Examining Brexit Deal Vote & If Theresa May Will Still Be Prime Minister? | The Last Leg


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  Month ago +13

    Would you like to see Adam Hills dressed as Theresa May??
    Watch the FULL EPISODE: bit.ly/2BVYjA2

    • Sylphid Puck
      Sylphid Puck Month ago

      Yes please. I'd like to see that.

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath Month ago

      Channel 4 I'd like to see Adam Hills shot out of a cannon into space

  • Ray LV
    Ray LV 29 days ago

    Channel 4th Reich, is a left wing globalist ideology disgrace! They think they are so funny, and we've just got to suck it up! George Orwell is spinning in his grave! Pathetic left wing idiots! And the 'white privilege' nonsense in a country that is 90% white, just makes me sick!

  • Alan Legg
    Alan Legg Month ago +1

    Lovely so 3 days after the commons delayed vote, we are now being told all the down sides, like a visa required to visit europe, didn't hear that before.

  • gof mjhhytgr
    gof mjhhytgr Month ago +2

    The treacherous, europhile Theresa May has whole-heartedly devoted herself to subverting the democratic will of the British people, and not only should she stand down, but she should also be charged with high treason. Ask yourself, why is she so tenaciously pushing and shoving for something, that absolutely no one wants? It really makes you wonder... One last thought, don't forget the europhilic, Tory government is completely guilty of complicity with her on this, and this is a crime that the British people will never ever forget. We desperately need a new party in this land.

  • More tea Vicar?
    More tea Vicar? Month ago

    Cancer for all 3 please.

  • cary bary
    cary bary Month ago

    There’s a reason the last leg is on Friday night. Friday night is shit unfunny comedy night

  • DrewSavo
    DrewSavo Month ago

    The Last Leg would like to apologize for this horrible image that has just been burned into everyone’s minds. We should have realized sooner that Alex has a very unique definition of the term ‘educate’.

  • Flatpack Spiritualism
    Flatpack Spiritualism Month ago +1

    “Nationalism, the revolutionary theorist Rosa Luxemburg warned, is always a tool used to betray the working class. It is, she wrote, “an instrument of counterrevolutionary class policy.” It unleashes powerful forms of indoctrination.” Chris Hedges, America: The Farewell Tour

    • Flatpack Spiritualism
      Flatpack Spiritualism Month ago

      John Apleased just providing views of people smarter than you and I... which you don’t seem interested in discussing... “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie-deliberate, contrived, and dishonest-but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” John F. Kennedy

  • Jeff Brewster
    Jeff Brewster Month ago +1

    Get rid of the hunchback who resides at number 10.

  • T H E M E M E R
    T H E M E M E R Month ago

    The only good thing the could come from brexit is that article 13 hopefully wont pass here

  • Bobby Crush
    Bobby Crush Month ago

    She's finished on 11th December 11am.

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath Month ago


  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath Month ago +3

    Aids > adam hills

  • Gavin Moran
    Gavin Moran Month ago

    So the Government need to vote to delay this vote?! Really, I thought I just heard the PM say it?!

  • Joe Bloger
    Joe Bloger Month ago

    these people are scum kids in poverty poor housing low income etc and these fools make fun of them, the scum of the earth

  • Jason Milton
    Jason Milton Month ago +15

    Hello from Scotland, If actually BREXIT actually happens.. then we here in Scotland will be leaving the UK by 2020...!!!

    • RomaCharly
      RomaCharly 2 days ago +1

      Hello from UK, if actually BREXIT actually happens - - or if actually BREXIT does not actually happen.
      I support you & have decided whichever way it goes I've had enough of the UK, my family on mothers side was from Scotland & I will be coming home to support Scotland being independent from the UK government that has always disregarded Scotland in everything

    • More tea Vicar?
      More tea Vicar? Month ago

      Don't let the door bang you in the arse on the way out.

    • Chris Bailey
      Chris Bailey Month ago

      Jason Milton I take it from your comment that you want Scotland to be an independent nation, by what logic did you arrive at going back into the European Union will give you said independence?
      I strongly recommend that you quickly educate your self about the people behind the inception of the political European Union and its goals, what we joined in the early 70's was never intended to be just a common market place or trading block, my parents voted No back in the 70's they knew what the common market was going to become, they were correct, I suggest you look beyond the mainstream news media version of what the European Union is.
      If you follow the evidence you will know the road to independence will never be anywhere within the European Union.
      Any political party that promises you independence while being a member of the EU is your enemy and not worth voting for.

    • Dean Learner
      Dean Learner Month ago +2

      And the people who voted will say stuff like "fuck off then" etc . Uks so screwed

  • Ctwo First
    Ctwo First Month ago +2

    Already out of date...the impossible has happened - yet again!

  • Team RRC2
    Team RRC2 Month ago +3

    Seems as if the 12 days of Xmas is becoming more like a final countdown...on both sides of the pond. Will Robert Mueller have something under the tree for the divisive States of America?

    • shade38211
      shade38211 Month ago

      RIXRADvidz you do realize the senate would have final say on impeachment or removal, but simple google search would show you that you can't be that stupid, can you?

    • shade38211
      shade38211 Month ago

      RIXRADvidz yeah, because that are already charged and convicted. Can you tell us the crimes.

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz Month ago +1

      Mueller is waiting for the New House to be seated so he can lop off the top TrumPence and install the Speaker of the House as President. can't wait.!!!

  • 54129
    54129 Month ago +20

    Brexit is a suicide cult at this point.

  • Mr Wilson Wilson
    Mr Wilson Wilson Month ago +25

    You both lost the bet ... she’s delayed and deluded

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman Month ago +1

    The UK should become the 51st state of the USA. Given the current political climate in the two nations, they would probably get along beautifully. Each nation has a fat blond racist ape as its most provocative political figure.

    • unpaid troll
      unpaid troll Month ago

      sorry, we already have the welfare state of California.. not accepting any new welfare states.

  • Malcolm MX Taylor
    Malcolm MX Taylor Month ago +2

    What vote...... She has managed to find a way....

  • Nerves Concord
    Nerves Concord Month ago +15

    The EU know that if Britain are successful in leaving them then they won't be the last to go, which will spell the end for the organisation, meaning they actively want Britain to go through as much turmoil as possible. To be honest, the EU needs to fall and a new organisation with it's fingers in less pies needs to take it's place, in it's current form this EU is toxic.

    • Jason Milton
      Jason Milton Month ago +1

      +More tea Vicar? If we are not part of the EU then we are going to have a Civil War!!

    • More tea Vicar?
      More tea Vicar? Month ago

      +Jason Milton We need an English referendum to kick the jocks out of the union. Then you'll get your wish.

    • shade38211
      shade38211 Month ago

      Jason Milton are you related 2 the other Jason mil tons that are posting same exact comment? Maybe get together on one post and see.

    • I AllFather I
      I AllFather I Month ago

      Jason Milton yer yer will get to you in a min

    • Jason Milton
      Jason Milton Month ago +2

      Hello from Scotland, If actually BREXIT actually happens.. then we here in Scotland will be leaving the UK by 2020...!!!

  • erzan
    erzan Month ago +1

    Brexit has fucked our country. 😢 🇬🇧

  • Cameron Tilley
    Cameron Tilley Month ago

    Looks like it will be josh as theresa

  • Karina Bailey
    Karina Bailey Month ago +10

    Why would they bother voting to delay a vote when democracy has failed by not pursuing a clean and clear exit from the EU. I was a remainer, I would now vote to leave the EU as the EU have shown their total disregard for democracy and the citizens of Britain with their bully-boy, you will do it our way tactics.

    • James Evans
      James Evans Month ago

      We're leaving. I'm listening to Ian Brown. There's food cooking in the oven. Life is good. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    • James Evans
      James Evans Month ago

      "Just because you believe in myths and not evidence."
      You have no idea what I believe in Lawrence. You have no idea who I am.

    • Sean Rea
      Sean Rea Month ago +2

      Sack off Karina. They’ve literally made it as easy as possible while trying to protect themselves from being dragged down too by the collapse of an export market in case Britain might possibly fail to properly secure trade deals with other entities. They’ve also said the UK can unilaterally revoke Article 50 whenever we want and forget this whole episode if we so wish. We’ve not seen “bully boy” tactics, we’ve seen clearly labelled, firm positions from the beginning and no meaningful effort by Brexit Secretaries and foreign ministers to work with, around or even acknowledge them or solve the adjacent problems.
      It’s not a “do it our way” tactic if I tell my butchers I want to cancel my Christmas order, but still get a turkey, sausages and something for Boxing Day, and they say I can’t have that without paying for it.

    • Lawrence Bilton
      Lawrence Bilton Month ago +3

      +James Evans "Their club" is currently still our club you know. Just because you believe in myths and not evidence. The EU has done nothing wrong but let the UK government squabble. I do not know how you can look at the HoC today and think "the EU is problem". The problem was at home, we just decided to scapegoat what the majority did not understand in the first place.

    • Memento Mori
      Memento Mori Month ago +5

      +James Evans They're not making it difficult, they are protecting the interests of the remaining EU countries.

  • String Monkey
    String Monkey Month ago +3

    I wish Britain could walk out, with everything they brought to the Eu. They don't deserve what they got, and neither do most countries involved.

    • Ynyr Glyn
      Ynyr Glyn Month ago +1

      Customs Union, Single Market, Freedom of movement (which lets people to travel Europe and study and work, plus lets skilled workers in to sustain things like the NHS when the local population can't sustain it well.), development funding of deprived regions (many of which is in the UK like Wales, Thanks to Westminster), Investments in sciences, environmental protection laws. People say 'oh we don't have a say..' yet we can veto a large proportion of proposed EU laws. Yes, some we can't, but that's the rules. When you join a club, you have to abide by the rules to have access to the advantages. The UK isn't what it was anymore. Accept it. No more British Empire. No more Resource Exploitation from other countries. No more English or punishment. Time for the UK to stop thinking its a superpower and to contribute while it still exists.

    • More tea Vicar?
      More tea Vicar? Month ago +1

      +Ynyr Glyn What privileges? The privilege of being subsumed under the Kalergi Plan? The privilege of having to accept many thousands of smelly former-USSR criminals? The privilege of using our taxpayers' money to prop up their shithole countries with a GDP about an eighth of the UK's? Those privileges I can do without.

    • Ynyr Glyn
      Ynyr Glyn Month ago +1

      Exactly, the UK won't survive the next decade, especially with Brexit. People wonder why Scotland is moaning about Brexit? The UK promised them more consideration and to secure their place in the EU, and is now dragging them against their will, saying 'oh it was a UK vote'. Even in wales, the first colony, support for independence is rising, Unification in Ireland is inevitable as well. Let the UK die. it will only cause more problems otherwise.

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson Month ago +1

      +Ynyr Glyn I fully agree with you many countries from the former Empire have a strong dislike for us with a large number of their politicians saying they will want heavy concessions from us for any trade deals, usually involving allowing larger numbers of their citizens access to the UK. Far too many of the leaders of the Leave campaign still have the old Empire mentality built up in their privileged private school background.