With Disney+ Is There Any Point In Buying Disney Movies Anymore

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
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    Will Zimmerman - Been watching everyday since 2013! My question is, if Disney has the entire Disney/Marvel/Star Wars/Pixar catalog what is the point in buying the movies? I always pre-order Disney movies asap but if it will be on Disney+ plus that same day why would I ever pay for both? Will this impact GooglePlay and Vudu? Keep bringing the filthy!
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  • vze21gwa
    vze21gwa 2 months ago

    I think it's worth it to buy them. Why? Because Disney rarely broadcasts it's movies because they want you to buy them.
    Also, when they air it they air the None HD version like they do with Aladdin.
    Lastly, a streaming service doesn't allow you to own it. You must pay monthly to watch it! Example, if you buy the DVD for $20 you only pay once, vs a monthly $10-$20 purchase which would amount to $120-$240. I am NOT giving Disney that much money. No way!!!

  • Dylan Gelinas
    Dylan Gelinas 3 months ago

    I think it’s all in the math. If Disney looks at its media sales profit (after all the cuts to iTunes or whatever) and then divides it across a projected number of Disney + users. If the number you get is less then what they would make via a subscription then selling individual films no longer makes sense.

  • Telmarine55
    Telmarine55 3 months ago

    Physical media is still valid because you can never be 100% sure of your Internet connection and also what if Disney decides to pull access to some of their movies? They always have the right to add or remove content from their service. And what if their service become so expensive that you don’t want to pay for anymore? Sure right now it’s $7 a month what if it becomes $15 or $20 a month you won’t want to pay that anymore and once you disconnect the service you don’t have anything the show for it whereas if you buy physical media you’ll always have copies of your movies or shows that you paid for.

  • matt k.
    matt k. 4 months ago +2

    Walt Disney has actually said that it will not be collapsing windows. Films will get a theatrical release and a traditional home-video release. Then, Disney+ will have the movies in the "pay-1" window.

  • MMA KING jr
    MMA KING jr 4 months ago

    There's nothing wrong with physical media thing is you own it Disney can take it away if it's digital same thing with Netflix or any other streaming service

  • Snudion
    Snudion 4 months ago +2

    I will be fine with digital as long as they somehow find a way to match the picture quality physical media has

  • Haroon Sadiq
    Haroon Sadiq 4 months ago

    Maybe Disney+ won’t allow us to download their films? So we would have to depend on Wi-Fi unless we purchase those films... Just speculating.

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis 4 months ago

    I like owning my own copy (physical or digital) because I have control over that copy. You yourself mentioned Disney's tendency to put things "in the vault." if they take something off their service, I no longer have it, UNLESS I own my own copy. Same thing goes with music. I won't pay for Spotify, but I will buy digital copies of new songs I want, even though that costs significantly more. Why? Because I will NEVER lose my music just because of some rights dispute.

  • Jordan Strong
    Jordan Strong 4 months ago

    Yep, I would still buy the discs for movies like Endgame, Toy Story 4, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Main reason is that I am a completest. I already have all of the previous films for these films on disc...and I refuse to have an incomplete collection. So, for anything that is a sequel, yes, I will still buy the disc. For original films, I will base my decision on how much I liked the film.

  • Yeah or Nah?
    Yeah or Nah? 4 months ago

    While I’m still a big believer in physical media, I could still see an argument where someone could buy a digital movie with Disney+ if they wanted to get bonus features. Idk why someone would do it for a marvel movie, but for Star Wars or maybe Pixar would make sense

  • Julian Ramirez
    Julian Ramirez 4 months ago +1

    He’s my thing Digital Copies are still good. And I’ve gotten most of my movies for free. Because no one uses them. So it’s still good for movies and special features.

  • Thomas Street
    Thomas Street 4 months ago

    I don't know, I live in a pretty rural small town with pretty spotty internet. If the wind blows too hard it's out. If it rains or snows, it goes out. I think the internet is still too unstable for most people to rely on.

  • Scott D
    Scott D 4 months ago +1

    I suspect Disney will rotate their classic movies in and out of rotation, so if you want to watch a particular movie anytime you want, you need to purchase.

  • Love the Blue!
    Love the Blue! 5 months ago

    I have a question: Did Disney promise that all Star Wars, MCU, and Disney/Pixar movies would always be available all the time on Disney Plus, or just that all the Disney animated classics would always be available? Because I just heard the latter. Yes, they did promise that new movies would be available right away; I don’t think they promised they would be available all the time. If they rotate them out every six to twelve months or so then that would leave a window for purchasing. (And BTW I still don’t believe all of their Disney animated classics will be available: Are you telling me I’ll be able to stream “Song of the South”?)

  • Arnold Perez
    Arnold Perez 5 months ago

    For me the main reason why I still buy physical media is to watch the behind scene stuff and to see the Director’s commentary so that’s a reason for me to keep buying Blu-Ray, unless Disney + offers that option with their movies

  • Michael Lamar Simeon
    Michael Lamar Simeon 5 months ago

    My biggest problem with digital movies is you don't really own them. What's to stop Amazon, Apple, Disney, etc from deleting your copy and not refunding you. I mean we've read cases of this happening to other people and the people had no recourse. That's my biggest fear/concern of digital media

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood 5 months ago

    The one thing to keep in mind is that, like Netflix, they can periodically choose to not make titles unavailable at times. Disney was actually very big on that with physical media. They'd make a classic feature available for a time and then put it back in the vault for a generation.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 5 months ago

    Wow I'm equally sad and disappointed in our future,paying for in essence nothing is the future?It's people like this that would buy air in a bag.

  • MegaBrent85
    MegaBrent85 5 months ago +4

    I am still buying physical media as long as it is available for sale, the quality is still the best for Blu-ray for me, I am a home theater enthusiast.

  • TheShop with Marcus
    TheShop with Marcus 5 months ago

    I still buy blu rays and now 4K blu rays, but i've NEVER bought a dvd or blu ray player for myself. I've always just used my game consoles. I just hope Xbox and Playstation keep making consoles that plays discs.

  • Maren Russell
    Maren Russell 5 months ago

    I live in a very rural area where the internet is not always the best (to put it nicely) I also have a collection of physical media that is over 500 titles strong. I will always want to own my copies of films and TV shows I love because I don't want my spotty internet deciding what I can and cant watch at any given time.
    All the cable and phone lines on my area have to come up over a mountain and through very wooded unpopulated areas to get to me and people up here know that service can get cut for days just cuz of a wind storm and down tree . With my DVD player and generator I can watch whatever i want no matter what .

  • Joseph Dickerson
    Joseph Dickerson 5 months ago

    I will buy Avengers: Endgame on physical disc when it comes out - BUT I have a nice home theater room as well as a nice TV in another room. I also will NOT see it in theaters because the experience sucks. But I'm also slowing down my physical disc purchases because I've got ALL the movies I want on physical media, and most new movies aren't that good. And get off my lawn!

  • BlackRice19
    BlackRice19 5 months ago

    There’s no way they’re putting movies out on Disney+ same day as digital/blu ray release. No the blu rays will probably get a release a few weeks ahead.

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 5 months ago +6

    I'm still going to buy films for as long as I can. I'd rather own the films, versus having them on digital media.

  • Irfan Iswananda
    Irfan Iswananda 5 months ago

    I can barely load TheXvid videos, let alone stream a whole movie. My internet connection is not good enough for that. Until I can afford better internet, streaming isn't for me.

  • Tyler Wayman
    Tyler Wayman 5 months ago

    I think it depends on whether if Disney plus will keep all their films and new films available all time or have it be like Netflix where it comes and goes. If it's the latter than I will buy the film (digitally) so I can see it whenever and not worry about it going away. If Disney plus keeps all the films new and old available forever than no I wont purchase films under the Disney banner because I'll already be paying for plus.

  • Juan Montemayor
    Juan Montemayor 5 months ago

    I always buys on dvd and blue ray

  • Makaioshin
    Makaioshin 5 months ago

    Well, when you buy the physical copies, it COMES WITH THE DIGITAL COPY - so you get both. It's the best of both worlds. Also, with physical media, you can resell it in the future to make back some money if you want. Basically, you own it forever and can decide what to do with it rather than paying monthly (even if cheaper) for something you don't own.
    That being said, I will be using Disney+ for movies such as Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars because unlike Marvel, I don't plan on ever owning them physically anymore. So, Disney+ still benefits me there.

  • Iron Vlogger
    Iron Vlogger 5 months ago

    I'm buying the disney + marvel shows on dvd. I NEED MY MCU CONTENT!

  • jbroti 004
    jbroti 004 5 months ago +1

    Hard copies are way better. All these streaming services rely on 2 things: subscription and internet. If you don’t have one, then you can’t watch what you want. However, with a hard copy you can watch whatever you want without those 2. Same goes if you want to watch that movie at someone else’s place and they don’t have either of those 2 requirements.
    I’ll never ever ever go digital until they stop making hard copies.

    • Asian Movie Enthusiast
      Asian Movie Enthusiast 5 months ago +1

      Good point. I wanted to show my cousin The Night Comes for Us, but he doesn't have Netflix piped into his television . . . so we can't watch it because there is no physical release.

  • Brad Lanky
    Brad Lanky 5 months ago

    I won’t be subscribing to Disney+ . Just saying.

    • gissneric
      gissneric 5 months ago

      It's $6.99 a month which is cheaper than Netflix. What can you lose? It's so affordable.

  • Charlie McGivern
    Charlie McGivern 5 months ago

    I am getting Disney+. But I am still getting every MCU movie on Blu-ray because they are my infinity stones

  • Jay Quinn
    Jay Quinn 5 months ago

    I’m only buying blu-rays of MCU & Star Wars now the rest I stream and doesn’t bother me.... I buy digital but when Plus comes out I am not buying digital anymore... I’ll just stream it

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 5 months ago

    I will still buy physical media because on streaming it hard to find service that have options to watch it in Spanish or another language but also when you buy the physical version they give you digital version so you have backup when the internet is down or under maintenance.

  • Mr_ Fabulous
    Mr_ Fabulous 5 months ago

    i held back buying Mary Poppins Returns in anticipation of Disney+

    DVDBLUGAMER 96 5 months ago

    I'm sorry but Bluray and 4K Blu-ray Steelbooks and Box Sets,Sell Out very quickly go to Best Buy and if you want a 4K Steelbook same with Target you definitely have to Preorder It ASAP same with Collector Video Games and Video Game System Exclusives.

  • The Tragic Master
    The Tragic Master 5 months ago

    That's the point. Disney will now have you subscribe. They will make more money with subscription than with a one time buy of their properties. Subscription is where the money is, just look at Adobe with Photoshop and the like. And where do you think you're going John? You nor anyone esle is going anywhere. Disney has all the significant properties. They got you my man, they have us all.

  • ghost 0011
    ghost 0011 5 months ago

    As long as I get Shazam on bluray I'm a happy camper.

  • Raphael De La Ghetto
    Raphael De La Ghetto 5 months ago

    I think physical media is going to become a niche market like comic-books. You have collector's (like myself) who still want the physical copy of certain movies. In my case, I'm committed to buying MCU physical copies but everything else, I'm cool with just streaming.

  • Raphael De La Ghetto
    Raphael De La Ghetto 5 months ago

    I'm still gonna buy my Marvel movies on blu ray.

  • Lester Lee
    Lester Lee 5 months ago

    There's still movies on google play if you don't want to pay for monthly subscription.

  • The Bumblingidiot
    The Bumblingidiot 5 months ago

    here is why you should have a disc copy . if your internet goes down you can still watch your movie or tv show. some people do not have great internet and streaming can be troublesome so having a disc is a good option . and if the digital servers you have goes out of business then what happens to that movies you did have digitally or were streaming

  • Mark Shueard
    Mark Shueard 5 months ago

    second time i've watched your channel and not happy with your attitude towards 'this is it" 'the end of media" blah blah , I get it's going the wrong way but your pushing it HARD and I think people like you should think before you speak, you're trying to tell people how it is to justify your own decisions when you're not necessarily correct.

    • Mark Shueard
      Mark Shueard 5 months ago

      @Asian Movie Enthusiast it is strange how John is behaving like a preacher.

    • Asian Movie Enthusiast
      Asian Movie Enthusiast 5 months ago +1

      I get the impression that he is happy that physical media is going away.

  • Tim Chindles
    Tim Chindles 5 months ago

    Physical media will always be around. The market will eventually reach its bottom and then level out, it's still making billions of dollars, most of which is profit, after all. The same thing happened with CD's. Physical media will (at least for the foreseeable future) be much better quality, streaming services just can't provide anywhere near the same bitrate. Plus things like download limits, region restrictions, the fact that you don't actually own it, special features etc are all advantages that physical media has. It will still be around for decades to come.

    • Tim Chindles
      Tim Chindles 5 months ago

      But I mean, if they're already out of print then they're not really effected by companies putting out less titles.

    • Asian Movie Enthusiast
      Asian Movie Enthusiast 5 months ago

      Thanks for the response. The problem is that I already have a lot of lesser known stuff in my DVD collection that is out-of-print and also not available on a legal streaming site. In 10 years, how is anyone supposed to find these films? That's my concern.

    • Tim Chindles
      Tim Chindles 5 months ago

      Lesser known stuff is basically unaffected by this though since it's not as if those smaller, niche movies are selling gangbusters today. They already sell a relatively small amount and the people that buy them are core physical media fans. I personally buy a lot of stuff from Warner Archive, as long as they keep making a profit they'll keep making lesser known stuff, and making a profit is easier if they do smaller runs and/or sell directly to the consumer.

    • Asian Movie Enthusiast
      Asian Movie Enthusiast 5 months ago

      I'm not as positive as you are, but you make some good points. Fans of mainstream Hollywood movies probably have little to worry about, because it's practically guaranteed that MCU and Star Wars movies will be available in the future. However, fans of lesser known and international movies are going to suffer badly because availability is going to drop thru the floor once the physical media of those titles goes out of print. I'm seeing it already.

  • Nerd Rahtio
    Nerd Rahtio 5 months ago

    Data caps. I now live where I am spoiled too, but in Alaska, in Mississippi and plenty of other places Data caps will continue to make physical media relevant. Now that net neutrality is gone, companies can throttle you there too. Large swaths of America can’t even do online gaming based on signal strength alone (like when I was in Mississippi) The end for physical media is farther away than you think.

  • Phineas 626
    Phineas 626 5 months ago +2

    I just buy physical media as a collector

  • Bryan McFly
    Bryan McFly 5 months ago +12

    2 words John. Special Features. Unless Disney plus has special features / itunes extras, then collectors will still buy

  • COWS
    COWS 5 months ago +5

    We're still not remotely close to a reality in which digital media is superior to physical media in the slightest, regardless of what people say. Physical media will still be superior for probably another 5-8 years at least. The thing is- streaming is still pretty shit, quality-wise. If I buy a 4k blu-ray, I will be able to watch that movie IN 4k. If I watch a 4k movie on Netflix, the quality will continue to shift again and again, and it will NOT truly be 4k. Video compression completely destroys video quality whilst streaming, and until that is fixed, I will continue to see physical media as superior.

    Plus, regardless of which is better, I will continue buying blu-rays for as long as they're available, because I love having a collection. My blu-ray collection is probably one of my most prized possessions, and I'd like to keep it going for as long as possible.

    • jbroti 004
      jbroti 004 5 months ago +1

      COWS Facts! Spot on everything.

  • Professorofmagicalcreatures

    Reason I buy blu ray is for the extra contents behind the scenes always interest me plus on Google amazon and iTunes the digital media is expensive physically meda has always been cheap in my eyes

  • Toobrown2toast Games
    Toobrown2toast Games 5 months ago +2

    I still like my physical movies. I have a collection and the sound from a disc is so much better than streaming. I'm still going to buy them.

  • Vault of the Future
    Vault of the Future 5 months ago +5

    Disney+ is one of the best product releases by a big company I’ve seen in a long time. 100% going to subscribe

  • Benjamin Kuehl
    Benjamin Kuehl 5 months ago

    Ugh this is a very true thing. This definitely leaves me a bit conflicted. That said I still think the big time releases I will buy physical just because like a lot of streaming services I may go a month here or a month there without. I still and always will be a physical media junkie!! I dont trust streaming at all.
    Although I cant lie I will gladly use free digital copies. Or use VUDU disc to digital service to transfer some of my favorites to digital.

  • Ghostly Papa
    Ghostly Papa 5 months ago +4

    Yes, because you don't own those films. You still have to pay a monthly/yearly fee.

  • ArcFire
    ArcFire 5 months ago

    As long as I can get a physical copy of Endgame and Episode 9 to complete my Infinity Saga and Skywalker collections I'm good.

  • Jari Van De Ven
    Jari Van De Ven 5 months ago +1

    I'm 21 still buy Blu rays for the collective content of that perticular movie.
    I love seeing bloopers, deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage of a movie a love.
    Until there is an option that you can get this content by watching a movie digital, than I go digital.
    Also, if something goes wrong with the streaming services and my account :I still have a backup

  • tyrone b
    tyrone b 5 months ago

    I rather have the physical media incase not able to have a service for any reason. cause if the service dont got the movie or file, then u can easy go to what u got and watch anything anytime possible. if anything just gotta bring the gear to play the file as long as u got the wires and remote and tv at place to watch it any. so they gonna have hard time trying get everyone or anyone to give up physical media anytime soon.

  • TommyTucker
    TommyTucker 5 months ago +10

    All of my vehicles have DVD players, and I have Blu Ray players in my living room, and every bedroom. I also have an extensive VHS, DVD, Blu Ray, video game collection. I will always support physical media over digital because I own it. How many of you out there can watch the original "un-lucasfilm updated" Star Wars trilogy? The ones everyone begs them to release again. ( And They won't) Well I can... because I own them, and no-one can take those away.

  • DontTaze MeBro
    DontTaze MeBro 5 months ago +3

    As long as I have something to play my Cool Runnings vhs tape on, life is good

  • ThePoreproductions
    ThePoreproductions 5 months ago +7

    I'd rather stick to going to Wal-Mart, picking up a Blu-ray, and putting it in my shopping cart, along with my groceries, walking up to the front of the store, to the Self-Checkouts, and paying for it!

  • Tyler H
    Tyler H 5 months ago

    Definitely still gonna buy a physical copy of episode 9, it would bug me not to have it on my shelf to complete my collection. Lol.