Exposed! Angela Simmons Sister Daryan Puts Her On Blast For Being FAKE! #GUHH

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • If you don't watch Growing Up Hip Hop or if you didn't watch Run's House faithfully, then you may not know that Angela and Vanessa Simmons actually have a little sister by the name of Darian.
    Darian is the daughter of Rev Run and his ex-wife Valerie. And from what they showed on Run's House, Darian grew up in a much more "modest" lifestyle than Angela and Vanessa.
    Angela has had a fractured relationship with her little sister Darian for years, apparently, and on the last season of Growing Up Hip Hop, they actually brought Darian on to try to mend that relationship.
    To me, Angela seemed uninterested in mending the relationship with her sister. She really seemed like she could care less, but their big sister Vanessa seemed to really want them all to have a sisterly bond. And when Angela sat down to talk with Darian she broke down crying, and seemed to want to mend things as well.
    Welp, fast forward to today and all that crying and wanting to make up has gone out the window. Darian actually put Angela on blast on social media for PRETENDING to want to make up for the reality tv cameras. But in real life, nothing changed!
    Shout out to Tea Tenders (@teatenders_liv) for capturing these images from Darian's insta-story.
    Yikes! Putting your family business on social media (or tv for that matter) is never a good thing to do, in my opinion. But I guess if you have to get something off your chest, then you do what you have to do. But none of this seems right to me.
    What do ya'll think? Are ya'll surprised that Angela's own sister says she's fake? And do ya'll think Darian was wrong to put all this family business on social media?
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  • Kashayia Raichelle
    Kashayia Raichelle Year ago +808

    Hey Lailah, great vid as always. One thing you got a bit wrong though, Darian isn't Rev Run's daughter. She's their half-sister. They share the same mom, not dad. However their brother JoJo is Valerie's son. Anyways though, be blessed and thanks for the great content.

    • Aroea Robbinson
      Aroea Robbinson 3 months ago

      Half or whole Sister they are still Sister wtf your comment doesn't make sense

    • Ms Bronze Goddess
      Ms Bronze Goddess 3 months ago

      @TRUTHurts sorry Lies! Mitochondrial DNA is the most important. Even boys carry genetics mostly from your mother. Thats another made up, dumb chauvinistic, delusional, fake biblical lie. Science and DNA prove it. I.e We carry the seed aka egg, you just polinate it.😂

    • Jessica Bowie
      Jessica Bowie 4 months ago

      When they had the tv show of just her family they had adopted a little girl that was on the show. About eyes old that is who she looks like to me

    • Jah Warner
      Jah Warner 4 months ago

      @Steph Dee speak for yourself....

    • Pia Green
      Pia Green 4 months ago

      is it me or a few people in this comment section can't comprehend what they've read ....she said darian is the daughter of rev runs ex wife how y'all assume she was saying that was his daughter idk

  • Dana Milligan
    Dana Milligan 9 days ago

    I'm tired of Angela I'm sick of Romeo she thinks she's the princess everything has to go her way

  • Hope Harp
    Hope Harp 19 days ago

    u can be a virgin n get pregnant it does happen. first time is a thing is u on TV if u don't want anyone in your business then quit

  • Vivian James
    Vivian James 28 days ago

    If they have the same mom they real sisters, not halve sisters.

  • Monique Walker
    Monique Walker Month ago

    I don't know Angela Simmons so I cannot confirm whether she is fake or not this is a personal issue none of my business this is between Angela & her sister Daryan👀

  • Sha Ingram
    Sha Ingram Month ago

    Daryan is a fool I would have flew out after my shoot with Denny beauty !!!

  • Gerome Wright
    Gerome Wright 2 months ago

    Darian is not Rev. Run's daughter, she's Valerie and her current husband's daughter.

  • kia Hernandez
    kia Hernandez 2 months ago

    She just a fake person. it's all TV and fame for Angela

  • Linda Diaz
    Linda Diaz 2 months ago

    the fact she wasn't going to stay until they cashed her out seems like the feelings of fakeness are pretty mutual. If she really wanted to mend fences from her heart she wouldn't be crying about missed opportunities with fenty now....hell just look at it as you had two gigs made a wasn't the one you really wanted but you still got paid.....cause you're more about what she hasn't done for you she don't owe shit....take that to your dad on why you weren't included like you should have

  • Tim Tyler
    Tim Tyler 2 months ago

    Daryan is beautiful, Vanessa is the best, and Angela makes me cringe. Just my 2 cents.

  • olu olu
    olu olu 3 months ago +1

    This ain’t news. The whole family been fake from Dad, to uncle,

    SURVIVOR SURVIVOR 3 months ago

    Angela feels she's above and better than others and when you confront her she gives you the fake af crap & them tears....girl bye.....she just can't handle the shades or contentions she creates. Stop making her irrelevant 💯💯

  • Bri G
    Bri G 3 months ago

    Dearest Daryn has NO IDEA of the power she really carries! Angela has yes people to stay relevant! Daryn has a genuine. & seemingly sensitive soul/heart/spirit!! Angela only wishes she had Daryns spirit!!! So she keeps her distance due to jealousy & doesn't want to be compared to Daryn because the REAL ADMIRATION would lean towards Daryn!!! Jojo, and Vanessa either keep their distances or kiss her ass CONSTANTLY! ANGELA HAS THE ISSUES!!! ANNNND SHE'S A DAMN BULLY!!! LIVE yr BEST LIFE DARYN let that girl come to you k!?❤🙏

  • Stacy Wilson
    Stacy Wilson 3 months ago

    She is fake!!!!!😀

  • Brittany Bracey
    Brittany Bracey 3 months ago

    Everyone knows Angela fake just like her affection for Romeo FAKE

  • Venessa Macmurray
    Venessa Macmurray 3 months ago

    Angela does come off fake AND the PK seems to love Badboys. Romeo you deserve sooo much better. Romeo said he liked Vanessa first, he should have gone with his first choice. Angela has issues. IJS

  • Sophia Williams
    Sophia Williams 3 months ago

    Not surprise. I never like Angela... Vanessa I always loved her. Angela is spoiled and probably jealous because her mom had another child after her.. He'll the little sister is tier of her bull and the only one who calls Angela on her bullshit.. Somebody needs too.

  • Brittany Harvey
    Brittany Harvey 3 months ago

    I know that I really don't like Angela as much now ass I did on runs house I feel like she is hella faker

  • G Thomas4Real
    G Thomas4Real 3 months ago

    Bless her heart Angela has always come off "fake" so not sure if she is fake or that's just her personality. That level of conflict in the family, should be kept private. Just my opinion. Everything is not for public consumption.

    TWO MUCH INFORMATION 3 months ago

    Hey Layla girl I don't think the sister was wrong because I think people always trying to worry about the image when they doing other people wrong and f*** you Hollywood status is Sister needed to read her she did it and maybe that's what Angela as needed because she look like she's snobby

  • Nyesha Brooks
    Nyesha Brooks 3 months ago

    I wish they stop kissing angela behind

  • Nyesha Brooks
    Nyesha Brooks 3 months ago

    Thats crazy she treat her lil sis like that...

  • marlene morris
    marlene morris 3 months ago

    I don't like Angela, she so fake, fake virgin, needs a fake booty, why can't you be sweet like Vanessa and why is so many people kissing her ass. Her sister isn't fake cause she hurt, but Ms. Fake unfeeling... nope, didn't like her in run, still don't. Vanessa was sweet in run and still is. Run you treat your adopted daughter then this one, especially since I never heard of her. A Rev....right..

  • LaHendra Woodard
    LaHendra Woodard 3 months ago

    Wow.its 2019 & Iam just finding out there's another & I usually know everything lol

  • Honeiebaebee Hawkins
    Honeiebaebee Hawkins 4 months ago

    Lord who is this girl I watch that show and never seen her even when they adopt the new baby I think she just wanna be seen girl sit down and Vanessa is wrong too who keep going on about it. SHE DID THE RIGHT THING AND LET YOU TALK YOU LOOK HELLA WEAK AF

  • Jasmine Howard
    Jasmine Howard 4 months ago

    When is it ever wrong to be honest with yourself

  • Olivia May
    Olivia May 4 months ago

    Yes she's wrong for going to TV about her little sister.

  • Olivia May
    Olivia May 4 months ago

    Sometimes your family gets on you nearves . Sometimes you can have a big sister that is envious of the little sister. Why the big sister blasting her instead of going to her.

    MIKE MADNESS'215 4 months ago

    Never thought I would feel some type of way about a female.., But Angela spoiled brat ass just erks my fuckn' soul and nerves..!!!!
    She corny as hell..!!!!

  • Nita Jackson
    Nita Jackson 4 months ago

    I say she need 2 be brought down off her high horse. So I don't feel bad for Angel

  • Tarsha Greene
    Tarsha Greene 4 months ago

    Smh and thats her sister...😢 you don't have her number ? You had too take it to social media ?

  • Nyesha Butler
    Nyesha Butler 4 months ago

    You have it wrong, she is Angela, Vanessa and JoJo sister. She is not Rev Run daughter. They all have the same mom not the same dad!

  • Nina Martin
    Nina Martin 4 months ago

    Angela looks like a donkey. All long faced and big teefed.

  • Brittany
    Brittany 4 months ago

    Daryan is not Rev runs child

  • Shenethia Spencer
    Shenethia Spencer 4 months ago

    She fake as hell trying to be more then what she is and thinking she do no wrong but she does.. She was pregnant and hiding it like she was a virgin

  • nicole couture
    nicole couture 4 months ago +1

    I see how angla try my poor sweet venesa so i can imagine how she treat baby sis

  • marlene Williams
    marlene Williams 4 months ago +1

    "Half sister, She is wants to be part of #RevRuns "Wealthy lifestyle"

  • Lyn Rekx
    Lyn Rekx 4 months ago

    Clearly Angela Simmons is as fake as they come. She should come with a made in China sign, she is so plastic. She was all I'm a virgin, I'm saving myself and ended up pregnant for a man that kicked her to the curb. She is just a pretender and always struck me as being pretentious. She needs to be cancelled!

  • chanel ealsey
    chanel ealsey 4 months ago

    That staged scene was done on purpose to stop her bag with the Fenty

  • Oasisfullfilled
    Oasisfullfilled 4 months ago

    These type of women always get exposed because they want to portray they are holy and good. In the meantime they getting gutted out. I went to school with a few. When the baby bump shows then you see the crocodile tears

  • juliadrable
    juliadrable 4 months ago

    Please get your facts right

  • Angie A.
    Angie A. 5 months ago


  • Caramel Kisses
    Caramel Kisses 5 months ago


  • anne Vaughn
    anne Vaughn 5 months ago +1

    Well they didn't grow up together so the parents were responsible for tbem trying to work it out. I know I have famil who didn't know each other for over 25 yrs or more and now trying to be cordial it took all of their child hood through high school,and college, adulthood everybody should just be at peace and enjoy their life and families bl

  • Ebony Haslett
    Ebony Haslett 5 months ago

    It's sad, because they're siblings, I love my siblings.

  • Dayna W
    Dayna W 5 months ago

    This is funny. The Simmons try to keep up this polished rep, I believe her. I mean shit I love Angela but even her pregnancy and relationship was dressed up and polished, all the while stunk of the REALS

  • Sheryl Elaine
    Sheryl Elaine 5 months ago

    These sisters need to stop fighting and be sisters

  • Debra Bond
    Debra Bond 5 months ago +1

    Both of you two girls needs to grow up. Now your going on about your sister about her being fake, how do you know she is being fake. If you don't believe in your sister than you shoulsn't believe in your self because thats your sister. If she dies tommorrow she will still be your sister and thats when your going to wished that she was around for you two to get along better.

  • Dorean Heurtelou
    Dorean Heurtelou 5 months ago

    Angela shouldve tried to mend her relationship with the sister BEFORE EVEN THINKING to bring her on the show. I like Angela and I believe she was a virgin longer than her fellows but she does come off a little spoiled by her mom, her older sister, her brother, and even rome n bow wow. She seems like she tries to stay humble but i guess its hard when people are tiptoeing around u. I think this is the main reason Kandu Isaac’s daughter has beef with her. She does not want to tip toe

  • Shemika Wood
    Shemika Wood 5 months ago

    That girl don't care about anybody

  • Saadia Chase
    Saadia Chase 5 months ago

    I think they be on money trip all the time why don't they add their sister to they show and be real about fixing what's wrong but angles always seems fake to me like a little stuck up rich girl

  • realz shows
    realz shows 5 months ago

    WoW, I never knew that.

  • Daye L
    Daye L 5 months ago +1

    I'm not surprised. Angela always seemed shady to me.

  • kiki d
    kiki d 5 months ago

    I can't stand Angela she's fake and full of 💩💩virgin with a baby 🤣

  • ONēva Cook
    ONēva Cook 5 months ago

    Angela is so annoying and does too much for attention

  • Jessica Bumpers
    Jessica Bumpers 5 months ago

    She isn't revs daughter

    I BLESS YOUR NAME 5 months ago

    Why we never say her in there house growing up with them, do they have the same mom n different dads lost

    I BLESS YOUR NAME 5 months ago

    Im lost could someone tell me if she was the little girl that was adopted, after they mom has a miscarriage.

  • God Is Boss
    God Is Boss 5 months ago

    Family first.... she took
    That $ tho and who knows why Angela ain’t rocking with her ... This putting your family business on blast is Shady AF.... I don’t like it and she should never put blood above Fame!

  • janet ikera
    janet ikera 5 months ago +1

    The family barely mentioned her
    And i watched alot of episodes i dont remember hearing about this d sister

  • cheryl jones
    cheryl jones 5 months ago

    Ray Charles can see that Angela is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. I also feel like you should not put family business on sociall media but maybe that was the only way for her to really get they're attention.

  • Arielle Mickey
    Arielle Mickey 5 months ago

    New to TheXvid just trying to get some views

  • Kim Outlaw
    Kim Outlaw 5 months ago

    All this so called reality TV is all scripted and if they didn't want people digging in their business and knowing all that family business and they shouldn't put that stuff on TV

  • Nadine G. Overton
    Nadine G. Overton 5 months ago

    Who did not know this?

  • Poshway101
    Poshway101 5 months ago

    Leave Angela alone

  • Jariah Finesse
    Jariah Finesse 5 months ago

    It reminds me of on love and hip hop hollywood when Rays mom wanted Princess to give a public apology to ray j for making a subliminal post on her insta about herself and feeling left home alone and people thinking women arent strong enough to leave but they will. This image shit makes it seem like those ones who feel the need to worry about an image "are" fake and hiding something and angela been stroke me as a fake chick since the whole virgin story and then she had a baby shortly after.

  • Nikki Lee
    Nikki Lee 5 months ago

    Nope she's shady towards her sister Vanessa on growing up hip hop even Mary J. Blige Daughter has called Angela out on the show and also The baby's Daddy best friend have put Angela on blast

  • Jamie Dorsey
    Jamie Dorsey 5 months ago


  • Lady D
    Lady D 5 months ago

    All blood is not family. Can't force a bond.

  • Sheena Antoinette
    Sheena Antoinette 5 months ago

    Some friends are your Family... blood tries to shade you.. friends help u grow...