I challenged a HEAD PRO at HIS OWN course (£1000 MATCH)

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • I challenged a head pro to a £1000 match at his own course! With big money on the line and huge local crowd following us both, this proved to be one of the greatest (and most nerve-wracking) matches I've ever played in...
    Big thanks to head pro Andy (@andyhumpgolf) for making this happen and make sure to check out Aberdovey GC (@AberdoveyGC) on social media.
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Comments • 2 651

  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf  16 days ago +652

    Hi everyone, thanks for checking in 👋 This was so much fun, we would love to do this again soon so let us know where we should go next 👇

    • don kinnersley
      don kinnersley 4 days ago

      Crieff Golf Club. Pro, David Murchie

    • dylo_b
      dylo_b 9 days ago

      Paynes valley against tiger

    • Andrew Linch
      Andrew Linch 10 days ago

      Woodhall spa in lincolnshire, the Hotchkin course still in the top 100 in the world, used to be no 8 back in the day, cracking course.

    • MrPoepope
      MrPoepope 11 days ago

      Could see Andy's shank coming as the round went on -- he started aiming more and more right of target every hole, when his alignment was correct he was puring it.

    • Tom Tay
      Tom Tay 11 days ago

      Totally agree with Phillip, sticking to "grass-root" courses where us tube watching golfers reside is the way to go. Great seeing the nerves on display and the locals out applauding. Great concept.

  • Russell Ward
    Russell Ward 16 days ago +455

    Loving this format. Real competition, real crowd pressure, quality opponents and a lovely course. What's not to love!? Would definitely like a whole series.

    • TeezerDriz
      TeezerDriz 3 days ago

      More of this please. Real world competition.

    • MB Nobody
      MB Nobody 8 days ago +2

      Golf 100%

    • Heinrich Momberg
      Heinrich Momberg 11 days ago +1

      Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

    • Stevie Sevieria
      Stevie Sevieria 14 days ago +3

      @Rees Britton To anyone else following this conversation, other than the AV snob, I watched every second of the video and enjoyed it immensely. I was just hoping Peter didn’t throw the match, but his opponent getting into the ditch on 18 made that impossible even if he was thinking about it .

  • Chris Moff
    Chris Moff 15 days ago +103

    Absolutely love this!!! Great idea for a series - bring it on! The only thing which I think would make it better is a bit more of an intro to the Club Pro and the course history 🙂

    • Rapid Recovery
      Rapid Recovery 14 days ago +2

      Fabulous idea about the intro. It felt like much more than a TheXvid video, but still kept that TheXvid character to it. This was smashing and your idea would be a big bonus.

  • N Holmes
    N Holmes 9 days ago +18

    Peter, this is the best video you’ve ever made. Do more just like this. Love watching both of you respond to the pressure of the crowd.

  • Rapid Recovery
    Rapid Recovery 15 days ago +25

    This is one of my favorite Peter Finch Golf videos yet. There was the right amount of stress because it was a competition, but still you could feel Pete and Andy rooting for each other to play well. The crowd added something but wasn't so big that it took away from being able to be "up close" with the players. I really loved the touch of the on-course announcer. A series like this for charity would be epic... and lastly, you might not realize it Pete, but that putt to win the match, with its tension and importance, is in your mental bag now and that's going to help you when it's time to qualify for The Open. Well done to all involved.

  • Ryan Courtney
    Ryan Courtney 14 days ago +8

    This is what I enjoy seeing the most!
    Having fun, friendly competition and seeing how golf looks across the pond.
    Keep it up!

  • adam pattison
    adam pattison 13 days ago +25

    LOVED the video!
    As someone has already said I think an intro to club, history and the pro would be a fantastic addition. With the extras included I reckon 2 x 9 hole videos coming out in the same week would be mega.

    • adam pattison
      adam pattison 3 days ago

      @Grant Tnarg well it may not be to you however that is the benefit of all of us being different. We all can have different opinions and points of view. Have a good day.

    • Grant Tnarg
      Grant Tnarg 3 days ago

      @adam pattison having to watch the match over 2 separate vids or days is not appealing at all

    • adam pattison
      adam pattison 3 days ago

      @Leslie Stephan Bosch am I not allowed an opinion Leslie?

    • Leslie Stephan Bosch
      Leslie Stephan Bosch 3 days ago

      feel free to start your own channel

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt 9 days ago

    This is what I enjoy seeing the most! Having fun, friendly competition and seeing how golf looks across the pond. Keep it up!

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt 10 days ago

    This is what I enjoy seeing the most! Having fun, friendly competition and seeing how golf looks across the pond. Keep it up!

  • rory van den berg
    rory van den berg 15 days ago

    Love this format Pete. Proper high stakes. Course looked amazing too!

  • Mattias Karlsson
    Mattias Karlsson 16 days ago +97

    Remember this day. This is the birth of a legendary series. You both played great. It must be really good practice for upcoming comps, getting control over your nerves. Love the format, even I started to sweat going down the last few holes 😅

  • Dominic Ireland
    Dominic Ireland 15 days ago +14

    This is great Pete. Really enjoy this and the format has longevity with the different courses and characters each time.
    Love the support it received on the day at Aberdovey too.
    Good player, Mr Humphreys!

  • Matt Richards
    Matt Richards 15 days ago

    What a course, that is definitely on the list for this year 🙌🏻 incredible match too. Love matchplay.

  • Pixeltraum
    Pixeltraum 15 days ago

    Awesome stuff! You seemed to be quite relaxed in this competitive setting. Love to see more of this type of content.

  • Industrial Pallet Worx
    Industrial Pallet Worx 14 days ago +1

    Loving this competition and format. Makes me feel like this is how the open championship started. Just has that vibe of how competitions were played long ago. I love it. We need more Peter...

  • John Domutz
    John Domutz 16 days ago +49

    I live in the USA and appreciate that I can watch a match like this on an authentic links course, with live comments from the players. In fact, I turned off the Byron Nelson to watch this, and enjoyed it much more. It's much more granular and real. Thanks to you for presenting this. Your idea will work!

    • jeff C
      jeff C 2 days ago

      I'm American but that course looked like a backyard with some holes in the back...America Is way better for golf course.

    • Alley
      Alley 14 days ago

      So true and you not looking at commercials every 90 seconds!

    • Todd Welch
      Todd Welch 15 days ago +2

      I completely agree.. I turned off the Byron Nelson as well to watch this match.

  • Ty Cloud
    Ty Cloud 15 days ago

    Phenomenal! Definitely need more match formats like this for you! So entertaining and kept me engaged the whole time!

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi 13 days ago

    Wow, down to the last putt to decide the match; amazing. This vlog was as good as watching any pro golf on TV for me; more of this if possible! Cheers and well played!

  • hungriest hippo
    hungriest hippo 15 days ago +4

    Wow! I feel like this was a more intense watch than most tour golf...
    I've never seen this particular level of golf up so close and personal. By which I mean not tour players (no offence) but top level ams duelling it out.
    Challenging course obviously, but some key reminders for us higher handicappers that golf is hard, and we shouldn't beat ourselves up on the course so much.
    Genuinely inspirational, in that it made me want to get straight out on the course!
    More of this content please!!!

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi 12 days ago

      this, and enjoyed it much more. It's much more granular and real. Thanks to you for presenting this. Your idea will work!

  • ShiversBasketball
    ShiversBasketball 14 days ago

    Pete...this video was awesome! Loved the atmosphere, the camera work, and the golf course looked so beautiful! Aberdovey GC you've outdone yourselves!

  • Thomas McCullen II
    Thomas McCullen II 10 days ago

    That was a GREAT match, would love to see more of them. Keep up the GREAT work!!

  • Martin Kirkbride
    Martin Kirkbride 10 days ago

    Absolutely loved this! A great watch and great for you to look back on and see where you need to improve on your quest for The Open 👍

  • Andrew Cottrill
    Andrew Cottrill 15 days ago +6

    Great video Pete and team! Aside from the tight competition I was hugely impressed with the production and videography. Best I have seen on a TheXvid production! Give your team a pat on the back and shout them dinner with the thousand pound win! Brilliant all round!

    • DUNCAN
      DUNCAN 14 days ago

      Thinking the same thing about the production, really well done.

  • martin chantler
    martin chantler 15 days ago

    Great way to show some beautiful courses and love the format. Some more of these this year would be good 👍

  • Steve Harvey
    Steve Harvey 15 days ago

    What a great vid! Loved it! what a series it could be... Going around various clubs and challenging their Pro's I'd watch them all, loved it being lay back and friendly and seeing the course! Liked to have seen cash exchanged!

  • uberdave10
    uberdave10 12 days ago

    Absolutely loved this, I've watched it over about 4-5 time. Different from the other videos which are great but this feels more authentic, Brilliant idea for a series 👏

  • Mark Eva
    Mark Eva 12 days ago

    Absolutely love this format, love the little crowd following and applauding etc, more of this please pete👌👌👌

  • Wilson Goh
    Wilson Goh 15 days ago

    This is one of the best TheXvid golf content I have seen in awhile, awesome work Pete. Was cheering for ya!

  • Rob Flick
    Rob Flick 16 days ago +42

    This was truly phenomenal content. Really enjoyed the pressure of the match. As a viewer I felt fully invested in each shot. Congrats on the W Pete and keep the series coming!

  • Jonathan Sherlock
    Jonathan Sherlock 15 days ago +1

    It’s got to be a special video to keep everyone entertained for 45 minutes and special this was! Great setting, awesome match and a special shout out for the filming and editing!

  • Tony Titado
    Tony Titado 15 days ago

    Now this is how you guys on TheXvid can make your content amazing! Peter, this was amazing...loved it!!! Great job.

  • Al
    Al 14 days ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed this Pete! Would love a series of these

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell 12 days ago

    Loved the format, the course and the hospitality of everyone. Looking forward more

  • Ben McGinnis
    Ben McGinnis 15 days ago +60

    This is some of the best TheXvid golf content I've seen 👏 Fantastic match, some great banter between Pete and Andy while you knew they were both trying like bears for the win. Camera angles, sound and quality of the edit are outstanding. Superb job Pete and the team! Added a little something extra having fans there too!

    • Chris Darling
      Chris Darling 15 days ago

      I also loved the video, but the camera abeles and just camera work in general was shocking 😂 go watch Ricks new video, now that’s camera work. And I’m saying this out of love for Pete. The concept of this content was amazing, just needs new camera guys

  • Life In-Sink
    Life In-Sink 13 days ago +1

    This was absolutely insanely entertaining!! I could feel the nerves with you Pete!! Well done brother! You actually played really well considering the circumstances, and held everything together commendably! Genius idea for a series and I think it goes without saying we'd all love to see more of these for sure!! Keep up the good work man, the game is looking super solid!!!

  • Michael Barker
    Michael Barker 5 days ago

    Loved this format Pete - more of these please. Such a fantastic looking course

  • Peter Hubbard
    Peter Hubbard 12 days ago

    The same feel as Shell's Wonderful world of golf (Showing my age here)! Love the format and enjoyed watching how you both constructed your rounds under pressure.

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui 11 days ago

    Absolutely loved this, I've watched it over about 4-5 time. Different from the other videos which are great but this feels more authentic, Brilliant idea for a series

  • Rob Shaw
    Rob Shaw 16 days ago +36

    Just finished this one, best concept, execution and production of any course vlog content yet. Please do loads and loads more of these!

  • LC802
    LC802 4 days ago

    The best golf video I have ever watched on TheXvid… and considering all of the great content creators for the sport that’s saying something!
    Excellent round to both men, cheers!

  • rose2dimples
    rose2dimples 15 days ago

    Loved this series!! Love to see more courses in the uk. Would love to play in the uk one day

  • Mark & Sue Parker
    Mark & Sue Parker 13 hours ago

    Just subscribed as loved this format.
    Love the fact it puts just that little bit more pressure on the pro playing on his home course which can only mean one thing & that is some great golf.
    Great vid Peter & we’ll played.

  • Matthew Bellion
    Matthew Bellion 11 days ago

    That’s my favourite video of yours to date! Absolutely love this format! Being able to see every shot is amazing!

  • Brett De Alwis
    Brett De Alwis 16 days ago +26

    Really enjoyed this video. Would love a series of these. By bringing in the added pressure but keeping it light is great for us to get more invested, but also good practice for the open. Look forward to seeing more.

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj 10 days ago

    Wow, down to the last putt to decide the match; amazing. This vlog was as good as watching any pro golf on TV for me; more of this if possible! Cheers and well played!

  • Gareth Branigan
    Gareth Branigan 12 days ago

    Great video Pete! I'd absolutely love to see more like this 👍
    Well done on getting it over the line. That last putt was a trembler

  • Whgu ybnm
    Whgu ybnm 12 days ago

    Wow, down to the last putt to decide the match; amazing. This vlog was as good as watching any pro golf on TV for me; more of this if possible! Cheers and well played!

  • Adrian P
    Adrian P 11 days ago

    Fantastic Peter, definitely more of this format. A beautiful course and match played in great spirit.

  • David Klinger
    David Klinger 16 days ago +14

    Really great stuff, Peter. Love the idea of you visiting good golf courses and playing the pro there. This one was as entertaining as it gets; a great match with a good guy who made sure to roll out the red carpet (so to speak). Would love to see more of these. Congratulations on your triumph.

  • nessyafc87
    nessyafc87 15 days ago

    That was epic !!
    What a match ! Great toe to toe battle 👏
    Love to see more of these

  • sumdum guy
    sumdum guy 13 days ago

    Beautiful course, great format, awesome edit w/ the split screen, MORE OF THIS PLEASE, cheers

  • callum roberts
    callum roberts 15 days ago

    Loved this video, great concept and a stunning course, played there last year and your drone shots and visuals done it justice

  • Allen Wood
    Allen Wood 7 days ago

    Great vlog format, Mr. Finch! I would enjoy seeing you do more of this sort of vlog in addition to your Quest for the Open series. Cheers 🍻

  • Rob Marven
    Rob Marven 16 days ago +19

    Nice watching a serious match like this, definitely keen on seeing more like it.
    Incidentally the number of times you both say mate is the number of balls I'd lose with that kind of crowd watching every shot

  • Alley
    Alley 14 days ago

    Played in a competitive but friendly spirit! Beautiful course too. I'd love to see Pete vs Michael Newton down at Lytham Golf Academy.

  • Haminatra
    Haminatra 15 days ago

    That was brilliant, really enjoyed that. Lovely golf course, defo do more of these 💚

  • Craig Suggett
    Craig Suggett 12 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant, more like this please, well done Peter 👏

  • dan clarke
    dan clarke 10 days ago

    Awesome golf. Great angles and perfect footage. Loved every second

  • Craig Lewis
    Craig Lewis 15 days ago

    Best video you’ve done, could feel the competitiveness coming through my iPad, really looking forward to the next instalment

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 15 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic Pete. Love this series and format. Some lovely golf from the both of you

  • Ewan Ramage
    Ewan Ramage 14 days ago

    By far one of the best TheXvid videos I've watched. I was so invested in what was happening. Put together very well. WELL DONE PETE!

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 15 days ago

    Honestly couldn’t take my eyes off that, absolutely loved the idea and format, more of this please Pete 👌. Course looked lovely too

  • Edward Teach
    Edward Teach 16 days ago +48

    Not finished yet, but to say, what great hosts! And if you can get more hosting like these guys , it’ll be the series to propel your channel even further.
    Edit; seen the whole vid now. Brilliant editing with split screens, genuine tension. Reminded me of the old ‘Shells wonderful world of golf’ episodes .
    More please. Lots more

  • Pee Slev
    Pee Slev 15 days ago

    Loved this content. Definitely would like to see more similar to this. 🙌

  • Alistair Gray
    Alistair Gray 15 days ago

    Love this new challenge, can't wait to watch more of these.

  • Aaran Benson
    Aaran Benson 15 days ago

    Definitely love this series. Pressure add’s another element. Plus this will be good practice for the quest for the open 👍🏻

  • Jonathan Wright
    Jonathan Wright 14 days ago

    Best video I've seen on the channel in a while. Loved the atmosphere, the real competition, the course views. Perfect.

  • Micha Schachat
    Micha Schachat 16 days ago +21

    Absoloute class Pete!! The video idea, level of golf, purity of course, great crowd and editing all top top class!!! Really loved it!

  • Simon Mackness
    Simon Mackness 14 days ago

    Love this video. Really enjoy the longer form content of 2 talented people playing golf. Would love this to be a series.

  • Anthony Reuberson
    Anthony Reuberson 14 days ago

    I've really enjoyed watching all your stuff over the past few years but this blew me away. Great concept and great entertainment. More please Pete.

  • RJH93
    RJH93 15 days ago

    Great video, definitely continue with a series. Great to see different courses across the UK

  • Trong Huynh
    Trong Huynh 12 days ago +1

    Love seeing a serious match and video. Keep it up Peter!

  • Gavin Welsh
    Gavin Welsh 16 days ago +10

    One of the best I’ve watched on UTube this year.
    Course looked amazing and what a great match to watch.
    Well done both 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻⛳️

  • Mike Cline
    Mike Cline 12 days ago

    Amazing concept, editing, playing…It’s all TheXvid gold!

  • Crispy Duck
    Crispy Duck 15 days ago

    Loved that video Pete great entertainment and gives us a really good view of courses to add to the bucket list - more of these please

  • Ricardo Hopkin
    Ricardo Hopkin 15 days ago +1

    Well done Peter - as has been said - what a great format, having the crowd there was a stroke of class. I would love to see more of these. Thanks

  • Kabbage Golf
    Kabbage Golf 15 days ago

    Your recovery shots were amazing and for the nerves you played fantastic golf. Great content Pete

  • Kieran Gregory
    Kieran Gregory 16 days ago +17

    I was there and watched the whole thing unfold!!! It was a amazing experience for me being a golfing fan and I hope more people can experience a day like that the more Pro's you play!! Long may the series continue!!

  • Cameron Abernethy
    Cameron Abernethy 15 days ago

    Definitely my favorite video of the year. Would love to see more of these in the future. Keep up the great work Pete!!!

  • Steve Garnes
    Steve Garnes 14 days ago

    Great video Pete, the format definitely works and having a audience definitely ups the ante.

  • Jonny Dunning
    Jonny Dunning 15 days ago

    Pete... absolutely unreal video, one of the best in this genre for me, and I've watched quite a few! Aberdovey GC is on my wish list, 100%!

  • Randy Mahony
    Randy Mahony 15 days ago

    Absolutely stellar mate. I've been with you a long time Pete and this is the best format you've ever come up with.

  • Pwbadgolf
    Pwbadgolf 16 days ago +3

    That was genuinely one of the best golf videos I’ve seen on TheXvid. Great format

  • Conrad Thompson
    Conrad Thompson 15 days ago

    Great video Pete. I agree it would make a good series & a change from seeing you play other TheXvid golfers. Always good to see new courses & see what club pro standard is like. Keep up the good work.

  • Mr J
    Mr J 15 days ago

    What a great video format. The best part, for me, is that everyone there seems be genuinely having a great time in each other’s company. So fun and motivating to watch. Keep up the great work!!

  • Paul Garwood
    Paul Garwood 13 days ago

    Absolutely loved this. Great match and brilliant it went to the final hole. Would love love love to see more of these 👍🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️

  • J Winnard
    J Winnard 13 days ago

    Great video Pete - although I always find it really strange in match play when I see people wanting their opponents’ putts to go in 😂

  • Simon Rainsford
    Simon Rainsford 15 days ago +22

    Absolutely top top class Pete… Loved every minute of it… Kudos to yourself, Andy and everyone involved… More of this please 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Eren Pruett
    Eren Pruett 15 days ago

    Great match fellas! Loved it and definitely want to see more of these!

  • Phil Gowing
    Phil Gowing 15 days ago

    Absolutely awesome video Pete 💯, love this type of content and you looked as though you had an amazing time and loved playing in front of the crowds.
    You just have to carry on with this format......🏌‍♂️⛳️👏

  • Nick McGinnis
    Nick McGinnis 15 days ago

    This was fantastic. Please do 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 of these a year. Love it!

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright 12 days ago

    Brilliant content! Certainly something I would love to see more of. Top work on clutching up at the end too

  • charliegooner
    charliegooner 16 days ago +8

    This is fantastic content Pete, felt like I was watching a more cinematic version of PGA match play!

  • Feral Films Ltd
    Feral Films Ltd 13 days ago

    Great vid Pete & team, really enjoyed this one - felt like we were playing every shot with you..

  • Jackmandooable
    Jackmandooable 13 days ago

    Always rooting for ya, Pete! Enjoyed this very much!

  • Rushy
    Rushy 15 days ago

    Top draw content. Amazing course - clearly a great membership who appreciate golf. You are on to a winner with this series.

  • Bud Rips
    Bud Rips 14 days ago

    Best golf video that I’ve ever seen. Well done on all fronts. I would love to see more like it! Cheers

  • Roger Neal
    Roger Neal 15 days ago

    This is a really good format, really looking forward to the next one…

  • Kevin Starling
    Kevin Starling 14 days ago

    Absolutely nailed it! Great video, both of you going for it but when you left that putt on 18 short......🫣 Well Pete and the team, some of the best content you've ever made 👏🏻

  • Carson Wilde
    Carson Wilde 15 days ago

    Probably one of my favorite beginning of a series right here! I loved this!!!!