach Kate Month ago

    But it's 🌞🍹👕👙🌴🎅

  • Emma Raven
    Emma Raven Month ago

    I just washed my face.

    My hands are still numb from the cold water -.-

  • Jennifer Roberts
    Jennifer Roberts Month ago

    My snowballs are better than yours.

  • krazy kayy
    krazy kayy Month ago

    These look good thanks

  • Gerard Garnett
    Gerard Garnett Month ago +1

    Latshea Milner As Dada Me , Lil E Big E Mosse As Lacina Rowe , Denre Holmes As Mya M&M Vivica Silas , Cortez As Lyric Mcglothin , Tre As Nadia Mabine, Anthony Holmes As Asia Tobin Samatha Kennedy Chasity Nelson Jennifer

  • Rani sy
    Rani sy Month ago +1

    Bikinnn laperrrr 😩😩

  • Great Jo bro
    Great Jo bro Month ago

    Cool I love this and I love the things you post too they look super yummy

  • Lane Wilder
    Lane Wilder Month ago

    Really warms the cockles!

  • awesome food
    awesome food Month ago +1

    Awesome, enjoy this video, Merry Christmas everyone:)

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Month ago

    Only two more days until Christmas!!! 🎄

  • Simple Food Recipes

    Great ..

  • Hajime Hinata
    Hajime Hinata Month ago

    The sweets are all that matter here.

  • verse han
    verse han Month ago

    why raisins

    • Juan Sierralonche
      Juan Sierralonche Month ago +1

      Because raisins rock and only fools don't like them😋

  • Karen Cristal Lomas Martinez

    Wow delicius B-)

  • laReina Diondra
    laReina Diondra Month ago +1

    Tasty, I know you're hiding my comments. Don't make me come down there and kick your asses.

  • Chris King
    Chris King Month ago +5

    This is perfect for this time of year. Your channel is extremely helpful and a real inspiration to myself and others looking for general how-to guides. I have my own channel on which I plan to share useful ideas of my own that I would never have thought to do had I not found how to basic. Would love some support from like minded people!

  • Disney Fan 73
    Disney Fan 73 Month ago

    U make me so hungry!!!!

  • Squidneyyy Jackson
    Squidneyyy Jackson Month ago +11

    You're not going to believe the most beautiful person on Earth

    Read the first two words

    • Queen Caitlyn
      Queen Caitlyn Month ago

      +Dani Valenzuela got em

    • Dani Valenzuela
      Dani Valenzuela Month ago +1

      Technically, "you're" is in fact an abbreviation of two words (you and are) so the first two words of the sentence could be considered "You are". Thanks for calling me beautiful!

  • laReina Diondra
    laReina Diondra Month ago +26

    For Tasty, cozying up by the fire apparently has to involve a serious sugar rush. And I like sweets usually so I'm not totally opposed.

  • aokiQ
    aokiQ Month ago +1

    Sorry for saying this . When I saw the thumbnail, I thought the walnuts are roaches…am I the only one 😂

  • laReina Diondra
    laReina Diondra Month ago +11

    Why would you leave the cores and peels on those apples??? Lazy.

  • RitaMay MccFgg
    RitaMay MccFgg Month ago +2

    The music was sooooo beautiful! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Shobin Thomas
    Shobin Thomas Month ago

    tears of joy

  • Erin V3 Nji
    Erin V3 Nji Month ago


  • gabriel rodrigues
    gabriel rodrigues Month ago

    " *sticky buns* "

  • ElephantsLover
    ElephantsLover Month ago

    Diabetes! Diabetes everywhere!!

  • kenzicakes 420
    kenzicakes 420 Month ago +54

    Anyone else weirded out with the cores still in those apples or is it just me??

  • christianne delos santos

    I thought the thumbnail had pickles

  • Marsha Perez
    Marsha Perez Month ago

    WoW!!! These recipes look just amazing!!!😊

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds Month ago +1

    Can I marrie the cook pleassseee

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds Month ago

    Delicious mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhh

  • Danny Schweitzer
    Danny Schweitzer Month ago


  • Unboxing Steph
    Unboxing Steph Month ago

    I saw the thumbnail and thought “damn, That looks good”!

  • Sara Omar
    Sara Omar Month ago +13


    (Even though I don’t celebrate it)

  • Quartetsbythesea
    Quartetsbythesea Month ago +4

    Okay so now I know what I'm doing this evening


    Feliz natal ♥️
    Merry Christmans♥️

  • Chibz92
    Chibz92 Month ago

    Happy Festivus, y'all.

  • Psycho XXXDDD
    Psycho XXXDDD Month ago +4

    I don’t even make these lol

  • FOOD by Lyds
    FOOD by Lyds Month ago +9

    The sticky buns look nice and sticky.

    • Jane Poultney
      Jane Poultney Month ago +4

      They don't look like any sticky buns I've ever seen either.

    • Bread Bread
      Bread Bread Month ago +3

      who would of thought; sticky buns look sticky

  • Stephen Hefferan
    Stephen Hefferan Month ago

    "snowball cookies" bitch those are Russian tea balls

    • Hajime Hinata
      Hajime Hinata Month ago

      They look good no matter what they're called.

    • Ellen Gregory
      Ellen Gregory Month ago +1

      Stephen Hefferan
      Those are Mexican wedding cookies, Gringo.

  • Albinojackrussel
    Albinojackrussel Month ago +5

    Tf is that dough they put in the first recipe? Is it a bread dough?

    • Mark Barrett
      Mark Barrett Month ago

      They don’t say...use your imagination.

    • Miranda Mom
      Miranda Mom Month ago +2

      Josephine Roe I hope it’s bread roll dough. Pizza dough would be too chewy.

    • Josephine Roe
      Josephine Roe Month ago +3

      Looks like those frozen dinners rolls they sell. It's very odd.

    • stewiebadass
      stewiebadass Month ago +4

      Guess we'll never know since they didn't link any recipes

  • Axel Baker
    Axel Baker Month ago

    I’m not first but whatever

  • Ming Ming
    Ming Ming Month ago +6

    So yummy 😋

  • gibbys belly button

    Yeet skeet beat your meat

  • Enid Ho
    Enid Ho Month ago +2

    What is the name of the background music? 😍

  • Adeeba Abidi
    Adeeba Abidi Month ago +22

    Who is excited for Christmas
    Hit like 👍 fast

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un Month ago +6

    _sees fire_
    *Burn baby burn*

  • Priya Gokhale
    Priya Gokhale Month ago

    love thisss

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman Month ago +1

    Back at it again with these lit recipes

  • Kimaya Pantvaidya
    Kimaya Pantvaidya Month ago


  • Rebecca Raske
    Rebecca Raske Month ago +55

    Two days till christmas. Merry Christmas everyone I hope it's a good one!🎄for the people small amount of people that see this you are amazing and I wish you a merry Christmas and happy New year!🎅

  • ammara ghazal
    ammara ghazal Month ago

    tasty 😊

  • Grace__ Elsa
    Grace__ Elsa Month ago

    Umm it’s winter meaning fires dont start


    • Hajime Hinata
      Hajime Hinata Month ago

      +laReina Diondra Because it's cold in the winter.

    • laReina Diondra
      laReina Diondra Month ago +2

      Grace__ Elsa
      Many Americans prefer to use their fireplaces in the winter rather than the summer. I know it sounds crazy.

  • S C H A T Z I
    S C H A T Z I Month ago

    Quisiera cocinar estas cosas pero no se ni prender el horno xd :"v

  • France Jhonston
    France Jhonston Month ago

    Looks good

  • Avery Lopez-Baines
    Avery Lopez-Baines Month ago +27

    We didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world's been turning

    • Miranda Mom
      Miranda Mom Month ago +1

      Elly Rene You have to be old enough to remember 1990.

    • Kajovi Ace
      Kajovi Ace Month ago +3

      We didn't start the fire, no we didn't light it but we tried to fight it

  • cold celcius
    cold celcius Month ago

    0:17 so satisfying...

  • Zenifar khan Zara
    Zenifar khan Zara Month ago

    Wow 😯 tasty 😋

  • dress fashion world
    dress fashion world Month ago +1

    Supscribe me pls

  • Po the panda I
    Po the panda I Month ago


  • Bator Wade
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    I love tasty like my comment if you agree

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  • Ashley Watson
    Ashley Watson Month ago

    Ohh yum

  • Ligi Joseph
    Ligi Joseph Month ago

    Merry christmas and happynew year2019😍😍🌲🌲🌲

  • Fun stuff with Emma
    Fun stuff with Emma Month ago +82

    You know who’s beautiful?

    Look at the first word❤️

    • Bellann_ cutie
      Bellann_ cutie Month ago

      Aww.. Thank you! ❤️ For yall who don't understand The first word she writes was "You" so she meant that you is beutiful

    • Cemile
      Cemile Month ago

      It may be unoriginal, but it's still sweet. This dumb post still makes me smile for some reason lol

    • Sworna Pun
      Sworna Pun Month ago


    • Sadb0i Tea
      Sadb0i Tea Month ago

      All I saw was at the first word

  • Mr ABT
    Mr ABT Month ago

    Wish I could get a job at tasty

  • Stop Clickbait
    Stop Clickbait Month ago

    If a gingerbread man lives in a gingerbread house, is he made of house? Or is the house made of him?

  • Iconic
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    ASMR crispy Month ago +4

    omg new post😍😍😍😍😍😍