RuPaul writes his own question. Gets #1 answer! | Celebrity Family Feud

  • Published on Jun 13, 2020
  • Being too early on the buzzer doesn't faze RuPaul. Instead he improvises his own crazy question and nails the #1 answer!
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  • Zach Helms
    Zach Helms Year ago +21164

    The Ru Paul team is too powerful. They literally have more personality than every contestant ever on the show.

    • Guinea pigs have taken over my life
      Guinea pigs have taken over my life 9 days ago

      yes!! never knew he was so tall either

    • Elizabeth Velez
      Elizabeth Velez 24 days ago

      The BEST TEAM!!!

    • Ry
      Ry 26 days ago

      @CalderaMania or maybe their professional entertainers? 😐

    • Deleted
      Deleted Month ago

      Most people on the show are not professional entertainers lol

    • CalderaMania
      CalderaMania Month ago

      Bruh… their personality is just “IM SO GAYYYYYYY”

  • Kelvin Quartey
    Kelvin Quartey 10 months ago +2394

    I honestly forgot there was a whole other family on the other side . These people are so interesting and funny

  • Anna M
    Anna M 8 months ago +1754

    I wish Rupaul had 2 teams and they were playing against each other lol. They were too entertaining 😂😂

    • Guinea pigs have taken over my life
      Guinea pigs have taken over my life 9 days ago +1

      yes !! need more gay energy , its so much more fun. and great outfits!!

    • Rona Fernandez
      Rona Fernandez 3 months ago +5

      Rupaul needs to be the next host of FF And all the families should be gay or have gay members. THAT I would watch!

    • SKK art
      SKK art 4 months ago +6

      I think Bob has said somewhere that he was invited to this but wasn’t able to come. Just imagine if he had been there, it would’ve been too good

    • Thirstae For Tae
      Thirstae For Tae 5 months ago +9

      I hope they come back! I would also love Trixie and Katya

    • Jordan Harner
      Jordan Harner 5 months ago +24

      Yes!!! They should come back and do judges versus contestants or something!

  • Kiky
    Kiky 8 months ago +891

    Lattice Royale had me hollerin' when Steve said, imma need you to use your performance voice and she turned into Barry White. 😂😂😂😭

  • Peaches 'N Cream
    Peaches 'N Cream 10 months ago +708

    This is just like the kid who doesn't study for a test but still aces it

    • Douglas Rowland
      Douglas Rowland 9 months ago +12

      I did that once.....back in '69-'70..........

  • Krishotha Sarves
    Krishotha Sarves Year ago +5297

    I love how accepting Steve is. He’s the definition of “Confused but has the spirit” and it makes for great comedy

    • R Wilf
      R Wilf 2 days ago

      He's grown alot from the rest.

    • G Hauke
      G Hauke 27 days ago

      Yes 💯💯

    • Eddie Johnson
      Eddie Johnson Month ago

      @Juan T it was a joke it’s a hood term being called ignorant is like being called funny it’s not a bad thing

    • hebdrheh
      hebdrheh Month ago

      @Rosetta Jones He's careful around all celebrities. If you've seen his other shows with celebrities this is very similar to how he acts. He's fully accepting but he does it in a humorous way because that's who he is. Just because it seems bad to you doesn't mean it is

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 2 months ago +210

    RuPauls group just set the standard for contestants in the show… no one will ever top their energy and humor😂 this clip was so fun to watch

  • Jenny Salvador
    Jenny Salvador 4 months ago +440

    The power that RuPaul team holds>> they literally stole the show 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dabo Gyrl
    Dabo Gyrl Month ago +112

    I loved this episode SO MUCH. RuPaul & Crew just threw Steve all off his game. Their personalities were just way too much for the stage!

  • Eugena Stewart
    Eugena Stewart 8 months ago +145

    Ru called that man's suit "toasted plum" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hands down, the most accurate description of a Steve Harvey suit ever given.

  • Tank CityQueen
    Tank CityQueen Year ago +15619

    RuPaul acting gangsta is something I didnt know I needed

    • Gurshaan Basra
      Gurshaan Basra 15 days ago

      I really don't need that I'm good

    • Serenity Robinson
      Serenity Robinson 19 days ago

      Literally 😭😭

    • Opeial Edwardville
      Opeial Edwardville 21 day ago

      The funniest Steve I have ever seen

    • Parthenia T.
      Parthenia T. Year ago

      @Jasmine Robertson Thank you. They are HUMAN ALSO!! PPL CHANGE. We don't know YAHS plan for nobody. Do let's leave some thing's alone. Let's clean our own front doors, and so forth. SHALOM!

    • Jasmine Robertson
      Jasmine Robertson Year ago +1

      @Parthenia T. I agree. It's ok to fear what you don't know, but it's not ok to hate it. Just try to learn about it instead. Plus, I love people who are unique and different like drag queens. They have great personalities and fashion sense. And they are very interesting to learn about.

  • Kristofer Richter
    Kristofer Richter 21 day ago +35

    I just love how defeated Steve is, he's like never in my 10 years of hosting the show this has never happen to me. Steve is just going how the hell do I handle this?

  • Foxy 32
    Foxy 32 8 months ago +83

    I love his little "i- I wanna go home" it's feels like a genuine plead for help and its so funny

  • Bailee Harding
    Bailee Harding Month ago +51

    This had me and my family in tears. My mom literally looked at me though and said. "As much as I love you, this is your energy in a nutshell." And I said "Fair." Because I am Chaos in the form of a 19 year old woman.

  • Iokepa Kaona
    Iokepa Kaona Month ago +47

    I love these episodes where they’re having too much fun to actually do the show 😂😂😂

  • winder zhao
    winder zhao Year ago +8817

    “When they say 100 most powerful, what do they mean?”
    ”Look at me.”

  • Jamil Goldsmith
    Jamil Goldsmith 4 months ago +75

    RuPaul is unpredictable like the weather. You never know what he’s up to next. Including the improvisation to get the number one answer.

  • Anya
    Anya 24 days ago +10

    I love all of Steve's shows but this Family feud is the absolute best....Steve and the contestants had me rolling on the floor laughing!!

  • Celisse Willis
    Celisse Willis Month ago +38

    Carson is freaking hilarious!! He just puts it all out there & it seems so innocent & direct, which makes it even more hilarious!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Pat Sheppard
    Pat Sheppard 9 months ago +47

    This was the best show ever. I laughed so much. What great performers.

  • Arnisha Jackson
    Arnisha Jackson Year ago +10967

    First of all, Ru’s gangsta/thug walk is the straightest thing I’ve ever seen him do & I love it 😭😭

  • DUJ Sanchez
    DUJ Sanchez Month ago +26

    Ms.Latrice had me rolling with that voice drop 😭😭😭

    • Navi 34
      Navi 34 Month ago +1

      SAME 😂 I was so surprised! I didn’t expect that!

  • Mary Guerrero
    Mary Guerrero 5 months ago +71

    My wife and I adore Ru Paul. He deserves the full respect he has earned.
    Such class sophistication combined with intellectual abilities.
    His show demonstrated Transformation of an individual's true gender identity. No holds barred.
    But class manners and intelligence a must.!
    We love you Ru Paul. The most classy refined person ever.!

  • NiqueTheSneak1
    NiqueTheSneak1 5 months ago +43

    This is the funniest Family Feud episode I’ve seen in a long time! Steve and Latrice especially had me DYYYIIIINNNGG! 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Dolmii Remeliik
    Dolmii Remeliik 3 months ago +21

    I replay this many times. Probably my most favorite of all Feud moments with Steve.

  • Errick Molino
    Errick Molino Year ago +7063

    even if they lost the game, Ru’s team owned the show.

    • Anbu
      Anbu 6 months ago

      @Ernest Gortner agree

    • Adan Leyva
      Adan Leyva 7 months ago

      No they didn’t. They lost the game which means they lost in everything. You can’t win something when you lost

    • Tameka Evans
      Tameka Evans 8 months ago +1

      Single handedly lmaoo

    • Thomas Coffin
      Thomas Coffin 8 months ago


  • JB Studios
    JB Studios 8 months ago +37

    These FF moments have made me laugh before, but I've never been in tears. RuPaul's team was iconic, Latrice is my favorite "look at me" 🤣

  • Me Before Everyone Else

    This is the funniest Family Feud ever. Bring them back please. Make it a 1 hour special

  • JayZstream V
    JayZstream V 10 months ago +112

    When Latrice said she was in the business for 27 years I was surprised. I swear one second after that discovery I said aloud that she doesn't look older than 29!!! Then when she announces that she in fact is 29 I felt like I was psychic.

    • Timeka Bolden
      Timeka Bolden 21 day ago


    • MrsSlocombes PuddyCat
      MrsSlocombes PuddyCat 3 months ago +5

      He definitely was older than 29.

    • Tanya Shotade
      Tanya Shotade 8 months ago +15

      She's 49 at the time of this comment. Not sure how long ago this episode aired but I'm certain that was the gag 😅

  • Royal Studies
    Royal Studies Month ago +24

    4:11 I've watched 'wink eye, bang him' moment 5000 million times. The more I see it, the more it becomes interesting to see them individually get the unintentional joke and burst out laughing.

  • Shaquera Lewis
    Shaquera Lewis Year ago +3922

    I was so shocked and laughed that Steve didn’t finish the question that RuPaul pressed the button and made up a question and got the #1 answer. That was really something.

  • Moose
    Moose 7 months ago +17

    Lol I love how well Steve Harvey handles everything on this show!! I'm all for everyone choosing to live their truth, I haven't interacted with anyone in drag and I feel like I might be awkward in doing so 🤣🤣🤣

  • tracey daugherty
    tracey daugherty 4 months ago +8

    Got to love RuPaul and his team mates. Love their personalities they r all awesome. Keep the answers coming. Love all of unz.

  • Max Amilly
    Max Amilly 5 months ago +15

    RuPaul's Laugh Always Makes Me Laugh 🤣

  • Cami Elizabeth
    Cami Elizabeth 6 months ago +27

    when I showed my parents this episode, they could not stop laughing😹

  • Ingrid Hanson
    Ingrid Hanson Year ago +7834

    RuPaul: “You’re here because of all of this toasted-“
    Panel in unison: “PLUM.”

    • Lourds Romer
      Lourds Romer Month ago +3

      That was the worst suit to wear with RuPaul coming on the show.

    • gallade gamer
      gallade gamer 2 months ago +3

      Im not
      Wearing DIS dam suit no mo

    • Princy Madotyeni
      Princy Madotyeni Year ago +1


    • Char Ray
      Char Ray Year ago +4

      @•What A Lovely Breadstick• Right after the first question & RuPaul had went said "We're gonna play"! & back to his Group. Then Steve asked "Why am I hear today?" Then the Drag Race Panel answers Steve.

    • Char Ray
      Char Ray Year ago

      @V Lol 😀

  • Josiah Stearns
    Josiah Stearns Month ago +7

    4-1/2 minutes into the round and we finally hear the whole question 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Maniswa Van Brander
    Maniswa Van Brander 10 months ago +27

    Ru’s laughter, contagious 🤣🤣

  • highwaycreed
    highwaycreed 10 months ago +282

    a 63 year old christian man who was raised in west vigrinia by a coal miner father and he had on rupauls drag race come on people give the man some credit he clearly is more then accepting of them. he is just also old straight as hell and christian so yes he is going to be a little awkward around them but he clearly accepts them and enjoys Ru especially.

    • Sarah Colegrove
      Sarah Colegrove 22 days ago

      The "I'm 63. I qualify as a sugar daddy." had me dying. 😂

    • Madison Leight
      Madison Leight 2 months ago

      @Cinderella Baby no

    • Cinderella Baby
      Cinderella Baby 2 months ago +4

      @Madison Leight let it go

    • Madison Leight
      Madison Leight 4 months ago

      @Sher 16 he’s not “non-judgmental.”

    • lukini
      lukini 4 months ago

      You should watch the compilation of him talking about women and atheists and see if you think he's accepting

  • Samuel Mathew
    Samuel Mathew 17 days ago +3

    00:39 Steve's reaction tho 😂
    Also, I love how nervous Steve was around them, we usually don't see him like that 😂

  • unrealtalks
    unrealtalks 4 days ago

    That’s just how iconic Rupaul is, gets it right without knowing the full question 😂

  • Sher 16
    Sher 16 5 months ago +30

    This episode was STACKED with great moments.

    • Courtney -
      Courtney - 27 days ago

      “I spanked him too, but it wasn’t on the radio”

  • Sami TheBarefootRamble
    Sami TheBarefootRamble 10 months ago +100

    I’m so obsessed with how uncomfortable Steve is.

  • petty jadoo
    petty jadoo 5 months ago +9

    Love them all , they had me giggling like a damn fool 😂😂😂love them

  • Chelly Torres
    Chelly Torres 5 months ago +7

    This has to be one of their best episodes, in my opinion. So many awesome moments. Fire contestants 🔥🔥

  • Bôna
    Bôna 2 months ago +7

    I can't get enough of this 😂😂😂 his laugh is just wow 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bea C Price
    Bea C Price 2 months ago +5

    Trusted that RuPaul and his colleagues will come back again. I just love to see them all.

  • Regina Horton
    Regina Horton 6 months ago +7

    I have always loved Rupaul. Just so relatable and down to earth.

  • Bre Ana
    Bre Ana Year ago +5648

    This whole episode was rupaul forgetting this wasn’t his show for 23 minutes 😂😂
    I- I know what a drag queen is guys. I mean, come on, my profile picture clearly ISNT me💀😂

    • the girl with the sun in her head
      the girl with the sun in her head Year ago +6

      Drag queen? Queen of drag.

    • ggoddf
      ggoddf Year ago +7

      no one said u didnt know what a drag queen is boo

    • Bre Ana
      Bre Ana Year ago

      Harlan Epstein tbh yeah😂😂

    • Bre Ana
      Bre Ana Year ago +8

      PATSY NUNN lmao I’m not mad. I thought it was hilarious

  • Gary Parnell
    Gary Parnell 3 months ago +8

    RuPaul has to have more fun being who he is than anyone else

  • 土萠ほたる
    土萠ほたる 8 months ago +9

    I have to admit... This clip has been having me laughing the hardest of all the decades of clips I've watched on TheXvid. Too bad the other team vultured the round.

  • Adrian Brisco
    Adrian Brisco 8 months ago +23

    Steve's mood the whole time is hilarious 😂

  • Rocky Ember
    Rocky Ember Month ago +8

    10:07 “good answer, good answer”
    “it’s up there!”

  • Tesvey
    Tesvey Year ago +7205

    The drag race guests made the entire show entertaining, everyone else is filler for now on lol

  • Renee Zenteno
    Renee Zenteno Month ago +4

    RuPaul just stole the show!!!! Love that larger than life personality RuPaul 😘

  • OUT N ABOUT with Yours Truly LIZZO C

    Hilariously brilliant OMG! RuPaul and Team stoled the show! Amazing! Love it! ❤ 🥳

  • The Man
    The Man Month ago

    I love Aisha. So confident 😂. Need to invite her more often

  • GoddessHadeev Likwidluv

    Omg, this is hilarious! I'm dying over here. Between RuPaul's gangsta walk, and Latrice Royale's really, Really, REALLY deep voice, I am a complete mess. 😄😁😂

  • Dani
    Dani Year ago +6311

    Harvey's not uncomfortable, that's his style of comedy.

    • ceefaka
      ceefaka 22 days ago

      Yes! And I love that the RuPaul knew that. They were on the same level of vibing. They knew how to have a good time and laugh.

    • Piper Hailstorm
      Piper Hailstorm 24 days ago

      Exactly. He’s just baffled.

    • CelsiusBlack
      CelsiusBlack Month ago

      People don’t get it and wanna reach too much. Get a sense of humor, kids

    • Carrie Franklin
      Carrie Franklin Month ago +1

      I don't believe that. He's a Christian and is uncomfortable with this. God will get those men with the lake of fire.

  • Royal jelly
    Royal jelly 24 days ago +4

    Poor steve was too stunned to speak out his failure🤣

  • Diva angel
    Diva angel 5 months ago +14

    When Steve says we don't have to demonstrate blow him a kiss😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂had me on the floor 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Miss Nemesis
    Miss Nemesis 3 months ago +3

    It's hillarious how uncomfortable Steve is! He trys so hard to keep his composure, his torture is hillarious!

  • Sam De Los Santos
    Sam De Los Santos 5 months ago +12

    Best team I've seen on the show ever. Didn't even need the other team.

  • longbeacher
    longbeacher Year ago +25151

    If there’s one thing better than gay stuff it’s straight people being shocked and confused by gay stuff

  • G R A C E F O R L U
    G R A C E F O R L U 10 months ago +15

    I Forgot There Was Another Team Until They Showed Them At 8:12 And I Was Like "Oh Yeah, Them.". 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ginger Joy
    Ginger Joy 8 months ago +3

    OMGSH, they (& Steve) had me rolling!🤣 RuPaul Team should be on there every week and just bring on different challengers😆😂

  • Luis Salazar
    Luis Salazar 7 months ago +18

    Raven: “Blow him…”
    Raven: “A kiss”
    Everyone: 😮‍💨😮‍💨”Good save good save” 😂😂

  • Jarlisha M
    Jarlisha M 8 months ago +4

    I enjoyed every second of this! 😂😂

  • Lily Bolanos
    Lily Bolanos Year ago +6074

    Steve Harvey’s trademark is being unable to control his contestants

    • Ari'sWorld
      Ari'sWorld Year ago +1

      Nah frrrr😭😭

    • MrNateSPF
      MrNateSPF Year ago +7

      It's called acting, he eggs on the contestants to make the show more interesting. The man may be dumb as rocks generally speaking, but when it comes to entertainment Steve is a genius.

    • Paramedgirl
      Paramedgirl Year ago +6

      It is what makes the show so funny!

    • Lesa Ahrenstein
      Lesa Ahrenstein Year ago +38

      He was so far from being able to control rupaul's team. This is the The absolute funniest family feud clip out there and I have seen a lot of them.Steve lost the battle when he walk down to the stage the beginning of the show.I'm so glad he decided to stay.

    • Qutie Love
      Qutie Love Year ago +1

      Or his talk show guest.

  • Lene Øyaland Egset
    Lene Øyaland Egset 3 months ago +1

    I died to many times laughing at this😂💀

  • Alexa Penn
    Alexa Penn 28 days ago +1

    absolutely perfect!! so hilarious! his team is amazing !!! 🥳
    i was just about to say that Steve outfit was just wonderful. i love it :) 🌷🌱

  • Liza M
    Liza M 3 months ago +1

    Such a fun episode of Family Feud! Love it!

  • John Balderama
    John Balderama 10 months ago +3

    Rupaul and his ladies are so classy , funny, and just down to earth.
    Rupaul you are amazing.!

  • Fadil Sahib
    Fadil Sahib Year ago +2534

    Holy crap this is probably the first time ever that a person got the answer right to a question they didn't even hear!!!
    Edit: Thanks so much for the likes, I'm so grateful ❤️💜💙💖

    • Techno Spyform1
      Techno Spyform1 Year ago +4

      I think on Celeb Feud it is, but there was a time on Regular Feud though that someone only heard "Name something you chew..." before buzzing in with "gum" and then it turned out that the full question was "Name something you chew that ends in 'ball'" - and "gum" counted as "gumball" for the #1 answer.

    • XJ-Icequeen
      XJ-Icequeen Year ago +3

      Respect to the queen of drag

    • Geddo
      Geddo Year ago +6

      Under normal circumstances, he would have been buzzed in one second if he didn't give an answer, but this being the celebrity version, he was given a LOT of leeway.

    • Fadil Sahib
      Fadil Sahib Year ago +1

      @ChaosDragonTank & @Jesreel Lewdivera, yes

    • Jesreel Conde
      Jesreel Conde Year ago +37

      and mind you ,its the top answer

  • Ebony Tripp
    Ebony Tripp 3 months ago

    They soooo extra!!! I couldn't stop laughing my head off on this one LMFO😂😂

  • Jbyrdbj523
    Jbyrdbj523 10 months ago +7

    Rupaul's laugh is EVERYTHING!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • SmartyPants
    SmartyPants Month ago +29

    Wtf! They need to have a RuPaul game show.
    This is wildly entertaining

    • SmartyPants
      SmartyPants 24 days ago

      @Asa Abraham Agulnik got it thanks

    • Asa Abraham Agulnik
      Asa Abraham Agulnik 24 days ago

      @SmartyPants What don't you get; "Gay for Pay" was the name of the game show. You can look on RuPaul's Wikipedia page.

    • SmartyPants
      SmartyPants 24 days ago

      @Asa Abraham Agulnik I don't get it

    • Asa Abraham Agulnik
      Asa Abraham Agulnik 24 days ago

      @SmartyPants Gay for Play

    • SmartyPants
      SmartyPants 24 days ago

      @Asa Abraham Agulnik what was the name ?

  • Marcus Bell- Dixon
    Marcus Bell- Dixon Month ago +4

    Steve knew his job was on the line the moment ru paul got the number 1 answer 🤣

  • Kiko Axure
    Kiko Axure 11 months ago +2576

    Can we all just appreciate Raven’s answer to Steve’s question:
    “Who beat you?”
    “Two very fierce Queens beat me.”
    The definition of good sportsmanship and support to her fellow competitors.

    • Adalynde
      Adalynde 9 days ago

      Two very fierce queens beat Raven. The first one to do so was Tyra Sanchez. Raven wrote a message on the mirror for Tyra that said, "Look to the stars, because you'll never be one."
      I love Raven.

    • Mohamad Serhan
      Mohamad Serhan 14 days ago

      Her? I thought it's a guy...

    • Jeremy Smith
      Jeremy Smith 20 days ago

      @raven claw I was just about to correct that. Good thing I read the comments. But yes, he is male.

    • Stephanie Whitaker
      Stephanie Whitaker 20 days ago +1

      I liked “two times runner up?!?” “Talk to him.”

    • Saorise28
      Saorise28 Month ago +3

      @raven claw you don’t know that for sure is the thing- have you seen them naked? Have you seen their birth certificate? Fact is you don’t know for 100% certainty that they are what you think they are. You are going off of your own assumptions and what they tell you.

  • Gregorius Grotman
    Gregorius Grotman Month ago

    This is my favorite first games… Rupaul team are truly entertaining… love it.. and i keep repeating watching this episode 😆😆😆

  • Samuel Mathew
    Samuel Mathew 22 days ago +1

    08:09 The way Steve clapped tho 😂🙏

  • BPK5
    BPK5 6 days ago

    I like how rupauls team is up for ten minutes dragging it out then the other team steals lmao

  • Tracy Chavez
    Tracy Chavez 21 day ago

    Ru Paul's team took over Steve's show! So funny! 😆

  • Kyra princess
    Kyra princess Year ago +2413

    “I spanked him too, but it wasn’t on the radio-“ I DIED

  • Blue Blaze Star
    Blue Blaze Star 3 months ago +1

    When Latrice said, “look at me” I died 🤣

  • One Life To Learn
    One Life To Learn 4 months ago +4

    I love how Steve is growing more and more uncomfortable with each guest 🤣

  • Classiq Beautee ™✨

    I love Rupaul lol I literally grew up watching him in movies , love his character 😂

  • Gavreel Ford
    Gavreel Ford Month ago

    Mother RuPaul is the best!!!! Simply funny. And Steve’s Reaction 😂😂😂😂

  • Justin Ward
    Justin Ward Year ago +5852

    “When they say the most powerful what do they mean?” “Look at me” DEAD

    • 1DON
      1DON Year ago +1

      I just read and heard at the same time 😳😭

    • Syndi
      Syndi Year ago


    • 40dbelow0
      40dbelow0 Year ago


    • Dano Breto
      Dano Breto Year ago

      @Sarah D yesssss

    • Maia
      Maia Year ago +3

      I replayed that about 100 times ahahah so savage

  • CrystalClown96
    CrystalClown96 2 months ago

    Ru team deserved to win just for their personalities, and their guesses were all really good LMAO

  • Sandi Setiadi
    Sandi Setiadi Month ago +1

    The drag race guest carried this episode on their backs 😂😂😂

  • Ruslan
    Ruslan 10 months ago +44

    Steve is just: “Why am I hosting this damn show?”

  • Rebecca Victoria Ponce Jaquez

    I love Steve Harvey he is hilarious. 😂😂😂

  • Hadia Rashid
    Hadia Rashid Year ago +2479

    "Blow him .. a kiss" Raven is too dangerous for a PG show 😂

    • Kenshii
      Kenshii Year ago

      Not being mean but raven scares me

    • Steven Bennett
      Steven Bennett Year ago

      So weird as I was right at this comment was when Raven said that. Wow 😂😂😂😂

    • XxKarlosxx XxxX
      XxKarlosxx XxxX Year ago

      Qwentar oh that is why it was misspelled on purpose...

    • XxKarlosxx XxxX
      XxKarlosxx XxxX Year ago

      User Friendly both are correct... Raven is her drag name... If she's in drag she prefers she... Out of drag well I'm sure she doesn't mind being called a him since he's still a man ... But to me it's kinda weird callling Raven a he because I'm so used to her being in drag

    • Makenna Murphy
      Makenna Murphy Year ago +1

      Roy Morcos I think it matters whether you’re referring to the actor or the character. I imagine they don’t call the fierce Miss Congeniality ‘Latrice’ at church on Sunday... but of course I don’t know any drag etiquette. Anyone who knows different, please speak up.

  • betterthanMJF
    betterthanMJF 21 day ago

    8:37 bro that part had me in tears 😂

  • Fiore Bella
    Fiore Bella 10 months ago

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  • Amy Colley
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    Literally grew up watching rupaul in the 90s. I appreciate him do much as an adult 😂

  • Ashley Lister
    Ashley Lister 8 months ago

    One of my favorite episodes!! RuPaul is such a QUEEN!!! 😍😍😍

  • ry an
    ry an Year ago +2726

    “I spanked him too but it wasn’t on the radio.”
    I SCREAMED 🤣🤣🤣

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      summeroflove idk if any of it was a joke but it was definitely a little off.

    • J
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