I Made EveryPlate for a Week: Here's What Happened

  • Published on Nov 1, 2020
  • I am not a cook AND I hate grocery stores. So I tried one of the most affordable meal delivery services, EveryPlate. Here's what I think.
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Comments • 60

  • The Kings and The Queens

    I have never heard of Every Plate but it sounds awesome! Especially the part about it being the cheapest meal subscription 👌🏾#everyplate That Moo Shu Beef Bowl was definitely my favorite! I definitely need help with meal portion control 😂

  • Eboni Elon
    Eboni Elon Year ago +2

    I'm watching this while eating my Dinnerly meal (I'm pretty sure it's the same price as Everyplate) Since I'm solo most of the time, these meal kits are a lifesaver! I'm probably going to switch it up next month and give EveryPlate a shot.

    • Sitting in a Tree
      Sitting in a Tree  Year ago +1

      I'm addicted - I love that the meals actually taste reallllllyyyyy good.

    FLACK FAM Year ago +1

    Looks great! Love that the fresh ingredients look of good quality!

  • Maki Sky
    Maki Sky 4 months ago +1

    Oho! I have the cherry meatballs coming next week. Ive been making some pretty tasty meals with my EveryPlate. Definitely things i would have never done before. Like other night pickling vegetables for my pork tacos.

  • TWT TV
    TWT TV Year ago +1

    Looks really good! We may have to try out Every Plate too! I really like the first dish, the Moo Shu Beef Bowl.

    • Sitting in a Tree
      Sitting in a Tree  Year ago

      It was so good! So far everything I've made has been super tasty - I've been stacking my meal cards in order of my favorite to my least favorite...LoL

  • A&B Plus3 Family
    A&B Plus3 Family Year ago +1

    Hey budget Queen, here and watching and I never heard of this! This is very informational, thank you! 😂 “I’m just saying” but yess yours look good sis and pretty presentation! I have heard of Dinnerly meal food boxes though! I like cleaning as I go as well! I use milk, butter, seasonings, and sour cream! This is so true!!! Meal portion control!

  • Budgeting Dee
    Budgeting Dee Year ago +2

    I was seriously contemplating getting a subscription service with the winter right around the corner and things continuing to spiral in LA...I am not tryna be in nobody store! I'm gonna have to try this next! LOL!! It's so funny you said that!!! I was looking at the ketchup like, "I would have to buy some." LMAO!!! Wait, get out my head! THAT IS A FROTHER?! I was looking like, "you not a cook but you have this baby beater!" LMFAO!! I need special prayer, CLEARLY! I use whichever is available in the house - milk or sour cream. Hi Andre!!!!

    • Sitting in a Tree
      Sitting in a Tree  Year ago +1

      Too funny...girl I don't cook but someway somehow I have allllll the things. Its like the inner me wants to be lo-key domestic, but the 2020 woman I am refuses to be...LoL

  • Her Vibrant Life TV

    #everyplate... Im excited to try my box!! These subscriptions look great and will be good for my self-care weekends!

  • TonyaRenee Today
    TonyaRenee Today Year ago

    You did good girl !!! Everything looks delicious 😋, I need that garlic peeler lol

    • TonyaRenee Today
      TonyaRenee Today Year ago

      @Sitting in a Tree ok I will check it out, I use a lot of garlic and that would really save me some time

    • Sitting in a Tree
      Sitting in a Tree  Year ago +1

      I got it from pampered chef but I see William and Sonoma also sells a version.

  • The H Family Vlogs

    Oooh this sounds so convenient!! Here for this fam!! 💕

  • Nguyenning At Life

    Yum! Everything looked so good! 😋

  • The H Family Vlogs

    The beef bowl looks delicious 😍😍
    The serving is pretty substantial!!

    • Sitting in a Tree
      Sitting in a Tree  Year ago

      Yes...the beef bowl was one of my favs - my other favorite was this sweet potato and pepper quesadilla - so yummy.

  • Kelby and Adam-our life through a lens

    This is so cool and you made it look so very easy, great job. ONE LOVE

  • The H Family Vlogs

    Pork sausage?
    That meal looks pretty good as well!!
    The risotto 😍😍 girl...this made me hungry! Loved it 💕

    • Sitting in a Tree
      Sitting in a Tree  Year ago

      I LOVE risotto - could not believe how easy this was to make.

  • Kirsten Sophia
    Kirsten Sophia Year ago

    Never heard of EveryPlate - every dish looked amazing!🔥🔥🔥

  • E Money Moves
    E Money Moves Year ago

    Love this! Busy working mom here and I would to try this #Everyplate

    DJ9THETRUTH Year ago

    WOW!!!😍 💕
    Every meal looked really delicious!!😍 💕
    Ima have to look into them I have never heard of this company specifically!!!😍 💕
    Thanks for sharing!!😍 💕

  • Bae & Bella
    Bae & Bella Year ago

    Never heard of this, I’m gonna look into this. Everything Looks so good. 🤤🤤

  • It's My Life Daralynn

    Solo Dolo, thanks for sharing . One thing about the meal deliveries that I like is it gives you and idea or a guide for portion control. I loved this content .

    • Sitting in a Tree
      Sitting in a Tree  Year ago

      Thank you...yes because my portions have been allllll the way wrong...LoL

  • Fun and Fancy Free Floridians

    These look like fun tasty science experiments 💖Jenn

  • Plan Your One Life

    It turned out well. It looks delicious!

  • Tekknowgerl
    Tekknowgerl 3 months ago

    I know it smelled AMAZING in your place when you were doin yo thang!!! Thanks for sharing - be safe and take care🙃

  • A&B Plus3 Family
    A&B Plus3 Family Year ago

    That’s a cool gadget for the garlic! This makes you look like a chef!

  • Von Bradley
    Von Bradley Year ago

    Everything looks so good. #everyplate

    T N J EAT &TALK Year ago +1

    All super wins! No grocery store/ and make easy! All my words in one!

  • Rollin with the Rileys

    Looks easy peasy. Thanks for sharing, WE might have to try it.

  • KeeperOfMyHome
    KeeperOfMyHome Year ago

    The beef bowl looks so good to me!

    HADES 7 months ago

    Quick question, do they give you seven meal for the week, like one a day…?

  • Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson 6 months ago

    You rocked it!

  • The H Family Vlogs

    Girl...those meatballs 😍😍 looks yummy!

  • BrinaWithaTwist
    BrinaWithaTwist Year ago

    On my food look delish. #everyplate Thanks for sharing

  • Blessed 143 Mariposa

    Looks good!

  • The Long Run with Joel and Christy

    Here that sizzle 😋

  • Us Never Them
    Us Never Them Year ago

    I love me some barbecued zucchini😫

  • Us Never Them
    Us Never Them Year ago

    Here for it❤️ #everyplate

  • justdeepzz
    justdeepzz Year ago

    Ur thumbnail 🔥🔥 . Mmm...now I am hungry 🤤🤤 ...

  • Niccole
    Niccole 9 months ago

    You're so cute and sweet :) Thanks for the great review!

    MEGZ TALKS! Year ago


  • Blessed 143 Mariposa

    Hello beautiful!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  • Keep It Cute Cass

    😂😂 @ told ta’ll I’m not a cook

    • Sitting in a Tree
      Sitting in a Tree  Year ago

      Girllll allll the rice fell on the counter - I don't know what I thought I called myself doing...LoL

  • Wendy Francis
    Wendy Francis 7 months ago

    Love the music!

  • Blessed 143 Mariposa

    Love the music!

  • A&B Plus3 Family
    A&B Plus3 Family Year ago

    Peace ✌🏽

  • Blessed & Blissful

    Hey!! Here watching 🤗