Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game [AJ's Tabletime!]


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  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams 4 months ago

    Good lord this guy is annoying,. I couldn't sit through a whole video listening to these idiots. Three rules errors in the first 11 minutes of video? Ugh...

  • The Maniac
    The Maniac 10 months ago

    Sounds like standard tabletop RPG dice set Joe.. D4, D6, D8, 10, 12 and a D20 lol just getta DND dice set for like 6 bucks or a few for multiple dice to roll

  • howlingwulfx dark

    wow snicker bars are god like now dam who knew a snicker bar would save a guys life.

  • Arry
    Arry Year ago

    How are his pAinted?

  • Kokurokoki
    Kokurokoki 2 years ago

    You should definitely do the Dark Souls board game when it comes out.

  • Marcel Popik
    Marcel Popik 2 years ago

    I can see the review is just quick look, instead of review which this game deserves. Saying the rules are written ''little weakly'' LOL. AJ rates video games properly, love the reviews. But in this case - its complete miss of the target group. The people playing war games rates the game much higher because of everything included (rules, opened possibilities, miniatures etc.)

  • iamlegend0000
    iamlegend0000 2 years ago

    the RPG attack is considered a Heavy Weapon. Joe rolled a hit, so Angry Bear should of downgraded his defending machine resolution die by one. Instead of rolling a D20, he should of rolled a D12 instead. and Angry Joe, where the fuck are your TDD agents man? could of saved you Arnie, and others

  • Sean A. Emrick
    Sean A. Emrick 2 years ago

    Does anybody know how these miniatures size up compared to the AvP: The hunt begins figures? If they are about the same that would make for an awesome crossover.

    • Marcel Popik
      Marcel Popik 2 years ago

      28mm scale. They also offeres resin miniatures on the RH shop - which are same quality as AvP - BTW, they are produces (casted) by Prodos too.

  • dsdjkk
    dsdjkk 2 years ago +1

    Where is the Angery Joe Show Dungeons and Dragons Series? Delrith can DM, got Joe and Other Joe to play... you just need 2 more people! GO GO GO

  • Siônmarc Simpson
    Siônmarc Simpson 2 years ago +1

    did you guys not use TDD s you could saved some of those human characters dude')

  • Siônmarc Simpson
    Siônmarc Simpson 2 years ago


  • John Rambo
    John Rambo 2 years ago +6

    I love the Disco Synth intro so much!!!! XD XD XD

    • John Rambo
      John Rambo 2 years ago

      +Isaac Zelinski ikr!? It was really freaking great xD

    • Isaac Zelinski
      Isaac Zelinski 2 years ago +3

      The music, the style, plus the future war scene easily makes that one of my favorite intros ever.

  • StarryAqua
    StarryAqua 2 years ago +1

    This series got killed off way too soon. :'(

  • KILLaTrack
    KILLaTrack 2 years ago

    Snickers is good

  • carrito1981
    carrito1981 2 years ago

    Joe, I don't see you jumping out of a window XD

  • Giant Dad
    Giant Dad 2 years ago

    I saw a minatures and boardgame store with both the avp and the terminator game, might get some dudes together to buy those :p

  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger 2 years ago

    No, there's no fuckin way in hell I'm watching this entire video of a board game. I just came here to comment "about" all these board games. Where the fuck were these when I was around, I'm not even old I'm only just turned 22. I just wanted to say that these are board games I wouldn't mind having in case an apocalypse of any kind happens while I'm alive, wouldn't have to worry about electricity and shit. Plus, it looks way cooler compared to games like monopoly or chutes and ladders or even chess. Can't front though, I would still play chess, good way to test and enhance your brain's ability to think faster and plan ahead. I don't give a fuck how nerdy these board games are, I need them for my doomsday prepping shit, it's a necessity :) I don't want to have to masturbate for fun or kill time u feel me?

  • Jason Duffy
    Jason Duffy 2 years ago

    Where is other Joe ffs

  • DOOMED !
    DOOMED ! 2 years ago

    Anybody who doesn't get or appreciate board gaming is basically a sucky human being.

  • DOOMED !
    DOOMED ! 2 years ago

    I wish Joe's Tabletime was more of a regular thing as I'm a huge fan of board gaming, especially miniature style board games like this.
    The game group I play with is currently pretty deeply immersed in Star Wars Imperial Assault and we've found a way to use X-Wing and Armada to add space battles to the game in an effort to enhance our current campaign.
    We plan on playing through the entire original trilogy using the same characters, so hopefully FFG releases a Return of the Jedi era expansion before we get to that point. We're up to the Twin Shadows mini campaign and are really looking forward to running the Return to Hoth expansion. The games' skirmish rules are also really awesome and a ton of fun. SWIA is a definite winner as is pretty much every Star Wars game FFG has put out up to this point. Really looking forward to their next game, Rebellion.
    This, much like the AvP miniatures game looks awesome. Thanks for demoing and reviewing the game for us.

  • Norman Folkes
    Norman Folkes 2 years ago

    i think what i love most about joe is that he reminds me soooo much of AVGN

  • Ellen Dira
    Ellen Dira 2 years ago +1


  • 33melonpaws77
    33melonpaws77 2 years ago

    28:50 Lady Luck really wanted to see Joe jump out of the window, that's all.

  • Zachary Jorgensen
    Zachary Jorgensen 2 years ago

    Wait, they still made those type of things? In 2015? Especially on a not-so-good movie? God damn. Admittedly though, it's not the worst in the series, but STILL...

    • Sean A. Emrick
      Sean A. Emrick 2 years ago

      It's more for the general terminator universe. It just so happens that Genisys was the newest one so they tied it in with that and boardgaming has gotten more popular in recent years. In a lot of ways its superior to videogames since if you're creative you can customize the figures in anyway imaginable and even use them for crossover games or whatever you want. Also as long as your not playing a tournament or something and just playing for fun if you don't like a rule you can change it or hell just use the figures and make your own rules. Tabletop boardgames/ miniature games have a literally limitless amount of options whereas if a videogame sucks, that's pretty much it.

  • BartholomewJS
    BartholomewJS 2 years ago +1


  • Nuck Chorris
    Nuck Chorris 2 years ago

    +AngryJoeShow Meow 10/10

  • Sean Blinkhorn
    Sean Blinkhorn 2 years ago

    Yeah that Far Cry Blood Dragon-y into is just about the coolest thing ever.

  • Steampilot
    Steampilot 2 years ago


  • Mr. Zoom
    Mr. Zoom 2 years ago

    whats the name of the soundtrack he uses at beginning?

  • Lisa Laycock
    Lisa Laycock 3 years ago

    please play dungeons and deagons

  • fjuraa
    fjuraa 3 years ago

    in the beginning of the video at around 4:20, just basically predicted the new story for the (most probably) upcoming Terminator movie

  • bryan Mauricio
    bryan Mauricio 3 years ago +1

    how do people like watching this shit

  • Padpaw22
    Padpaw22 3 years ago

    I cannot imagine that many would find such an imbalanced game as fun.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 3 years ago

    The die on the intro screen kind of bug me. Six-sided die should have numbers that add up to seven when adding their obverse sides.

  • Agent Everfree
    Agent Everfree 3 years ago

    The minute Joe roled that first one I felt the world become cold

  • Elliot Wood
    Elliot Wood 3 years ago

    whens the next video?

  • Yellow Lives Matter
    Yellow Lives Matter 3 years ago

    Fun games that I play and you should try:
    Mage Knight
    The Resistance
    Catan: with the hundreds of dollars worth of expansions of course ;)
    Small World
    Almost on the list:
    Mage Wars: I don't like the "trench warfare" feel
    Empires of the Void: Balancing issues

  • Yellow Lives Matter
    Yellow Lives Matter 3 years ago

    Play the dice game, BANG!
    Play the game, The Resistance
    Both of these games have to do with secrecy and are very fun with groups of 5 or more

  • D238034
    D238034 3 years ago

    Omg still 152.000 people who watch a silly board game. Seems this content is viewed enough to make him continue doing vids like these.

  • Zeferoth
    Zeferoth 3 years ago

    shut up joe with ur stupid idea why the fights started u cant make stories if ur life depended on it... stick to being a loser. ur better at that :) dumb fagnut

  • PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Omgawd it's Jesus!

  • Solid _fire93
    Solid _fire93 3 years ago +1

    intro music name plz ?

  • iamlegend0000
    iamlegend0000 3 years ago

    Thank you fpr the explaination, nice vid and good job guys. Not a warhammer fan but this game is as close as it will ever get me to it. Already bought two of these!

  • Robbibob
    Robbibob 3 years ago

    You should play some Blood bowl

  • RonaldRov Nazaire
    RonaldRov Nazaire 3 years ago

    you really are a fucking nerd

  • Axonteer
    Axonteer 3 years ago

    im gming star wars edge of the empire pnp and i have a bag full of custom die, plus a bag full of common d6-d20/100 dices for DSA, DND and such ^^
    Especially the metallic d6-d20 ones would fit really well for this game!

  • Lari Rissanen
    Lari Rissanen 3 years ago

    Here's a few game recommendations for Joe to try out:
    Star Wars: Imperial Assault & Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures - Tactical miniatures games. Imperial Assault happens on the ground and X-Wing happens in space, both are heavy on expansions with new characters in IA and ships in XW.
    Android: Netrunner - A really great cyberpunk themed card game where you play as a runner trying to steal corporate secrets or as a corporation that tries to protect them and advance their agendas.
    Kemet - The three games above are pretty much only for two players but Kemet you can play with up to five. You play as a commander in ancient Egypt where you serve a particular god while trying to win their favour through worship, sacrife and slaughtering your enemies in combat. It's a nice light wargame with wonderful components. It's also getting an expension next month which I can't wait for...

    BIG RED 3 years ago

    you should do axis and allies

  • Matteow
    Matteow 3 years ago

    so this is fun?

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 3 years ago

    The Movie sucks balls like crazy

  • tenshi souran
    tenshi souran 3 years ago

    joe you should play did 3.5 that's when ones hurt the most.

  • Angel Wolf kind
    Angel Wolf kind 3 years ago

    send a warhamer 40k baneblade

  • roburtrage
    roburtrage 3 years ago

    70 fucking pound? No mate.

  • Dylan Milroy
    Dylan Milroy 3 years ago

    GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antho143
    Antho143 3 years ago

    Joe's never seen a D20 lol! Don't worry dude when I first seen I had the same reaction when I first played D&D.

  • Caleb Dring
    Caleb Dring 3 years ago

    why the fuck are you giving more attention to this shit rather than reviews

  • qwertyu19951
    qwertyu19951 3 years ago

    I tried to see this as an interesting video, but I just can't. sorry.

  • LanderL9
    LanderL9 3 years ago

    the ambient music is awesome

  • rockirol1
    rockirol1 3 years ago


  • Tigersann
    Tigersann 3 years ago +1

    I think you guys are forgetting that in the future the resistance has plasma rifles, that are able to destroy endoskeletons, A LOT easier than
    a normal wespon. So the fact that terminators should be overpowered, I would agree only in case of our time military. Resistance has got
    plasma rifles for god's sakes, so it shouldn't be THIS hard to kill terminators... my 5 cents...

  • Swaggy McFaggy
    Swaggy McFaggy 3 years ago

    Please review destiny again.

  • Dave vd
    Dave vd 3 years ago

    u should play the resident evil card game if u have the time :p

  • Drohkavias
    Drohkavias 3 years ago

    I am surprised AJ hasn't done Execution Force yet... huh.

    SNÅKEFEEL 3 years ago

    Hey joe just found out about u. Ur channel is great bud!

  • BowToTheAvatar
    BowToTheAvatar 3 years ago

    "Terminators can run!?! It's crazy!" - Angry Joe

  • kaicooper87
    kaicooper87 3 years ago +5

    soundtrack name plz

    • Don Ricardo
      Don Ricardo 2 years ago

      +kaicooper 87 i want to have this instrumental midi version at the beginning!

  • Jacob Mays
    Jacob Mays 3 years ago

    (Great game btw) I think should you play reign of kings or h1z1 there not board games but I think itd be pretty fun to you'd guys play it for a bit

  • Prince Heru
    Prince Heru 3 years ago

    intro music please?

  • Dylan Milroy
    Dylan Milroy 3 years ago


  • LinkedChief
    LinkedChief 3 years ago

    I would love for there to be a new Terminator game (that's actually good) play by these rules where the machines are really strong and the resistance isn't really that strong without a hero character of sorts. Like if in a multiplayer battle the resistance team would have around 8 guys on the team and have objectives to complete while a 4 man squad of T-800s would try and stop them, both sides will have a life's counter or reinforcement number and the first to complete their objectives or to make the other team lose their lives, wins.

  • terrorloc100
    terrorloc100 3 years ago

    So, does anyone know if he jumped out the windows like he said?

  • E-TRON!
    E-TRON! 3 years ago

    I would have thought you would have scored it better because alott of people have recommended this game to me are the rules same or similar to AVP joe ? I think there similar to Warzone Resurrection

  • Chromeplate
    Chromeplate 3 years ago

    They (terminators) can run a bit too far with that map.Need a bigger map for that.OR simply nerf em a little bit.And that you only kill em on an 8 seems broken.

  • LegendOfZeldafan666
    LegendOfZeldafan666 3 years ago

    Awesome this game looks fun. Question tough are you planning to review Metal Gear Solid 5 : Phantom Pain?

  • Raquan Williams
    Raquan Williams 3 years ago

    she has 3hp bs

  • BlackJack Reviews
    BlackJack Reviews 3 years ago

    Have to admite enjoy the game. One thing with the Term players is the price to build up the force isn't too bad. Question...what do you think the upper pts limit for a competive game without it being bogged down?

  • acheron16
    acheron16 3 years ago +1

    Lol a Terminator eats an RPG shot FROM ARNOLD to the face and he only falls down? And he has like 10 Terminators?
    So fair.
    But warhammer figures would logically be able to fight and defeat Terminators given that they already fight machines worse than Terminators, which can HEAL themselves and are pretty much immortal (Nekrons)
    Also, question: why would the humans even take anything other than grenade and rocket launchers? Aren't small weapons useless against freaking machines?

  • blackguard82
    blackguard82 3 years ago

    review Mad Max and Metal Gear Joe!

  • Raptor Chic
    Raptor Chic 3 years ago

    awsom! you alwaYs cheer mehr up. Scheck out my torking vids

  • finis McGraw
    finis McGraw 3 years ago

    he should play axis and allies

  • Emperatos
    Emperatos 3 years ago

    Terminator "Who needs Cover if they never hit" -GG

    NICHI 3 years ago


  • Linus Hyper
    Linus Hyper 3 years ago

    I'm kind of surprised, why so many dislikes on this video? I mean, it's greatly noticeable on the like/dislike bar.

    • Linus Hyper
      Linus Hyper 3 years ago +1

      Makes sense. Thanks for explaining.

    • chancersssblue1
      chancersssblue1 3 years ago +1

      dedicated fanbase is pissed that he has come to reviewing board games, and becoming money hungry. Also, no reviews anymore let alone credible reviews. it time to move on.

  • bloodrunsclear
    bloodrunsclear 3 years ago

    The clown horn/house mix version of the Terminator theme makes me chuckle XD

  • Thomas Lindstrøm
    Thomas Lindstrøm 3 years ago

    I know the feeling of rolling the same everytime, I played Warhammer Fantasy with my brother, we rolled the same 7 frigging times in a row, what are the odds? xD

  • jitty2007
    jitty2007 3 years ago

    Also, here are a few games I'd love to see you and OJ play (with others where appropriate): 1. Arkham Horror (I know, fairly dated with Eldrich Horror out) 2. Twilight Imperium 3 3. Bang! 4. Twilight Struggle 5. Cosmic Encounters 6. Defenders of the Realm 7. Fury of Dracula 8. Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage. And please do not skip the analysis paralysis parts. Would love to see a complete playthrough of these. : )

  • jitty2007
    jitty2007 3 years ago

    Hey AJ, love the videos. You, OJ, and Angry Beard are great. When you do your board game playthroughs please don't skip the analysis paralysis (AP) parts, they are as important to board games as it is watching someone die numerous times doing a playthrough of a video game. Instead let the viewer know that if they want to skip the AP parts to click here. Please keep the board game playthroughs coming. : )

  • gurtana
    gurtana 3 years ago

    Great Arnold impressions, Joe.The game though.... hmmm...

  • your evil twin
    your evil twin 3 years ago +2

    Joe's plasma rifles are supposed to get 2 shots per turn, same as the Terminator plasma guns. Instead Joe was only shooting once per turn, while Angerbeard was shooting twice, so it's no wonder that the Resistance seemed underpowered! Also, they forgot about TDD (Time Displacement Device) re-roll mechanic, which Joe could have used to save Arnold, John Connor or Sarah Connor by re-rolling the unlucky dice rolls.

  • Garry Cotton
    Garry Cotton 3 years ago

    28:37 - LOL!!!!

  • Mc Whopper
    Mc Whopper 3 years ago

    Where's the fat beard guy?

  • Zucadragon
    Zucadragon 3 years ago

    Am I the only one that doesn't like all the tiny cameras that are constantly out of focus? I'd much prefer having a single HD camera showing off the whole field that all those tiny cameras that make it hard to show any detail whatsoever. They stutter, they're slow and often times out of focus.
    And how long does that "title" text need to be there, it's not like I'm going to forget halfway through that... OH, this is Terminator Genisys, I almost forgot there, glad they keep that up there, taking in valuable space that could otherwise be used to show the game!

  • michaelkeha
    michaelkeha 3 years ago

    This game just seems soo unbalanced and outright broken.

  • Daniel Alexander
    Daniel Alexander 3 years ago

    YOU WOULD LOVE THE GAME OF THRONES BOARD GAME !!! just letting you know www.amazon.com/Game-Thrones-The-Board-Second-Edition/dp/1589947207 and i love your channel

  • Sam walch
    Sam walch 3 years ago

    do fury road

  • Smug Bunny
    Smug Bunny 3 years ago

    Why is there so much hate and dislikes wtf?!?!??

  • underfire987
    underfire987 3 years ago

    really poor choice of a setting to base a miniatures game off of, very limited in what you can create not a choice I would have made if I wanted to make more than one product for it.

  • RadicalDickhead
    RadicalDickhead 3 years ago

    The dude didnt change shirt ew.

  • Psygone Bygone
    Psygone Bygone 3 years ago

    has joe been working out

  • James Langston
    James Langston 3 years ago

    Hmmmm, look at those AT-43 scenery pieces.