• Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • SPOILED GIRLS WHO TOOK IT TOO FAR! SSSniperWolf back at it again with another video on rich spoiled girls who think they own the world! Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  Month ago +3219

    have u ever parked in a handicap spot?

  • alexander russell
    alexander russell 4 hours ago

    i love your vids sssnlerwolf your the best

  • Andrej Pokotilo
    Andrej Pokotilo 9 hours ago +1

    She want to be the queen u ain't no queen girl

  • Halie Haines
    Halie Haines 13 hours ago

    Omg I watch what would you do and I’ve seen this episode

  • Isabelle Gachatuber


  • Sasha Small
    Sasha Small 2 days ago

    DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MOVE YOUR CAR like they drives here you gonna drive back THEREs A SPOT

  • Lilly Equestrian9450
    Lilly Equestrian9450 2 days ago +1

    Really boo you just insulted me I’m freaking 10 but yeah so true I love applesauce

    ItzBΓΌn BΓΆΓΆ 2 days ago

    4:01 She starts saying sksksksksks

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 2 days ago +2

    When I was little I would pinch my little cousin for being a brat and she would cry and scream and I would grab her and hug her tight so she couldn’t tell her mom what I did

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 2 days ago

    5 across the eye 🀚will teach all brats a lesson

  • Jenna Koehn
    Jenna Koehn 3 days ago

    i put camras in your house your in your bed sitting up with socks on and hair down

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson 3 days ago

    One time I went on holiday and to little girls
    Hit me and scratched me and I told my mom
    And my mom sed punch her but first
    Take them in a corner and then punch them

    ZOE MUSIC 4 days ago

    What would you do

  • Shelby Upton
    Shelby Upton 5 days ago

    I do know what a mitochondria is we learned in science earlier

  • Ariana Woodward
    Ariana Woodward 5 days ago

    If i was one of the people trying to get the girls in the handicapped parking spot I would have took their heels and chucked them across the parking lot and I bet they would have moved then

  • Eddie Arias
    Eddie Arias 5 days ago

    People need yo mind their Business

  • alexgamer 50
    alexgamer 50 5 days ago

    Oh btw sniper my name is Ava and I mean for real and I'm not doing a roleplay dont make fun of Avas ok

  • Angela Hatter
    Angela Hatter 5 days ago

    Mitochondria produces energy which is known as the PowerHouse of the cell so f you

    SHANNON MAY 5 days ago

    I’m a mum and it can be stressful. People judge you regardless of what you do. If your kid is the best behaved your still stared at. My daughter was fussy when we were in the supermarket the other day and this old man said can’t you hear your daughter crying. Like shut up!! I was finding my daughters bottle!! If I hadn’t of felt ill that day I would have said something

  • icyivy 67
    icyivy 67 6 days ago

    So frustrating

  • icyivy 67
    icyivy 67 6 days ago

    This makes me madddddd

  • Kristalynn Perez
    Kristalynn Perez 6 days ago

    I cannot get over "HELLO IT'S ME" LOL LOVE YA VIDEOS

  • Letsibogo Mosekwa
    Letsibogo Mosekwa 6 days ago

    In Botswana the police can park in handicap parking spaces

  • Karma
    Karma 7 days ago

    No moms don’t now how to fight because I fight my mom I beat the hell out of her

  • Lemma
    Lemma 7 days ago +1

    At first I seriously thought the girl was promoting undevelopment because she looked 4 not 10!

  • Lemma
    Lemma 7 days ago +1

    That girl didn't look 10 she looked 5

  • Lemma
    Lemma 7 days ago +1

    That girl didn't look 10 she looked 5

  • Lemma
    Lemma 7 days ago +1

    That girl didn't look 10 she looked 5

    • Lemma
      Lemma 7 days ago

      That girl didn't look 10 she look 5

  • That_girl_ruby _
    That_girl_ruby _ 7 days ago

    Wait, why is she talking like a baby though I’m a 10-year-old I don’t talk like a baby 😏

  • Katja Diamondstrong SSO


  • Sarah Wheatley
    Sarah Wheatley 8 days ago

    Advice time!
    This is a perfect example of what will happen if you don't discipline your child.

  • bella scribner
    bella scribner 8 days ago

    heyo aura

  • Dominic Gomez
    Dominic Gomez 8 days ago

    My Name is Adele

  • Elizabeth Caruso
    Elizabeth Caruso 9 days ago

    Its NEVER okay to park in handicap spots if yur not handicapped..its not okay to use handicapped scooters if yur not handicapped. Ive had to leave stores numerous times because there wasnt a scooter for my mom to use, if theres no spots ill just drop her off at the front. Its messed up and needs to be taken more seriously

  • Roblox God
    Roblox God 9 days ago

    Have you ever walked in heels it’s like a handicap lol β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ¦„

  • Kaori See-Saelee
    Kaori See-Saelee 9 days ago

    Whats that smell? *Sniff* *sniff*


  • Smart TV
    Smart TV 10 days ago

    Yes because he is going on the way he can you just want me you want me and I want you and I want him and I can just talk and talk with him because I

  • kensington hall
    kensington hall 10 days ago

    hello me!

  • diana jaipaul-saboo
    diana jaipaul-saboo 10 days ago

    I park in the handicap zone

    Because my mom is on the wheel chair
    P.s today is her birthday and she would like to get 9.3k likes thank u

  • Ari Love
    Ari Love 10 days ago

    My teachers name Pamela πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • spv bob
    spv bob 10 days ago

    I'm ten and I now what a mitocadria

  • bizzleblue38
    bizzleblue38 10 days ago +1

    Me: Looks at title of video.
    Also me: "Spoiled Girls Who took it to far,did Sniper wolf make a video about her self?"

  • Aya Elsharif
    Aya Elsharif 10 days ago

    If I was there I will kick them until they get out of the handicap spot and let the guy stay there

  • Lailah Al
    Lailah Al 10 days ago +1


  • Jayden Sturdivant
    Jayden Sturdivant 11 days ago

    THAT DEATH STARE!!!! I CANT!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Love your videos

  • Jayden Sturdivant
    Jayden Sturdivant 11 days ago

    THAT DEATH STARE!!!! I CANT!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Love your videos

  • the kawaii family
    the kawaii family 11 days ago

    My name is ava and im 10
    Im not joking!

  • Nikia Griffith
    Nikia Griffith 11 days ago

    Yes 1000000 time

  • SchnitzelBerry 13
    SchnitzelBerry 13 11 days ago +4

    Most Ugliest
    Person is

    Look at the first two words :) ☝

  • Gary and friend's
    Gary and friend's 11 days ago

    Your funny in lots of videos

  • Alex Susemichel
    Alex Susemichel 11 days ago

    I would slap the smug looks off their faces. Parking in a handicapped spot when someone else is in a wheelchair is the most dick move in the book.

  • Nicole Scott
    Nicole Scott 12 days ago

    Brat from beginning of video: I want cute cloths! We got money to spend
    Me: well I'm shocked you walked into this store with THAT shit! 😝 *dabs*

  • Travis Hatcher
    Travis Hatcher 12 days ago

    Yes my dad did

  • estherdong
    estherdong 12 days ago

    o wow uwu

  • taekook forever
    taekook forever 12 days ago

    In 2:20 dang lia dont shout at me i have earphones on max volumeπŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Lol_ Lauren
    Lol_ Lauren 12 days ago

    The mother is one of those who asks for the manager

  • LBGamer - Fortnite
    LBGamer - Fortnite 12 days ago

    They can see how it feels like because I already have

  • LBGamer - Fortnite
    LBGamer - Fortnite 12 days ago

    Those two girls need a wheelchair not him

  • Lilly Capps
    Lilly Capps 13 days ago

    Do more of these please 😍😍

  • Lilly Capps
    Lilly Capps 13 days ago

    Do more of these please 😍😍