Will It Gingerbread Man? Taste Test

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
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Comments • 4 390

  • A ball of fur
    A ball of fur 16 hours ago

    I like watching how josh make it while explaining what he’s doing

  • Anna Scarborough

    This is a funny espisode!! 😂😂😂 I love you Rhett and Link so much 😘😘 I love GMM too!! ❤❤❤ They are so funny 😂

  • Nigel Emmerton
    Nigel Emmerton 4 days ago

    This comment brought to you by Pixel3 on a Pixel3

  • Myron Thompson
    Myron Thompson 8 days ago

    Josh is demented...

  • Luck Vlogs
    Luck Vlogs 10 days ago +1

    That brain part traumatized me

  • QUE ?!
    QUE ?! 12 days ago

    They should do a " will it sponsor?"

  • Eeee Eeee
    Eeee Eeee 15 days ago


  • Omo
    Omo 15 days ago

    It’s 2019
    Is link vegetarian yet?

  • MuseFX
    MuseFX 16 days ago

    tHiS iS sO SeXIsT, iTs GinGER bReAD pERsOn nOT mAn - Karen 2k19

  • Hehehe Balls
    Hehehe Balls 19 days ago +3

    I love the addition with josh making food! But all his blinking made me uncomfortable 😣. Love you josh! U r an amazing chef!!! Keep it up

  • Brandon Green
    Brandon Green 20 days ago

    Meaty but sweaty should be a shirt lol

  • Ali Penn
    Ali Penn 21 day ago

    They should have tried some of the ingredients the Cookie Run cookies are made with. Maybe another time

  • Vidia T
    Vidia T 22 days ago

    r u o.k link

  • Sienna Weasley
    Sienna Weasley 26 days ago +1

    Is someone gagging back there? Is that what it’s like watching this show?
    Me: is ill eating chicken soup and watching this

  • Johnny FurryGamer2000
    Johnny FurryGamer2000 28 days ago

    For my opinion for eating a brain gingerbread man, it doesn’t gingerbread itself. 👎

    D4RK 5TORMS 29 days ago

    This episode is like screaming while being tazed then looking the person tazing you and say "ehh its not that bad, its good for the cardio"

  • Kyle Largin
    Kyle Largin 29 days ago

    Why does Josh blink so much

  • SixRaven Eight
    SixRaven Eight 29 days ago +1

    7:50 - 7:58 huh, that was weird for me.

  • Carol de Angeli
    Carol de Angeli Month ago

    The way Josh throws the gingerbread dough on the table 😂

  • Lionheart_2411
    Lionheart_2411 Month ago +2

    I thought I was watching its always sunny for a sec

  • Gannon Siddall
    Gannon Siddall Month ago

    The 1.2k that disliked are trash

  • Jotta H.
    Jotta H. Month ago +1

    This question is all well and good, but what about the age old question of whether a bread will gingerman?

  • Blaxe Bisxup
    Blaxe Bisxup Month ago

    Lambs brains is good when it's cooked

  • A Queer Tomato
    A Queer Tomato Month ago

    12:43 *Link.exe has stopped working*

  • Katie Eaton
    Katie Eaton Month ago

    13:00 when your mom makes food

  • Samil Parikh
    Samil Parikh Month ago

    can you please do a will it gingerbread man house

  • Zome Bahdy
    Zome Bahdy Month ago

    well there is already almost as much sugar as a soda in bbq sauce so it should fit

  • Blueberry GamerTM
    Blueberry GamerTM Month ago +8

    Them: *gags profusely from eating the brains*
    Also them: “Brains, will it gingerbread man? YES!”
    Me: ..what?

  • Sylvie
    Sylvie Month ago

    I was eating a carls jr burger during the brain man XD completely unfazed.

  • Tom Broad
    Tom Broad Month ago

    5:50 When it's a glass of milk...

  • E R
    E R Month ago

    Link doesnt like tomatoes, sushi, dr.pepper, ginger, gingerbread, candy, most beans, most cheeses. Anyone care to add to the list?

  • ashley steinhaus
    ashley steinhaus Month ago

    Will it croissant?

  • Justin Dean Griffith Joy and Happiness

    Oh Joshypoo, you are a phenomenal person.

  • Katie Biedron
    Katie Biedron Month ago +3

    BBQ Chips will it gingerbread?
    Link: Yes.
    Rhett: YEAH!!

  • Ellie-Hope Suzanne
    Ellie-Hope Suzanne Month ago

    The lamb brain was like I'm a celebrity get me out of here 🤣

  • Banidil
    Banidil Month ago +3

    Love the addition of the cooking stuff. I personally love whenever yall add the crew since your always respectful of the work they do off the screen

  • B-dawg
    B-dawg 2 months ago

    One time I ate crunchy spaghetti

  • Baisil Sunny
    Baisil Sunny 2 months ago

    Where is the other chef...I like her as well...I has she was Dana..?

  • Yaboidanh
    Yaboidanh 2 months ago


  • HeyThis IsMyAlt
    HeyThis IsMyAlt 2 months ago

    12:43 when you get force fed

  • Big Tuna
    Big Tuna 2 months ago

    Please do a Will It ASMR!!!!!

  • Tiffany Barrow-Torres
    Tiffany Barrow-Torres 2 months ago

    They would not make it on fear factor i love that show to

  • Jordan Eyre
    Jordan Eyre 2 months ago

    Is that not an Age Old Question??

  • Nene 139
    Nene 139 2 months ago

    Next ask a redhead "Will it Bread Gingerman?"

  • Lach1503
    Lach1503 2 months ago

    This video did not help the fact my body wants to through up like an hour before hand

  • Jasper Jones
    Jasper Jones 2 months ago

    Lamb's Brain Gingerbreadman?? Gack!

  • Jasper Jones
    Jasper Jones 2 months ago

    Salisbury steak was invented by James Salisbury, an American doctor, in 1888. He was a food fad guy and suggested his Salisbury steak should be eaten three times a day.

  • CJ Lange
    CJ Lange 2 months ago +2

    Ok, but where did Link get that jacket?

  • A.B.B Skeet
    A.B.B Skeet 2 months ago

    Will it phone case🔥🔥

  • nessie v
    nessie v 2 months ago +3

    josh needs his own behind the scenes channel

  • Christine Sikora
    Christine Sikora 2 months ago +1

    My name is hope, and why was link doing a t post?

  • Kaidence Monet
    Kaidence Monet 2 months ago +3

    Can we have more of Josh cooking? Or am I the only one that would love that?

  • TheKittyCat Cameback
    TheKittyCat Cameback 2 months ago

    5:51 When I am drinking milk

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 2 months ago

    "i tend to not think while im eating" ..... "UH THIS IS REALLY NASTY" 🤣

  • Kurtis Long
    Kurtis Long 2 months ago

    I smell it

  • Waffles
    Waffles 2 months ago +1

    13:25 just have to assert your dominance

  • Don Bernhardt
    Don Bernhardt 2 months ago

    “PARTICALS” 6:09

  • Broccoli Cruser
    Broccoli Cruser 2 months ago

    Rhett: “tell me a time your life when crunch wasn’t a good thing”
    Me: last time I drank milk

  • Bmanritchie
    Bmanritchie 2 months ago

    Literal CLOROX commercial via TheXvid:
    Will It Clog?
    (Drain cleaner poured and worked)
    Wow... Even the commercial industry is now coasting from your channel!

  • Alex Siddiq
    Alex Siddiq 2 months ago

    Ew stop 13:00 im gonna hurl

  • Damianade
    Damianade 2 months ago

    Idk I think the crunch of the bull penis pickle was a pretty bad time for both these boys.

  • Minner50
    Minner50 2 months ago

    You know what I was hoping for, I hoped there would be a beans and franks because in will it cookie they had a beans and franks cookie, and link said it reminds him of Christmas

  • //Xtra-Unsafe//
    //Xtra-Unsafe// 2 months ago

    Bet they both have iPhones

  • Zoë E.
    Zoë E. 2 months ago

    Why do I actually smell gingerbread

  • Rose Savage
    Rose Savage 2 months ago

    Give me all of your food.
    I'm a hungry gal and I need more foooood..

  • dani
    dani 2 months ago

    *just remember that these men are in their 40s*

  • Fikry Raka Pahlevi
    Fikry Raka Pahlevi 2 months ago

    brain is good tho...

  • Deh Pigeon
    Deh Pigeon 2 months ago

    We are glad were not u

  • Stevey Zee
    Stevey Zee 2 months ago

    Josh needs to wash that dirt off his top lip.

  • bk vaishnavi
    bk vaishnavi 2 months ago +1

    They need to put a food store with all their mythical food

  • BrassBoy1120
    BrassBoy1120 2 months ago

    The Olsen twins are not iconic. Not anymore, if they ever were.

  • Hannah Whitfield
    Hannah Whitfield 3 months ago

    I wanna thank you for distracting me from the memory of my sleep paralysis demon at 4 in the morning

  • The Crazy Watermelon
    The Crazy Watermelon 3 months ago

    "2019 I'm becoming a vegetarian"
    2019:*eats pork blood taco*

  • Emily Hazlewood
    Emily Hazlewood 3 months ago

    Link you were shaking while putting the brain on again.

  • Karen Lang
    Karen Lang 3 months ago

    I’ve never gagged while watching anything, until now.

  • Preston Ford
    Preston Ford 3 months ago


  • DerpJerd
    DerpJerd 3 months ago

    Just saying, Josh blinks too much

  • Zombie pig Man151
    Zombie pig Man151 3 months ago

    Lamb brain yess✍🏽🍖

  • Off-road Rampage
    Off-road Rampage 3 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, thats ust what I needed after an average day at work. Thank you.

  • Carson Fijal
    Carson Fijal 3 months ago

    "You never think of brains as having a smell until you're smelling brains"
    You probably smell a lot of brains in the GMM crew line of work

  • Dxov1
    Dxov1 3 months ago +1

    Rhett: it's not that bad man
    Link: "GAG!"

  • Alanna Anderson
    Alanna Anderson 3 months ago

    After eating the lamb brain, Link *crying* "I highly recommend it!" LOLOLOLOL

  • AnToNcHaMp96
    AnToNcHaMp96 3 months ago

    Link is...an intriguing person...

  • TheNextComment
    TheNextComment 3 months ago


  • Gianni Gargiulo
    Gianni Gargiulo 3 months ago

    Any cookie run fans here?

  • Gud_Dank
    Gud_Dank 3 months ago

    That sound Rhett made trying to swallow the brains just made my day 😂

  • Queen Mercury
    Queen Mercury 3 months ago

    Anyone else thought that josh could be on master chef

  • squaresoft01
    squaresoft01 3 months ago

    Brains will gingerbread ...yes my hairy backside liars

  • Nanna Mae
    Nanna Mae 3 months ago +1

    I watched this while eating Panda Express and I think you ruined Panda Express for me.

  • Carmen Nera
    Carmen Nera 3 months ago

    Lamb brain cookies, for the zombie in your life at Christmas

  • Tiger Lilly
    Tiger Lilly 3 months ago

    Izombie anybody

  • I’m in my mums car broom broom

    I ive in Salisbury NC

  • GroundHawk
    GroundHawk 3 months ago

    Hard gingerbread cookies are communist and an abomination. I understand your pain.

  • Wayne Campbell
    Wayne Campbell 3 months ago

    9:36 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia music?

  • Alexandra Alves
    Alexandra Alves 3 months ago

    Rhett what about a little bit of crunch in the top of your HEE HOLE.

  • Escapingherfate
    Escapingherfate 3 months ago

    You should do a gaming channel.

  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 3 months ago

    Ahhh they said Salisbury!!!! I wish they would do more events in NC!! Come hoommmeeeee

  • George bush
    George bush 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure Salisbury steak comes from Salisbury England

  • John Belcastro Jr
    John Belcastro Jr 3 months ago

    Hey other mythical beast from Knoxville, TN

  • Sapphire Edwards
    Sapphire Edwards 3 months ago

    HAHAHA well done link! 🤣