Shamima Begum: 'I'm not that stupid 15-year-old girl that left' | Times News

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • Shamima Begum, one of the Bethnal Green girls who fled to Syria in 2014, describes how she changed during her time in the country.
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    IAIN M RODGERS 3 years ago +1030

    "I met my husband. I would never have met someone like him in the UK" - I think that shows her underlying attitude to the UK.

    • Joe Moe
      Joe Moe Year ago +1

      Notice, she is still in the type of outfit. She can’t even try to dress differently. She will always be a Rebel Woman. Young. Beautiful, and stupid. Stay in the camp. You are getting better treatment than your husband ever did.

    • Snappers-snoop
      Snappers-snoop 2 years ago +8

      I read a paper on radicalization that said that most people from europe that are radicalized are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The men she was exposed to in the UK probably weren't the greatest. I can definitely understand that she was unhappy I actually really feel bad for her but her family did her some kind of disservice idk what it was. Could simply be that she needed psychological help and they didnt give it to her. This is isnt an issue of an evil human but a bi-product of poverty and alienation. I actually do think the muslim community needs to work with the government to prevent this happening again.

  • MrMr
    MrMr Year ago +176

    Calling her child "IT" is enough proof that this beast is a risk to the national security

    • Sun Flower
      Sun Flower 8 months ago +2

      Her child wasn’t born yet so she didn’t know the gender. When people don’t know the gender of the baby. The baby is referred to as ‘it’.

    • CMJames
      CMJames Year ago +1

      I agree. Flummoxed when she referred to her child as ‘it’. Shamima is not sorry

    • Tasha G
      Tasha G Year ago +1

      Definitely.. they are not coming back to live normal life.. she can kill a lot of people ((

  • Q Khan
    Q Khan 3 years ago +504

    It was your decision, now face the consequences. Im Muslim and I'm happy with the decision. Please don't come back and make our lives difficult.

    • Abdullah Rizwan
      Abdullah Rizwan 4 months ago

      @Flame Zodiacnot really...we hate the people who think women who cover themselves are automatically terrorists...if that's reasonable to you?

    • Paul Davies
      Paul Davies Year ago


    • IceFlower
      IceFlower Year ago +1

      @Matt Smith It's not just this person. There's so many of us who would say No way to her ever setting foot on British soil. She made her bed and now she must lie in it. She gave up all the provisions this country gave to her and she wants to return? I don't flipping think so.
      Also her not being allowed to return makes her an example for all those idiots who think they can go join a terrorist organisation and then come back to their respective countries.

  • Andy B-L
    Andy B-L 3 years ago +137

    There is very little sympathy for this woman in the UK...... She has shown no remorse for her actions, and has gone on to say she does not regret joining Isis. All her statements are self centred, and she has all but demanded that British people should feel sympathy for what she has gone through. She should take time to remember that everything that has happened to her is down to her own choices... the children killed in the Manchester Arena attack on the other hand, had no choice in their fate. I'm judging her not on what she did when she was 15, but on how she has presented herself today, and on that basis there is no place for her in the UK other than behind bars.

    • ElGamerNTJ
      ElGamerNTJ 4 months ago +1

      @John Daniel No one has sympathy for her bro and l agree actually she should go and live in pakistan.

    • Andy B-L
      Andy B-L 6 months ago

      @John Daniel John. have you actually read either of my comments?..... I clearly have no sympathy for her.

    • John Daniel
      John Daniel 6 months ago

      Andy.... Why doesn't she go for any muslim country...there are 57 Muslim countries...she must go there..... And if you have sympathy for her ...go with her...

  • Sag Chan
    Sag Chan 3 years ago +772

    She shows no regret for her actions

    • booboobrinn
      booboobrinn 3 years ago +1

      I only feel sorry for her child...who will grow up thinking what his mother & father believe is ok to kill innocent people...

    • Shearman
      Shearman 3 years ago

      Oh yeah yeah Trust someone who thinks “oh yeah yeah” is funny to say something like that.

    • Joseph //
      Joseph // 3 years ago

      @Sam Philbrick I don't know. I do know it's been reported she has now given birth.

  • Online Friend
    Online Friend 3 years ago +399

    At 15 she should've known better. By that time she should've DEFINITELY matured and understood the dangers of extremism. Your decision, Begum. Your decision, not ours.

    • Hoganply
      Hoganply 3 years ago +2

      One can be a good person and still be seduced by extremism.

    • Stephen Rochester
      Stephen Rochester 3 years ago

      JimboParadox Seems like a self projection to me.

    • Dick Cheney
      Dick Cheney 3 years ago

      At 15 you are old enough to hang for treason.

    • Itz Ree
      Itz Ree 3 years ago

      Online Friend totally agree with you. Moreover she shows no remorse

    • Stephen Rochester
      Stephen Rochester 3 years ago

      The Jim Reaper™ I think you are too emotional on the subject and it’s clouding your ability to have a rational argument. Best of luck in the future.

  • Little Witch
    Little Witch 3 years ago +175

    “I wouldn’t have met a man like my husband back in the U.K” well no shit babe

    • ElGamerNTJ
      ElGamerNTJ 4 months ago

      @Carlos E Well in all countries.

    • Little Witch
      Little Witch 6 months ago +2

      @Diana Mincher but it wouldn’t be me because I knew the difference between right from wrong/ evil and bad even as a child

    • Diana Mincher
      Diana Mincher 6 months ago

      Playing hard and fast with Shamima when it could have been you!

    • Carlos E
      Carlos E Year ago +3

      Yes. There are many Muslims in the UK. Many are fundamentalists. Don't lose your hope

  • A Cat Named Puddin
    A Cat Named Puddin 3 years ago +21

    I’m thankful to Shemima Be-gone - she has single handedly united the British public again since the 2012 Olympics. Thank you, Shemima Be-gone.

  • I am a disappointment to my parents

    Parliament did something right for one and revoked her citizenship

    • Diana Mincher
      Diana Mincher 6 months ago

      Parliament didn't the dual national Muslim Sajid Javid stripped her citizenship before getting a court order-how grossly negligent can the Muslim be?

    • Apple
      Apple 9 months ago


    • Melanie Walker
      Melanie Walker Year ago

      @dave erwin compassion is a two-way street do you think she's got any for us? I think not!

    • Ashiq Hussain
      Ashiq Hussain 3 years ago

      But parliament need to stick to the decision of keeping this woman and her baby out of U K

    • blackmore4
      blackmore4 3 years ago

      @Personal Jesus
      _"It’s Britain not France we don’t do revolutions, too passive"_
      Eh? We chopped the head off a king who thought we were too "passive".

  • TurtleBurger
    TurtleBurger 3 years ago +744

    The say she refers to her child as "it" pretty much sums her up.

    • Apple
      Apple 9 months ago


    • Clem Alford
      Clem Alford Year ago

      Yes, I was taken aback. Human life is cheap in Islamic State.

    • Remelyn Longno
      Remelyn Longno Year ago

      @Weeble Wobble my baby or child?

    • Lu lu
      Lu lu Year ago

      Yep I noticed that.... not my son, "give it to my family," instead of give him to my family..
      She is so detached and delusional about it all

    • TurtleBurger
      TurtleBurger 3 years ago

      @Shel Sparkle Three actually, her newest kid also died.

  • Infiltron
    Infiltron 3 years ago +111

    ‘If in doubt,
    Keep em’ out.’
    - wise words from a wise man

    • Jay Cartwright
      Jay Cartwright Year ago

      OmsoiTekken well look how that came to be, Come Fly With Me has now been removed off of anything but TheXvid but even then you still have to pay to watch it on TheXvid

    • OmsoiTekken
      OmsoiTekken 3 years ago +3

      Ian Foot, UK's greatest security force.

  • Ron lim
    Ron lim 3 years ago +200

    There is a big difference between a mistake and a choice.

    • LaylaKulik
      LaylaKulik 3 years ago

      @Dafydd yeah we know that

    • vasily202
      vasily202 3 years ago

      You are correct. But let the baby back and go for adoption with a complete deletion of who her fucking mom, father and family in the UK are. At least the child would have a chance that way.

    • Desert Chrome
      Desert Chrome 3 years ago +1

      I agree that she should not be allowed back in the UK, but that statement is stupid

    • oliversliveonyt123
      oliversliveonyt123 3 years ago


  • Ob
    Ob 3 years ago +896

    She refers to her child as "it", doesn't seem very motherly

    • Apple
      Apple 9 months ago


    • Zakaria Amin
      Zakaria Amin Year ago

      Using him for sympathy

    • Look Both Ways
      Look Both Ways 3 years ago

      @Sabina Ullah ????

    • Look Both Ways
      Look Both Ways 3 years ago +1

      Sounds as if she were passed around from man to man. That is why she doesn't care for the child.

    • Michele Vickers
      Michele Vickers 3 years ago

      IT hasn't squirmed or screamed.. I find IT IT alive ????????

  • Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews Year ago +16

    “I would never have found someone like him back in the UK.”
    That’s the goal innit?

  • Philip Yeo
    Philip Yeo 3 years ago +366

    I'm fed up of seeing her on my phone and TV. Doesn't deserve the attention

    • Ruan47
      Ruan47 3 years ago

      It’s all a distraction

    • R Mason
      R Mason 3 years ago

      Cameron Carter
      I read the comments with my thumb over her face. It's very distracting.

    • Philip Yeo
      Philip Yeo 3 years ago

      @starchild got the video come up on my recommendations tho didn't I?

    • O 0000
      O 0000 3 years ago +5

      starchild yeh he did. And she doesn’t. Your point ?

    TP VLOGS 3 years ago +791

    You made your bed, now sleep in it
    EDIT: I'm so glad that people agree with me by liking. this shouldn't be debated about it's pretty clear.

    • Iqra Khan
      Iqra Khan Year ago +1

      @TP VLOGS 💯 it’s definitely not about race; a 15 year old has the sense to make a sound judgment.

    • Neptune :)
      Neptune :) Year ago +1

      THESE kinda ppl are not welcome!
      How do they even ask to come back like wtf "you made your choice"

    • TP VLOGS
      TP VLOGS Year ago +3

      @Nabeel Khan it’s not about the colour of her skin it’s about what she did and her intentions. She knew what she was doing was very wrong and took the risks. A mistake a 15 is being caught smoking or drinking alcohol not joining ISIS even non white people would agree with me so don’t make it about race 🙄

  • Tommy Green
    Tommy Green 3 years ago +3

    You’re criminally responsible when you’re 10. You know what you’re doing when you’re 15. I can’t believe there’s people who support her.

  • mahepa
    mahepa Year ago +29

    What an ignorant, arrogant and lack of empathy human being! She doesnt feel sorry at all.

  • King Alfred
    King Alfred 3 years ago +97

    The only way I’d accept her coming back is if we still had the death penalty.

    • ElGamerNTJ
      ElGamerNTJ 4 months ago

      Bloody amazing

    • Var fide
      Var fide 3 years ago +1

      you mean if she was in a cardboard box and we all sat around the box and watch it burn while we pay respects to the people who have died in this country and across the world to her beliefs.

    • Lilly
      Lilly 3 years ago +3

      You’re bloody amazing.

    • Reggie Wyles
      Reggie Wyles 3 years ago +1

      Keiron Guwop or she will just blow herself up in a shopping center or something

  • Giaa-livvy lawrence
    Giaa-livvy lawrence 3 years ago +16

    Love how she talks about her child as “it” almost like she has no connection to the baby

  • MB
    MB Year ago +9

    I’m a Muslim from London and even I agree that she shouldn’t come back. What possessed her to go out of her way to join IS. Like is she crazy! She had everything she needed in the UK but still chose to go to the IS-

  • Daz Dee
    Daz Dee 3 years ago +107

    Imagine letting her back in the country....only for the tax payer to basically fund the rest of her and her children's lives. Yeah, no thanks.

    • CallMeCharlottex
      CallMeCharlottex 2 years ago +4

      Jeremy Corbyn wanted her back. He believed that she should be entitled to legal aid, when the families of the people who were killed in that Manchester Arena attack (the one she somehow thought was justified!), aren't getting a penny. That's why I will never vote for him!

    • Ann O Brien
      Ann O Brien 3 years ago +4

      It would be much safer for your country, to house n take care of a homeless person than to let her back into your country.

  • ThePriceisRightn
    ThePriceisRightn 3 years ago +149

    I'm from Bangladesh myself and I feel no remorse for her, she should be deported back to the IS. It was her decision, not anyone else's.

    • Mason_collxn
      Mason_collxn 3 years ago

      TheBOY875 agreed and well said

    • animacs1
      animacs1 3 years ago


    • Jarl Kilduff
      Jarl Kilduff 3 years ago +3

      yeah, I don't think you in Bangladesh need to accomodate her either.

  • Muichirou Tokito
    Muichirou Tokito 3 years ago +17

    I feel like her parents had something to do with it... I mean, to want to join IS in the first place, she’d have to grow up with that kind of mind to make that decision. Her father did not apologise for his daughter’s behaviour on interviews, he only spoke about getting her to return. The girl has been brainwashed.
    Something’s off here...

    • RaiyanYT
      RaiyanYT 3 years ago +6

      Her parents probably support ISIS. Most Muslim parents warn their kids about terrorists groups and those who might radicalise you. I bet her parents didn’t.

    • SUGARPOP73
      SUGARPOP73 3 years ago +3

      Ava Carre my same thoughts too. There was a seed there .

    • baher
      baher 3 years ago +9

      The whole family should be punished, or at least investigated

  • Alex Sigerien
    Alex Sigerien 3 years ago +5

    Glad to see so many people united on this matter :-)

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 2 years ago +1

    “Stressful situation”??
    Wow..can’t imagine the horrible..gut wrenching situations her “ husband “ and herself put innocent people through..

  • The Flatcap From WN5
    The Flatcap From WN5 3 years ago +44

    Begum - I'm not that stupid.
    Me - *Erm, yes you are.*

  • Harry Wong
    Harry Wong Year ago +11

    Why is that all the interviewers keep worrying about the human rights of terrorists who show no mercy towards their victims ? Stop using media platforms for their benefits .

  • midz
    midz 3 years ago +355

    She calls her child 'it'. Sums it all up for me.

    • Dannyaa
      Dannyaa 3 years ago

      @ChuksK look at the baby's parts, the baby is always realeasing Bodily fluids, of course she knows what gender her baby is, shes just inhumane

    • onbekend onbekend
      onbekend onbekend 3 years ago

      @Laura McKinlay my child. I would refer it as my child... My unborn child.. Not 'it'.
      My mother didn't know my gender and she never called me it when she was pregnant of me. She called me her child, her love..
      I asked about it so that is why I know

    • Calum O
      Calum O 3 years ago

      @midz nope? I can see it still

    • Republican Green
      Republican Green 3 years ago

      @ChuksK - The child might not even be hers, I doubt it.

    • midz
      midz 3 years ago

      @Calum O Did you delete it ? It's vanished.

  • Jet Fusion
    Jet Fusion 3 years ago +9

    "More than happy to do with me what they want..."
    That doesn't sound like she learned anything from all this.

  • D.A Forex
    D.A Forex 3 years ago +19

    "I am really please that i met you" YE MAN SHE JUST FUCKING DONE SOMETHING SO GREAT! I AM DEAD 😂

  • Khurram M
    Khurram M 3 years ago +40

    When I was 15, Never once did it cross my mind to join a terrorist organisation. In my opinion she made an almost unforgivable mistake. In my opinion it’d be best to take the child in and decline her citizenship as a UK citizen.

    • Ez
      Ez 3 years ago

      Jim Knight “Child of a terrorist” Bro it’s not like the child is a threat to national security and is about to blow up a place. Hell the baby doesn’t even have agency, as a punishment I don’t think she should have any contact with the child. She also deserves to be out the Uk, lets see how long she’s gonna survive

    • Ez
      Ez 3 years ago

      George Thomas She won’t be stateless, she has dual nationality. She can go live her life in Bangladesh while her child is sent away to live with her parents in the UK.

    • George Thomas
      George Thomas 3 years ago

      AwwwhYyyyeah They have to be a UK citizen, there’s no other nationality they can legally take. Unless Bangladesh wants in.

  • stu over
    stu over 3 years ago +27

    Any that leave the UK to join IS should never be allowed back in and have the passport removed. If they allow these people back into the UK is like back stabbing all the people that have died fighting this. If she gets into the UK, then kid(s) should not be allowed in as they are not UK citizens.

  • Joakim Johnsson
    Joakim Johnsson 3 years ago +1

    "As long as i can settle down comfortably" - what about caring for the country and the terrorist acts that she was a part of instead? What about caring for comfort for those who instead were killed in terrorist acts that she was an indirect part of?

  • Ryan Noah
    Ryan Noah 3 years ago +3

    Perhaps if she didn’t say she had no regrets things would be different, but no, she has no issues with seeing heads in bins etc

  • BigSamSnaps
    BigSamSnaps 3 years ago +1

    When talking of Britain and British she always uses the term “They”. It speaks a lot!

  • 英国生活KellyAbroadUK
    英国生活KellyAbroadUK 3 years ago +73

    This is to let other young teenagers learn the lesson of no second chance giving if they made mistake first time. So she deserves this punishment. Lol!

  • STAG_ GT
    STAG_ GT 3 years ago +55

    “I’m more than happy to do what they want me to do” then stay where you are that’s where we want you

  • itchyo
    itchyo 3 years ago +13

    In another inteview she says one of the reasons she joined ISIS was because of the "Good Life"they could provide.
    Sounds like she was lazy and thought she could get a free ride and have no responsibilities by joining ISIS.
    Now she wants to come back and have a free ride with our welfare system.
    She has not learnt from her ways or the mistake, she is still radicalised and has not denounced ISIS and deep in her heart she holds remorse for the west.
    Look at her facial expressions and her answers in interviews. She answers what she knows people want to hear, not how she feels, that's why she has no emotion.

    • itchyo
      itchyo 3 years ago

      @Hi what I meant was she uses her son to try to draw sympathy, she's trying to play the victim card.

    • Hi
      Hi 3 years ago

      Except she doesn't give the answers most UK people want to hear & shame on the BBC etc for trying to portray her sympathetically.

  • Bernal Del Castillo
    Bernal Del Castillo 3 years ago +12

    She has not made a public genuine act of contrition. Her lack of repentance makes her a destestable young woman

  • Jackpot Winner
    Jackpot Winner 3 years ago +2

    This Girl is a threat to uk security. My parents came to this country and worked hard to give me and my siblings a better life....even at 15 I had the logic to know that I could never consider shaming them in such a manner. Let her stay in Syria and deal with the consequences of her actions.

  • SOS DD
    SOS DD 2 years ago +3

    She started as a screw up at 15 and she still has no concept that her choices impact her Children futures. What a selfish woman.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 3 years ago +39

    "More than happy to get back and settle down more comfortably with my child" - what a freaking joke!
    Radicalisation my arse! You made your choices, live with them!

  • Paul Clanner
    Paul Clanner 3 years ago +1

    She is learning a valuable life lesson, that decisions have responsibilities. If she didn't listen to her parents when she was that silly 15 yr old and made her choice, then she must bear the responsibility for the decision. End of.
    Armed with a kid - it seems that this girl likes making decisions but wants to be let off the responsibility for her actions. Life says NO

  • Twig Aho
    Twig Aho 3 years ago

    he was really pleased to have met her. How lovely.

  • Kent Donaldson
    Kent Donaldson 3 years ago +3

    I can't see the problem in leaving someone 'stateless'.

  • Kayleigh McGee
    Kayleigh McGee 3 years ago +2

    She best not be getting ANY chance to come back
    I agree with alot of people she chose to go so she can very well stay there. I actually believe some posts I've read saying it could be a very bad plot line set up for something really bad to happen and if it goes ahead that she comes back to the UK then our lives/country will be at a very big risk

  • david rojo
    david rojo 3 years ago +280

    I just listened to the first 2 seconds of this vid. She has such a bad attitude

    • Neptune :)
      Neptune :) Year ago

      Exactly! I can't even look at her face after what she did

    • CallMeCharlottex
      CallMeCharlottex 2 years ago +6

      @WANG SILANG Year_15 15 years old is more than old enough to know right from wrong. She hasn't changed at all, I bet anything she's lying to get people to turn a blind eye and it's disgraceful how people are sticking up for her.

    • CallMeCharlottex
      CallMeCharlottex 2 years ago +8

      Her bad attitude started when the betrayed this country lol

    • Lisa Scarrott
      Lisa Scarrott 3 years ago +4

      I know i had to turn the volume off i couldnt stand listening to her

  • Mitty Ahmed
    Mitty Ahmed 3 years ago +13

    No regrets
    Because of your carelessness your kid died
    And what about your husband

  • anxiety singz
    anxiety singz 3 years ago +4

    Sad what happened to her babies. Suspicious but very sad. I don’t feel she feels any remorse though. I don’t get that from her. Totally emotionless. She’s very weird.

  • rakkrisr123
    rakkrisr123 3 years ago +13

    That's why UK need strict vetting

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker 3 years ago +2

    Yeah, I agree with most comments and listening to her it doest seem coherent to move back to the UK in her personal circumstances. I feel she could easily persuade young/vulnerable adults join IS Especially younger teenage girls, dangerous. I am sure there is alot of lies told about camp but i am also sure its not a picnic to meet potential husbands. deep down she is begging to come back but she is too stubborn to admit to her mistakes and take ownership.... leave this one where she put herself

  • Ellis Drew
    Ellis Drew 3 years ago

    The fact she refers to the child as a “it” ... like wow

  • mirola73
    mirola73 3 years ago +21

    Saw another recent video of her. Clearly to date she still has no actual clue /wants to accept that her actions came with certain responsibilities which have resulted into her situation as it is now.
    She even has no answer to a few of the questions she was asked by a journalist, only stating that 'she thought it was easy to come back to the UK'. Her family repeatedly have tried to get her back, she didn't want to go back, as admitted by herself. Now when the shit has hit the fan she all of a sudden wants to go back being all dramatic (ab)using the fact she now has a child.
    Stay where you are love, you made yourself unwanted with your severly screwed up ideas, even to most fellow muslims.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 3 years ago +1

    about her child..."at least IT given to my family", speaks volumes...

  • Trevor Hyman
    Trevor Hyman 3 years ago +1

    I'm staggered that she expects to just walk back into the country...she is an enemy of the state and her citizenship should have been revoked when she left to go to Syria.

  • kirstyfiona
    kirstyfiona 3 years ago +17

    WTF she called her child IT !! Absolutely no way she should come back !!

  • Phil McAvity
    Phil McAvity 3 years ago +1

    Why isn’t she being asked “who indoctrinated you? Why did you leave? How do you feel about the UK” I think we know the answer to that - “by my father”
    She then says
    “I would never have found a man like my husband in the UK” seriously deluded.

  • HD Pictures
    HD Pictures 3 years ago +1

    This is like when you leave a group chat and you ask someone to add you back!

  • hayden
    hayden 3 years ago +2

    I’m glad everyone in the comments actually have some sense

  • Ned
    Ned 3 years ago

    I remember hearing about terrorism,specifically isis, when i was 11 and everyone in our school knew how bad extremism was. I know people change but by 15 she should have known better not to trust a group like that... I don't trust her at all back in this country, it seems she still has radicalised views.

  • HMSDaring1
    HMSDaring1 3 years ago +1

    The Times brags about being the one who found her in the refugee camp. I wouldn't be so quick to brag about trying to bring sympathy to a stupid girl who stood by and watched as crimes against humanity were committed to those who didn't follow their laws. Whilst people deserve fair trial, her lack of remorse and regret show she feels entitled to be somewhere at the expense of UK pop. It's not our fault she chose to join Daesh, and yet if she's brought back the UK tax payer has to fund her prison term and re-integration. Truly, we would have been happier if the Times 'journalist' didn't feel the need to act as her voice.And how dare he call it Dawlat, how dare he justify the name that Daesh called land they stole and murdered millions over!

  • Kesukei
    Kesukei 3 years ago +54

    The thing that is so frightening is the total lack of any real remorse. She is sorry that ISIS was defeated and that Raqqa fell, but not for her actions. She left the UK, joined a terrorist organization, gave them the money she took with her, married a terrorist fighter (who as far as we know may well still be alive somewhere) and by supporting him has effectively provided materiel support to a terrorist organization. She is as much an enemy combatant as he is. We'd be mad to let her come back - it sends a completely wrong message to other youngsters who may be harboring delusions of traveling to Syria.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 years ago +1

    Had she been allowed to come back IS would have used her as the first of many infiltrators.
    Listening to her voice... it sad tho. It’s sad she sided with such cruel and wicked wicked people. Wow

  • donepearce
    donepearce 3 years ago

    In an interview she said she had seen severed heads in a bin, and it hadn't phased her. We don't need a person like that in this country.

  • ItsMimik
    ItsMimik Year ago +2

    Can you news outlets stop reporting on her like your bringing attention to someone that did something bad and can't accept the consequence
    You guys never report on anything that actually matters
    Uighur camps
    What's happening in syria
    Coltan mine slavery

  • Syed Muhsin
    Syed Muhsin 3 years ago +1

    "Can i ask what you think my fate is going to be?"
    I'm from bangladesh and i prsonally think her fate should be death, not prison because she saw Muslims and non-Muslims beheaded plus i dont see any remorse in her voice

  • Savage McFlurry
    Savage McFlurry 3 years ago

    Your choices have consequences, you have to live with and face them.

  • Vambrace
    Vambrace 3 years ago +120

    Needs to be publicly executed for High Treason.

    • saliha
      saliha 3 years ago

      Shane Nephilim wtf , judging by my name what's that got to do with anything .

    • Bobby Ranger
      Bobby Ranger 3 years ago

      @saliha I am actually against executions. I was pointing out that is is not a thing we do in this country.

    • Alan Whitham
      Alan Whitham 3 years ago

      @Scooby McDooby His own possibly !

    • Randeep Kaur
      Randeep Kaur 3 years ago

      @Azureecosse Prophet Muhammad told Muslims to treat women and children fairly and equally. It's the only religion that set out fair rules to look after women at all times, divorce, death, remarriage etc. The West has a different view and thinks women are treated better.

  • XxBlackDahliaxX
    XxBlackDahliaxX 3 years ago +1

    She should not be let back, leave her where she is.
    She is a damn sociopath.

  • Brian
    Brian 3 years ago +1

    Just think that there's people who fight and will do anything to come in the UK for a better life while this girl purposely left and is now trying to say she deserves to come back. She is getting what she deserves

  • brian wheway
    brian wheway 3 years ago +3

    The words traitor spring to mind, and she should be treated as such.

  • Mariam Bibi
    Mariam Bibi 3 years ago

    I just hope the baby is well it’s so sad what kids have to go through

  • george otieno
    george otieno 3 years ago

    At 15 she was learning to connect batteries and wires to a light bulb, at 19 she knows how to connect wires and batteries to fertilizer 😂

  • kinkaid25
    kinkaid25 3 years ago +15

    “She went from the land of milk and honey “🇬🇧” and now look at her, it ain’t so funny 😂.

    • T Rodríguez
      T Rodríguez Year ago +2

      She wanted to join a bunch of crazy cowards called IS... and now she's playing the victim card to the press! 😂

  • Aarti Gaikwad
    Aarti Gaikwad 3 years ago +53

    Shamima Begum please don't come, we don't need you, please continue your social work in syria..

  • danielsexton1
    danielsexton1 3 years ago

    stop trying to say you were just a child! when i was 15 i was a Sargent in the Air Training Corp. i knew how to carry out combat maneuver's, i was a marksman and i knew how to fly aircraft. i never felt the need to run off and join a terrorist group and neither did the men and women that were also in the Corp. you made your choice, now deal with it

  • DeployTheDRS
    DeployTheDRS 3 years ago +319

    Just remember: she joined IS and is now getting PAID to tell her story...

    • ssssSTopmotion
      ssssSTopmotion Year ago


    • ssssSTopmotion
      ssssSTopmotion Year ago

      When she comes back to uk,she will write a bool

    • Imran Afzal
      Imran Afzal 3 years ago +2

      Completely agree very dangerous to our home country uk.
      Should not be allowed to come back will be a bigger treat to our national security.

    • Star
      Star 3 years ago

      If she didn't get paid she probably wouldn't even bother giving the press the time of day. At least with getting paid, she still can't stay in Britain

    • helveticaification
      helveticaification 3 years ago +1

      @Saira Naseem Sorry my omission = now corrected. PS I would actually really like to know the answer! Maybe they brought her some paper towels c/o The Donald!

  • Earthling x
    Earthling x 3 years ago +1

    "settle down more comfortably with my child" ... says it all , it is all about its own selfish wants. "especially with the stressful situation i will probably give birth soon", if it is 8 months pregnant , it poses no danger to give birth "soon". "i would never have met anyone as good as my husband in the u.k." ..... so ALL NEGATIVE HERE IN THE U.K. WHY ON EARTH DOES IT WANT TO COME BACK HERE. Cut the bloody apron strings for Gods' sake.

  • Mason Thacker
    Mason Thacker 3 years ago +3

    "i want IT given to my family".

  • Challenge yourself Let’s try DIY

    Politicians advising to not let her in is their way of saying it’s not my fault when she IS allowed back in, which she will be.
    It will happen as we are so soft on these traitors

  • Fenris
    Fenris 3 years ago

    Actions have consequences... some learn it the hard way...

  • Xalimo X
    Xalimo X 3 years ago +1

    I'm extremely happy with the decision and I'm Muslim. She has no remorse or regret and tbh she looks suspicious asf.

  • IPJ Bradley
    IPJ Bradley 3 years ago +1

    NO.! I'm sure there are many deserving people who wish to come to the UK, work and make a better life for themselves.

  • Zainab Farooq
    Zainab Farooq 3 years ago +1

    Her response is disterbing, it just seems that she has realised there is actually no future and is tired of living the hard life. This maybe the reason for her to come back. But I think she sees herself as someone good. I don't trust her

  • explorer2309
    explorer2309 3 years ago

    "I want all benefits but no responsibility"

  • venom663
    venom663 3 years ago +1

    Treat her as an example of what happens to people who leave to side with the enemy

  • More Baklava pls شكرا
    More Baklava pls شكرا 3 years ago +65

    There are more pressing issues in the UK ....Why is she even on the news ?

    • Martin
      Martin 3 years ago +1

      I agree Tbasko sauce if goverment says no , no means no .
      The news need to get a grip of themselves , their like a broken record .

    • Matts Channel
      Matts Channel 3 years ago +2

      Its a distraction from brexit and the fact that Uk politics is a shower of shit

    • Randeep Kaur
      Randeep Kaur 3 years ago +4

      Because Mrs May has failed with brexit and wants a change of news media for the public.

    • Ruen
      Ruen 3 years ago +3

      Are you aware of why they're called terrorists?

  • ʜᴜsʜʙʟᴀᴅᴇ
    ʜᴜsʜʙʟᴀᴅᴇ 3 years ago +1

    "I'm not that stupid 15-year-old"
    No you're now a stupid 19-year-old
    Congratulations, you've grown.

  • The Warden
    The Warden 3 years ago +1

    "'I'm not that stupid 15-year-old girl that left"
    What makes you think we care? Because you sure don't.

  • U A
    U A 3 years ago

    As it said "don't trust friends that hang out with the enemy" she hang out with the enemy

  • Arfabiscuit
    Arfabiscuit 3 years ago +1

    I am sure your family can join you where you are if they love you .

  • Scared of the dark
    Scared of the dark 3 years ago

    the fact that she refers to her own child as 'it' says a lot. in a different video after she had given birth she said that she named the new baby the same name as the 'old baby' which i found more than a little disturbing

    MRHOVOXO 3 years ago +6

    Stay there, you did it to yourself

  • BigKnobJack69
    BigKnobJack69 3 years ago

    *in reference to her child* “I don’t want it to be taken away from me” first time I’ve heard a mother refer to their child as “it”

  • Chris
    Chris 3 years ago

    Calling her child "it"... Great, caring mum 👌

  • Belfast Blue
    Belfast Blue Year ago

    Sometimes things just feel right.

  • No Face
    No Face 2 years ago +1

    At 15 I was caught cheating on an important exam, not joining ISIS. To this day I express regret for it, but the way she speaks shows she has no regret for contributing to the death of innocent Muslims.

  • Dave Carpenter251
    Dave Carpenter251 3 years ago

    19 years old 3 kids, 2 dead.
    What a great role model for future generations

  • JellyBabie1984
    JellyBabie1984 Year ago

    Let's be real here her family were trying to get her to come home from the very beginning, this could have been put down to a teenage mistake instead she chose to stay and doesn't regret joining so sorry she is exactly where she deserves to be.