I Mastered The Gelatin Flower Cake

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • It's not a real flower, and it's 100% edible!
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    Gelatin cake
    Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images
    Gelatin cake
    Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images
    Gelatin cake
    Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images

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  • This is a person

    Wow good job! It looks too good to eat 😅

  • Chef :Rafaela
    Chef :Rafaela Day ago

    No I mastered and many coping

  • Julia The Lesbian
    Julia The Lesbian 4 days ago +1

    "Nobody tell Tasty." 😭😂😂😂

  • Lunar Moon
    Lunar Moon 5 days ago

    Do y’all know what gelatin is made of, I’m a vegetarian and I love gummies but once I found out what it’s made of.... mega oof🤢

  • StormCloud the Warrior

    Pure joy

  • yaninnax
    yaninnax 5 days ago

    a chaotic cutieee

  • My Lucy
    My Lucy 6 days ago

    Have u been thinking about making the colours by fruit? Like white by coconut milk will be alot tastier

  • Error
    Error 6 days ago

    3:44 ...shes a doctor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa with a needle!

  • Mia Trinh
    Mia Trinh 7 days ago

    It’s like Inka’s doing surgery

  • Eve Orellana
    Eve Orellana 7 days ago +1


    • Julia The Lesbian
      Julia The Lesbian 4 days ago

      Tasty is a part of buzzfeed. She's using equipment obviously borrowed from Tasty in the video.

  • The Master Gamer 123

    Nobody tell tasty XD
    I won't _tell_ them I'll _show_ them

  • Sophia LE
    Sophia LE 8 days ago

    she sounds like a power puff

  • Joshua Rhei R. Raquel

    Such a *Cinnamon roll* ....

  • Different Person
    Different Person 10 days ago +1

    She is soo adrobs 😩😍😭

  • Rahul Mahela
    Rahul Mahela 10 days ago

    So bad art n craft skills

  • Rafa Alghazali
    Rafa Alghazali 10 days ago

    Why not upload video like this in tasty?.. can someone tell me hehe

  • Geanna B
    Geanna B 11 days ago

    love it

  • Cyanide Pill
    Cyanide Pill 11 days ago

    GIRL that ROSE jeez I can't even wear my shirt the right way let alone that

  • Wholemeal Blousey
    Wholemeal Blousey 11 days ago +1

    You did amazing, they are so pretty!!!

  • Justin Christian
    Justin Christian 12 days ago

    i want to make 1 now

  • Myah.H
    Myah.H 12 days ago

    Gelatin is pig skin ...

  • Cza Claudio
    Cza Claudio 12 days ago +1

    More Inga videos!!!

  • Syeda Hinah
    Syeda Hinah 13 days ago

    I miss the old buzzfeed videos.

  • Lolix
    Lolix 13 days ago +3

    Omg I love her she’s adorable XD ❤️

  • Pippa Doge
    Pippa Doge 13 days ago +1

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought she actually put a real flower in gelatin

  • Areeb Qureshi
    Areeb Qureshi 13 days ago

    Has anyone realised that she first had to make clear raindrop cake , that itself is an achievement ,and after that she hade to poke flowers into it

  • Elena Diaz Arellano
    Elena Diaz Arellano 13 days ago

    My mom used to make a bunnnch of these they tasted good

  • Kassidi Martin
    Kassidi Martin 14 days ago +1

    That's literally amazing. I wouldn't be able to do that... Like ever. A+ Inga!!!!

  • Jasmine Lai
    Jasmine Lai 14 days ago

    the clumsiness

  • C&C Vielmann
    C&C Vielmann 14 days ago

    i want some

  • Karla Cisneros
    Karla Cisneros 14 days ago

    This is soooo easy to do but the clear jello has to be thicker

  • Xx_Mo StudiOs_x X
    Xx_Mo StudiOs_x X 15 days ago +1

    Thought it was egg in the thumbnail 😂

  • Gina K
    Gina K 15 days ago +1

    I jumped too when I first used an immersion blender. That thing is crazy powerful!!!

  • Afnan and Ashbah
    Afnan and Ashbah 15 days ago +3

    "It looks really complicated so I thought, why not try to make it myself?"


    CANDY x ARMY 15 days ago

    Good job 👌👏

  • Christina_WDW4life
    Christina_WDW4life 16 days ago

    The daisy in the beginning looked like an egg 🥚

  • Xenia Chan
    Xenia Chan 16 days ago

    It kinda looks like an egg???

  • OC crazy
    OC crazy 16 days ago

    Clam thy self if stress

  • Cycis X
    Cycis X 16 days ago

    BuzzFeed, Food & Asians! The perfect match....... :3

  • Zena •
    Zena • 16 days ago

    buzzfeed even steal their own ideas

  • Rain Yang
    Rain Yang 17 days ago

    3:31 "Alright that's color." Mmmmhmmmmmm yeah that is color.

  • Can y'all sleep on bed Instead of Monsta X

    Why inga look like suvi from hiho kids.

  • Gavinc_dogs Slime
    Gavinc_dogs Slime 17 days ago

    When you said just keep going in my head i was saying just keep swimming

  • lailalovesdan
    lailalovesdan 17 days ago

    You did great

  • Irene Bueno
    Irene Bueno 17 days ago

    I’m ten and I know how to make those the flower is just melted gelatin injected into the jello

  • Shehira Playz
    Shehira Playz 17 days ago

    She is an artist

  • Fionna Gracia
    Fionna Gracia 17 days ago

    her clumsyness made me feel agitated somehow 😂

  • jetta bear
    jetta bear 17 days ago

    I've been doing these for the past 5 years and you did so well for a beginner! :D

  • Clang J
    Clang J 17 days ago

    I saw this beautiful girl, I clicked. Love you!

  • bola basket
    bola basket 17 days ago

    Kompornya lucu abisss

  • Deeva Thomas
    Deeva Thomas 17 days ago

    I don’t know why I thought it was an egg

  • Sophia
    Sophia 17 days ago

    Poor Corrine that struggle doing this

  • Bele
    Bele 17 days ago

    I remember doing this gelatin when I was 9 it was so nice to do it and also relaxing 🥺❤️

  • Jollibuwaya
    Jollibuwaya 17 days ago

    wait... the flowers aren't real?

  • Blink Forever
    Blink Forever 18 days ago

    her voice is so cuteeee

    CAITLYN L 18 days ago

    Omg..........She went to a tub of deformed petals......to an unbelievably awesome rose!!!

  • I wanna be Winston
    I wanna be Winston 18 days ago

    Too late Corinne already did this so yea plus she did it birdbox style

  • Mistic_ WolfCookie
    Mistic_ WolfCookie 18 days ago

    Before this I got an ad that said "Another cooking video?"

  • starguardian.s
    starguardian.s 18 days ago

    YAY i see more Igna, I CLICK 😍. Such a cool concept!

  • Casey Donley
    Casey Donley 18 days ago

    Tasty is shaking.

  • Jasmine Claggett
    Jasmine Claggett 18 days ago +4

    She should do this for a living because even though she is a first timer she is actually kinda good at this

    AERIEL DIMAANO 18 days ago

    8:18 when water hits the stove

  • suki obi
    suki obi 18 days ago +1

    Oh no... She's a relatable buzzfeed person, how can this happen? I'm gonna get attached and watch every video and then follow her through her next goal in her video producing life. Gah... Fine.

  • Marcia Madourie
    Marcia Madourie 18 days ago

    On day 2 I still see that there is a lot of time left so it must be extremely hard to do

  • K1amaze
    K1amaze 18 days ago +1

    This looks so fun I kinda want to try it now. Also I love all of her sound effects and her voice

  • Jurgita Jančenko
    Jurgita Jančenko 18 days ago

    This so old

  • Matthew Edward Chua
    Matthew Edward Chua 18 days ago

    if you think you messed something up you didnt you just did a"happy little accident"

  • Shamanth KR
    Shamanth KR 18 days ago

    That background sound of people chattering is very annoying

  • Saskia Truter
    Saskia Truter 18 days ago

    Man, Inga and Kelsey are just the cutest, sweetest girls at Buzzfeed. More of Inga please!

  • Sabnam Perween
    Sabnam Perween 18 days ago

    I can’t be the only one who thought it looked like an egg in the thumbnail.... no offence 😂😂

  • Desingning Suzy10
    Desingning Suzy10 18 days ago

    Why does she look so nervous

  • Mr. Krubs
    Mr. Krubs 18 days ago

    Doesn't she look vaguely similar to Vanya from "The Umbrella Academy" ?

  • asdfghjkl
    asdfghjkl 18 days ago

    she's so annoying

  • Tina Bautista
    Tina Bautista 18 days ago

    Looks like a sunny side up

  • Qesthina A'syura
    Qesthina A'syura 18 days ago

    i need david to do this

  • Natália Tirpáková
    Natália Tirpáková 18 days ago

    This girl just nailed raindrop cake on first try👏👏👏👏

  • drewnotu
    drewnotu 18 days ago


  • jongup guppie
    jongup guppie 19 days ago +1

    Love her personality lol

  • Eve Rontu
    Eve Rontu 19 days ago

    she’s so adorable

  • Libby Haynes
    Libby Haynes 19 days ago

    You’re so cute!

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 19 days ago +1

    Buzzfeed really needs to work on their camera focus.

  • Draw With Leejan
    Draw With Leejan 19 days ago

    Ima follow her on Instagram RIGHT NOW 😂😋

  • Draw With Leejan
    Draw With Leejan 19 days ago

    Ima follow her on Instagram RIGHT NOW 😂😋

  • Jared Dimitri
    Jared Dimitri 19 days ago

    The flatness of her nose is so bloody disturbing

  • Riena Juliannisa
    Riena Juliannisa 19 days ago

    sunny side up egg

  • sushii 2
    sushii 2 20 days ago +1

    I love herrr

  • Space Dad Seven
    Space Dad Seven 20 days ago

    I'm just wondering why you tried to make white pop with a white base

  • beriigirl
    beriigirl 20 days ago +1

    Gelatin is made from animal bones 🤢. Cruel and gross

  • Ria Srivastava
    Ria Srivastava 20 days ago

    you were awesome!!!

  • Patrizha Antonacci
    Patrizha Antonacci 21 day ago +1

    She reminds mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh of my best friend

  • Demi Moss
    Demi Moss 21 day ago

    I’m doing this

  • crazybeetlelover
    crazybeetlelover 21 day ago

    Just like with makeup, ALWAYS STABILIZE YOUR HANDS! Try sitting down and putting your elbows on the counter, just like how you do with your eyeliner.

  • BearBuggs Biter
    BearBuggs Biter 21 day ago

    Is it edible ????

  • Chelsie Glines
    Chelsie Glines 22 days ago +2

    OMG UR SO GOOD AT THIS!!!!mine would look like a flower that got run over by a lawnmower so yeah.

  • heba Youssef
    heba Youssef 22 days ago


  • AshPlayz
    AshPlayz 22 days ago +2

    I think what I have learnt from attempt 2 that she didn’t learn is that we should not put too much of the colouring

  • madam meow
    madam meow 23 days ago

    Your so clumsy 😂

  • IceBearBG
    IceBearBG 23 days ago

    Inga is my spirit animal

  • Ayushi Bhanja
    Ayushi Bhanja 23 days ago +1

    this is basically just eating your feed but I'm nOT even mad because Inga's such a cutie