Best meal kit delivery service: Price, taste and the least amount of plastic

  • Published on May 9, 2021
  • There are a million meal kit services to choose from. We whittled it down to three: Blue Apron, EveryPlate and Sunbasket. Lexy Savvides tried each for a week and compared things like taste, portion size, ease of cooking and even how much single-use plastic comes in a box.
    You can sign up for these meal kit services here:
    Blue Apron:
    *CNET may get a commission from these offers.
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Comments • 62

  • CNET
    CNET  6 months ago

    You can sign up for these meal kit services here πŸ‘‡
    Blue Apron:
    *CNET may get a commission from these offers.

  • Tan Pham
    Tan Pham Year ago +15

    100% agreed. Every week I order 10 meals. 5 lunch meals from everyplate and I rotate 5 dinner from either hellofresh or home chef. I used to ordered blue apron but the amount of plastic was such a turn off. I canceled after two weeks. But overall, you're spot on. I love everyplate because their food are tasty and well priced.

  • RJay
    RJay Year ago +5

    Problem I had with Everyplate is that too much of the meal is potatoes, rice, or pasta. You can see how they can sell it for less than the others. But the sauces make the items quite tasty, and you can get seafood or steak meals at extra cost.

  • Christine S.
    Christine S. 4 months ago +2

    I just started getting 3 hello fresh dinners each week and most we liked, a couple we would not eat again. The biggest draw is that my teens want to do the cooking and it gets us to sit down and eat together. Something we used to do pre pandemic. Plus I don’t have to meal plan and shop. I will try other kits in the future.

  • Ryan Hull
    Ryan Hull 22 days ago +2

    My #1 reason for trying Hello Fresh / Every Plate was to engage my 6/7 year old with cooking.
    It takes the fuss out of planning, most of the measuiring, etc and we can get down to basics like knife skills, using tools, safety, and most importantly, spending time together.
    I'll check out Every PLate and see if there's a price difference from Hello Fresh, but I'm guessing they're the same.
    I do find that ordering 4 meals 1 week, and then skipping the next saves me about $2.50/serving. I just have to freeze those meats immediately, and plan on eating them the following week.

  • Ivne Haas
    Ivne Haas 6 months ago +4

    I LOVE that you saved the plastic to show us! πŸ‘πŸ»β€

  • james sherman
    james sherman Month ago +2

    Great comparison of meal kits. I really appreciate your focus on the packaging. That is a concern of mine.

  • Jennifer Wilkewitz
    Jennifer Wilkewitz 4 months ago +1

    I love meal kits but I tried Sunbasket once and both meals were equally disgusting. Would not try again. Also, if you want a really good cheaper meal kit I'd go with dinnerly. They have a much bigger variety then Every Plate and better recipes in my opinion for about the same price

  • KJ
    KJ Year ago +38

    7:57 πŸ‘ˆNot weird, I applaud you for this important info. πŸ—‘β™»οΈ
    More awareness & accountability of excessive wasteful packaging is appreciated. πŸŒŽπŸ‘

  • jessica jeffrey
    jessica jeffrey 4 months ago +4

    I don’t comment often , this video was very very very detailed thank you so much . You just helped me choose a meal kit !

  • Steven Mancera
    Steven Mancera Year ago +38

    Why you forget to include Hello Fresh tho? I thought Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are basically a duopoly and control the market?
    Also what about Amazon Meal Kits?
    Do more of this. It's a refreshing tangent than usual tech news

    • Elliott Paine
      Elliott Paine 2 months ago

      Hello Fresh is expensive, just look at someone elses vid on same topic. Every plate seems the the cheapest. Amazon is not going to be quality on food side.

    • Tracy C.
      Tracy C. 9 months ago +3

      @ζž—ε»·ζ° Every Plate is owned by Hello Fresh; that does NOT make it the same thing.

    • ζž—ε»·ζ°
      ζž—ε»·ζ° Year ago +1

      @Steven Mancera Hello Fresh is mentioned in 6:06

    • Steven Mancera
      Steven Mancera Year ago +5

      @adilator It's not. I've watched. What do you think I'm stupid commenting before I finished the video??
      Or you better mean Every Plate, which is Hello Fresh's sister company, but not really Hello Fresh???

    • adilator
      adilator Year ago +3

      Watch the stupid video before complaining. Hello fresh is in there.

  • Diane K. Kovacs
    Diane K. Kovacs 6 months ago +5

    We've tried all three and prefer Blue Apron. Mainly because it is interesting food and we learned more about cooking good food. We save the recipe cards for future doing it on our own. If we had kids to feed then we might like EveryPlate but it was too simple...all stuff I could make in my sleep and a lot less expensive buying local. Sunbasket is just too exotic for us even and the instructions are very difficult for us old folks with tired eyes.

  • Densky Simon
    Densky Simon Year ago +2

    Yea I try every plate the first week was fine the second week we started missing some ingredients and almost all the protein receipt were pork and potatoes and we don’t eat pork

  • Mary Murphy
    Mary Murphy 4 months ago +1

    Love that you showed the waste. Thanks

  • Pradeepkumar Sundaram

    In India there is no such concept at all! But the pictures you show are really good, making me hungry againπŸ˜‚

  • T MAC
    T MAC 9 months ago

    Wonderful video! Thank you.

  • Ninja Nerd Student #69

    Just make sure you recycle plastic resins 1 and 2.

  • Robocore02
    Robocore02 Year ago +4

    Thank you for the video!!

  • Elliott Paine
    Elliott Paine 2 months ago

    Other YTers who made a vid on same topic came down to Every Plate as their pick as well. Seems a winner!

  • Bill Prisco
    Bill Prisco 5 months ago +3

    Love blue apron , I'll never go back to every plate.

  • Mike Suarez
    Mike Suarez Year ago +1

    In the past: Tech !
    Nowadays: Meal Kits !

  • Susan A
    Susan A 3 months ago +1

    Did any say if they were non-gmo or not?

  • dhirender sahani
    dhirender sahani Year ago

    So delicious.

  • Bholu Whoop
    Bholu Whoop Year ago +4

    LOL, I just saw a Blue Apron Ad before this.... πŸ˜‚

  • Phi Huynh
    Phi Huynh 5 months ago

    5:14 kudos for using chopsticks! Thanks for great vid review.

  • Christopher L
    Christopher L 2 months ago

    I’m All for β€œorganic” food. And yet you still wear leather shoes and drive coal powered cars.
    Have you really thought all of this through?
    How about the plates? Appliances? Shades? Soap dispensers? Counter tops? Etc.
    Just asking.
    It’s ok your still better than β€œnormal” people.

    • GongoLongo
      GongoLongo Month ago +1

      Organic is more for your own health, not the environment.

  • Bob johnson
    Bob johnson 2 months ago

    whats the katsu sauce recipe?

  • Ben Greenwald
    Ben Greenwald Year ago

    They all cost way too much! The best meal kit is going to the store and cooking.

    • TechFan101
      TechFan101 10 months ago +11

      Then it isn't for you now is it. This is for people who want to pay for the convenience of not planning a recipe or going to the store

  • Christopher Baloco

    Yo Lexi did you mean to say "capsicum"? lol

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m Year ago +1

    Least amount of plastic,
    Most amount of paper, bye bye planet

  • Ninja Nerd Student #69

    I guess this is a good solution for anyone who is too lazy to go to grocery stores or spend 5 minutes looking up recipes on TheXvid.

    • Tired&Exhausted
      Tired&Exhausted 4 months ago +1

      Always one in the crowd πŸ˜‘

    • EpicConspiracy
      EpicConspiracy Year ago +8

      These meal kits are cheap and you get a variety of meals sent to you. People would rather spend cash than wasting time running around a grocery store looking for ingredients and also saving time what to fix each day

    • Margot Robinson
      Margot Robinson Year ago +11

      It’s actually good because you don’t end up with wasted ingredients. And, TheXvid recipes often fail. You have to know in advance which TheXvidrs are the good ones. Also, the video is a condensed version of the cooking method, and you have to go to a website to get the actual recipe. It isn’t a five minute process. If you do it right, grocery shopping, menu planning and cooking are complex tasks. And, it can be expensive, too.

  • Deepika Saraswat
    Deepika Saraswat Year ago


  • Moritz Vec
    Moritz Vec 6 months ago

    omg so much plastic

    REEZY Year ago +5

    So basically spend a lot of money just to still be hungry.....

    • Tired&Exhausted
      Tired&Exhausted 4 months ago

      It’s good for people who have a hard time with portion control

    • J L
      J L Year ago +3

      Yeah sounds about right.

  • TheOfficialGamingNation

    Nice dish

  • Lord Doma
    Lord Doma Year ago +1

    I'm good thanks I would rather save money and go to the grocery store.

  • Rex Cosmos
    Rex Cosmos Year ago +3

    Waste Generation is the name of my new band

  • Denis Lara
    Denis Lara Year ago +6

    Why are people so obsessed with organic? organic means it will discompose. So whats the deal?

  • EpicConspiracy
    EpicConspiracy Year ago

    I use all of these and the truth is they are all the same. Just subscribe to the one with the best deal each week. They will all offer you giant discounts time and time again.

  • Phillip Moore
    Phillip Moore 2 months ago

    Just an opinion here, but I didn't like Sunbasket. Broccolini is not better than broccoli, arugula is not better than lettuce, kale is not better than spinach, black beans are not better than pinto beans, and so forth. Some folks may have diet preferences though. Their seafood is very good, of course expensive for the portions.

  • Deepika Saraswat
    Deepika Saraswat Year ago

    Iam firdt

  • Deepika Saraswat
    Deepika Saraswat Year ago


  • Lachezar Dimitrov
    Lachezar Dimitrov Year ago +1

    I thought it is a tech channel or something... unsubscribe!

  • ThereAreNo AvailableNames
    ThereAreNo AvailableNames 2 months ago +2

    Even at the cheapest $50 a week for 4 meals, that's $200 a month for 16 meals with no leftovers. What a scam.

    • GongoLongo
      GongoLongo Month ago +1

      Well it's not a scam if they lay it all out for you.

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m Year ago +1

    So the service is basically for lazy people