The best anti-inflammatory foods

  • Published on Oct 4, 2017
  • Shayna Komar, a licensed and registered dietitican, explains how stress, smoking, obesity and the environment can contribute to chronic inflammation in the body. She also shares the best foods to fight inflammation.

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  • Xyz Xyz
    Xyz Xyz Year ago +33

    I’m very impressed with this presentation: simple, informative and accurate. Thank you Shayna☺️

    • Warren Perry
      Warren Perry 8 months ago +1

      @braf zachland You are absolutely right about tomatoes. This video was somewhat up and down.

    • braf zachland
      braf zachland Year ago +2

      except it was the opposite of what you said. it was vague and overly general inbreality. she said things like "think red, and eat red fruits and berries that red"; well guess what is red and a fruit and the worst thing for inflamation..tomatoes. tomatoes are already heavily consumed by most ppl and this video would potentially cause ppl to double down on this red fruit that causes inflamation. she also said dumb vague shit like "try and eat from the rainbow when trying to reduce inflamation". lol wtf does that even mean? does that sound like medical advice one can follow for real??? you must be this lady's friend or something to leave that shill comment you did. this video is a borderline a hazard to ppl who follow it if they dont seek further clarification about her 3rd grade hippy dippy color scheeming algorithm to determine inflamatory properties in foods lol

  • Nina
    Nina Year ago +30

    Bad people can inflame you and cause inflammation in your mind and body, stay positive and stick around those who make a positive impact on you

  • forcommenting
    forcommenting Year ago +55

    Finally, a dietitian who knows the correct information and actually looks healthy herself. Thank you!

  • kenny ross
    kenny ross 2 years ago +417

    The woman know what she’s talking about, I would add one more, stay away or limit interactions with toxic people who add stress in your life.

    • Ann Roda
      Ann Roda 2 months ago

      @kenny ross 😂😂😂

    • Risa Yacapin
      Risa Yacapin 4 months ago

      So true! I got rid of a toxic person in my life. He was horrible and evil. My blood pressure was 200+!!!!! When I finally escaped , my blood pressure dramatically plummeted. It’s now stable and normal. Praise God!

    • Justin Martyr
      Justin Martyr 6 months ago

      *HeLL Fire = Lots of InFLAMation!!!*

    • Justin Martyr
      Justin Martyr 6 months ago

      *Lord Jesus said, ALL those who ReJect Me, WiLL BURN in FIRE, for ALL ETERNITY!!!!*

    • Nonna love Priceless
      Nonna love Priceless 6 months ago

      Totally agree 💯 %

  • Martha Woodworth
    Martha Woodworth Year ago +2

    From what I have seen, overeating is the major problem. As a former compulsive overeater, I got to my weight goal and kept it off and the cravings and health problems by giving up meat (I only eat fish); no gluten, no sugar and none of my "trigger" foods, and those are different for each person. There are some good tips here for great nutrition. Thank you! Martha Woodworth, The Psychic Is In

  • BethyKable
    BethyKable Year ago +2

    So grateful you got to the point quickly,without too much rambling, or trying to sell your own products and vitamins. Good information.....thank you.

  • Deb Stay Blessed
    Deb Stay Blessed 10 months ago +2

    Thanks for the video. Got majority of foods correct (minus olive oil and fish ) Key that should have been mentioned : consistency aka it's a lifestyle. Can't treat it like a supplement or pill. Anti inflammatory eating is long term for results. Like I heard a renowned preacher say 'you don't go to bed a blunder and wakeup a wonder'😄

  • metaspherz
    metaspherz 2 years ago +20

    I'll take advice from a certified dietician rather than from the unnecessarily inaccurate and rude comments below. There is a lot of misinformation below. But, there is a science behind what this woman says and if you listen to people who don't like or have a bias against certain foods, for instance, tomatoes, then you have only yourself to blame if your health doesn't improve. My doctor has practiced medicine for 30 years (20 of which I've been her patient) and she's never once taken a course on nutrition. However, she advises her patients to adopt better and more healthy eating habits because she knows that a bad diet leads to bad health. She also has never taken a course on exercise but she recommends regular exercise too. So, doctors don't have to be experts in diet and exercise to support the cause! They just have to have an open mind. So should you!

    • Asia Lee
      Asia Lee Year ago

      Why would it concern him. Its common sense!

    • ambercrombie789
      ambercrombie789 2 years ago

      With all respect, doesn't it trouble you that she has "never once taken a course on nutrition"? Doesn't that concern you?

  • C Mauro
    C Mauro Year ago +5

    Is there a measurement for each of these, as some say tumeric, you would need to take a capsule, because we cannot get enough by seasoning food with it alone. I am hoping that another video will come out with further information on this topic.

  • Creep For Pres
    Creep For Pres 2 years ago +16

    Thank you so much! This was fast, informative and really helpful!

  • SuperDoggy99
    SuperDoggy99 2 years ago +2

    Everything is tied to hyperinsulinemia. That's why there is overlap in the other conditions she mentions. Many people are borderline insulin resistant and they don't even know it; they've followed their government's criminal low-fat/high-carb dietary guidelines for the past 30 years, driving their serum insulin to toxic levels, which, in turn, creates systemic inflammation. Healthy fats are fine, but vegetable oil, sugar, and carbs need to be avoided.

  • Let's go Brandon
    Let's go Brandon 21 day ago

    Thanks for making this video. I have psoriasis, and am trying to treat inflammation which is the root cause of the condition. I will use these tips to help me :)

  • Rojoification R
    Rojoification R 2 years ago +4

    Great info- if people would only follow your advice, our community would be much healthier, happier, and better people.

  • Chandu Gonuguntla
    Chandu Gonuguntla 15 days ago

    Straight to the point and very informative 🙌🏼Thankyou!🙏🏼

  • The Rich Solution
    The Rich Solution 2 years ago +2

    I like your video helps people to understand that their lifestyle choices can contribute or not to inflammation.

  • Year ago +9

    Some great info here w.r.t anti-inflammatory food. Thank you Shayna! :)

  • Evangelist Mary Pillow
    Evangelist Mary Pillow 2 years ago +7

    I'm here for the comments.
    I've learned a lot of bad habits and now I'm finding it harder to unlearn them.
    I must press on because I want to live a healthy and vibrant life. I never linked nutrition to be the catalyst to my fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, now I'm seeing dementia🙈🙉
    Knowledge is powerful.

    • Evelina Gukasyan
      Evelina Gukasyan 2 years ago +2

      Evangelist Mary Pillow cut out all GLUTEN. When I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, I was fatigue and always had heart palpitations . Fix up your immune system and don't ever eat junk food again and you'll be healthy as ever

    • Betty Boos' Sister
      Betty Boos' Sister 2 years ago +2

      Read your bible

    • Baby Ghany
      Baby Ghany 2 years ago

      Use borax

  • Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis 2 years ago +85

    Turmeric really does work, fish oil and olive oil.

    • Em Me
      Em Me 9 months ago +1

      @RAP1DEQUAL1ZER 🇺🇸 ibuprofen is an nsaid. Bad suggestion to make to the general public. For example with my common condition, nsaids actually cause more inflammation

    • Em Me
      Em Me 9 months ago

      @Colin Maxwell why are you sharing information that isn't true.

      RAP1DEQUAL1ZER 🇺🇸 Year ago +1

      Yep it does along with many others

      Build the body naturally & I'm a studying holistic nutritionist (eventually will get me out of this ridiculous corporate world) that helps people with autoimmune diseases an this isn't talked about either due to 💰.......

      Autoimmune diseases come from too much inflammation in the body an it also cz a lot of other serious medical problems as well.
      🌽 is 33% more contaminated than any other crop due to being modified in a lab an the pesticides we put on them, ***also have done tests an it's the only food so far that cz severe inflammation in every race***.
      Stop eating anything with 🌽 ( high fructose syrup, flour, & starch) in it. Eat blueberries/strawberries a few times a week along with cinnamon bc these take inflammation out better than anything.

      Eat natural fruits, veggies, seafood, chicken (grilled or baked) & limit other meats.

      In the mornings drink warm water with apple cider Vinegar, lemon an Manuka Honey to build a healthy digestive system, building the body back up starts here!

      Oils: olive & avocado mainly, coconut, light sesame, & flax/grape seed.

      Flours: Amaranth, quinoa, chickpea, rice, oat, & coconut.

      Nuts: need to eat daily except limit peanuts.

      Milks: Almond, coconut.

      Chia & Flax seeds daily

      Spices: ALL! Eat daily & extremely good for you.

      Teas: green, lavender an limeflower, ginger, turmeric & drink daily.
      Limit your caffeine intake so if you drink coffee then don't drink a green that day instead opt for a different one.

      Also if you need to take an over the counter then take ibuprofen bc it takes inflammation out as well

      No artificial anything, 🌽, butter, bad oils, & limit wheat/soy due to being made in a lab as well. 🌽 is in everything nowadays so always check the ingredients list

    • Aaron Haggins
      Aaron Haggins Year ago +1

      Sea moss

    • Naomie Climat
      Naomie Climat Year ago

      @Ernestine Morrison try 9 parts tumeric 5 parts ginger 1 part black pepper. I take one table spoon every day like a tea

    DIANE B 2 years ago +43

    Inflammation is also very connected to dementia!!

  • Jan Due
    Jan Due Year ago +16

    Red things like red peppers, apples,
    Olive oil
    Spices thyme, basil, bay, spearmint a healthy diet and incorporate all the colors of the rainbow.

    • Aub Griss
      Aub Griss Month ago +1

      @Justin Martyr I put a teaspoon in my smoothie each day. It can go in soups and other foods, some people make a tea. Some people take it in capsules.

    • Justin Martyr
      Justin Martyr 6 months ago

      *How do I ingest this TuMeric???? Stir it Up in Water???*

  • WATCH OUT PODCAST( HOST- Sister Vicky)

    Wow great info...i have an autoimmune disease i will definitely apply this info

  • mint cream
    mint cream 2 years ago +11

    Thank you, this was short and direct and informative. Have a great day

  • newstart 19
    newstart 19 Year ago +2

    As a vegan I loved this video except the fishy part.

  • Kevin Mwenda
    Kevin Mwenda Year ago +1

    Thank you so much for the update. Really helpful

  • linda parker
    linda parker 2 years ago +9

    Reducing stress is very imp !

  • A D
    A D 6 months ago +2

    Would you consider the inflammation caused by IUD birth control something that could possibly be reduced by consuming foods that reduce inflammation?

    • Aub Griss
      Aub Griss Month ago +1

      I would think yes, actually foods like red grapes have resveratol (not spelled right) which helps reduce inflammation. Going off dairy and gluten can help too.

  • Garrette Peck III
    Garrette Peck III Year ago +1

    Very sage advice😋 Thank you!

  • Ruth Irene
    Ruth Irene 2 years ago

    So I was given arachnoiditis by an anesthesiologist moron last year during a birth epidural. She punctured my dura multiple times. The chronic inflammation in my lumbar region sent electric shock pains throughout my body. I took a cell-signalling supplement that the FDA will sue over if I publicly named and that was the ONLY thing that relieved my pain and allowed my body to self heal. Do some research on Redox Signaling Molecules in the body and you should come across what I took. Also recently I've been drinking LOTS of water with a slice or two of lime in it 4-5 glasses a day and it's been AMAZING the amount of relief I've been getting from that! I looked it up and lime is a natural anti-inflammatory! Tumeric never helped me.. (and neither did the pain meds the drs gave me) I've learned so much and have come to the conclusion there is a natural cure for anything through nature NOT pharma.

  • Sherayx Sheracks
    Sherayx Sheracks Year ago +5

    Thank you for sharing and caring 💕

  • Kun Kupa
    Kun Kupa 2 years ago +5

    I've found this video very informative, as it concurred with what my grandfather in Jamaica have told me when i was l little boy growing up, about these food, and as important, how to eat them ..................thnx for this......ASE'"............

  • Moi D. Author
    Moi D. Author Year ago +1

    Please pay attention:
    There a lot of videos on TheXvid like this one offering some sound advice that is half true information combined with something that will hurt you
    ABSOLUTELY NO OILS SHOULD BE CONSUMED when you are dealing with illness, and when not sick, only flax oil - cold pressed and organic unrefined coconut oil - cold pressed are acceptable. NONE other. All other oils turn to trans fat when heated. Do not cook with olive oil, chefs don't care about your health most are uneducated in medicine. If you have liver or spleen problems, even unheated oils are bad for you except those two that I mentioned. Coconut oil is antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Coconut is also a superfood. Another misunderstood word. Magazines say veggies and salmon are superfoods. No. They are not. If you only eat salmon and nothing else you will get very sick. Salads are not a meal. Salads are just water. A coconut is a super good. You can live on eating only that and nothing else while STILL getting all nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Other superfoods are goji, blue algae, etc. Look them up on holistic pages, not the slew of add that show up when you first Google something. Coconut water is like blood plasma. Coconut mama is food. However, 'they' know this, so now a cheaper bigger refined version is available, that will hurt people's hearts. Look for unrefined, organic cold pressed. PS: reds have the highest antioxidants, that's why they help you clean the blood, however, even vegetables are crap if not organic. Never juice inorganic foods. Ever. Sick people should find a healthy vegan lifestyle to get rid of disease, before turning to pharma and surgeries. Oils are a no no. Except those two and only when you're NOT sick

  • Zelmira Cholevova
    Zelmira Cholevova Year ago +3

    Thank you, short and simple. Yes, quercetin, red onion daily.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Rob Labow
    Rob Labow Year ago +5

    Some doctors I have heard say no oils, including olive oil because I think he said they oxidize in the body. Who is right.

    • Aub Griss
      Aub Griss Month ago

      The way I understand it is you eat cold pressed olive oil cold - like in homemade salad dressing for best benefits. Avocado oil same.

    • Darren Watson
      Darren Watson 5 months ago

      Olive oil is only safe cooking with low heat

    • Tuscan Wonder
      Tuscan Wonder Year ago

      No added oil.. Yes.. Michael Greger

  • random man
    random man 2 years ago +17

    thanks pretty lady, this is very helpful

  • Dorokai Yinvil
    Dorokai Yinvil 2 years ago +2

    Great informative video,but I couldn't help but laugh when she said eat from the rainbow😂

    • braf zachland
      braf zachland Year ago

      i had to laugh when she said eat red fruits and tomatoes are a red fruit that are the biggest cause of inflamation.
      i always find it hilarious when medical professionals give out potentially hazardous overly general advice to the public

  • R S
    R S 2 years ago +53

    Find the best systemic enzymatic therapy, drink bone and or vegetable broths, drink adequate amounts of alkaline water, adhere to a plant based diet (90% at least), limit stress, laugh more, forgive yourself, command the body to heal, and get proper rest.

    • Asia Lee
      Asia Lee Year ago

      Now rhat is good advice 👍

    • Noelle Wisdom iMagez
      Noelle Wisdom iMagez Year ago

      @Martin Jarabek 😬🤣😂🤣 ok I will do that

    • Martin Jarabek
      Martin Jarabek Year ago +1

      @Noelle Wisdom iMagez u say: "body heal!"

    • k kut
      k kut Year ago

      Not sure about the alkaline water suggestion... I'd drink pure water.

    • Noelle Wisdom iMagez
      Noelle Wisdom iMagez 2 years ago +3

      Wow how u command your body to heal

  • victoria bowers
    victoria bowers 10 months ago +1

    Thank you for great volume ! And information

    • Justin Martyr
      Justin Martyr 6 months ago

      *Wut have you Learned, since then????*

  • SuperRiya16
    SuperRiya16 2 years ago +60

    Red fruits , virgin olive oil, thyme, salmon , tuna, mackerel, parsley, berries .. etc

    • Aub Griss
      Aub Griss Month ago

      @braf zachland For some people tomatoes and other night shades are inflamatory, for others they are not. Its individual. When she said red fruits she specified red grapes and berries, which is correct. She did not give all the details though.

    • Me Jhon
      Me Jhon 7 months ago

      Nooo no white and red meat it gets worse

    • braf zachland
      braf zachland Year ago

      except tomatoes are a red fruit and are inflamatory, this was a shit vague overly general video and as a medical professional she should be ashamed for facing this garbage toward the public to consume as medical information

  • Year of the rooster
    Year of the rooster Year ago +1

    Everything was great until the doctors took away my medication. I could not sleep I could not walk. Now I can't eat get my food and all of this has rendered me homeless...

  • Detoxing Reality
    Detoxing Reality Year ago +10

    Hmmm, I thought ‘Night Shade’ foods actually caused inflammation!

    • Aub Griss
      Aub Griss Month ago

      @Mensah Bernadette Nightshades cause inflammation for some people, but not for everyone. I can't eat tomatoes because they are too acidic. But potatoes don't bother me. My husband needs red bell peppers because they help build blood cells and he has a blood condition.

    • Mensah Bernadette
      Mensah Bernadette 5 months ago

      So did I.
      I thought we should not have green, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes and chillies etc when you have inflammations?
      Whole thing is a bit confusing 😕

    • T Tlt
      T Tlt 6 months ago

      @Justin Martyr Oh Lorrrrd 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 U still hanging on ehhh?

    • Justin Martyr
      Justin Martyr 6 months ago

      @Lisa May*

    • Justin Martyr
      Justin Martyr 6 months ago +1

      @T Tlt *Lord Jesus sent Trump to SAVE AMERICA!!!! NOW YOU HAVE the TRUTH!!!*

  • Dylan Aresu
    Dylan Aresu Year ago +1

    Just to clarify, the reason all these are anti-inflammatory is because inflammation is heat, and these are eatable highly conductive materials. All fruits and vegetables have huge heat storage capacities, test it out yourself. Place a piece of fruit or something like a cucumber in the fridge for 10min. Then hold it in your hand nd see how long it takes to get warm. You'll be waiting for hours. Just clarifying so that you guys truly understand why certain foods are anti-inflammatory.

  • Manu 2 Sharma
    Manu 2 Sharma Year ago

    Nice video . My mother is suffering rheumatic arthritis and she is taking aamvatantak churan from planet Ayurveda

  • Joy Ace
    Joy Ace 2 years ago +13

    Why our body crave for junk foods is very very hard to let go these diets makes you more hungry 😋 I’m trying hard to stay away when I see junk foods I have to close my eyes 🤣🤣🤣🤣😩

    • Moi D. Author
      Moi D. Author Year ago +2

      Chemicals in your brain release dopamine. Same as being on crack. Next time you see chips, your body recalls being happy eating that so you buy them again. Same with meat. Try and tell a meat eater no meat is served. It's like watching a drug addict. They'll come up with every excuse they can to feed on a dead body

  • john yanthan
    john yanthan 2 years ago +4

    Appreciate your posting the video.

  • RoyalDiadem • Yapah Kalaya

    Yes, I agree completely stay away from the average American western world diet i.e. fast foods. I haven't eaten at a fast food joint in over 8 years and still counting! I'm a disciplined eater, I am never going back to the way I ate in the past.


    is it good to take those anti inflamatory foods for those people who are gastric?

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu
    Claudia Okyere-Fosu 2 years ago +2

    Excellent 😀

  • Lin M
    Lin M Year ago +1

    I'm surprised that the video shows bell peppers as 'Nightshade' plants are very bad for body inflammation.

  • Markinpuff
    Markinpuff 2 years ago +1

    What about when you’re taking blood thinners. Can I still eat these foods?

  • Neelia K
    Neelia K Year ago

    You can make sure you get omegas but no you do not to eat fish.
    You can be vegan like I am and adapt an anti inflammatory diet

  • Erin Vaughn
    Erin Vaughn 2 years ago

    Subscribed ... Great Information 👍🏼💪🙏💞

  • Niagara Falls Condos

    right food should be taken for arthritis. but food may not easy for recovery. great suggest to take Arthron 5 for recovery. Arthron 5 also is natural product for complete recovery.

  • J
    J Year ago

    It's not about fruits it's about their portions. Don't cross red line of fructose consumption. Any fruit can be inflammatory if not caring about portions, if you don't wanna get in trouble better avoid them because of fructose. Fructose is a killer

  • Rebecca Ringler
    Rebecca Ringler 2 years ago +2

    I have also heard of moringa tea.

  • Jan
    Jan 2 years ago +2

    This lady says that fat is bad, I don't know if I should trust anything she says.

  • Janet Lis
    Janet Lis 2 years ago +3

    Keto is good also, low carb high fat and proteins

  • LaTasha Ferguson
    LaTasha Ferguson Year ago

    Thank you❤

  • Chaplain Lisa Barnett

    I take Miracle Super Reds. I use turmeric too.

  • Sheri Contrary
    Sheri Contrary 2 years ago +4

    is this available without the background music

    • Max Herron Sr
      Max Herron Sr Year ago

      Yes, turn closed caption on & turn volume Down

  • Koko9090 Kaka
    Koko9090 Kaka 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for advice

  • Priya Srivastava
    Priya Srivastava 2 years ago +1

    Can I consume lentils ,properly cooked lentil during the period of healing

    • Justin Martyr
      Justin Martyr 6 months ago

      *Im SoRRy that NO One RePlied to YOU, & I am your First Up Vote!!!*
      *Just Use search Bar U-Tube, for Health Benefits of Lentils!!!*

  • Shannon
    Shannon Year ago

    Thank you very much Shayna Komar

  • Erica
    Erica 11 months ago

    Thank you!

  • the forgotten tales *

    Nice video. My grandmother also used bone support capsules from Planet Ayurveda and it helped her a lot.

  • Branch Aaron
    Branch Aaron Year ago +2

    Ot hard to grow some of your own food, even in an apartment you can grow herbs

  • GSM
    GSM 2 years ago +2

    This diet for Ankylosing spondilotis?

  • Richard Andretti
    Richard Andretti Year ago

    How do you add turmeric to your food? I hate the taste of it on tea and or on juices. Would it kill the nutrition of it if I add it to my food while cooking it? Like add to pinto beans while cooking it, or add to the chicken while cooking it, or to any food while you are cooking it? Can anyone answer it...thanks

  • Jason Rush
    Jason Rush 8 months ago

    You're so smart thank you very much

  • R R
    R R Year ago

    The advocates of keto may disagree with your views

  • Shadow Man
    Shadow Man 2 years ago +13

    Forgot one of the most potent, Capsaicin

  • TripEL OG Darkness
    TripEL OG Darkness 2 years ago +92

    You got to think red : shows blue berries*


    • John Newby
      John Newby 2 months ago

      All that fruit sugar is so anti inflammatory....not

    • Cod Zilla
      Cod Zilla 8 months ago

      @Lisa May I'd rather watch open wide.

    • Lisa May
      Lisa May 8 months ago

      @Cod Zilla watch ya mouth

    • braf zachland
      braf zachland Year ago

      @Mrs. Rat2U! and you know she is healthy how? are you tryingto say you can superficially judge someon'es health by their beauty lol

    • braf zachland
      braf zachland Year ago

      @Ves Andreev so is a watermelon green or red then? your comment really is irrelevant because ppl see the outside and a blueberries skin is blue in most cases

  • A. F. Joseph
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    great vid. thanks

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    Thanks for sharing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻xx 🇬🇧

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    Thank you.

  • Jim Docherty
    Jim Docherty Year ago

    I will believe Anything you tell me Shayna Komar.

  • Jacobe Ksor
    Jacobe Ksor Year ago

    I am Montagnard jarai indigenous I like to eat spicy food .

  • Anthony Thorp
    Anthony Thorp Year ago +5

    I'm not fat, I'm inflamed.

    • braf zachland
      braf zachland Year ago +1

      only two ppl who watched this video had a sense of humor ig lol i thought it was a good one tho pal

  • Kai B
    Kai B 2 years ago +32

    "Eat from the rainbow!!"

    • Justin Martyr
      Justin Martyr 6 months ago

      @braf zachland*

    • braf zachland
      braf zachland Year ago

      @Jake might as well eat skittles because this video was embarrassingly over general and vague to the point of hazardous. i mean tomatoes are a red fruit and are the total opposite of anti inflmatory. this lady as a medical professional should not be presenting information in such a juvenile general way

    • ladydy
      ladydy Year ago +1

      @Jake lol

    • Jake
      Jake 2 years ago +8


  • Udar Pavarota
    Udar Pavarota 2 years ago

    It's never explained what inflammation is. I don't understand. What is inflamed? Something has to be inflamed? What is or are the parts of the body that are inflamed?

  • jnrmack
    jnrmack Year ago

    cooking food destroys any goodness in food.

  • Sarah Wind
    Sarah Wind 2 years ago +2

    Spices may be antiinflammatory but they cause horrible pain in the bowels

  • Jay Lauren
    Jay Lauren Year ago

    black seed oil helps too

  • MSparda
    MSparda 11 months ago

    How come they showed a red pepper? I thought peppers were bad for inflammation? via they are nightshade foods

  • Lilian Yelamo
    Lilian Yelamo 2 years ago

    But peppers are not good for inflammation~

  • Wondering Why
    Wondering Why 2 years ago

    She bashed fats & oils then did what she should put more info out on and that is the good fats & oils vs the bad. There is a huge difference ! Some are good for you & some cause inflammation big time, like the ones the food industry uses.

  • Family & Fun
    Family & Fun Year ago +2

    I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain pain pain in my life.
    I don’t wanna live shitty painful life. Can’t wash my face ‘ bath brush my teeth. 😭😭😭😭
    Taking so many medicines. Since last 16 years. My right hand elbo wrist not working joints very sewllen

    • Taiwo Omotosho
      Taiwo Omotosho Year ago

      are you on moringa powder or capsules?it is the miracle tree of life..

    • Doe/Idaho USA
      Doe/Idaho USA Year ago

      Anti inflammatory diet is the best. Keto hard to stay on but works also. Know exactly what you are talking about. I do not take the drugs that are pushed because they are toxic. My diet is anti inflammatory & works. Good luck.

  • Bobbie Jackson
    Bobbie Jackson Year ago

    Thank u so much

  • Shelly
    Shelly 2 years ago +1

    Aren’t nightshade vegetables inflammatory, especially if not prepared properly, like removing the skins and seeds or if those foods are cooked under pressure to break down the inflammatory anti nutrients ?
    When you say to eat fish on a regular basis, I that twice a week or everyday or ? A bit vague

  • Jim Docherty
    Jim Docherty Year ago

    Does having gorgeous green eyes and a wonderful figure come from eating red, anti-inflammatory veg and fruits?

  • Deborah Ingrim
    Deborah Ingrim 8 months ago

    Love Tuna I am in so much pain I cannot or barely sleep. Ugggggh. I need moving exercise. Veggies and fruits it is my goal.

  • Survivalist Nomad
    Survivalist Nomad 2 years ago +1

    You're a beautiful woman Shayna.

  • Dinky Man
    Dinky Man 2 years ago +2

    I take Hemp seed oil every day you want good oil then take hemp seed oil, fish oils are good for sure but the seas are so polluted you are better off with the hemp seed oil.

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago

      I’ve heard fish oil supplements are mostly rancid. When I heard this I had already known about how fast oils go rancid ... most people don’t know this and store their oils, like olive oil, for a long time, often in the worst location, around the stove... I had just started taking fish oil when someone mentioned that... I immediately realized it was probably a bad idea... but, on top of that, I concur that fish and sea foods ARE also highly contaminated... excellent point. I like hemp oil too... but, it’s really about omega 3... you can get plenty of that from eating a good ten servings of various fresh fruit and veg, including one avacado per day... a few nuts... hemp and flax are the best oils to consume... I still may have a tbsp or two of olive oil or avacado oil every now and then, but even those, I keep to a minimum... it is very easy to get enough omega 3 from non fatty foods... I often run my diet through cronometer, and I come close to or exceed the rda for omega 3’s with no fish oil, flax, hemp etc... just mostly raw fresh fruit veg, occasional seeds and nuts. And I’m not overloading on omega 6 either... unless I am having walnuts! But they are high in both kinds of fats.

  • Emmanuel Quintana

    She forgot raw cacao

  • hisodesu1
    hisodesu1 2 years ago +3

    But I was told tuna is high in uric acid, gout

    • American Jedi
      American Jedi Year ago

      Told? by who? Stop believing the last thing you "heard" from someone. You're on the internet, you can look things up for yourself.

  • Money BaGs
    Money BaGs 2 years ago +2

    Heroin is really good for pain. It will leave your pain out back on the past 😎💯

  • oracle wisdom
    oracle wisdom 2 years ago

    can qeeriston be bought as a suppliment

  • SoConFuzzled
    SoConFuzzled 2 years ago +2

    2:52 so skittles are good then 😁

    • Loopy
      Loopy 2 years ago +2

      Let me know how that diet goes 😂😂😂

  • Kirara's Mom
    Kirara's Mom Year ago

    I eat this and still no relief. Not everybody is the same.

  • Black Spiderman
    Black Spiderman 2 years ago +7

    "eat from the rainbow"...................A gay guy tried to use that pick up line on me once.

  • Mr. Helper
    Mr. Helper Year ago

    I don’t know why ..... she seems like a good wife