All the Hand-Drawn Films - Disneycember

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • Relive all your hand-drawn Disney classics as Doug gives his thoughts from years ago about which ones were his favorites and which ones should've been shelved.
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Comments • 941

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  7 months ago +389

    A lot of people have been asking us to combine Disneycember seasons into one video so we did just that. We will be uploading these videos once a month leading up to the new Disneycember at the end of this year. What movies should Doug cover for this years Disneycember?

    • Ash Parth
      Ash Parth 17 days ago

      the live action adaption of the Disney movies

    • Movie and Tvseries clips
      Movie and Tvseries clips 3 months ago

      Maybe disney Broadway musicals.

    • SethBreloom94
      SethBreloom94 3 months ago

      I know a lot of people were hoping to see "Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin" in the direct to video year. Maybe this year?

    • MusicLover_KB
      MusicLover_KB 4 months ago

      Review the Disney Channel movies he skipped over last year.

    • Knuckles
      Knuckles 4 months ago +1

      Channel Awesome well done
      video. Thanks for making this
      very open minded, funny, and
      interesting video. Melody time
      and American legends like John
      Henry, Johny Apple seed, Paul
      and the others were absolutely
      amazing ! Very Inspirational to me.
      Glad you discussed Johny Apple seed. If you discussed others thank you. The world need to remember there were amazing people here and soon to come.

  • Colleen Schafer
    Colleen Schafer 2 days ago

    The Headless Horseman gave me nightmares. By the way, I read somewhere that the Beast's real name is Adam. And please watch Whotsovideo's study on the lore of the Lion King.

  • Kady Sherwood
    Kady Sherwood 4 days ago

    I absolutely love Tarzan it's my Favourite Disney Film

  • peaches
    peaches 8 days ago

    Jane is my favorite female disney character by far ! :D

  • peaches
    peaches 8 days ago

    Omg finally someone who doesnt like mushu too! I love mulan and its one of my favorites but i very much dislike mushu

  • Ricarla B.
    Ricarla B. 21 day ago

    I kind of want Non-traditionally serious Disney animated features made like Nadia- I mean Atlantis: the lost Empire. I want to see more serious animated stories made by them that don't tread down the typical Disney musical tropes.

    Improving on Atlantis's Villain, I see where Doug complains about how they're motive for monetary gain seemed banal for such an elaborate expedition. I could understand the lower ranked Nautilus crew having they're separate aspirations, but with Commander Rourke, I expected his motive would be more dire like trying to keep Crystal tech out of other nations hands and trying to avert another Atlantis Disaster while being blind to his own counties potential for fucking up like the Atlanteans did.

  • Slickest Rick
    Slickest Rick 23 days ago +1

    On Pinocchio: Why not have the lessons already learned?
    Because if she just programmed him to be perfect he would still be a puppet.

  • Rafael Nascimento
    Rafael Nascimento 24 days ago

    In defense of Treasure Planet.... Final Fantasy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Michael Mack
    Michael Mack 26 days ago

    prove you're nude

  • Leyderhoese
    Leyderhoese Month ago +4

    02:25 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    07:09 - Pinocchio
    11:37 - Fantasia
    15:08 - Dumbo
    18:30 - Bambi
    21:39 - Saludos Amigos
    24:04 - Three Caballeros
    27:33 - Make Mine Music
    30:14 - Fun & Fancy Free
    33:33 - Melody Time
    36:18 - The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
    40:01 - Cinderella
    43:32 - Alice in Wonderland
    47:15 - Peter Pan
    49:50 - Lady and the Tramp
    52:00 - Sleeping Beauty
    55:50 - 101 Dalmatians
    58:28 - The Sword in the Stone
    1:01:33 - The Jungle Book
    1:04:30 - The Aristo Cats
    1:06:33 - Robin Hood
    1:09:50 - The many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    1:13:06 - The Rescuers
    1:15:25 - Fox and the Hound
    1:17:45 - The Black Cauldron
    1:22:13 - The Great Mouse Detective
    1:26:00 - Oliver & Company
    1:30:31 - The Little Mermaid
    1:36:41 - The Rescuers Down Under
    1:40:59 - Beauty and the Beast
    1:46:15 - Aladdin
    1:49:40 - The Lion King
    1:55:57 - Pocahontas
    2:01:20 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    2:09:15 - Hercules
    2:14:29 - Mulan
    2:19:54 - Tarzan
    2:26:15 - Fantasia 2000
    2:31:36 - The Emperor's New Groove
    2:35:13 - Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    2:39:11 - Lilo & Stitch
    2:43:30 - Treasure Planet
    2:48:54 - Brother Bear
    2:54:53 - Home on the Range
    2:58:03 - Enchanted
    3:02:59 - The Princess and the Frog
    3:09:40 - Tangled
    3:15:57 - Winnie the Pooh
    3:20:55 - A Goofy Movie
    3:24:10 - Dinosaur
    3:29:34 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  • -Hopeless situation Warrior-

    audio is fucking awful

  • The Bit Gamer 2
    The Bit Gamer 2 Month ago

    Well. Guess I’ll go grab some popcorn

  • Funny Happy Studios
    Funny Happy Studios Month ago +1


  • Diamond Swordsmen
    Diamond Swordsmen Month ago

    0:40 This point was said so smoothly, why do I love the way NC says "You don't have a choice"?

  • Julian Salinas
    Julian Salinas Month ago

    That's a leopard not a cheetah

  • Andrés Prochnik
    Andrés Prochnik Month ago

    What's the name of the theme that plays like a lullaby?. You can ehar it clearly after the end of Beauty and the beast review.

  • mpcref
    mpcref Month ago

    You forgot Mickey's Christmas Carol

    • J. B.
      J. B. Month ago

      Mickey's Christmas Carol was a short, not a feature film.

  • Dennie's Story
    Dennie's Story 2 months ago

    If you pause the video at 1:47:51 it looks like a friggin' Picaso Painting.

  • Brydj Tom
    Brydj Tom 2 months ago +1

    40:04 Cinderella 43:35 Alice in wonderland 1:30:48 the little mermaid 1:40:57 beauty and the beast 1:46:18 Aladdin 2:09:17 2:19:56 Tarzan 3:03:22 the princess and the frog 3:09:46 Tangled

  • InHouseMaterial
    InHouseMaterial 2 months ago

    Music's too loud over the voice over

  • Limulus polyphemus
    Limulus polyphemus 2 months ago

    I disagree with your capital flaw in the lion king, I don’t think the message is meant to be that you shouldn’t take responsibility for things that you didn’t actually do even if you thought you did them, it’s more complex than that, there’s sort of two messages working in tandem, on the one hand he did the right thing by taking responsibility, but the film takes a more mature perspective in the sense that part of the meaning of taking responsibility for your actions is that no amount of remorse or regret will change what you’ve done and how that will affect how the people around you see you it’s kind of harshly realistic in a fascinating way; the way I see it, when the truth comes out that scar really was the one behind his fathers death it’s sort of a message centered around scar and the fact that what’s done in the dark will be brought to the light, if you use lies and treachery to gain success or support it will only be a matter of time before the truth comes out, one way or another, and you will suffer because of it

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 2 months ago

    Y’know, I feel like Doug looks at every movie he watches through an arthouse perspective, I get that most of his favorite movies are arthouse movies but still, you don’t need to judge every movie like an arthouse movie

  • Jaypeg
    Jaypeg 2 months ago

    I watched fun fancy free when i was a kid and i didnt remember it until this very moment oh my god thats crazy

  • SneakDante
    SneakDante 2 months ago

    Could you do a video on song of the South. Going into the cotrovicy of it. And your thoughts on it. As I don't understand how they can have all the characters in splash mountain in the parks, but want to expunge where they came from.

  • Seanpvs101 Incredibles fan boy

    1:28:52 I LIKE TRAINS 🚊

  • Aussa Kagamine
    Aussa Kagamine 2 months ago

    cinderella is a great princess to learn from, i take life that way and it goes great

  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe 2 months ago

    2D animation was beautiful!

  • Cer Burrows
    Cer Burrows 2 months ago

    Who on earth rents DVDs anymore

  • Nilas JunkYard
    Nilas JunkYard 2 months ago

    When I was a child me and my brother devoured phantasia.

  • Pat rice
    Pat rice 2 months ago

    Actually Snow White did die, and at the end of the film she wakes up in the after life. After the grim reaper (the prince) gives her the kiss of death; escorting Snow White to the kingdom of heaven.

  • TH Milk
    TH Milk 2 months ago

    Did i left my Skyrim on... oh wait, that's just his annoying background music in the video

  • Betsy Schugar
    Betsy Schugar 2 months ago

    Treasure Planet is an extremely underrated movie, and I feel like this review really didn't do it justice. He didn't talk about the animation style AT ALL, which at least for me is one of the highlights of the movie, and was actually incredibly groundbreaking. It mixed 2D hand-drawn animation with CGI and the Deep Canvas animation used in Tarzan, and I've always thought it melds together beautifully. I really expected a bigger reaction over the solar-surfing scene, but all we got are snide comments about how relatable Jim is. Also, the look of the movie is supposed to be steampunk, which is the same mix of 19th-century and futuristic styles that he complains about. Lastly, Treasure Planet was actually the passion project of two of Disney's top animators, who had to ask execs repeatedly before they actually got it greenlit, and then there was almost no effort to advertise it, so Disney basically killed it before it had a chance to get popular with audiences. Honestly I think quite a few of the reviews in this video would have benefited from a bit of research about the film's history and production, because I think some of his issues with the movies come from a lack of background knowledge. Anyway, Treasure Planet is an amazing movie and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

  • Fuglsang
    Fuglsang 2 months ago

    We apparantly have really similar tastes in Disney movies. I agree with almost every single thing said in the entire video

  • Zack
    Zack 2 months ago +1

    Hercules has always been my favorite Disney movie as a kid.
    Recently saw it now as an adult and I still love it.

  • Kinky Kimberley
    Kinky Kimberley 2 months ago +1

    'the creativity' said over a recycled scene......

  • Briar Rose Aurora
    Briar Rose Aurora 2 months ago +2

    Umm excuse me but Aurora is not a boring character!!!! There is a lot more too her than just being pretty!!! Come on give her some props her whole life was a lie and for 16 years she dreamt about finding someone. But when she finally found someone the fairies ruin it for her!! And at least she doesn’t bitch about have to rule like the other princesses do.

  • Cheyenne Lin
    Cheyenne Lin 3 months ago +1

    watching this whole thing in one sitting made me sad. disney used to take so may risks and be the harbinger of change, now they don't take risks and just follow the crowd.

    • Unicorn Bunny
      Unicorn Bunny 2 months ago

      Cheyenne Lin That’s because they influenced animation as a whole. Don Bluth and Miyazaki were inspired by Walt Disney. Zootopia took a risk: it tackled racism and prejudice.

  • Nathan Neuschwander
    Nathan Neuschwander 3 months ago

    14:44 DINOSAURS

  • angela barth
    angela barth 3 months ago

    i am a big fan of phil collins and emperor's new groove and hercules

  • NathanTheDragon 2.O/ DraGZKing

    5:43 *Same*
    *; __ ;*

  • Biohazard Kirby
    Biohazard Kirby 3 months ago

    The music is too obnoxious. It lowers the quality of the video, too much audio clutter. I get the copy right garbage, but I find it to hard to sit through. I wouldn’t have bothered.

  • Steven Tate
    Steven Tate 3 months ago

    Great reason . subbed.

  • KyubeetheEspurr
    KyubeetheEspurr 3 months ago

    For Snow White (this is a joke), the seven dwarves were sent there from the Mountainhomes by Armok, the god of Blood. He trancends time and spaaaaaace, wheeeeeeeeeee

  • Judah Breese
    Judah Breese 3 months ago +2

    This is always interesting for me to watch because I, legitimately, did not grow up with disney. My disney was Jim Henson, with a couple ghibli movies in the mix, it was just my parents' tastes and we didn't have cable so they showed me what they liked I could watch. So when I went to my friends' houses and watched the classic disney movies I didn't go in expecting to love it, but sometimes did. Lilo and Stitch I loved, Pinocchio I remember really liking as well as scaring me and The Lion King was probably my favourite as a kid out of the say seven classic disney movies I actually watched and remembered. Looking at disney critically without the nostalgia goggles is a bit surreal, but also intriguing. I saw Hunchback/because/ of how much Critic praised it and sure enough loved it. Why do I share this? Because without the nostalgia, disney does still absolutely deserve to be recognized as the classic they are, which I owe the honesty to admit I can see looking in from the outside

    • Unicorn Bunny
      Unicorn Bunny 2 months ago

      Judah Breese Really? Because I thought without nostalgia blindness, Disney would just be seen as okay.

  • Divergent_bowtie
    Divergent_bowtie 3 months ago

    avenue Q is not what i was expecting you to say for winnie the pooh songs hahah

  • Secretly Ethan Robinson


  • Tiny Winnie
    Tiny Winnie 3 months ago

    Was on board til you got to lion king. Just cant wait to be king was a CLASSIC B O P

  • Ranjira
    Ranjira 3 months ago

    the whole Racist crow think has to do with the fact they are "black birds" and the yellow beaks are reminiscent of the big brightly colored lips that were used in insensitive illustrations of people of color in animation and comics at the time. both Pokemo and DragonBall also have characters that fit this line of thinking (Jynx & Mr Popo well as any black character that appears in DB & DBZ) but ... that said to be offended by them at this point requires a person to be actively looking form something to be offended by (sadly WAAY to Common these days -_- ) I never saw that connection as a kid I just saw awesome crows like NC .... as for Jynx & Mr Popo ? really ? they choose THAT to get pissy over? neither is human ons a friggin Pokemon and the other is Djin they are SUPPOSED to look strange as for the way AT drew black characters? thats how he learned to draw them most likely I don't think he meant anything by it he drew plenty of funny looking white guys and asians too Dragon Ball the original series that came before DBZ was a light hearted comedic martial arts adventure series ... Sigh.... I wish people had thicker skin like back in my da-... oh gods now I feel old T_T

  • LittleBigNinja Xx
    LittleBigNinja Xx 3 months ago

    You stink you just realized ripped on my favorite movie. I was I play and I was Scar

  • 12times21
    12times21 3 months ago

    Did you add an instrumental? It's a little distracting.

  • chichiboypumpi
    chichiboypumpi 3 months ago

    oh the dwarves are gender-fluid, so says the effing sjws

  • Daniel Bay
    Daniel Bay 3 months ago

    @ChannelAwesome aka Doug, what are your Top 5 Disney Animated films after going through all of this?

  • Júman González
    Júman González 3 months ago

    Ok Whoever it is that is narrating this video...I think this video would be great IF YOU CAN JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP & STOP SAYING THE SMALL MINDED 5 MILE RADIUS BULLSHIT YOU SPEW OUT JUST TO FILL IN AIR TIME. SHUT UP! In fact I think this video would be more enjoyable if the sound get put on mute so you your stupid voice and all the stupid thing you say doesn't irritate viewers. SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU'RE YAPPING LIKE A CHICK!

  • Don Givaphuck
    Don Givaphuck 3 months ago

    ..... someone doesn't seem to be a steam punk fan

  • Mysterygirl Magicsister

    do you think the Lion King is better then Pocahantas?

  • Mysterygirl Magicsister

    what is with the creepy music at the end of the Oliver and Company review?

  • Ophelia Sutcliff
    Ophelia Sutcliff 3 months ago

    Such a great video, I loved it, thank you!!

  • zephodb
    zephodb 3 months ago

    OOoookay, uhm... have to poke and comment, this came up as I was letting it play in the background... The Mexican character from Three Caballeros? He's a Rooster, the rooster on the Mexican flag.
    And related, if you watch... Duck Tales (a woo-hoo) or have read any of the adventure comics... Or watched the new Duck Tales (Surprisingly good) ...considering he's a strange avatar of un-luck... having Friday the 13th as his birthday really fits.

  • Veronica Arena
    Veronica Arena 3 months ago

    For those who asked, timestamps:
    2:25 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    7:09 Pinocchio
    11:35 Fantasia
    15:04 Dumbo
    18:27 Bambi
    21:35 Saludos Amigos
    24:01 The Three Caballeros
    27:28 Make Mine Music
    30:09 Fun & Fancy Free
    33:28 Melody Time
    36:13 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
    39:56 Cinderella
    43:27 Alice in Wonderland
    47:10 Peter Pan
    49:45 Lady and the Tramp
    51:56 Sleeping Beauty
    55:45 101 Dalmatians
    58:24 The Sword in the Stone
    1:01:28 The Jungle Book
    1:04:25 The Aristocats
    1:06:28 Robin Hood
    1:09:44 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    1:13:01 The Rescuers
    1:15:19 The Fox and the Hound
    1:17:41 The Black Cauldron
    1:22:07 The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective
    1:25:54 Oliver & Company
    1:30:25 The Little Mermaid
    1:36:36 The Rescuers Down Under
    1:40:53 Beauty and the Beast
    1:46:10 Aladdin
    1:49:33 The Lion King
    1:55:52 Pocahontas
    2:01:13 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    2:09:10 Hercules
    2:14:23 Mulan
    2:19:48 Tarzan
    2:26:10 Fantasia 2000
    2:31:31 The Emperor's New Groove
    2:35:07 Atlantis - The Lost Empire
    2:39:07 Lilo & Stitch
    2:43:25 Treasure Planet
    2:48:48 Brother Bear
    2:54:47 Home on the Range
    2:57:58 Enchanted
    3:02:54 The Princess and the Frog
    3:09:34 Tangled
    3:15:51 Winnie the Pooh
    3:20:50 A Goofy Movie
    3:24:05 Dinosaur
    3:29:28 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  • Pup
    Pup 4 months ago

    Eleanor Audley is god thanks for coming to my TEDTalk

  • James Dallas
    James Dallas 4 months ago

    The Sword in the Stone is based on "The Once and Future King", and its didactic tone is sort of derived from the source material.

  • Sparrow Elle
    Sparrow Elle 4 months ago

    I love a lot of these, but to me now so much of the early era comes across as insanely plot-deficient, and I remember thinking so about quite a few of these even as a kid. Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty all have memorable moments, but each of them too often comes across as a tech demo for Rotoscoping. "Look, a lady dancing! And a horse trotting! What else are we gonna do with Rotoscope? I dunno, let's do those same scenes like 20 times, what else does anybody need? Oh I know, throw in some birds that talk to the girls, and boom: fairy tale." I actually like the Fleischer Studio's Betty Boop as Cinderella much more than Disney's version (and they actually do more interesting technical stuff in that with physical diorama-type sets).
    Aside from Fantasia, I don't think there's actually a good (not "important," "good") Disney movie before Alice in Wonderland (since Fantasia is a collection of shorts, not a three-act movie, I don't really consider it in the same category, even if it is a masterpiece aside from Sunflower's fucked-up blackface appearance). And the sketchy-line era does look trashy here and there, but I think quite a few of those like Dalmatians, Jungle Book, and Robin Hood make the filthy linework an endearing part of the aesthetic, but maybe that's just my nostalgia talking. And no, I couldn't do any better, but cartoons have come a long way since the 60s and 70s and I don't think it's bad to admit that some standards have been raised a bit (especially regarding story in the post-Pixar era). Even with the lower-quality Disney movies though, you're still dealing with almost unparalleled character design that makes each of them live in our imaginations forever, even if their canonical stories are the least interesting thing about them.

  • Mary Susan Milam
    Mary Susan Milam 4 months ago +1

    I just thought pecos bill was just a yummy tex-mex restaurant at Walt Disney World,
    It all makes sense !!!

  • Lbpc2 2
    Lbpc2 2 4 months ago

    Is it weird that I've only seen one full Disney movie

  • Henry Ball
    Henry Ball 4 months ago

    It made me happy to hear about the Rescuers Down Under's positiveness. I love this movie and its nice to see someone talking about it. :D

    PASTRAMIGIRLS 4 months ago

    Simba: "but....i killed my father...."
    Mufasa: " *nut up and shut up* "

  • jeremy robinson
    jeremy robinson 4 months ago

    The fucking audio in this video holy shit ....

  • gh0st gamez
    gh0st gamez 4 months ago

    Wait that’s lilo’s sister ? I didn’t not know that when I watched that movie when I was younger actually most of the movies I watched as the kid I don’t know what they were about at all

  • Goddess Morgana
    Goddess Morgana 4 months ago

    The thing that always got to me about Lion King was why weren't the predatory animals eating the prey animals? Like during circle of life they should have been trying to hunt all the small animals who showed up to the musical number lol

  • Knuckles
    Knuckles 4 months ago +1

    American Legends
    was a great Disney film !

  • Allen Woodall
    Allen Woodall 4 months ago

    I miss old Disney cartoons

  • Plocký
    Plocký 4 months ago

    I like some movies made by Disney but i still hate The Company. Thats like saying i should love Hitler because He build the "Autobahn" that i like....

  • Jacob scuito
    Jacob scuito 4 months ago

    You like things on the hole 😆

  • Mike Warnke
    Mike Warnke 4 months ago

    The princes name is philip.

  • SP/Goji Fan
    SP/Goji Fan 4 months ago +1

    Very nicely done. Here's how I sum up the truth of which is best:
    Best Disney Movie in general: Fantasia or Lion King (according to fans)
    Best Disney Princess Movie: Sleeping Beauty or The Little Mermaid
    Best Disney To Direct Sequel: None...
    Best Disney Cartoon: House of Mouse
    Best Disney Hero: Simba
    Best Disney Princess: It depends
    Best Hero Sidekick: Sebastian
    Best Male Disney Villain: Chernabog
    Best Female Disney Villain: Maleficent
    Best Villain Sidekick: Iago
    Best Disney Comedic Character: Hades
    Best Song in general: It depends
    Best Princess Song: It depends
    Best Villain song: It's Our House Now

    • Katie Mealey
      Katie Mealey 3 months ago

      Here's my opinion on Disney film related stuff.

      Best Disney Movie in general: Beauty and the Beast
      Best Disney Princess Movie: Beauty and the Beast (same answer)
      Best Disney To Direct Sequel: Uhh..
      Best Disney Cartoon: House of Mouse
      and Star vs the Force of Evil
      Best Disney Hero: Beast/Adam
      Best Disney Princess: Belle
      Best Hero Sidekick: The objects from Beauty and the Beast
      Best Male Disney Villain: Scar
      Best Female Disney Villain: Maleficent
      Best Villain Sidekick: Iago
      Best Disney Comedic Character: Timon and Pumbaa
      Best Song in general: About a tie between Beauty and the Beast and Let it Go
      Best Princess Song: Belle (original and reprise)
      Best Villain song: Poor Unfortunate Souls

  • Peanut Plays
    Peanut Plays 4 months ago

    Pixar and mcu

  • Tseng Akera
    Tseng Akera 5 months ago

    You can tell when critic hit his teenage years and up.. all the movies became meh and half the time the synopsis aren't even accurate making me wonder if he did actually watch them. I think Princess and the frog one bothers me the most, the plot line is sooo simple. Granted I've seen it a million times thanks to my daughter who loves it.. but even the first time I watched it I understood it easily.
    I mean it's explained through the movie pretty clearly. the Voodoo doctor get his powers from 'his friends on the other side' It's similar to most tales of power from a dark source.. there is always a price it's never free. Naveen is already there to find a rich bride since his parents cut him off for being a 'playboy' This opened up the doctors chance of seizing control since Charlotte was already expecting to meet him and it's made pretty clear that her father is a plantation owner so he's rich as hell but seems to have power in New Orleans.
    To do this he needs someone he can manipulate, thus the servant who's resentful. He gets a voodoo talisman which as long as it has the princes blood will give the servant the appearance of the prince. Pretty simple scheme similar to Jefars in Aladdin. The servant marries Charlotte, Daddy gets whacked so 'prince' takes over as head of the family.. Doctor whacks the impostor prince after being named head of the family fortune and he now has the power over the city and can hand it over to the dark 'demons' of the other side of voodoo as promised in his deal.
    The princess thing is because he's appointed king of mardi gras but it's a temporary title which only lasts until midnight of the final night of the celebration. after that he's stripped until next year. Yeah it's a weak loop hole to the story but it's not hard to understand.
    It really isn't that complicated of a story line.. it really isn't. It just takes a little common sense.

  • Calum Conkie
    Calum Conkie 5 months ago

    Doug... I fucking love ya but pleeeease sort out the audio Dx

  • Blank Booze
    Blank Booze 5 months ago

    Thanks asleep self I’m now an expert in hand drawn films.

  • Miguel B
    Miguel B 5 months ago

    fuuuuuuuck the audio on this video! Critic's voice is drown out by all the music. and god damn the "Disneycember" transition loud as hell. RIP anyone with ears.

  • Taylor LaMinty
    Taylor LaMinty 5 months ago

    Hiya! I’m enjoying your content! Can you please nudge the music volume down and the volume of your voice up? I keep having to adjust the volume because nighttime watching. Just a suggestion. Your overall positive outlook is refreshing, also thanks for being thorough!

  • altarush
    altarush 5 months ago

    What about non - Disney flicks like Sheep and wolves or Alpha and Omega? Cartoons with wolves that are main characters?

  • L. Jade
    L. Jade 5 months ago

    i fell asleep with a video on and when I woke up 5 other videos and then this was finished
    i dont even know what this is about

  • DaemonPhoenix42
    DaemonPhoenix42 5 months ago

    "The fact its 3D animation makes adults think it;'s going to be made for them too."
    I'm bothered by the prospect of this being a real perseption people have.

  • warptens
    warptens 5 months ago

    the background music is just unbearable

  • MonaToThePast
    MonaToThePast 5 months ago

    Don't you thin the little mermaid is about parents who can protect their children but have to let them live their lives and their desicions? It's about Triton who loves Ariel so much that he lets her go.

  • A Fan
    A Fan 5 months ago

    I wish Disney would bring back their amazing 2D animation! Don’t get me wrong the 3D animated ones and Pixar are fine but there’s this magic and heart to the hand drawn films. It saddens me that there most are thought of being just for kids or being forgotten , Hell my favorite is hunchback - even as a victor Hugo fan I still love it now as I did a kid. I want to pull these movies from the vault it’s so hard to find them anymore ...

  • Kerstin König
    Kerstin König 5 months ago

    I love everything you said you hate, and I hate everything you said you love ab these movies
    When you say 'I expect Disney to make grand animations!' I think 'I just want Disney to make great entertainment'

  • elise balk
    elise balk 5 months ago

    What about Anastasia and Prince of Egypt

  • someone on the internet because i don't know

    but i HATE Disney

  • Sapphire Dragon
    Sapphire Dragon 5 months ago

    1:53:34 me in my art class. literally they never shut up

  • catsingsit
    catsingsit 5 months ago

    How do you include Tangled but not Frozen?

  • Marcelo Silveira
    Marcelo Silveira 5 months ago

    Ola amigos and 3 caballeros were movies made for WW2, USA was about to go to war and wanted to make sure they wouldn’t have trouble in the America, so they contacted the other 2 potencies that were not yet involved in the war and send Walt Disney as a diplomat, he was to straight the bounds between USA, Mexico and Brasil so they would all go to war together, and it worked! Disney even designed Brasil’s Expeditionary Force mascot, we fought together over Italy and stayed close allies for the following century all due to Disney’s work as a diplomat between USA and Brasil (not sure about Mexico though, seen to me your relations have not stayed... optimal... since then)

  • Amalia Teixeira
    Amalia Teixeira 6 months ago

    Mayo Lek hates Winnie the Poo

  • litin thomas
    litin thomas 6 months ago

    2:01:32 my favourite

  • Kiara Animefan
    Kiara Animefan 6 months ago

    Now he's trashing Lion King?!!

  • Kiara Animefan
    Kiara Animefan 6 months ago

    How dare he talk about the Aristocats that way! I know this is just his opinion, so, in my opinion, his opinion sucks! I loved Duchess, I loved O'malley!

  • The Artist Of War
    The Artist Of War 6 months ago

    Mulan, I actually think the villain is really underrated... like yes he looks like a big brute but,
    1 he is resourceful and smart; he never actually in the movies dose any bad plans he gets defeated but unconventional things, and he surrounded himself in trackers and other men of skill to make up for those he lacks.
    2 he looks cool... I really love his pale skin with those eyes.
    3 if you think about it he is actually stumbling over tiny plot details by mistake that makes the story look better but most kids would miss..and that's what he never state Mulans gender in any negative light becuase he is a hun, not chines. his culture may be more "primitive" but he values Mulans skill rather them her gender while the chines in a real non-Disney setting would have executed her after she saves the emperor for treason.
    4 he is usually low on peoples list becuase he isn't a manipulating old lady but a general that almost succeeds his goal closer them most villains before him against stacked odds...he with ca 5 huns captured and almost executed the emperor after being hit by an avalanche wiping out most of his hoard.
    now I see why he isn't one of the great villains but I think he is not as bad as people usually think i and I think in a remake or something in that style they could make him better, like i never can rember his real name, and the only reason i do rember him is becuase he is the 1 hun in the entire movie with fouces.
    the only cool line he has I guess I can remember is; who many men is requerd to deliver a messege. which a soldier answers; just one.

  • HappyZombieKid
    HappyZombieKid 6 months ago

    why does everyone call him pooh its winne the pooh bear its like calling you human like his names winne

  • Some Dandy
    Some Dandy 6 months ago +2

    1:05:00 - Critic! Edgar gets rid of the cats because Madam makes them the heirs of her estate ahead of him, so he gets rid of them out of lack of patience, not because he's allergic. And it's purely by accident they fall off the bridge when he's chased by farm dogs out in the country. Though you are right; this was one of Disney's most poorly animated films and represents everything forgettable about Disney. I wouldn't be surprised if they made it out of spite because everyone complained about cats not being represented by previous Disney films. "Fine! Here's your freakin' cat movie, you ingrates!"
    1:10:00 - Winnie the Pooh, the New Adventures can be found on TheXvid, and it'd be AWESOME for you to watch and review it!
    1:32:35 - Yes! The chef voiced by Oto! It made me love this movie so much more when I learned that Rene Aburjeanois was also my favorite Deep Space 9 character!
    1:37:00 - "Why does everyone always remember the bland one?" Right? RIGHT?! This one was INCREDIBLE! I was glad that my parents bought this movie before the original Rescuers. The waterfall part at the beginning still draws a tear from my eye. And Wilbur's CG-enhanced dive off the sky-scraper to surfer music was the OG Disney reboot (one that worked).
    1:42:43 - I LOVE that you showed Belle's face there. That part to me refuted the whole Stockholm Syndrome joke, because she was free and clear, and chose to repay him for saving her (also that Stockholm Syndrome takes months - even years - to actually occur)
    2:13:42 - Yeah...Hercules. I remembered a Boy Scouts magazine that had a comic that told the original story of his labors, and GOD was it cool! They should have stuck to the original myth of his...7?...10 Great Labors? should have been dark, and epic, with a bit of heartwarming comic relief thrown in.