Daniel Ricciardo: No Brakes Ep 4 presented by Thorne

  • Published on Nov 3, 2020
  • Spent some time with the Gang of Youths a while back. Played the drums and sang. Am now a recording artist. We'll probably win a Grammy.
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Comments • 782

  • Daniel Ricciardo
    Daniel Ricciardo  Year ago +671

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  • Bob Bishop
    Bob Bishop Year ago +1

    yo Daniel what’s up btw congratulations on not forgetting the most iconic podium celebration

  • Mateja Atanasov
    Mateja Atanasov Year ago +205

    This man's energy could power a whole city

  • Vanessa A.
    Vanessa A. Year ago +1

    Alternative title: Daniel Ricciardo being a kid in the studio for 5 minutes.

  • John Georgala
    John Georgala Year ago +300

    I wish I had a friend like Danny, like how could you not be happy around that kinda energy!

  • Dog McBleh
    Dog McBleh Year ago +691


  • Kat Koehl
    Kat Koehl Year ago +257

    "I don't think I'm fast enough" The first time Daniel has ever said that.... :)

  • vicky88151
    vicky88151 Year ago +163

    so apparently the whole video was about Daniel laughing non-stop and showing off that beautiful smile of his and I loved it. So much warmth

  • andrewnduati
    andrewnduati Year ago +83

    It is literally impossible to not like Daniel Ricciardo - dude is "good vibes only" incarnate

  • Emma Bodyova
    Emma Bodyova Year ago +291

    i was smiling through whole video and realized it at the end

  • HungryGrain
    HungryGrain Year ago +250

    Me: watching the election when the big moments are happening and sees a Daniel Riccardo video

  • Albu Cristina
    Albu Cristina Year ago +42

    We need more videos like yours, such a positive energy all the time😆 greetings from Germany☺️

  • Anmol Kalra
    Anmol Kalra Year ago +42

    So i just had a 5.32 minute long smile. Love this guy, love this band.

  • Alexander Ivory-Brown
    Alexander Ivory-Brown Year ago +127

    Daniel: My music career is finally taking off.

  • Tea
    Tea  +2

    The fact that this song is now out and its my new favourite song-

  • Math Bea
    Math Bea Year ago +3

    You must laugh and smile when you heard this laugh and saw that smile. This is contagious. Congrats for this magical podium (must say I’m so proud and happy as a french that my favorite driver got two podiums with Renault!). 💪🕺

  • Dan on bass
    Dan on bass Year ago +3

    A natural mate 😉 Love these videos

  • Nicole Menas
    Nicole Menas Year ago +45

    Two of my favorite things: Daniel Ricciardo and Gang of Youths 🙂

  • Giorgia F
    Giorgia F Year ago +5

    Daniel is good at everything he does 👏🏻 his talents have no limits

  • Jacobo_28
    Jacobo_28 Year ago +17

    Danieeeeel you're the best, cheers from Spain and congratulations on that podium!!!!!