Danielle Macdonald on Growing Up in Australia & New Netflix Show

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Danielle talks about growing up in Sydney, Australia, moving to Los Angeles in 2010, having a scary experience in Hollywood, acclimating to America, and her new Netflix miniseries 'Unbelievable.'
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    Danielle Macdonald on Growing Up in Australia & New Netflix Show
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Comments • 152


    She played a rape victim 😂

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 13 days ago


  • Matilda Trickey
    Matilda Trickey 15 days ago +1

    I’m an Aussie and dumbest thing I was asked actually was at Disneyworld and I got asked “in your language, do you have vowels” 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Jessi Holt
      Jessi Holt 12 days ago

      Matilda Trickey should have asked, “do you have brain cells?”

  • Marta Behr
    Marta Behr 18 days ago +5

    Shea underratred..I can't wait too she gets her break

  • Lucy García
    Lucy García 22 days ago

    What a lovely, charming and talented lady.

  • CassaundraDLC
    CassaundraDLC 23 days ago

    Omg she's 27! She looks amazing!

    • Bia Bia
      Bia Bia 8 days ago

      CassaundraDLC shes looks older then 27

  • Jojo Abz
    Jojo Abz 24 days ago +1

    I binge watched unbelievable, so good

  • Estel Villz
    Estel Villz 24 days ago

    kimmel so mean when he cut her off by saying you don't have to explain. Jerk!

  • chaggot
    chaggot 26 days ago +2

    I always wondered why they didn’t glam her like this in dumpling. She is so beautiful and a great canvas and it’s important for plus size people to see someone who can transform to be beautiful without losing weight. I would have loved the movie a bit more for that

  • dork401
    dork401 26 days ago +1

    Patty Cake$ was a great movie

  • Lori Clifford
    Lori Clifford 27 days ago +3

    HEY?! Why didn’t I know she was an Aussie?! I love that my fellow Aussies are making an impact in America,Good for you honey!!

  • Keoni Hosking
    Keoni Hosking 27 days ago +42

    Again another Aussie accent lost. :/ same as 5Sos

    • Keoni Hosking
      Keoni Hosking 18 days ago

      @Ella just a noticeble statement

    • Ella
      Ella 18 days ago

      Keoni Hosking who cares????

  • Grainne Gowen
    Grainne Gowen 27 days ago +2

    So pretty

  • Matías Franco
    Matías Franco 27 days ago +6

    She's so pretty

  • T H
    T H 27 days ago +8

    Very surprised to find out she’s an aussie. She’s also in birdbox.

    K.K. LONDON 28 days ago +3

    I loved her in dumpling!!!

  • Carrie Bizz
    Carrie Bizz 28 days ago +13

    Another fine Aussie Actor that we have sent to the US

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 28 days ago +1

    She reminds me of Rebel Wilson.

  • Shay Sitney
    Shay Sitney 28 days ago +15

    I didn't know she was from Ausie. I watched her in Bird box (who didn't) and more this. She's amazing

    • Unknown 101
      Unknown 101 27 days ago

      Shay Sitney Australia * aussie is not a country. She’s Australian ( Aussie for short )

  • Sadaf A
    Sadaf A 28 days ago +2

    Beautiful and talented!

  • W
    W 29 days ago +1

    Window lady from Bird Box?

    • Cc
      Cc 29 days ago


  • SoCali
    SoCali 29 days ago +4

    Her and Rebel Wilson should play sisters.

  • looney1023
    looney1023 29 days ago +32

    Unbelievable is incredible. Hard to watch, but super powerful. Her performance is quietly brilliant.

  • Gerry Dooley
    Gerry Dooley 29 days ago

    I'm sick of Australians coming over here and taking all of our jobs.

    • Sir Spencer
      Sir Spencer 29 days ago +1

      Gerry Dooley
      Lol that’s not all we take mate, I’ve been over many of times and it’s safe to say American women love Aussies.

  • freedom1234573
    freedom1234573 29 days ago +82

    This woman will receive an Oscar someday, guaranteed

  • Clare Marie
    Clare Marie Month ago +6

    Loved unbelievable!-excellent,brilliant series,10/10.Danielle was fantastic in it.I think she looks beautiful here all glammed up,gorgeous.

  • musicismydrug c
    musicismydrug c Month ago

    Why do you have to write all over the screen and cover their faces? It totally blows and definitely will not be watching again! Don't give up your day job!!!

  • Hubba bubba
    Hubba bubba Month ago +228

    You can tell that she's losing her accent completely, from time to time she'll slip back into her Australian accent for a second.

    • Hubba bubba
      Hubba bubba 29 days ago

      @Nate Dwyer hahahha that would confuse them as hell. I love it when people are like " omg!! You're Australian!?!! I love your accent sooo much" and I'm thinking you should hear the people that live out in the bush, I can't understand them because they have such a strong tone to their voices. I'm loving this conversation we're having. 😂

    • Nate Dwyer
      Nate Dwyer 29 days ago +2

      Hubba bubba oh hell yeah! Aussies for the win ahahah!! I get you now! Yeah my Aunt lives in Alabama now and has for the past 30 years now, so when she comes back everyone can barely understand her 😂 it took me ages to be able to over pronounce me ‘R’s and put less emphasis on my vowels but I find it hilarious because I’ll often switch it up at different stores just to see how people react to the accent 😂

    • Hubba bubba
      Hubba bubba 29 days ago +9

      @Nate Dwyer I'm Australian too! 😊 I totally understand you but, I think because she has lived in America for a long time she's losing her accent. I myself find it hard to speak in an American accent due to the bloody 'r' sounds that I can't ever manage. 😅

    • Nate Dwyer
      Nate Dwyer 29 days ago +10

      Hubba bubba it’s actually something we can put on (I’m Australian) and certain words when pronounced Infront of an American, sound confusing (such as water) and they can’t really understand us, so when in the US it’s just easier to stick with an American accent

  • Rebecca K.
    Rebecca K. Month ago +27

    she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • White Swan
    White Swan Month ago +1

    I follow her since The East, she's an amazing actress

  • April gorrill
    April gorrill Month ago +2

    Love her! Great actress.

  • JoMaSa
    JoMaSa Month ago +26

    Binged the whole thing amazing series
    Can’t wait for season 2 👏👏👏

    • Samuel Colunga
      Samuel Colunga 29 days ago +14

      Unfortunately there wont be a season 2. It's a miniseries

  • Linda evangelista
    Linda evangelista Month ago +5

    She’s beautiful

  • Sabrina Lozar
    Sabrina Lozar Month ago +2

    Odd joke Jimmy.

  • Aliah Omar
    Aliah Omar Month ago +3


  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker Month ago

    I thought it was Rebel Wilson.

    • McK USA
      McK USA Month ago

      Mike Parker Why? They look and behave and sound nothing alike.

  • 1294DS
    1294DS Month ago +101

    Why is it only the Australians that lose their accents when they move to the US?

      LISA MAREE 10 days ago

      I’ve been living in the UK for nearly a year and apparently my accent slips saying certain words

    • Rachel Isabelle
      Rachel Isabelle 19 days ago

      I think cause she (and other Australian actors) has to put on the American accent all day for her job it begins to stick more. Also, I think some people are more susceptible to it than others. I'm Australian and have been living in the US for a year and half now and haven't lost my accent. My friend however who's been here 2 years (not much longer than me) is losing it.

    • deco darling
      deco darling 19 days ago

      Olivia Newton John never lost her accent...

    • Susan Abela
      Susan Abela 24 days ago

      I think she's lost it quicker because she speaks in an American accent in her movies

    • Debzy Music
      Debzy Music 26 days ago

      Just depends on the person actually. As well as age you moved etc but mostly depends on the person. Sometimes I go American when I’m on holidays because people just don’t understand me sometimes HAHA or depends who I am with. There’s also like 3 different Aussie accents, you got the full on Aussie for example Hugh and Hemsworth, then there’s cultivated which is slightly British like Cate Blanchett. I forgot the other. Mines a bit on the cultivated side but when I’m pissed it’s full on Aussie haha

  • Maddie Baillio
    Maddie Baillio Month ago +2

    God I love her

  • Sabrina Lozar
    Sabrina Lozar Month ago +13

    Once visiting the US someone asked me if we celebrated Christmas in July...(I am from a Southamerican country)

    • Mike Campbell
      Mike Campbell 28 days ago +2

      I have had so many conversations with adult Americans who can't wrap their head around hemispheres and the fact that our seasons are opposite. I am no longer shocked.

  • Cristina Aparicio Linale
    Cristina Aparicio Linale Month ago +112

    She is amazing, ive seen her in SKin, Dumpling and now watching her in Unbelievable, she's sooo talented cant wait to see more of her!

  • Western V
    Western V Month ago +1

    I love Australia they all are on Trumps side at least the places I read about maybe I really don’t know but there’s a lot of snakes that’s true

    • Plant Ster
      Plant Ster 29 days ago +3

      only the wankers here is australia are trump fans. the rest of us know he is a dufus.

    • Violeta D
      Violeta D Month ago +2

      No we think he is an idiot.

    • baankielicious
      baankielicious Month ago +1

      Western V So people who don’t have the same political views as you are idiots?

    • Western V
      Western V Month ago

      baankielicious I forgot a lot of idiots over there believe the fake news lol god bless

  • Nicole Penny
    Nicole Penny Month ago +31

    i love Dumplin' just watched it last night and i was bawling my eyes out

  • Nicole Penny
    Nicole Penny Month ago +2

    wow netflix really love her

  • Vivian Von Bauer
    Vivian Von Bauer Month ago +2

    At first I thought that was Chrissy Teigen

  • Carlos
    Carlos Month ago +6

    Patti Cake$ from PB and J!!!!!

    FRE ALVA STILL GINA Month ago +34


  • Predatory Mistress : TAP ON MY PHOTO

    interesting, dude :)

  • Dan Sharov
    Dan Sharov Month ago +1

    She's funny

  • Loki Loki
    Loki Loki Month ago +15

    She doesn't even havve her Australian accent.

    • Bia Bia
      Bia Bia 8 days ago

      Vin1681 it’s not her fault idiot

    • Christine Jackson
      Christine Jackson Month ago +8

      Not all of her accent I thought certain words I could still hear her Aussie accent

    • Vin1681
      Vin1681 Month ago +3

      Loki Loki yes! Super annoying that she lost it!

  • f m
    f m Month ago

    could anyone help me reach my goal of 500 subscribers? xx

  • Nigel Uchiha
    Nigel Uchiha Month ago

    She needs to lose weight.

    • Taylon Geisel
      Taylon Geisel 28 days ago

      Your jealous she’s famous😂

    • Cc
      Cc 29 days ago +2

      Jerk. She's talented and funny. It's great that she's getting roles where the character is a young woman and not the chubby young woman.

    • Fai Greene
      Fai Greene Month ago +5

      You need to shut your mouth

  • Alexis Hart
    Alexis Hart Month ago +3


  • Malina Mallai
    Malina Mallai Month ago +6

    she's so beautiful😍damn💘

  • amandamusic80
    amandamusic80 Month ago +18

    Damn cutie 😍 I love her accent

  • Phaedra Backer
    Phaedra Backer Month ago +2

    Eat the damn cookie.

  • laura nebula
    laura nebula Month ago +1

    Woo ♥

  • Kerry E
    Kerry E Month ago +5

    Are the subtitles necessary? 🤔

    • Slpsa Slpsa
      Slpsa Slpsa Month ago

      You have to turn it off 😂

    • selick
      selick Month ago +1

      Carlos people who need them can put them on

    • Carlos
      Carlos Month ago +5

      You can take em off you know

    • selick
      selick Month ago +1

      Yeah why do they keep coming up on videos all of a sudden

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  • jay M
    jay M Month ago +26

    Is this that lady from bird box?

  • tiarra michaella
    tiarra michaella Month ago +23

    Her and Hayden Panettiere look a like!!!😲😲😲

    • IhateGoogle
      IhateGoogle Month ago

      Omg it's true. I think it's the nose