Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • 4 Tonnes of crushing power at your finger tips.
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Comments • 7 793

  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Month ago +4050

    So what do wanna see Mk2 chop up, we need twice the power and strength then we can destroy everything muhahaha.

    • Brian Stoner
      Brian Stoner 2 days ago

      as long as the jaws can fit around it

    • AL_ gameover
      AL_ gameover 4 days ago


    • Snipers boy14
      Snipers boy14 5 days ago

      Make another one and put it on your other arm

    • nebraska redneck
      nebraska redneck 7 days ago

      @Grillkunst kanal use a machete or a pair hedge trimmers

    • Grillkunst kanal
      Grillkunst kanal 7 days ago

      Pls send this Thing to me i must cut the bushes in the garden 😭😭😭

  • Alessio Witte
    Alessio Witte 54 minutes ago

    6:00 not enough flux 😄

  • JakeBo Gaming
    JakeBo Gaming Hour ago +1

    How has the military not hired him yet?

  • AverageJoe DirtBikes
    AverageJoe DirtBikes 3 hours ago

    The cutting jaw where the bracket connects the blade to the hydraulic cylinder couldn't you change the angle of that bracket to increase leverage.

  • Auroratg
    Auroratg 22 hours ago

    Hi Mr Furze, could you give the girl in the video hydraulic hands so she can crush her enemies? give her the strenght of 10.000 little girls :) would make a neat video!

  • Jody Angel Ugartechea

    I see you with this hydraulic claw crusher and imagine a dynamic duo with Simone Giertz's Business Manta Shrimp.

  • josh lund
    josh lund Day ago

    Collin no offense but I think that was the worst orientation to have the metal for the frame with the direction of the force

  • Calamity Ganon
    Calamity Ganon Day ago

    you should build a blitz shield

  • Adrian Nostromo
    Adrian Nostromo Day ago

    The music though....

  • lego master pl
    lego master pl 2 days ago

    the firefighters shuld have this

  • s is for salamander
    s is for salamander 2 days ago

    Now clamps that can snap arms with ease 1 year later flame thrower car 5 years from now atomic bomb 10 years from now world domination

  • Brian Stoner
    Brian Stoner 2 days ago

    have 2 of those you'd be a mecha zoidberg

  • Andrew Harcourt
    Andrew Harcourt 2 days ago

    It's nice to see that Colin has got his Safety Tie tucked in. He is qualified to use a lathe now.:)

  • Monkey Toes Gaming
    Monkey Toes Gaming 3 days ago

    You and Mark Rober should collab

  • Mainmanrr
    Mainmanrr 3 days ago

    If he wears that on a stroll in town, People will call the police.

  • Evan Jackson
    Evan Jackson 3 days ago

    I absolutely love this! I am so excited for part two!

  • Me You
    Me You 3 days ago +1

    Maybe you should have made it spring loaded

  • GoldEngineerMC / Official

    in the future, this man, make his own robot suit

  • HexTheVortex
    HexTheVortex 4 days ago +1


  • Skycrest Gaming
    Skycrest Gaming 4 days ago

    He should hook up the hydraulic to the cardboard one😂

  • sáng tạo VN. com
    sáng tạo VN. com 4 days ago

    A làm hay quá dù e k hiểu a nói gì

  • AL_ gameover
    AL_ gameover 4 days ago +1


  • Tom Rohlfs
    Tom Rohlfs 5 days ago +1

    Who else was nervous when he stuck his hand in the jaws at the end.

  • Snipers boy14
    Snipers boy14 5 days ago

    Is this video in any shape or form related to cars?

  • Claymaster 64
    Claymaster 64 5 days ago

    I've been wanting something like this forever

  • who am I
    who am I 6 days ago

    Can you make EXO SKELETON?

  • Hyper Hektor
    Hyper Hektor 6 days ago +2

    recently i used this CAD method too but with very thin plywood (3x1mm layer = 1/8" thick)
    its handy for prototyping where you dont have know what design problems will occur.

  • balls deep
    balls deep 6 days ago +1

    I wonder what he tried to crush first that chipped the jaw before the clip where he crushed the wood @5:17

    • balls deep
      balls deep 3 days ago +1

      Ahh you're right, I missed that..

    • Evan Jackson
      Evan Jackson 3 days ago +1

      At 2:52 you can see the chip before Colin has even welded that piece to the rest of the mandible. My best guess is that he wasn't quite able to fit that onto a sheet of steel that had other cutouts made already, and the outline for this piece intersected with a hole in the sheet.

  • Laura Heise
    Laura Heise 6 days ago

    With all his inventions he's gonna be highly prepared for the zombie apocalypse!

  • Randell Darcky
    Randell Darcky 6 days ago +1

    You could be in a Marvel comic. Dr Snipit. Good or Evil?

  • 360 Gamer
    360 Gamer 7 days ago

    He has pack man hands

  • MonkeyJedi99
    MonkeyJedi99 7 days ago +1

    Your CAD department is amazing!

  • Giuseppe Skillz
    Giuseppe Skillz 7 days ago

    You were on TheXvid before pewdiepie

    THAT LIL SKITSO 8 days ago

    Anyone cringe at 9:55 when he put his fingers in the blade part?

  • David _Cool07Gaming
    David _Cool07Gaming 8 days ago

    Yeah Colin grab that glitter gun 0:28

  • David Sampiano
    David Sampiano 9 days ago

    8:50 remember place it with *10 TREES*

  • sasha spec
    sasha spec 9 days ago

    От куда у тебя гранатомёт??????

  • Alex Deggel
    Alex Deggel 10 days ago

    Красавчег! Приятно посмотреть на настоящего механика. От рукожопых дебилов уже тошнит.

  • boop132 pow227
    boop132 pow227 10 days ago

    I swear this guy has murica mentality in the best way

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 days ago

    The mus lims will be knocking at your door

  • Ashtan Davis
    Ashtan Davis 10 days ago

    U should put the engine thing on a thing that has wheels

  • MrBrander
    MrBrander 10 days ago

    Looks awesome and works wonders. :D Nice job!

  • Cyka Idk
    Cyka Idk 10 days ago

    Absolute madlad

  • Newspaper Man!
    Newspaper Man! 11 days ago +2

    Imagine the Application for the camera man..

    “Do you value your left leg?”

    “Do you plan on being able to walk?”
    “Are you willing to sign these papers that say you won’t make a law suit against me?”

  • supercrimefighter13
    supercrimefighter13 11 days ago

    Ghazghkull Thraka wants to know your location.

  • Guillaume Boursier
    Guillaume Boursier 12 days ago

    Lobster, Exoskeleton... Lobskeleton ?

  • Guillaume Boursier
    Guillaume Boursier 12 days ago

    This thing screams to be painted like a lobster claw !

  • Guillaume Boursier
    Guillaume Boursier 12 days ago +2

    Nice work, now you need a whole exoskeleton to wear it comfy-ly ;)

  • Scott Pubg mobile Baird

    One quarter of the way to a mech suit, if you could build the legs and torso that would be incredible for rescue services.

  • Mike Vlade
    Mike Vlade 12 days ago

    but how I'll forget my enemy .....

  • Mohammad Jamalian
    Mohammad Jamalian 12 days ago


  • DrowsierCrane 05
    DrowsierCrane 05 12 days ago +1

    "These claws aren't just for attracting mates" MR.Crabs 2013

  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson 12 days ago

    He could be iron man if he really tried.

  • Usrnam Accpted
    Usrnam Accpted 12 days ago +1

    Nicely done, now I want this in Minecraft

  • Roman
    Roman 12 days ago

    i think that a water pistol with 20k psi or more would be great to raid area 51

  • Mohammad Jamalian
    Mohammad Jamalian 12 days ago

    You meant stick this on my back, put this on my arm. Not stick this on me back put this on me arm.

  • Mohammad Jamalian
    Mohammad Jamalian 12 days ago

    If only it was kid sized for me while I had the right arm one. If it was powerful like yours.

  • Mohammad Jamalian
    Mohammad Jamalian 12 days ago

    If I had another arm powered jaws on my right arm while I had the left arm jaw, I would’ve have 4 times the power!!. Yeah make another arm jaw and you’ll be so much, much, much, much OVERPOWERED!!

  • Mohammad Jamalian
    Mohammad Jamalian 12 days ago

    I wanna see you chop dropped bricks.

  • The Ethanator
    The Ethanator 13 days ago

    You need a welding mask with a safety tie on it

    PONG VOLTAGE 13 days ago

  • ZJG2007
    ZJG2007 13 days ago +5

    Remember the mini monster stuck vid from 2017 it was on the channel: Fast, furious and funny or something like that, sorry to those people who know the actual name to that channel

  • Derek the half a bee
    Derek the half a bee 13 days ago

    Imagine if Colin was a Cosplayer. He would be every Convention's security nightmare.

  • purpleYamask
    purpleYamask 13 days ago

    I can imagine MI7 spending thousands of pounds on exo-suit research only to be shown up by a single slightly manic bloke with a toolshed and far too much spare time.

  • iames85
    iames85 13 days ago

    I winced so much at 9:28

  • Archik
    Archik 13 days ago

    Поздравляю ,ты нашёл русский комент.

  • steven goulding
    steven goulding 13 days ago +19

    I think this would be amazing for fire fighters trying to cut people out of cars.

    MIDDŸ Ÿ 14 days ago

    If I ever need my arm cut off I’ll come to u

  • Plush Adventures
    Plush Adventures 14 days ago

    Crab hands

  • hài PUBG Mobile
    hài PUBG Mobile 15 days ago


  • Ethan 64
    Ethan 64 15 days ago

    You need to make a battle bot and go to battle bots

  • Ryan Dembowski
    Ryan Dembowski 15 days ago

    We need this technology to raid area 51

  • Ronan Neutens
    Ronan Neutens 16 days ago

    Great vid

  • Ratna RAY
    Ratna RAY 16 days ago +7

    Britain-BANS weapons
    This guy-"so here is my brand new assassin's creed weapon "
    Britain-"ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU?"

  • Evilsmiley 666
    Evilsmiley 666 16 days ago

    The surge is Real !!