SECRET Xbox Games To Be Announced | Microsoft Event Coming November | New Xbox Games

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • SECRET Xbox Games Are COMING!
    What NEW Xbox Games Has Microsoft Kept Secret?
    Is the New Fable Game Coming To XO19?
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  • ZenExperience
    ZenExperience 22 days ago

    like your videos! btw your background music is pretty good, can i know the title?

  • Max
    Max Month ago

    😳 Nice!

  • sebastian guerrero
    sebastian guerrero Month ago +1

    You might have been disappointed in E3 but for us Nintendo fans it was freaking awesome

  • Allen Watkins
    Allen Watkins 2 months ago +1

    WE WANT:
    ASAP XBOX...

  • Teague Harper
    Teague Harper 2 months ago

    My most ardent hope is that MS and Sony and all game devs set aside their differences and make all games available to everyone no matter what system customers use to play on.

  • Don't Call Me White
    Don't Call Me White 2 months ago

    I refuse to get hyped about XO and or Inside Xbox. To me they seem like fluff and until Microsoft proves me wrong, then I'll keep my expectations at near zero.

    PHXNTXM 2 months ago

    I’m not expecting anything truly great or noteworthy out of Microsoft until E3 2020. XO 2018 was a disappointment, and I don’t think much will change with XO 2019. However, when it comes to E3 2020, I think that Microsoft can really wow and impress the industry. That is, if they don’t purposely hold themselves back *(i.e. E3 2019).* I also think that Microsoft’s best bet at combatting Sony’s titanic bombshell exclusives, is by creating varied genre exclusives. I’m talking a big RPG, FPS, cinematic storytelling (TLOU, GOW etc.) and so on. I just hope that Microsoft doesn’t push out more generic, Xbox One-esque, titles for Scarlett.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 2 months ago

      Dafuq? I guess Obsidian and Inxile are jokes to you. So many people downplay their pedigree its a shame...

  • Maximillion Roivas
    Maximillion Roivas 2 months ago

    Of course there will be brand new games announce at XO19. And they will all be multiplaform games.

  • alfZbarkada
    alfZbarkada 2 months ago

    Lmao “secret game is coming” wanna say “wait till next E3” also?

  • OMG It’sPistola
    OMG It’sPistola 2 months ago

    I heard some rumors about Microsoft interested in Crytek......🤔🤔🤔 that would be perfect because Xbox could go back to his roots with hardcore AAA FPS....and we all know that Crytek is capable of doing a stunning game that could compete against any Sony studios that way Microsoft could boost Scarlett sales with such game for release with top notch Graphics showing the power of Scarlett also it can give more time to 343 to develop Halo to give us the Halo we’ve been waiting can satisfy that PFS hunger on hardcore old school Xbox fans.....can you imagine a Crysis 4 ? Or a reboot? or some kind of survival horror/shooter by Crytek? That would be lit 🔥

  • clark2 Kent
    clark2 Kent 2 months ago +1

    Good work xbox 🍾🍾 i hope you come with more 3a exlusive that make me buy scarlett but first i Will buy ps5.

  • K. Tucker
    K. Tucker 2 months ago +1

    I think greed fall is filling the void of fable so the NEW fable better be epic to compete with today's standards

  • Gunstar75
    Gunstar75 2 months ago

    Think about where it is being held and what devs they have in the UK....Rare, Playground..... who else???

  • C V
    C V 2 months ago

    Another XBox event
    Another disappointment
    Mark those words.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 2 months ago

      Xbox hasn't disappointed me this whole gen so sure buddy lmao.

    • Joypad Bandit
      Joypad Bandit 2 months ago

      Mark the words of a typical Playstation Fanboy Troll Account? NO THANKS! LOL #Negative

    • C V
      C V 2 months ago +2

      @Jeff V 1) This is an XBox channel, why are you bringing PlayStation for?
      2) If that's what you want this to be about, I have to say that you don't hear Sony hyping up their events every single time or lie about surprises in order to use the entire event as an advertisement for their services. For F*** sake, Sony acquired Insomniac which is way better than anything Microsoft has acquired this year and announced it with a tweet.
      Microsoft would have made an entire event, if they ever get their hands on something as valuable as Insomniac.
      Microsoft needs to understand that these events are for games or at least should be.
      Also, I find funny how you didn't even try to challenge my statement about this coming event being a complete disappointment, you know why nobody is challenging me about it?

      Because everyone know it's true.

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V 2 months ago +1

      Playstation was disappointing at e3 and gamescon

  • Ryan Boers
    Ryan Boers 2 months ago

    If Xbox Game Studios doesn't announce Fable at XO19 in London, there will be rioting in the streets! That has to be the number one reason why they chose London to host XO19. As a Canadian, when I think of British gaming, I think of Fable. Microsoft should also be emphasizing that many games, especially Gears 5, will be playable (even enhanced) for Project Scarlett next year. I think some PS4 gamers might pick up an Xbox One S on sale, with Game Pass, knowing they can take theses games into the next generation.

  • Christian Studios
    Christian Studios 2 months ago

    I don’t really trust Microsoft anymore, I can see their main focus is definitely streaming and game pass which I don’t care for. Games just isn’t their focus anymore.

    • Christian Studios
      Christian Studios 2 months ago

      BlackStorm I know exactly what you mean that makes a lot of sense. Killzone Shadow Fall wasn’t very good and I like Infamous Second Son, but it just wasn’t as good as the others, and of course the Order 1886 was just to show off graphics.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 2 months ago

      @Christian Studios It had to do with the bad reception from Xbox Ones reveal, PS4 being cheaper and more powerful. Also wasn't forcing a camera during the whole Snoden issue. No console selling exclusive released for PS4 until almost two years after it was released (Uncharted 4) and it was selling out the Xbox One 2-1 and sometimes 3-1 in countries where PS is more popular well before UC4 released. In fact most of their launch exclusives aren't even talked about because not many people liked them lol.

    • Christian Studios
      Christian Studios 2 months ago

      @BlackStormWhy did Sony beat the Xbox One then if not exclusives? It did play a major factor but I want to know why you think PS4 beat Xbox One if not for great exclusive games. I just wanted to say thanks for talking with me about all this btw, I seem to be bugging you alot but I'm glad you stuck around to talk games with me.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 2 months ago

      @Christian Studios Btw you can miss me with the "Sony Won" narrative because it had NOTHING to do with exclusive games in the first place.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 2 months ago

      @Christian Studios Yeah Outerworlds is NOT exclusive. Neither is Wasteland 3. I guess you missed the part where they had other publishing deals they need to honor which were made prior to them being aquired by MS? I guess you also missed the part where they said their next games will be exclusive to the MS Platform?
      They likely didnt let Insomniac make another Sunset Overdrive because you know. The Xbox Player base didnt support the first game? Either way, your personal feelings on the games are irrelevant to my point. They do in fact make OTHER games.
      Microtransactions/Lootboxes are irrelevant to me because I don't use them. Hasn't affected my Enjoyment of Overwatch one bit for example. Not sure why it affects your enjoyment. Either way Forza is still both the premier Sim Racer and Horizon is the premier Arcade racer.
      Exclusive at the end of the day are a lame practice to begin with but MS has them and are doubling down on that wack practice despite what many of you naysayers try to say lol.

  • Ben K
    Ben K 2 months ago

    You are full of shit

    • Joypad Bandit
      Joypad Bandit 2 months ago

      ^^^^ Another Repeated Record Troll....

  • David Hujik
    David Hujik 2 months ago

    Sony doesn't need anything but the ps5 and 2 or 3 launch titles. Xbox has some games that I can play on steam,windows and more. We'll have 5o wait xbox hasnt impressed me 2uth games this gen I'm tired of the same titles and cartoony RIP off games like sot and sod. I need more from xbox to even think about its existence.

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V 2 months ago

      I don't like playstation because the exclusives are all the same. Plus they're 1 and done with no replay value. The controller is very uncomfortable too.

    • Joypad Bandit
      Joypad Bandit 2 months ago +2

      ^^^^ Another Troll Fanboy that think HIS existence matters to a 1 Trillion Dollar Company! Microsoft doesn't fucking lose sleep over ANY of you Playstation Tree Fuckers...If they did....They'd be SEGA! LOL! #FOH

    • Mr Glass
      Mr Glass 2 months ago +1

      You mean new titles like GT Sport knack Spider-Man God of war???

  • benxmoken
    benxmoken 2 months ago +4

    Ive always prefered xbox since the beginning. I knew xbox will be the greatest to its fans on the long run. As a patient gamer, the next yr and a half will be very exciting and yes, i like surprises. Also very hyped and excited for gears 5!!!

  • Rustic Playz
    Rustic Playz 2 months ago +6

    I want Fable 4. Not a spin off. I want a full on Fble game with enhanced graphics, gameplay, story, and better UI. I didn't really like fables 3 interface kind of confusing.

    • Secret Sauce is Overrated
      Secret Sauce is Overrated 2 months ago +1

      Hopefully its something similar to the original rumored Fable 4 pitch from years ago that got turned down by Don Mattricks leadership team (MS instead had them create Fable Legends). The rumor of the turned down pitch was to take the Fable series on a more mature slant with more realistic graphics, and move away from such cartoony graphics. I know that the series cartoon graphics are near and dear to some people but I think the graphics need a revamp.

  • nicholas ellis
    nicholas ellis 2 months ago +1

    I'll just wait and see ,I'm not so hyped because they always said things and never delivered.

  • Hello Ewing
    Hello Ewing 2 months ago +1

    So excited, Zalker, do you thought are there new xbox game studio would join us at XO19?

  • Antonio Alicea
    Antonio Alicea 2 months ago +1

    I think Xbox will have a strong XO.

  • The Gamer Chief
    The Gamer Chief 2 months ago +8

    I hope we will see some new stuff this XO19. We just might see a slight hint about Fable 4. To me personally Microsoft studios has put out some good games. Crackdown 3 was a lot of fun for me. So was Halo Wars 2 and Halo 5. I speak for myself here. I don’t think MS has put out any bad games. So I’m strongly looking forward to games for Xbox.

  • Millenia Williams
    Millenia Williams 2 months ago

    The only way XO will KILL IT in November! Is by showing a Returning/New AAA game. Not: Halo, Forza, Gears tactics, and Indie games. If its XO2018 part 2 or Has New 3rd party games/3rd party that is new to Xbox. But has been on PS4/Switch. The Gaming media, Sony Fanboys, and Xbox HATERS!! Will SHIT ON IT!!

  • sam davis
    sam davis 2 months ago

    Question what studios do believe they need?

    • .
      . 2 months ago

      I think they dont need buy game studios.
      They need to buy brain guys of big studio like they do with The initiative. Stealimg talent from big companies start games studios from the ground.

    • sam davis
      sam davis 2 months ago

      What categories do you think they need to have?

  • sam davis
    sam davis 2 months ago +3

    I also believe they need a few big AAA ips and some new Ips.

  • Terry Stokes
    Terry Stokes 2 months ago +4

    Probably Battletoads
    Still, can’t wait

  • sam davis
    sam davis 2 months ago

    They need something big

  • Samuel Marceau
    Samuel Marceau 2 months ago +5

    I don't expect anything major, MAYBE a studio acquisition, lots of Game Pass/ID@Xbox stuff, maybe a new 1st party game (Rare? Ninja Theory? Compulsion? probably a minor title or 2), some 3rd party stuff, new footage of Ori 2, Bleeding Edge, Battletoads.
    A classic IP reboot (like Battletoads, but better.. Perfect Dark? Banjo?) woul be cool.

    • Samuel Marceau
      Samuel Marceau 2 months ago

      @Johnny The truth teller depends what the studio is, lots of rumours around Crytek, which I wouldn't care too much about if it happened.
      I don't expect a major new game announcement.

    • Johnny The truth teller
      Johnny The truth teller 2 months ago +2

      A new studio acquisition and the announcement of a new game At XO would be major news That would be huge I hope they do it

  • Blast48
    Blast48 2 months ago +8

    I’m hyped for XO19 already. Oh and speaking of Xbox hype, been seeing a ton of commercials for Gears 5!!! Can’t wait to play! It’s time to jump in!

  • Dxv Mg
    Dxv Mg 2 months ago +1

    Speaking of studies I would like you to acquire:
    moon studios
    iron galaxy
    white owls inc
    sega (it would be a dream)
    platinum games
    And speaking of games:
    I hope that xbox understands that nostalgia sells (and a lot) and that banjoo kazoie, perfect dark, fable come back to light.
    This without neglecting the future of other studies that will surely surprise us !!!
    What studios would you like to be part of the xbox game studios family and what games do you expect? :))))

    • acadimia SY
      acadimia SY 2 months ago

      team ninja

    • Leonard Shelton
      Leonard Shelton 2 months ago +1

      I forgot about Iron Galaxy

    • sam davis
      sam davis 2 months ago

      They also need more JRG. All the ones ps4 gets.

    • Samuel Marceau
      Samuel Marceau 2 months ago

      Moon would be beautiful but I think they want to stay independant.
      Fable will be announced at E3 2020 imo, with a release around Fall 2021.

    • Kizer Soze
      Kizer Soze 2 months ago +1

      @Dxv Mg Hell yeah Ryse 2 would be dope. I loved Ryse Son of Rome.

  • Anthony Porter
    Anthony Porter 2 months ago +8

    Crytek is going to be announced at XO19

    • Emmet Farrell
      Emmet Farrell 2 months ago

      I always thought it was strange that we never got a Ryse 2

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V 2 months ago

      Very possible, they're court battle is finished. They have money problems, and hunt showdown is supposed to be on xbox and pc. I think it's on ps4 maybe but I don't know if it's final yet or not.

    • sam davis
      sam davis 2 months ago +4

      Anthony Porter that would be sweet. Rise 2 would be so sweet.

  • Anthony .O
    Anthony .O 2 months ago +1

    LMAO yeah... Still waiting for that famous one... 5 E3s ago

    • Anthony .O
      Anthony .O 2 months ago

      @BlackStorm yeah yeah... Just like FIFA is outselling everything on PlayStation... Totally irrelevant dude.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 2 months ago

      @Anthony .O So what if they can't put in a 4K texture pack. Still outselling those PS exclusives on their own platform lmao!!!! Imagine if they did have the 4K pack

    • Anthony .O
      Anthony .O 2 months ago

      @BlackStorm Yup they are clearly trash. Minecraft ? That game Microsoft had nothing to do with and just bought to make easy money ? That game Microsoft can't even release a 4k texture pack for on their so called most powerful console ever ? 😅😅😅.
      That game is just for kids dude... Nothing to be taken seriously.
      I won't pay 60 for those games because they are garbage. Actually I wouldn't even bother if they paid me for it.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 2 months ago

      @Anthony .O Says Bleeding Edge and Battle Toads is nothing to be hype for... Typical Sony fanboy dismal. Meanwhile Minecraft is selling more than all your PS exclusives month in and month out lmao. I guess that small game is a joke to you as well?
      Also please pay the full 60 dollars for Outer Worlds and Wasteland 3. MS will appreciate you patronage.

  • Hazz Aka OG Neutral Gamer

    Aaron Greenberg Surprise 🍩🍩🍩 🖤🖤🖤

  • TonyStark RDX
    TonyStark RDX 2 months ago +10

    Aaron: Gamers love to be suprised
    EA: SUPRISE MECHANICS! *heavy breathing*

  • Tihetris Weathersby
    Tihetris Weathersby 2 months ago +14

    I really do hope XO19 Is what they say it will be

    • Tihetris Weathersby
      Tihetris Weathersby 2 months ago

      He never said any of that by the way, your silence says it all.

    • Tihetris Weathersby
      Tihetris Weathersby 2 months ago

      Did he say word for word? Link please

      PHXNTXM 2 months ago

      Tihetris Weathersby That’s not for lack of trying though. Phil Spencer has already admitted that he would love to put Xbox games and services on PlayStation. It’s more so, Sony not wanting said content on their platform because it will come at the cost of bolstering the Xbox brand through the means of the PlayStation brand.

    • Maximillion Roivas
      Maximillion Roivas 2 months ago

      @Metta Alpha I agree. What people fail to realize is that Microsoft is slowly pulling out of hardware and going the way of Sega as a software game company. It's happening, slowly but surely. Scarlett may very well be the last XBox console. And from then on, XBox will be an App for all XCloud and other streaming services on every compatible device. Most people don't see it because Microsoft is pretty damn good at covering it all up with distractions like Scarlett, XCloud, new studios and baiting the community with "To Be Announced" games.

    • Tihetris Weathersby
      Tihetris Weathersby 2 months ago

      @Metta Alpha
      You won't be able to play XCloud on PS5.
      1. Microsoft has and will not program their games for PS5, They have not published their games for PlayStation in general.

  • Motherrussia
    Motherrussia 2 months ago +1

    First noobs

    • Motherrussia
      Motherrussia 2 months ago

      White Knight 5 beat u to it becosue of Zeus you have no backing from any of the Greek gods so sit down fool.

    • White Knight 5
      White Knight 5 2 months ago

      @Motherrussia You will give it up, beotch! Its MINE! BWAHAHAHA!

    • plop6759
      plop6759 2 months ago

      It's okay. I know my place.

    • Motherrussia
      Motherrussia 2 months ago

      plop6759 just got to ask Zeus to give you strength and power that’s how I did it. Lol

    • plop6759
      plop6759 2 months ago

      You're obviously the better man. I give up.