Smartphones are evolving.

  • With Xiaomi's Mi Mix Alpha coming soon in 2020, amongst foldable smartphones, 120Hz refresh rates and more, let's take a look at 7 upcoming smartphone trends. For my video on the Truth behind Google:
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Comments • 80

  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  2 months ago +1483

    This video has been a week in the works - hope you like it, and, after watching, let me know which was YOUR favourite technology!

    For my video on the Truth behind Google:

    • Red hair Shanks
      Red hair Shanks 25 days ago

      Hey new subscriber here huge fan of URS I have one request dou plz plz make review on redmi k30 5g plzzzzzzzz

    • Tanishq Rathod
      Tanishq Rathod 27 days ago

      @Ashish Salunkhe bhag chutiye

    • TUFIRE
      TUFIRE 29 days ago

      The video is good no doubt but the audio just makes me close the video

    • TUFIRE
      TUFIRE 29 days ago

      Your Voice is just annoying

    • harw
      harw 29 days ago

      Review the xcover pro!

  • Fuat Badili
    Fuat Badili 5 hours ago

    What Kinda phone is that

  • boom _2023
    boom _2023 17 hours ago +1

    The galaxy z flip is more a little bit more affordable than the fold but less useful

  • Geeno dente
    Geeno dente 3 days ago

    dude i love your videos, I'm not a huge youtube subscriber guy or anything like that but i love tech and you always make videos that are super interesting and your style is rly zen, #LoyalSubsciber. keep it up !

  • JustLeader
    JustLeader 3 days ago

    Imagine pads on the floor in your car that would make you feel the ground scratching your toes

  • JustLeader
    JustLeader 3 days ago

    Let's just make a foldable smartphone that has those virtual movable buttons, display everywhere, and everything... What are we waiting for lol

  • Llethander
    Llethander 4 days ago

    I still hate touchscreen keyboards. I loved the Priv's keyboard, just not the phone's specs.

  • Sir L
    Sir L 4 days ago

    Go cube . R u a cuber

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay 4 days ago +1

    Stick my hand in your nose

  • Swapnil Jain
    Swapnil Jain 4 days ago

    You forgot Moto Razr in foldable phones.

  • Alb3rt Luk3
    Alb3rt Luk3 5 days ago

    Apple: Its evolving, just backwards

  • Christopher Cooper
    Christopher Cooper 5 days ago

    Incredible content. Keep it up.

  • Solaries
    Solaries 7 days ago

    Please do a video about sony. They've the best camera sensors, every smartphone uses them but no-one gives them credit.

  • Remond Aaa
    Remond Aaa 7 days ago

    What about a hello first

  • Abdullah Al Mamun
    Abdullah Al Mamun 9 days ago

    Only 1+

  • rachna sendil
    rachna sendil 9 days ago

    Hey wer can i get oneplus 8 maclaren edition i need it imm pl respond

  • Alan
    Alan 9 days ago

    You can be good talker for a tech company and everyone will listen. You make great videos about the future of tech keep it up.👍

  • Viki Irawan
    Viki Irawan 10 days ago

    vivo apex be like : punten slurr

  • Najiv Isaacs
    Najiv Isaacs 10 days ago

    damn.this is nice

  • Jay Toronto
    Jay Toronto 10 days ago

    what a way to show how lazy we've become as customers, if everything feature has to be made easier for us like we're unable to put the effort in, next creation wifi charging which is probably in the works considering what has been made already.

  • Jackson MacMaster
    Jackson MacMaster 11 days ago

    How the HECC do you make a case for this?

  • Eddie Medrano
    Eddie Medrano 11 days ago

    And their all Android 🤙

  • Captain_Cupcake
    Captain_Cupcake 11 days ago

    "You can feel texture on your phone's display." So is braille an option now? That would be awesome.

    • JustLeader
      JustLeader 3 days ago

      Or you can feel anime boobs.. Just thinking

  • Nestor M
    Nestor M 11 days ago

    I like the video content, it would be truly great without all the fake faces and gestures, the constant, exaggerated hand movements and the extremely flamboyant tone. I wish that was more real and natural.

  • Asish Choudhury
    Asish Choudhury 12 days ago

    Hello Sir, you have so many mobile phone with you, can please give one to me? Which is you think no use to you. Thanks in advance.

  • G L
    G L 13 days ago

    Omg this is a porn for my nerd brain

  • TechVamp
    TechVamp 13 days ago

    Having the sensors ontheback would be boss afim down with anyway to interact with a phone without touching it

  • EDventure
    EDventure 13 days ago

    Everything are evolving you

  • UnverifiedUser
    UnverifiedUser 13 days ago

    Oppo find x2 pro has it already

  • Rituraj Das
    Rituraj Das 14 days ago

    Usually the last part is for the best one but here it's reverse.
    And just as you like the mechanical keyboard I like the physical mobile keys. Don't remove them!

  • Albert Griffin
    Albert Griffin 14 days ago

    This a great video

  • Mondred Bataluna
    Mondred Bataluna 14 days ago

    Nc phones i hope i can have one of them

  • Smarter!
    Smarter! 14 days ago

    it would be very nice to have a back glass that has morphing capabilities but then again, most ppl use cases so, not a lot of usefulness for them..

  • Hasseb Butt Official
    Hasseb Butt Official 14 days ago

    Name your most favourite android phone.plz do reply,looking forward

  • Cyphe R
    Cyphe R 16 days ago


  • Michael Sumpia
    Michael Sumpia 16 days ago

    Imagine having that right through your hands and be able to feel... Is kinda took us to a lot new different level and that would be awesome... On the other hand its beneficial also for those persons with disabilities like blind people... That would really mean a lot to them.👍

  • Junior Gabe
    Junior Gabe 17 days ago

    Screens that have no bezels, Can SENSE PRESSURE, AND CAN MAKE MICRO VIBRATIONS RIGHT UNDER YOUR FINGER? At the phone store it will just look like a slim rectangle glass with a camera when turned off


    1:19 💯🔥💃

  • Nob0dy
    Nob0dy 19 days ago

    foldable phones are confusing af, most likely won't buy it myself but it's nice seeing creative work released into the market

  • David Billa
    David Billa 20 days ago

    Not sure if my comment is going to be seen, but about higher refresh rates, Sharp has been doing it for quite a while now with its Aquos phones. Mine (Aquos R) is three years old and has a refresh rate of 120hz (and a pretty decent battery life, especially when it was new) and they've just released the Aquos Zero2 with a 240hz refresh rate. They have a technology that they call IGZO that saves power, but I don't really know much more about it.
    As the phones are only available in Japan (and maybe one or two more countries, but not in Europe or North America), they've probably flown under your radar (I've been debating getting the Zero 2 or not, but I can't find a single review in English :-( ), but that may be something you want to look into it, as it could be something other companies use in the future.

  • kakiremora
    kakiremora 22 days ago

    Yeay, there will be cheap Braille screens now!

  • mohammad aftab
    mohammad aftab 22 days ago

    Is ther any probability to come any curved/waterfall display on Any TABLET/Tab ?

  • Fart Vader
    Fart Vader 23 days ago

    Smartphones are evolving, too bad my wallet is not

  • Luka Tabatadze
    Luka Tabatadze 24 days ago

    how can i turn on selfietype?

  • Red hair Shanks
    Red hair Shanks 25 days ago

    Plzzzz make review on redmi k30 5g

  • Psychonaut
    Psychonaut 25 days ago

    Will the Mi Mix Alpha really be more than a prototype?
    I heard from that.

  • Nennuru Raviram
    Nennuru Raviram 26 days ago

    I want to mobile how to by bro

  • the modfather
    the modfather 26 days ago

    Yeah they're evolving to be $1,400 and still 10x slower than my computer from 2001.
    You now need 12 GB for an OS that can barely do anything.
    Hope you guys enjoy the lag when switching apps!

  • Niiazz
    Niiazz 26 days ago

    Just makes me realise how dumb I was buying Apple phones all the time

  • connor donaldson
    connor donaldson 26 days ago

    Damn is apple starting to fall behind?

  • Leon Bennett
    Leon Bennett 26 days ago

    So is the flu

  • AndroidEddie
    AndroidEddie 27 days ago

    I thought there was nothing else left to do with smartphones. Now I am optimistic to see whats next.

  • AndroidEddie
    AndroidEddie 27 days ago

    Imagine how this tactile technology would help blind people.

  • Dev Raj
    Dev Raj 27 days ago

    Wait but 120hz refresh rate in amoled panel is already introduce by asus rog 2

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 27 days ago

    What do we want? 5" 95% s2b and a week of battery... what do we get? 1000mp cameras and origami folded 3d screens

  • RobTortureWright
    RobTortureWright 27 days ago +1

    The graphene batteries are a huge step forward, incredibly small space is taken up compared to lithium ion batteries meaning you could get 2-3 times the capacity in the same space and charge 2-3 times faster. Imagine the new S20 Ultra, same design, same weight but containing a 15000Mah battery inside offering 3-4 days between charges and when you do charge it takes under a hour from 0-100, that's the future tech we need in our lives.

  • Mr_Weasel Gaming
    Mr_Weasel Gaming 27 days ago +1

    The answer to battery life is sulfer ion batteries on a normal phone last 2 days and charge much faster than lithium ion batteries so in those very new phones they last about a day maybe half a day depending how much you are on your phone

  • DopeBangin Junt
    DopeBangin Junt 27 days ago

    Hey Siri:
    Hey Alexa:
    Hey Cortana:
    Hey Mr.whostheboss:

  • Smart Lens Photography

    W😮W 👍

  • falatalane
    falatalane 28 days ago

    Where is the phone from tumbnail ?
    I dont want to watch 10 minutes of phones I dont care about.

  • Maro Oram
    Maro Oram 28 days ago

    I prefeeed Amzing phone.

  • Yanniey
    Yanniey 28 days ago

    I think oneplus would sink to a good display with bad battery life. Just my thoughts

  • Logan Browne
    Logan Browne 28 days ago

    just imagine the new iphone c but the color could literally be whatever you want and change whenever you want it

  • Derek Deans
    Derek Deans 28 days ago

    Apple is the best company in the world in my opinion. Yeah, they are a little behind, but they spend that “behind” time working on stuff that people actually want, not gimmicks. And they create products that are the best in the world. Even android users have agreed that iPhones are better than android. I may have a biased opinion, but I used both products before, and I found iOS and iPhones to be far better than android.

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien 28 days ago

    can't wait for apple to copy this stuff in 5 years time and sell it at 2x price

  • Karlo Ivančić
    Karlo Ivančić 28 days ago

    Whos here before 1.5mil views?

  • Pd d
    Pd d 29 days ago

    I dont thing it can be called evolving. They are just enhancing the features they had for a decade. Evolving would mean whole new capabilities like for ex. holo projection, etc etc

  • TiredOfBreathing HD
    TiredOfBreathing HD 29 days ago

    How am I meant to change the volume through my pockets if there's no button 😡

  • Ioannis Gournaris
    Ioannis Gournaris 29 days ago +1

    Smart phones are evolving but stupid people... The same for eternity.

  • Sudhir Panier
    Sudhir Panier 29 days ago


  • JarvinArts
    JarvinArts 29 days ago

    Technology is Moving to fast for me, its becoming harder to decide which device to buy, because u will by the galaxy Note 10S today, Tomorrow samsung Releases the Galaxy Note 10S 5G Extreme Plus with nanotechnology.

  • thankforsharingable
    thankforsharingable 29 days ago +1

    U know why your phone only last half day ? This is why

  • santeri riekkinen
    santeri riekkinen 29 days ago +1

    "Your phone is evolving"

    "Phone evolved to expensive "

  • Pratik Raul
    Pratik Raul Month ago

    S20 giveaways
    For me please
    From Nepal 🇳🇵

    ARGHA ROX Month ago

    U just inspire me

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E Month ago

    Feeling cars through phones is cool and all, but when are we getting smellovision?

  • Majid Wani
    Majid Wani Month ago

    3.31 I want to know the name of mobile if it exists

  • Md Asheque Awal Khan

    Please Gift me a smartphone , brother.

  • Nenad ИС XC Shuput

    2:39 what phone is that?

  • Jordi Gutierrez
    Jordi Gutierrez Month ago

    Dude software buttons would be the worst. Cuz then you lose a hardware way to force restart your phone when the software fails