Minecraft Live: Update Highlights

  • Published on Oct 2, 2020
  • Caves. Cliffs. DLC. Mobs. Items. Content. Tools. And. More. Phew! Cramming all of the highlights from Minecraft Live into one video doesn’t leave much space for a caption! Read more at minecraft.net/live
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  • Bongs237
    Bongs237 Year ago +19596

    bruh they actually did a cave update, this is an epic gamer moment

  • LlamaLad
    LlamaLad 11 months ago +465

    October 2019: can’t wait for the caves and cliffs update
    October 2020: can’t wait for the caves and cliffs update
    October 2021: can’t wait for the caves and cliffs update

  • Cripy4721
    Cripy4721 Year ago +292

    Community: WE WANT CAVES
    Mojang: *give caves*
    Community: WE WANT CA- oh

  • BuffBoy Binks
    BuffBoy Binks Year ago +315

    I like how mojang is adding mobs I didn’t even know existed in real life.

    • Zeronumbersssss
      Zeronumbersssss 7 months ago

      @FireBlaze ok

    • FireBlaze
      FireBlaze 7 months ago

      @Zeronumbersssss camel sneaks

    • Zeronumbersssss
      Zeronumbersssss 7 months ago

      @Jhoril Heramis Calm down sweetie

    • Topinka UWU
      Topinka UWU 8 months ago

      Yes, especially Goat, Chicken, Pigs and Cow.

    • Imposter
      Imposter 9 months ago

      Spider goat human(Steve in old version) skeleton (inside real human body) axolotls dolphin squid shark(MODDED) spider eye (from killed spider in real life)

  • i dont know what to name myself

    To think this was once a flat land of grass and cobblestone

    • lol cat
      lol cat 8 months ago

      @Total platypus 2009 was betas and alphas 1.0 released in 2011

    • Total platypus
      Total platypus 9 months ago

      @Bully Maguire wasn’t it 2009

    • Bunz
      Bunz 9 months ago +1

      Minecraft Turned Into Different When Notch Leaves Mojang :/

    • Doge
      Doge 10 months ago +5

      @Bully Maguire **sigh** he meant that the game started growing in even bigger amounts since 2017

    • Bully Maguire
      Bully Maguire 10 months ago +1

      @SquareisEpic 2017? Isn't minecraft from 2011?

  • John Cena
    John Cena Year ago +1134

    Everyone: “We want a cave or cliff update!”
    Monjang: “No you will have both”

    • cv
      cv 2 months ago

      certified monjang moment

    • Chicken Egg
      Chicken Egg Year ago

      @matthew and btw do u play mc dungeons?

    • Chicken Egg
      Chicken Egg Year ago

      @matthew the purple gem

    • Chicken Egg
      Chicken Egg Year ago

      @matthew it doesn't look like Minecraft anymore cuz the creepy texture of the gem thing

    • Chicken Egg
      Chicken Egg Year ago

      What do u mean

  • Gaming Hack
    Gaming Hack Year ago +22

    Can't believe minecraft getting more realistic, just waiting for this😀😀😀

  • tom rabbani
    tom rabbani Year ago +572

    Can't wait for the texture packs for the warden. I'm thinking Shrek

    • Arush Shukla
      Arush Shukla 6 months ago

      @Rashmi Mishra oof its in 1.19 now

    • Izeeni Music
      Izeeni Music 7 months ago

      @Rashmi Mishra Now it's in 1.19 sadly, they've pushed skulk technology and archaeology forward by 2 updates

    • amogus amogus
      amogus amogus 7 months ago

      @Rashmi Mishra 1.19

    • Husky Baby
      Husky Baby 7 months ago


    • keaton playz
      keaton playz 7 months ago

      Still not in mincraft

  • ThatBritishGuy
    ThatBritishGuy Year ago +12

    Looks great! I imagine how creepy cave sounds will be now, and the goats are a nice feature.

  • cat master
    cat master 10 months ago +41

    Random player makes a hardcore world
    Warden: I'm going to end this man's whole career

  • John Cena
    John Cena Year ago +2291

    Everyone: “We want a cave or cliff update!”
    Monjang: “No you will have both”

    • Eva
      Eva 7 months ago +1

      Mojang: no you will have neither

    • Luvidigo Dizeo
      Luvidigo Dizeo 7 months ago +1

      He now added 1.17 Cave and Cliff

    • Hello Internet
      Hello Internet Year ago

      @PizlPixel *_NO._*

    • Hello Internet
      Hello Internet Year ago

      @Norúk Hahahaha.... *_NO._*

    • Nathan Genre
      Nathan Genre Year ago

      people didn't ask for cliffs update but i welcome it
      the update may release at 2021 because Mojang wants to have more time on creating this big update and have more interaction in the community - and i completely understand that

  • MrSPiRFor1
    MrSPiRFor1 7 months ago +31

    October 2020: I can't wait for the Warden to be added to Minecraft.
    October 2021: I can't wait for the Warden to be added to Minecraft.
    October 2022: I can't wait for the Warden to be added to Minecraft.

  • artefox
    artefox 7 months ago +22

    2020: Can't wait for the warden
    2021: Can't wait for the warden
    2022: Can't wait for the warden

    • cv
      cv 2 months ago

      they added it in a snapshot i think

    • Mateo Dream Falso
      Mateo Dream Falso 5 months ago

      3120: Cant wait for emerald armor

    • Yvette Outou
      Yvette Outou 5 months ago

      2030 cant wait for the end update

    • OwO
      OwO 6 months ago

      2100: Can't wair for the warden

    • VoidBoi2K9
      VoidBoi2K9 7 months ago

      2025:Cant Wait for Warden

  • Dark [GD]
    Dark [GD] 8 months ago +2

    epic, I can't wait for 1.18 to come out to play ... I love this new update and hope you don't disappoint me :)

  • LocalBonelessMann
    LocalBonelessMann Year ago +25

    The cow : staring at the distance
    The Goat : And i took that personally

  • DragonFries 12
    DragonFries 12 Year ago +1690

    Everyone: 2020 is the worst.
    Minecraft: *Finally gets cave update*
    Everyone: BEST YEAR EVER

  • MCEnthusiast
    MCEnthusiast Month ago +2

    October 2020: We’re gonna make an update that changes caves AND mountains
    April 2021: We’ve split the update into two parts
    June 2021: 1.17, Caves & Cliffs Part I, is out!
    July 2021: We’ve released an experimental snapshot for 1.18!
    September 2021: We’ve released a regular snapshot for 1.18!
    October 2021: Warden will be coming in 1.19
    November 2021: 1.18, Caves & Cliffs Part II, is out!
    December 2021: We’ve released a beta for frogs!
    February 2022: We’ve released an deep dark experimental snapshot for 1.19
    Summer 2022: We’ve added the warden after almost 2 years (20-21 months), including mangrove swamps, allays, tadpoles, and frogs!

  • 💚Chris Gamez💜
    💚Chris Gamez💜 8 months ago +2

    Wow..it’s been 11 months since this was released..I remember being so hyped for it…time flies..

  • Cinamon Roll Snek

    THIS LOOKS SO HECKIN EPICC!!! AMAZING job to all the devs your all so epic!!

  • DetectiveNeon
    DetectiveNeon 10 months ago +1

    Excited to see what you will announce this year!

  • Alex HB
    Alex HB Year ago +4736


  • Alfie Fugal
    Alfie Fugal Year ago +1

    From looking at the axolotl scene I think you can tame them or a new trident enchantment could be to control them

  • SkylaRoseYT
    SkylaRoseYT 11 months ago +2

    Bruh the caves look awesome and the axolotls are so cute!!!

  • •IzaAfiqah•
    •IzaAfiqah• 5 months ago +2

    Finally after almost 2 years they work on the Minecraft cave and cliff update,here it was!! Thank you Mojang for your hard work to keep us inspiring!! ✨

  • idunno
    idunno 7 months ago +7

    Everyone:WE WANT CAVE UPDATE!!!
    Mojang: *give cave update*
    Everyone: Okay now what

  • Ninoduckman
    Ninoduckman Year ago +1690

    Minecraft 2020: caves, new creatures and tons of other things
    Minecraft 2019: *B E E*

    • GhostedGamer
      GhostedGamer 9 months ago

      @Parker’s Views oh it's fine

    • Parker’s Views
      Parker’s Views 9 months ago +1

      @GhostedGamer what I meant is they release a new version about every year sorry

    • GhostedGamer
      GhostedGamer 9 months ago

      @Parker’s Views minecraft makes more than one update a year, including smaller bug fix updates and the bee update (a;so there new plan to release 2 updates a year, they haven't really been consistent with that yet)

    • Parker’s Views
      Parker’s Views 9 months ago

      @GhostedGamer Minecraft makes an update every year.
      So if 1.16 came out in 2020 and village and pillage 2019, what about the bee update?

    • BraveCow
      BraveCow 11 months ago

      minecraft 2021: caves, new creatures and tons of other things

    ALAN LUIS GUTIERREZ PERALTA 11 months ago +2

    thanks mojang for making the best game keep doing it

  • Portalcrafter
    Portalcrafter Year ago

    I’m gonna love this update because I use caves as my bases a lot of the time

  • Elec-citrus
    Elec-citrus Year ago +1

    Can't wait for creator tools. This must be epic.

  • AceNavy927
    AceNavy927 11 months ago +8

    It's cool when you can already use elytra in a *CAVE*

  • Legends Never Die
    Legends Never Die Year ago +3431

    Everyone: "2020 is a horrible year."
    Mojang: "Hold our cave update."

    • Vindicator OG
      Vindicator OG Year ago

      But it should be added in 2021

    • I'mATree!
      I'mATree! Year ago

      truh xD

    • A.Y.U Y
      A.Y.U Y Year ago +1

      this, this puts a smile on my face

    • Isaac 
      Isaac  Year ago

      Anita Ramiro ooooooo

    • Hat.
      Hat. Year ago

      @AboveRedemption Terraria: Hold Our 1.4 1.4.1
      2020: Hold our genshin impact

    4FIQWWHUUT 11 months ago +1

    Im so excited for the creator tools

  • RileyBedwarsPro
    RileyBedwarsPro Year ago +2

    Looks great!

  • BahalaKaDiyan23
    BahalaKaDiyan23 Year ago +5

    I know this is a Cave update but seeing the new blocks, its seems more of a... Uhm... A fantasy/Magical update because of the crystals and the candles

    • CarrotT
      CarrotT 7 months ago

      Amethyst are the ‘gemstones’ people wanted

  • Andrew Caton
    Andrew Caton Year ago +4

    I watched this two times and it’s so cool 😎

  • Luke
    Luke Year ago +2372

    It’s cool how everyone thought Mojang was ignoring us about the cave update, when in reality they were just working on it so hard since so much people wanted it.

    • Sirus Cook
      Sirus Cook 8 months ago

      @Bybs Bongo
      Same here, I rarely see other people bring that up because very few people are actually smart.

    • Parker’s Views
      Parker’s Views 9 months ago

      @A-B don’t even challenge him, he can’t even do 0.0000000000001% of the challenge

    • Bybs Bongo
      Bybs Bongo Year ago

      @Zazzel The Gamer I think you'd be surprised to hear about the amount of people that just don't grow up.

    • Zazzel The Gamer
      Zazzel The Gamer Year ago

      @Bybs Bongo thats the children of the fandom for you. They think everything is a meme.

    • Oscar Gabriel De La Luz Sánchez
      Oscar Gabriel De La Luz Sánchez Year ago

      @you seem mad bro What?

  • 真大大真
    真大大真 Year ago

    I'm excited for what's in store for Minecraft this year 😆

  • Arham Hasan
    Arham Hasan 11 months ago +16

    man i can't wait for pt 2

    • GamerTotalYT
      GamerTotalYT 7 months ago

      and the 1.19 for the warden :(

    • ajxbxvshbw
      ajxbxvshbw 8 months ago

      PAPYRUSSSSSSSSSS why r u here

  • Янки
    Янки 11 months ago +1

    Ай молодцы разработчики спасибо вам!))

  • canal xi
    canal xi 9 months ago

    The Tool Maker Will Be Really Cool When It Launches, I'm Feeling Like To Use The Caves And Cliffs Tool Maker👍👍👍👍🤩🤩

  • Luke
    Luke Year ago +1197

    For all the veteran Minecraft players out there, know this: yes Minecraft is changing, but just know it’s changing for the better!

    • SilverAlpha Productions
      SilverAlpha Productions Year ago

      @pemehl ps4 has been getting all the updates so it would be a very poor dessision because it would make many ps4 players resentfull to mojang because most people wont get the ps5 as soon as it comes out so it most likly will be added to keep the genral public into the game

    • pemehl
      pemehl Year ago +1

      @SilverAlpha Productions uh the play station editions of minecraft wont be getting any new updates im pretty sure

    • NascarMario
      NascarMario Year ago

      double comment

    • Golden Andesite
      Golden Andesite Year ago +1

      TheFakeJoel 732 I’m just sentimental

    • Georzaklis
      Georzaklis Year ago


  • TFZ Bird Fan
    TFZ Bird Fan Year ago

    I was thinking about the mob that I made up it’s called the Haiven it walks upside down and you can ride it it’s kinda like a strider to but a mob that eats zombies with its longe tung and it’s feet is made of stone and you can tame it with rotten flesh and it has a side ways mouth and many features to it they usually live in the normal caves and the lush cave and the shadow version is in the deep dark and there passive mobs there’s also more to them it would be kinda cool if they existed in caves and they could camouflage to.

  • Rena Delitzoglou
    Rena Delitzoglou Year ago

    Man i love Minecraft updates so much ❣️😍

  • Pixel Crossing
    Pixel Crossing 11 months ago +1

    Woah this is so cool! I can’t wait for it to come out

  • Freddy Rheinhardt
    Freddy Rheinhardt Year ago +1


  • Bionic
    Bionic Year ago +5042

    IM SO EXCITED!! I feel like this is gonna give Hytale more competition...

    • Pebz
      Pebz Year ago

      I’d like to apologize, I judged hytale by its graphics and nothing else

    • Pebz
      Pebz Year ago

      Man I started a war in the comments, neat

    • Pebz
      Pebz Year ago

      @CoolGamer Jr calm down bro

    • D3w-D!e
      D3w-D!e Year ago

      Bionic Hytale is not allowed to fight minecraft cause Hytale is made like minecraft

    • User
      User Year ago


  • TNT
    TNT Year ago +1

    I don’t think many people have noticed but when they showed the lush caves on the live stream it showed roots next to the tree

  • RealRodeo
    RealRodeo Year ago

    This year
    -Mountains revamp voted
    -Caves & Cliffs revelated
    -mob vote
    -Glow Squid win the vote thanks to dream
    -New Minecraft livestream
    -More Update info
    -Bedrock Beta added goat and horns, and powder sbow
    -Java Snap. Added copper and pointed dripstone.
    Mojang, RIP

  • SpringDoge
    SpringDoge Year ago +6

    This honestly feels like an amazing mod trailer for an upcoming mod.

    • SpringDoge
      SpringDoge Year ago

      @Elida Zejnilovic Yes but the amount of new and exicitng features taht are gonna get added feels out of Minecraft's Vanilla world

    • Elida Zejnilovic
      Elida Zejnilovic Year ago +1

      This is not a upcoming mod its gonna be the caves and cliffs not a mod this trailer is real

  • filip bajer
    filip bajer Year ago +17

    when i saw it for the first time i was thinking it was a joke. IT'S FRICKING AMAZING

  • Kulgvyi
    Kulgvyi Year ago +3014

    Minecraft Cave Update: *exists*
    Everyone's current minecraft world:
    "I'm in danger"

    • Reyfol James Garcia
      Reyfol James Garcia 11 months ago

      *unload chunks

    • Анжела Стоилова
      Анжела Стоилова 11 months ago

      @Dragoon1603 i have 1.16 but the world corrupts before i log on to it
      wish i could make a world

    • Mike2Dice
      Mike2Dice Year ago

      @Osiris Johnson IBXtoycat?

    • Awesomecat357
      Awesomecat357 Year ago

      That is true, so I don't wanna make some serious improvement on my world, cuz I WILL delete them ALL when it comes out.

  • Jaime Cruz
    Jaime Cruz Year ago

    IAM so excited 😁 from the caves and cliffs update I want to see the warden😁😁😁

  • Abir Wahab
    Abir Wahab Year ago +2

    And thus, the legendary hype continues till Summer 2021. This will be written in our culture.

    • Zeronumbersssss
      Zeronumbersssss 7 months ago

      And thus, the legendary hype continues till Winter 2021. This will be written in our culture.

    DIVINE PIRATE Year ago

    I love the cave update

  • Slm blck
    Slm blck 7 months ago +6

    A minute of silence for all that dead people who cannot see the caves & cliffs update

    • DarkShadowEmerald 22
      DarkShadowEmerald 22 7 months ago

      Ok … *more silence* … *even more silence* … *like so much si* ok that’s enough

  • Speedyrem
    Speedyrem Year ago +1428

    "We want cave update!"
    "No, we want mountain upgrade"
    Mojang: "How about both?"

  • jayritus cat and life like lego

    Ya quiero que salga esa vercion 😺seve interesante.

    • Santiago SANTARELLI
      Santiago SANTARELLI Year ago +1

      Yo tambien, ya quiero tener el cobre, la amatista, los arbustos, el skulck sensor, las estalactitas y el telescopio

  • Αναστασία Παναγιωτίδου

    i love this version!!!

  • Sosij
    Sosij 7 months ago +15

    Glad to see it takes 2 years for the warden...

    • Rigboy123
      Rigboy123 3 months ago

      Now that we have the snapshot (Which I didn’t even get to play cuz I am from Bedrock) Warden kinda made me sad, since he dies By only staying 3 blocks ahead, putting lava or water.

    • Nikita Scobelev
      Nikita Scobelev 7 months ago


    • Sosij
      Sosij 7 months ago

      @modyz yes I know

    • modyz
      modyz 7 months ago +3

      but dude you have to admit new warden deserve the delay it's so worth it

    • the bread | ذا بريد
      the bread | ذا بريد 7 months ago


  • Samuel Ghost
    Samuel Ghost 11 months ago

    Espero la segunda parte

  • SuperBlue Games
    SuperBlue Games Year ago +1434

    Minecraft: *actually gets a cave update*
    Memers: “I’m in danger”

    • KADO | كادو
      KADO | كادو Year ago


    • Arcelay
      Arcelay Year ago +2

      Its funny that a bunch of people were doing stuff like;
      Fans: We want Cave update!
      Minecraft: Here are three new mobs to choose.
      Mojang: A yellow cow, a glowing squid, a illager reskin
      Smash: Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman!
      And now Mojang actually did present not only the Cave update, but the cliff update.

    • mjv2011
      mjv2011 Year ago +1

      you meant
      memes: * chuckles * im in danger

    • DiamondGamingStudious //MrDGS
      DiamondGamingStudious //MrDGS Year ago

      i legit dint want a cave update but 55K people wanted it soooooo

    • Fivedeads
      Fivedeads Year ago


  • Riot The squid ink cookie

    I’m so hyped for this I can’t wait for summer 2021

    • Zeronumbersssss
      Zeronumbersssss 7 months ago

      I’m so hyped for this I can’t wait for winter 2021 :D

  • FROPE فروبي
    FROPE فروبي Year ago +1

    Wow, it's a very, very cool version.

  • paulo rezende
    paulo rezende 11 months ago

    Mojang muito muito obrigada 😊😊

  • Μαρια Μαγου


  • barx productions official channel

    Players: We want a cave update.
    Minecraft: No.
    Players: Well, we sure aren't getting that cave update, we've asked before, we won't be asking anymore because we know we'll get the same answer.
    Minecraft: Ok, have a cave update!

    • barx productions official channel
      barx productions official channel Year ago

      @YohaNico but have you ever heard of a quip? a funny? a clown moment? to put it simply, a joke?

      INVALID USER Year ago

      @Claymoura maybe they were working on it since 1.14 because theres so much stuff that needs to be approved and tested it would never come out in early 2021

    • Figuring Card
      Figuring Card Year ago

      Desert: you guys have updates?

    • Phoenix RQ
      Phoenix RQ Year ago

      Everything since 1.13 has been leading up to this

    • Claymoura
      Claymoura Year ago +7

      Jiometori I guess that just shows, that if we shut up and let them make the game in their own vision eventually they will get to what we want as a community

  • krishna Dixit gamerz
    krishna Dixit gamerz 10 months ago

    So beautiful update

  • Lorna Hughes
    Lorna Hughes Year ago

    I need that update it looks so awesome

    • Zeronumbersssss
      Zeronumbersssss 7 months ago

      Well guess what you'll get that update it looks so awesome :D

  • AkaExen
    AkaExen 11 months ago +3

    In a couple hours this is out can't wait

  • Beboi1208Games
    Beboi1208Games Year ago

    The P is silent on Psychological
    The B in the last letter is silent on Bomb
    The W is silent in Sword
    The H is silent in Mechanic
    The Cliffs is silent in Caves and Cliffs

  • TalTalim
    TalTalim Year ago +1357

    Everyone: We want cave update!
    Mojang: No here's nether update
    Everyone: Pleaseee we really want cave update
    Mojang: *Understandable, have a great day*

  • ivan santos
    ivan santos Year ago +1

    show de bola !!!!!!

  • Adrián Ruiz
    Adrián Ruiz 11 months ago

    I just love it so much the things minecraft added

  • Alisha Leef
    Alisha Leef Year ago

    I want an update on every single biome.

    • Rainystingray Games
      Rainystingray Games Year ago

      The nether updated last year
      Ocean in like 2017
      I think we're fine. But could do with a dessert update ?

  • 눈 ͜ʖ ͡눈 JustCommenting

    I remember that I skipped online school to watch the whole Live and it was worth it. Who here agrees with me. ( no one, okay I see. )

  • Latvian Animator
    Latvian Animator Year ago +1392

    Remember guys, this is only the start of the development. They, or even WE can make more variations of the caves!

    • Latvian Animator
      Latvian Animator Year ago

      @Areegyol Да, в латышском есть свои сложности, но они легко осваиваются. Удачи в изучении! :)

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol Year ago

      Latvian Animator спасибо) да, звучит шикарно. правда правило про не смягчающиеся -ли- -ти- итп очень сложно т_т . было, с практикой легче, но всё-равно вот вот и спадаешь/проговариваешься 😅

    • Latvian Animator
      Latvian Animator Year ago +1

      @Areegyol Ах, да, если ты заинтересован в латышском языке, то надеюсь что ты его выучишь, и он тебе понравится!

    • Latvian Animator
      Latvian Animator Year ago

      @Areegyol Да, печально.

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol Year ago

      Latvian Animator
      Это печально *(;-;)*

  • Angel Ociel Castelan

    I love all the things you have in game but I think you should add a little bit more like maybe you could add corn peas and other stuff that are from real life and maybe even copper in 1.16 already

    CRYSTALGZ怪物 10 months ago +2

    When will the creator tools be released?

  • Zain A Miracle
    Zain A Miracle Year ago +2

    Oh my gosh i wish that we could make a mirror out of crystals in the new update. That will be super cool

  • ⚫️BOB⚫️
    ⚫️BOB⚫️ 8 months ago +3

    These are the most coolest things!!

  • Demoslow e
    Demoslow e Year ago +1047

    2019: Minecraft gains popularity and everyone is loving it
    2020: Steve gets put into Smash Bros and we get the nether AND cave update
    Can't wait for the future of Minecraft

    • OmarQ
      OmarQ Year ago

      @melon plex nice joke

    • Stickmation
      Stickmation Year ago +1

      @OmarQ One either Minecraft will end with no more updates. 2 Minecraft will not end and updates will keep happening until the Popularity will end 3 Minecraft 2

    • OmarQ
      OmarQ Year ago +1

      It’s hard to believe that this is the same game that was released back in 2009! Also It’s hard to think that minecraft will stop having updates one day

    • Darksalt097
      Darksalt097 Year ago +1

      It is just the nether update on 2020. The caves and cliffs update is on 2021.

    • emoja knight
      emoja knight Year ago

      @melon plex no

  • Gak R
    Gak R Year ago +2

    Oh great giving me more reason to stay at the level where there are only lava patches and ores

  • XxpromlggamerxX !
    XxpromlggamerxX ! Year ago +1

    I can’t wait to load up 1.17 for the first time

  • Tundra XD
    Tundra XD 9 months ago +2

    0:59 people : saying that they know every caves and cliffs feature
    Creator tools: I'm the most helpful feature ever and now I'm be the most forgotten feature?

  • Carlos Everton
    Carlos Everton Year ago

    Atualização mais foda

  • an0nym0udツ
    an0nym0udツ Year ago +1168

    "2020 is the worst year"
    Cave Update: allow me to introduce myself

  • Reve
    Reve 7 months ago +4

    Its sad that the warden will be added in the wild uptade as said in Minecraft live

  • Vilho Hyvärinen
    Vilho Hyvärinen 11 months ago

    Now when the 1.17 has came out im. really waiting for the warden and all the otger stuff releasing in the part 2

  • MaryPlays
    MaryPlays Year ago +1

    No puedo esperar para la nueva versión Caves and Cliffns UwU

  • Natasha Broom
    Natasha Broom Year ago

    tactical players: lets farm it
    warden: oh no

  • High Ground Master
    High Ground Master Year ago +1549

    Mojang: "Adds cave update"
    Everyone: *Perhaps I treated you too harshly..*

  • ink demon
    ink demon Year ago +1

    I like the creator tools :)

  • Andrew Leadley
    Andrew Leadley 11 months ago +2

    At least the diamonds still look pretty similar.

    H4YBOZA Year ago

    Guys i have an idea for the next update wich will include :*better mobs , items and structures* wich might get mobs sick animations just like the warden snd more better things
    Edit : also why wont it affect changing everything even im other dimensions ?
    Another edit : it should even include drinking and so much more survival options

  • Nanieve
    Nanieve Year ago +4

    1:27 That one Axolot gets knocked lol

  • John Cena
    John Cena Year ago +1093

    Everyone: “We want a cave or cliff update!”
    Monjang: “No you will have both”

    • CookieVideoMaker
      CookieVideoMaker Year ago +1


    • Plutonium
      Plutonium Year ago

      @Nima Master TheXvid needs a cc update

    • John Cena
      John Cena Year ago +1

      Lukepar3 Gaming I didn’t copy

    • Lukepar3
      Lukepar3 Year ago


    • you but better
      you but better Year ago

      @Dots honestly that just reminds of me dungeons and dragons and now i want a minecraft board game based off of it.

  • NobleSky Sisters
    NobleSky Sisters Year ago +2

    Everyone: CAVE UPDATE!
    Me, who is a creative mode builder: CREATOR TOOLS!

  • Firoz Khan
    Firoz Khan Year ago

    I didn't liked the textures that much but the updates are mind blowing

  • ITZyuhboikbob
    ITZyuhboikbob Year ago +1


    • BukanLevin
      BukanLevin Year ago

      This Is Super Huge Update For Next Generation Of Minecraft

  • Awesomecat357
    Awesomecat357 Year ago

    I am SO exited for this... I literally cannot wait, this will change Minecraft forever. When this comes out, I will stop with Fortnite for a while and play a LOT more Minecraft.
    Keep up the great work