What Does the World Eat for Breakfast?

  • Published on Mar 11, 2014
  • Where should your taste buds actually live?
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    "Where's My Potato?"
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  • Free Voltic
    Free Voltic 51 minute ago


  • •Ocean Blue•
    •Ocean Blue• 4 hours ago

    I'm from Mexico and let me tell you WE DON'T JUST EAT TORTILLAS! Okay so we can eat sincronisadas,enchiladas and chilaquiles yikesssssss

  • Arianna Florea
    Arianna Florea 4 hours ago

    Italy will starve

  • Lea Zoé
    Lea Zoé 10 hours ago

    I am german and I never ate sausages as breakfast in my whole life!!

  • ——
    —— 11 hours ago

    Where is the netherlands

  • Tayane Cristina Barros
    Tayane Cristina Barros 11 hours ago

    You really nailed what I eat for breakfast here in Brazil kkk

  • Amanda
    Amanda 11 hours ago

    Here in Brazil we eat bread, cheese, ham, cake, fruits, cereal, eggs and drink coffee/juice/milk

  • Yuvraj Sehgal
    Yuvraj Sehgal 12 hours ago

    1:00 Kenya 🍌

  • Sri nidhi
    Sri nidhi 12 hours ago

    About Indian Breakfast
    Everyday it's different
    It's different breakfast for different states!
    Different Breakfast for climate changes, it's a long story.

  • Natsu
    Natsu 12 hours ago

    In Germany we eat Brezels too at breakfast

  • Cloud Skater Gaming 101

    Yall really think we eat that in Britain? We eat shreddeies

  • Tehreem Aziz
    Tehreem Aziz 14 hours ago

    What's for Pakistan? Can you make Lassi ,anda pratha etc

  • moonisaddictedtohalloween
    moonisaddictedtohalloween 14 hours ago +1

    In the United Kingdom we eat cereal, toast and occasionally pancakes because we are lazy.

  • Stuffed Belly Boy
    Stuffed Belly Boy 15 hours ago +1

    0:01 Venezuela

  • totally not oreo
    totally not oreo 15 hours ago

    Iceland: literally anything you can find in the kitchen
    (Probably everyone does that)

  • little lilly
    little lilly 15 hours ago

    me: the us is eating too much!

    also me: *has chocolate cake for breakfast*

  • Anita Márton
    Anita Márton 15 hours ago

    What about Hungary? 😒

  • B Ha
    B Ha 15 hours ago

    How dare they.... include Brazil WITHOUT THE CHEESE;_;
    Misto-quente é vida
    Pão com manteiga tbm.
    Like nowadays the majority of brazilians have different types of breakfast depends on the region. I think the thing that don't change is the black coffee or café com leite.

  • Jannix4321
    Jannix4321 16 hours ago

    I am from Germany and we didn't eat this for breakfast

  • Carbon _Playz
    Carbon _Playz 16 hours ago

    Who agrees that is not sambar and chutney

  • Reny Widianingrum
    Reny Widianingrum 16 hours ago

    Where indonesia?

  • Ματίνα Μπλάτζιου

    what about grece?

  • lєѕlєу • вєяgєи • вєяgєи

    Filipino: *coffee poured on my sweet rice"

  • Liiisaaa
    Liiisaaa 17 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but we don't really eat sausages for breakfast in Germany 😂😂

  • Kattz Channel
    Kattz Channel 18 hours ago

    I guess Thailand doesn't exist

  • Vilma Adonis
    Vilma Adonis 18 hours ago

    Pls be philipines pls be pls be. Oh god well i think we have mutiple breakfasts but its ok

  • Pineapple_Star Xox
    Pineapple_Star Xox 19 hours ago

    Excuse uk here and we don’t just eat cooked breakfast we eat porridge cereal toast and our English breakfast has beans and mushroom and hash brown

  • Quang MCPE
    Quang MCPE 19 hours ago

    Pho is good

  • Andrea Perez
    Andrea Perez 20 hours ago

    Que onda... nunca he desayunado eso jajajajja y soy de México

    RINKU ANEESH 21 hour ago

    The food for India is damn wrong

  • u is my sunshine
    u is my sunshine 22 hours ago


  • Teddy Freak
    Teddy Freak 23 hours ago

    Sambar is not like that

    MOELIDIO XD 23 hours ago

    Whare indonesia

  • HeyItsJoeyF
    HeyItsJoeyF Day ago

    I’m American and my breakfast is usually toast or cereal.

  • Khôi Bùi Đình

    I'm Vietnamese and that don't even look like Pho lmao.

  • tom
    tom Day ago

    hubieran puesto chilaquiles

  • thank u, next
    thank u, next Day ago

    I just drink coffee with milk...

  • Melis
    Melis Day ago

    German = wrong

  • Kity
    Kity Day ago

    Brazilian must be eat just bread and milk with chocolate, but me, I'm drown myself in coffee and bread with A LOT of butter, just love

  • Tamara
    Tamara Day ago

    and then you have Balkan.... khm

  • Johan Segura
    Johan Segura Day ago

    Me:**Waits for my country's breakfast**
    1:27(my country appears)

  • LoLYou YT
    LoLYou YT Day ago +1

    В России не жрут овсянку хлеб и сосиску в Россие пьют водяра на завтрак

  • Luca Corniani
    Luca Corniani Day ago

    But in italy it doesn't exist "bread roll".....

  • Freddie Laing
    Freddie Laing Day ago

    For England you forgot hash browns, black pudding and toast and those tomatoes were fine completely wrong

  • ägg gulan
    ägg gulan Day ago +1

    Me: waits to My country
    Video:bread ham cucumber
    Me: where are THE serial

  • Simple
    Simple Day ago

    Filipinos like me: Let's see what they have in store for us.

  • Mani M
    Mani M Day ago

    Pathetic Dosa pathetic sambar and finally pathetic chutney😶🤢

  • Ranim Berriri
    Ranim Berriri Day ago

    Where is Tunisia

  • Deepika Mannava
    Deepika Mannava Day ago

    Sambar is not what they showed in the video...

  • Thị Gét Lắc

    Vietnam:pho in Vietnam have beef but why it don’t have

  • Lapana
    Lapana Day ago +1

    I am from Germany and this is not our typical breakfast. We eat bread roll with jam, honey, chocolate etc. or muesli. Nonne eats sausages for breakfast.

  • Zachari Z
    Zachari Z Day ago

    Im Italian never ate a bread roll with jam in my life I mostly eat cereal and Italian biscuits with milk

  • Shweta Kardam
    Shweta Kardam Day ago

    You just described one part of India through breakfast and FYI that is not sambhar.

  • Bhavesh Chinti
    Bhavesh Chinti Day ago

    Countries that were not in this video: *Are our breakfasts a joke to you?*

  • Hyunsook Kang
    Hyunsook Kang Day ago

    Who else was watching dis while eating breakfast

  • Blue Ray
    Blue Ray Day ago

    Aqui a gente come pão com manteiga/margarina, não pão com presunto ,_,

  • Yandi Winner
    Yandi Winner Day ago

    they probably didn’t include Philippines because Filipinos have variety of breakfast.

  • gamer but loser
    gamer but loser Day ago

    Lunch : biriyani and BBQ chicken
    After off hour coke

  • Parle G
    Parle G Day ago

    Bc kuch bhi... Sare indians dosa hi khate h bas. Only South indians prefer dosa more.

  • Ratchet Ruler
    Ratchet Ruler Day ago

    Meanwhile in Africa..