• Published on Dec 24, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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  • Jacques Brand
    Jacques Brand 6 days ago

    Am I the only person who got a fucking roblox ad to get free robux?? What is this bull!?

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan 6 days ago

    Cat litter works great for traction in getting out of snowy situations.

  • Roswell Crash
    Roswell Crash 8 days ago

    Where is the British flag?
    When you forget your origins... hate wannabe Americans.

  • Nick Hassler
    Nick Hassler 11 days ago

    All the money you spent on the tool kit you could have just bought a wench.

  • Bryan Kline
    Bryan Kline 12 days ago

    It physically hurt me a little bit to see them dry cutting all of that concrete.

  • Noah Trattner
    Noah Trattner 14 days ago

    7:44 The REAL Jackhammers

  • Frank George
    Frank George 15 days ago

    Alec you should get a wrench to put on the front of your truck this will help in case you get stuck again can wrap the cable around a tree and hit a button and have someone steer as it pulls

  • Shubhankar Choudhari
    Shubhankar Choudhari 16 days ago

    If you have so much of sunlight in background why dont you use the light. its actually very good to see that light.

  • J.G. Gennedy
    J.G. Gennedy 16 days ago

    Return the SLAAAABBBB

  • Achille Josserand
    Achille Josserand 18 days ago

    7:25 A few episodes ago : "It's a little truck amongst big trucks" YEAH RIGHT ! ^^ That thing must drink a lot

  • sushileaf
    sushileaf 18 days ago

    Just curious, how much does a job like that cost? Cutting out that concrete and getting the new slab poured.

  • warjunky14
    warjunky14 19 days ago

    Somewhere there is an OSHA inspector tearing their hair out reciting the silica standard by memory hahaha.

  • Socks
    Socks 19 days ago

    *Returrrnnn the slaaaab*

  • Craig McCreadie
    Craig McCreadie 20 days ago

    instead of cutting the one work bench down, why didnt they just swap the benches around? put the lower one against the wall.... just a thought

  • Mark Alex
    Mark Alex 20 days ago

    That's off-roading bruh!

  • Aelynn
    Aelynn 21 day ago

    ALSO! Make sure to keep a warm blanket in the truck as well! You don't think about it until your heat conks out in the middle of nowhere! Also nice if you get stuck and can't run the heat for safety reasons, (like, possible death from carbon monoxide poisoning)

  • TC Sheppard
    TC Sheppard 21 day ago

    What goofball sold you a garden spade to use in a winter weather car kit? The first time you need to use it for moving snow around you will curse them! Put the spade in your garden shed and get yourself a small snow shovel that will enable you to move a decent volume of snow.

  • Robert Grubb
    Robert Grubb 22 days ago

    That concrete thickness might be alright for a walking pathway. But an industrial shed? WTF where they thinking?

  • StefanRG1
    StefanRG1 22 days ago

    the slab is only there to provide support for live loads that may be out and about but for things like where the posts land there will be a thickening (footing) underneath to provide support. The people that made that building did not account for any dead loads like your machinery which is why you need to thicken it where they are placed. good on you for doing it dough most people don't really give a dam and just damage the foundation with dead loads without proper support. If the building has compact fill underneath you need to make sure to dig a bit deeper and re compact the ground so you don't see your new slab slowly sink over time

  • Kevin McMahon
    Kevin McMahon 23 days ago

    Tell us about Wills. He has skills and quiet perseverance. Much like Dr Watson! Is he yours?

  • Gregor Shapiro
    Gregor Shapiro 24 days ago

    American products: Nicely displayed, cheaply made. Same with building construction all too often!

  • Andrew Snyder
    Andrew Snyder 24 days ago

    I had just assumed that Will was going for something similar to a Jewelers workbench where the bench is essentially a standard standing workbench height but the Jeweler sits in a regular chair to stay at eye-level height with their work.

  • Michael Gould
    Michael Gould 25 days ago

    Need a wintch on your truck and chains and u will be fine

  • ashton
    ashton 25 days ago

    Reminds me of mounting new doors in my house... (post soviet building, built using dry reinforced concrete .. I'm guessing they made too much bunker materials...)

  • Gabriel Davidson
    Gabriel Davidson 27 days ago

    Now you need a 10mm Auto, a .45-70 gov't Lever Action, and a Remington 12 ga. Pump...THEN, you'll be good...Aren't you so very very glad you left the Queen so you can protect yourself now?! Lol

  • MunchNPlay
    MunchNPlay 28 days ago

    I just binge watched episodes 1-8 on this cause I couldn't sleep! Amazing job on that beauty, proud to say I subscribed.

  • Nathaniel Echeverria
    Nathaniel Echeverria 28 days ago

    I carry a lot k in my pocket

  • SuburbanHobbyist
    SuburbanHobbyist Month ago

    This dude's posture is insane. I've never seen someone stand up so straight in my life. Maybe there is something wrong with his back and he has to keep it straight?

  • Fab Ricious
    Fab Ricious Month ago

    "Having tools and education to solve a sticky situation."
    Alec, you should make this your new slogan. Damn I love this channel.

  • LoonieDemon
    LoonieDemon Month ago

    why wouldn't they use a air compressed jackhammer or a breaker attachment for their bobcat makes it a lot easier

  • Jackthewartortle
    Jackthewartortle Month ago

    Would you say....

    The union... got jacked?

  • Loïc Jeannin
    Loïc Jeannin Month ago

    You look like a buff blond Harry Potter on speed

  • Thunder Seals
    Thunder Seals Month ago

    Alec you really need a wench for your truck

  • J Black
    J Black Month ago

    I've been wondering; If they assured you it was 6" deep when you took out the lease, how did you discover it was only 3" deep, since you started to cutting it and digging before anything got broken?

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. 27 days ago

      He drilled the holes to mount his hammer and ended up drilling completely through the slab, that's how he learned how thin it was

  • ethan reynolds
    ethan reynolds Month ago

    No offense to the workers who were tearing out the slab, but it looked like they were taking notes on how to swing a hammer when you 2 took over with the sledges.

  • Blake giblin
    Blake giblin Month ago

    Amateur concrete cutters. Lmaooo. A day to remove that small area. LMAOOOO.

  • David Vorobets
    David Vorobets Month ago

    Need a winch.

  • Brent phillips 1911

    That boy put those guys to shame with that hammer

  • CR3W1SH03S
    CR3W1SH03S Month ago

    Being prepared and not needing it is always preferable to needing it and not being prepared. And remember, two is one and one in none. Cheers mate! Welcome to America.

  • PX125E
    PX125E Month ago

    The concrete cutters are les amateurs inc.

  • Christopher Shafer
    Christopher Shafer Month ago

    Hand warmers in the truck kit? Welding lens for cameras? Paint booth for clear coating metal?

  • GarThor Son of Odin

    dont forget a winch! =D

  • Mike LaBelle
    Mike LaBelle Month ago

    Too bad they couldn't have used cutting equipment with dust extraction. Now you have concrete dust all over the entire shop.

  • Rizik
    Rizik Month ago

    Чел попиздеть ни разу не любит

  • Scott Sherlock
    Scott Sherlock Month ago

    Nice to see you shopping the HD. Thanks for supporting me in an oblique way. I also wanted to thank you for putting that bar across the bed to hold your gear in place. So many times i see open tailgates with all kinds of stuff floating the the bed. Makes me nervous to follow those guys. I have been enjoying all your videos and look forward to some more new stuff.

  • Mitch D
    Mitch D Month ago

    Ok, the shinpad made me laugh so hard. Well done.

  • Shifttube
    Shifttube Month ago

    montana well very pretty there just stay away from the locals cuz there prb on meth remember mexco ic just iver the border but just buy a gun and get ya perment keep it with ya

  • W N
    W N Month ago

    Is it me, or did the slab pulled out look to be 4-5" or so thick? Didn't look 3". But still not 6" though.

  • Aaron Robinson
    Aaron Robinson Month ago

    Alec must be the best talker ever or Montana must have the nicest people. Jesus Christ. Everyone apologizing and offering to fix stuff. Here in VA, people tell ya to suck it up.

  • kalle andersson
    kalle andersson Month ago

    Wtf? that concrete cutting wasnt done right, dont u have any laws in your country?

  • Dany K
    Dany K Month ago

    Is it just industrial building or all of the buildings in america has thin concrete foundation? I am just curious... i live in country and ma dad builds houses(partly his job is too pluming the house? I dunno but making waterways in house) the concrete foundation is quite thick like 30centimeter sometimes 50cm if it is more then one story building

  • fimbles101
    fimbles101 Month ago

    Quite surprised you did not remove the concrete yourself.

  • Monett Rowe
    Monett Rowe Month ago

    JUMPER CABLES!! just in case the truck dies!!

  • Q Street
    Q Street Month ago

    Concrete cutters are a joke... These guys wouldn't have a job in my town.

  • Chris Maurer
    Chris Maurer Month ago

    OMG I live in Montana

  • empty fate
    empty fate Month ago


  • Goldfish_Vender
    Goldfish_Vender Month ago

    Whos the american

  • In the life of Lane Kraft

    What state do you live in??

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. Month ago

      I believe that would be Montana

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk Month ago

    might want to invest in a winch sir

  • Miles Moore
    Miles Moore Month ago

    I curious to know why you chose Montana as the place to move to ?

    POKE MASTER RED Month ago

    My sir name is steele to

  • hole N one
    hole N one Month ago

    Keep your receipts for insurance purposes in case you ever come out a store and your truck no longer has tools....

  • Patrik
    Patrik Month ago

    Now is the time to add an extra jacket, blankets, food and water. You don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and have to rely on a half eaten snickers bar and a 33cl coke can.

  • Joseph Bishop
    Joseph Bishop Month ago

    That shovel would fit diagonally!

  • Daniel Whittmore
    Daniel Whittmore Month ago

    Might i suggest a wynch for your truck makes getting unstuck much easier

  • Corey Malone
    Corey Malone Month ago

    Where's your hat?

  • Rodney Langstroth
    Rodney Langstroth Month ago

    have you tried forging 440C yet?

  • fearblitzuk
    fearblitzuk Month ago

    Isn't that knife illegal

  • Martin Itland
    Martin Itland Month ago

    I've got to say, Alec, your spontaneous laughs never fail to crack me up =D

  • JFB 101
    JFB 101 Month ago

    When he was flipping the piece of slab over i thought that if he's not careful the pipework on the wall would be damaged. Also, when i saw the bobcat in the hole wondered if it would tear up the edge of the cut concrete driving in and out. Yup to both. Everyone he's employed so far has caused further problems so moving to the states has clearly not improved the level of workmanship, as we're led to believe in the UK.

  • Everyweapon
    Everyweapon Month ago

    Wait this is the first video of yours ive seen. What exactly are you doing here? was that concrete just not good enough or??

    • Everyweapon
      Everyweapon Month ago

      +Timothy S. Thanks for the thorough explanation! Started watching his videos and quickly realized what the power hammer was and that you'd definitely need a solid foundation for that haha

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. Month ago

      He has a large power hammer that he plans to use for his blacksmithing, due to the size and weight of the hammer it needs to be on a slab of minimum 6 inches. The current slab in his shop is just under 4 inches, with it being this thin he can not safely mount and use the hammer without risking cracking and breaking the slab so he cut out a section and had a 24 inch deep slab poured for him to mount his power equipment to.

  • Cassio Chory
    Cassio Chory Month ago

    When did Alec became a Trap Beat Enthusiast ???

  • Gearstrax - Gaming & Twitch

    You ever see a 3000-pound machine twerk? You have now...

  • shawn rush
    shawn rush Month ago

    A winch is worth its weight in gold! Nothing like being able to recover yourself.

  • Thomas Ohman
    Thomas Ohman Month ago

    You need a winch

  • Conely King
    Conely King Month ago

    Love your you got a little taste of US inferior building codes such as concrete floors.

  • Jeremy Hogeland
    Jeremy Hogeland Month ago

    Welcome to merica!

  • JACK
    JACK Month ago

    I think you should install a overhead crane

  • Biohazarus
    Biohazarus Month ago

    To prevent entire shop with no air, add shot off valve to slip the system into section.

  • Eistee Pfirsich
    Eistee Pfirsich Month ago

    Those dudes look like some really unprofessional concrete cutters

  • K. B.
    K. B. Month ago

    If you insist traveling off road, you need a wench to pull yourself out, and a set of tire chains for the worst situations.

  • blksrsil
    blksrsil Month ago

    Am i the only one thinking its weird that Alec has a 3in thick slab but judging by the vid and thumb nail image, there is a 2ft slab under the wall? That seems odd to me

  • Edlomaja
    Edlomaja Month ago

    What is your favorite forging tool

  • Ask Alotofquestions

    1:22 the bench on the left looks like it's higher on its left legs

  • Mike Foster
    Mike Foster Month ago

    Got an electric winch?

  • Paul Maddocks
    Paul Maddocks Month ago

    Why did you move to America Alec 👍🏼 great video mate

  • mje19D
    mje19D Month ago

    Nice choice moving to Bozeman. Great town.

  • Mr. Aldrich
    Mr. Aldrich Month ago

    American slabs are just like American politicians thinnly veiled.

  • Robert Lassiter
    Robert Lassiter Month ago

    Alec I’m 62 and not getting any younger down here in Alabama. Your public is suffering from the the lack of proper English! Please put us out of our misery!

  • Jus Hus
    Jus Hus Month ago

    Brah you Dead??

  • Jack Peace
    Jack Peace Month ago

    I am genuinely worried now. If someone happens to live in the area you should check up on the boys!

  • Zach Preston
    Zach Preston Month ago

    I miss you on TheXvid what are you up to

  • Christi  Madere
    Christi Madere Month ago

    I think we are gonna get a video tuesday or wensday

  • Craig Richo
    Craig Richo Month ago

    i am having some serious whack whack withdrawals, enough of your holiday snack snack, stop moaning you ex pat pat, we need some alec Steel whack whack

  • jesus Garay
    jesus Garay Month ago

    Come on bro

  • Nicolas Von Mühlen

    Alec, remember your subscribers to like your videos, hope your channel grow a lot this year, happy 2019!!

  • Benjaymen12
    Benjaymen12 Month ago

    Where’s Alec?

  • megadwood18
    megadwood18 Month ago

    where did you go

  • Nick Picklo
    Nick Picklo Month ago

    Trump got him. He didn't immigrate properly.

  • caputto1000
    caputto1000 Month ago

    Did Alec hit his shin on his bed?