TO ALL THE BOYS SEQUEL | Official Announcement | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • Lana Condor and Noah Centineo are making it official - THE SEQUEL IS HAPPENING!
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    TO ALL THE BOYS SEQUEL | Official Announcement | Netflix
    When her secret love letters somehow get mailed to each of her five crushes, Lara Jean finds her quiet high school existence turned upside down.
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Comments • 8 768

  • Sal
    Sal Day ago

    Officially official

  • heather chandler
    heather chandler Day ago +1

    Talbilb is way better than the kissing booth and ya'll can fight me on it

  • Withusana Wilson

    I’m so excitedddddd ❤️❤️❤️

  • dani guzman
    dani guzman 2 days ago +1

    i’m waiting....

  • Distinctra Crystal
    Distinctra Crystal 6 days ago +1

    Thought they were
    gonna announce that they are together

  • Sandra Wray
    Sandra Wray 8 days ago +1

    When is it coming out I need to know!

  • Payal Chattoraj
    Payal Chattoraj 12 days ago

    When is the sequel releasing ??

  • Pabloneitor Studios
    Pabloneitor Studios 16 days ago

    With these films, Netflix has been trying to revive the John Hughes era of movies (The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off). And they failed to badly. The TheXvid show Wayne is the closest thing to a modern John Hughes story.

  • Morgan Jensen
    Morgan Jensen 20 days ago +3


  • Paige the Pescatarian
    Paige the Pescatarian 26 days ago +3

    y’all are gonna hate peter i’ll tell you that much

  • Kellie Costello
    Kellie Costello 27 days ago +2

    *waits patiently for one year

  • Dani Pakson
    Dani Pakson 28 days ago

    It's Jordan

  • Alyssa May
    Alyssa May Month ago +2

    Please also make the “always and forever lara jean” please please please 💕

  • priya pt
    priya pt Month ago

    Soo happy! Petter kavinshky 😍😍😍

    SJPVlog CHANNEL Month ago


  • ONCE
    ONCE Month ago

    Where is season 2?! Or even just a trailer?!!

  • Hailey sani Hailey sani

    Did this movie came out yet . I mean the sequel

  • Angel Salditos
    Angel Salditos Month ago +1

    But when is it?

    • Angel Salditos
      Angel Salditos 15 days ago

      N N they just torturing us sis😂😭

    • N N
      N N 16 days ago

      Angel Salditos ikkkk i’m angry tooo we have to wait a whole year😭😡

    • Angel Salditos
      Angel Salditos 16 days ago +1

      N N whyyy😂😭

    • N N
      N N 18 days ago +1

      Angel Salditos 2020

  • Star Min
    Star Min Month ago

    I saw the whole movie yesterday without stopping and it's an amazing movie. I can't wait for the sequel oof

  • Shayla Nguyen
    Shayla Nguyen Month ago +1

    But when?

  • Ally
    Ally Month ago

    so................................................. I scrolled to see the foot fetish comments..... *DONT SCROLL DOWN NO MATTER WHAT JUST DONT TRUST ME*

  • Unicorn Dust13
    Unicorn Dust13 Month ago

    We have to wait until nexts year in 2020 but good ×ork takes a long time

  • Emily Kim
    Emily Kim Month ago

    Ahhhhh I’m so excited! When I read the books.. I absolutely loved the sequel. And I’m eager to see how Lana and Noah will recreate the book!

  • Jasmine Nash
    Jasmine Nash Month ago


  • wherearetheavocados bitch

    Wait whats a sequel??

  • TTV_gamer _bruce
    TTV_gamer _bruce 2 months ago +1

    Jordan fisher is gonna be John ambrose

  • Melysa L
    Melysa L 2 months ago


  • Ishita Dey
    Ishita Dey 2 months ago

    What does the p.s stands for????

  • Olivia Hur
    Olivia Hur 2 months ago

    You guys need to read the book, there’s are 3 books in the series. Then you’ll know what happens in the sequel, the first book is obviously tatbilb, the second book is P.S I still love you and the final book is always and forever, Lara Jean .

  • pronchnok konklong
    pronchnok konklong 2 months ago

    When the movie comes out?

  • Julie Glenn
    Julie Glenn 2 months ago

    Yassss I’m so excited 😆

  • magda takidi
    magda takidi 2 months ago

    I want the sequel ........
    I have watched the film about 700.000.000 times
    I love you Lana
    I love you Noah

  • Gunn Sandal7
    Gunn Sandal7 2 months ago

    I guess I am only watching the movie for Lana and Noah I wanted john

  • potato
    potato 2 months ago +1


  • Daiana Rome
    Daiana Rome 2 months ago +1


  • Nishka Dutt
    Nishka Dutt 2 months ago +1

    Woohoo 🎉🎊 🎉🥳 😂🎊 🎉🥳 😂🎊 🎉🥳 😂🎊 🎉🥳 😂🎊 🎉🥳 😂🎊 🎉

  • Heather Lapham
    Heather Lapham 2 months ago

    This is more exciting then me being pushed out of my mothers crotch😆

  • bankaispirits
    bankaispirits 2 months ago +3

    "YoURE gOiNG tO maKE ThE PerFEcT JoHn AmbrOSe" lol the fans are pissed

  • ღ Bean ღ
    ღ Bean ღ 2 months ago +1

    Lana: Noah kinda already has everything
    me : EXCEPT UUUU

  • Jesenia Aguilar
    Jesenia Aguilar 2 months ago +3


  • Trinh Nguyen
    Trinh Nguyen 2 months ago

    There no sequel

  • Camila Rosas
    Camila Rosas 2 months ago +1

    Why Netflix change back to the old John ambros the new one is not fit for the description and not like the original so please change back to the old one

  • Aakriti Sharma
    Aakriti Sharma 2 months ago

    Woah woah I'm so in love with Noah Centineo.....💟💟💟

  • Dichen Bhutia
    Dichen Bhutia 2 months ago

    I am dying for this

  • Ellie Clymer
    Ellie Clymer 2 months ago

    They better include kitty’s puppy in this movie or else...

  • Janae Thomas
    Janae Thomas 2 months ago

    I love how this was just out in the air since December or 2018 and my buttocks was just sitting here hoping and praying meanwhile it’s happening

  • Janae Thomas
    Janae Thomas 2 months ago +1

    The whoa’s are back

  • SadChicken_Nugget :3
    SadChicken_Nugget :3 2 months ago

    But when?

  • rizky ramadhina
    rizky ramadhina 2 months ago

    Omaiigaaad 😍😍😃

  • dani shen
    dani shen 2 months ago

    i’m waiting for the sequel still

  • Sa3fi_
    Sa3fi_ 2 months ago

    wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!

  • Christina McErlain
    Christina McErlain 2 months ago

    yes!!!!can't wait !!

  • giscelle-iulia !
    giscelle-iulia ! 2 months ago +4

    Who else missed the classic whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah by Noah😂👀💛

  • Love peace joy and kindness

    Sits and rewatches the movie until the sequel comes.....

  • Star Mendoza
    Star Mendoza 2 months ago

    The question is when?!

  • Picnic Pineaple
    Picnic Pineaple 2 months ago +4

    I am seriously TRYING to be patient here

  • Risky Frisky
    Risky Frisky 2 months ago +5

    In the sequel I hope that Lara Jean and Peter kavinsky go to that cafe and play Lara jeans mum favourite song and dance around the cafe like Lara jeans parents did
    IM SO EXITED, IVE WATCHED “To All The Boys I Loved Before” 1,000,000 TIMES😊

  • Julianna Official
    Julianna Official 2 months ago

    It’s coming out in December OMG!!! Date : December 2019 on the 19 omg I can’t wait for everyone to see it (I have Lana’s number and will not leak it!)

  • angel lilly
    angel lilly 2 months ago +1

    If y’all want spoilers just read the books, sooo much kissing..

  • Marielle Garcia
    Marielle Garcia 3 months ago

    I will always choose John Ambrose over Peter, though.

  • Sky Lucario
    Sky Lucario 3 months ago +1

    I only watch this stuff because I’ll never find love.

  • Finn Fish
    Finn Fish 3 months ago


  • Dzekiel Doyley
    Dzekiel Doyley 3 months ago +2

    ... and I’m still waiting

  • Hina Hussain
    Hina Hussain 3 months ago

    Finally a bonzer movie hitting the jackpot without shitty sex scenes

  • Drax Thy Conservative
    Drax Thy Conservative 3 months ago

    I like feet as much as anyone but god dam chill out she already is beautiful why only want feet?

  • Kaylee Judd
    Kaylee Judd 3 months ago

    I hope Peter and Lara Jean stay together

    • Julia P
      Julia P 3 months ago

      Kaylee Judd
      I can tell u based on the books if u want

  • Shisterss Fam
    Shisterss Fam 3 months ago +1

    wo wo wo wo YESSS

  • I_love_the_ beach
    I_love_the_ beach 3 months ago +3


  • Demon
    Demon 3 months ago

    Oh my god I can't waittt

  • Eunsol Mmj33
    Eunsol Mmj33 3 months ago

    Hello can someone give it a go to a korean series which is on netflix called "kingdom"?

  • Carly Pham
    Carly Pham 3 months ago

    Its about time. But when is it going to be released? I'm so excited for it!!!!!!!!

    • Julia P
      Julia P 3 months ago

      Carly Pham
      Based on when they started filming, and when TATBILB was released
      I’m pretty sure it’ll be end of 2019/ early 2020

  • Silvanawantstowrite
    Silvanawantstowrite 3 months ago +5

    I just finished the second book and I NEED A PERFECT JOHN AMBROSE! Even though I'm team Peter, I'm in love with John
    Lucas: everybody is in love with John Ambrose or Peter

  • Piper
    Piper 3 months ago

    Hrvy would make the perfect John Ambrose!

  • Kristine Diwa
    Kristine Diwa 3 months ago

    I hope Dylan Sprouse plays John Mclaren 🙏🏼

  • london 77675
    london 77675 3 months ago +1

    i swear if they break up im not watching it Dont do ot netflix dont make them breakup for john ambros

    • Julia P
      Julia P 3 months ago

      I *HIGHLY* recommend reading the series
      I have not been able to put it down 4 the past week
      P.S. I Still Love You, is my fav so far
      So I can’t wait 4 the movie

    • Julia P
      Julia P 3 months ago

      london 77675
      I’m not completely done Always and Forever, Lara Jean
      But basically in P.S. I Still Love You there’s another love interest, but they are together in the end
      And in Always and Forever, Lara Jean, they’re going off to college, but not the same one so they are going to do long distance, as of where I am now, they still love each other, and want to make it work, their college’s are only a few hours, like 3 and half, away
      So it’s not like Josh and Margot
      Hope that gives u peace of mind :)
      I don’t wanna say if they break up or not, but they are together in the end
      If u want me to tell u, I can

    • london 77675
      london 77675 3 months ago +1

      Julia P please tell me

    • Julia P
      Julia P 3 months ago

      london 77675
      The books give it away
      I can tell ya if u want

  • Mei Mei
    Mei Mei 3 months ago +1


  • anon poop
    anon poop 3 months ago

    0:44 totally my reaction HAHAHAHA i love you noah and lana!😘

  • ᆞᆞ
    ᆞᆞ 3 months ago

    Omg her hair is so pretty n her makeup is gorgeous

  • Joselin Mendoza
    Joselin Mendoza 3 months ago

    AHHHH!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!❤️❤️

  • James Wigless
    James Wigless 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought they were gonna announce that they’re dating

  • Nikki Peoples
    Nikki Peoples 3 months ago


  • Livi Life
    Livi Life 3 months ago

    When is this coming out

  • M. k
    M. k 3 months ago


  • Czarina Z
    Czarina Z 3 months ago +1

    What to watch first "To all the boys I've loved before 2 or Kissing booth 2

  • Lexee Benkley
    Lexee Benkley 3 months ago


    SUPERSTARFLY 3 months ago

    Am i the only one noticing that she has an iphone xs/max, but the screen doesn't go all the way to the end?

  • Sammi Tan
    Sammi Tan 3 months ago +1


    • Thedoggiepro
      Thedoggiepro 3 months ago

      Kimberly Tan shadow hunters aren’t that good...

  • quack megs
    quack megs 3 months ago


  • Gacha_EvieMae
    Gacha_EvieMae 3 months ago

    Noah 24/7: woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

  • Faye T.
    Faye T. 3 months ago

    Okay Netflix im waiting for this💗

  • Lega Salvini
    Lega Salvini 3 months ago

    Great. Now I want syfy to return with Dark Matter season 4. You left us at a cliff hanger

  • chellsieee
    chellsieee 3 months ago +5

    I ABSOLUTELY hate the word ‘feet.’ They just gross me out .😭

  • nick mara
    nick mara 3 months ago

    LJ AND John would lowkey be cute but im still shipping Peter and LJ

  • seriously waste of time

    So her name is Lana now?

  • Kookiejar
    Kookiejar 3 months ago

    Noah is so fine I cannot😭

  • Samantha Alise
    Samantha Alise 3 months ago +1

    Tbh I feel like not a lot of people are going to be in to the sequel as much, because the original movie trailer was around every corner but now the announcement for #2 hasn't even made it to another video. I also feel like people aren't going to get the same feeling while watching the sequel...?

  • Brontë X
    Brontë X 3 months ago +59

    Who else came here for the good stuff after that trash of kissing booth

    • Favour Agunwa
      Favour Agunwa 3 months ago +2

      there's a sequel of that too...… I maybe, maybe not, maybe watch that to, Dont judge

  • rhynn. bow
    rhynn. bow 3 months ago

    To All The Boys I Loved Before Sequel ✅
    Kissing Booth ✅
    After ✅
    My year is beyond perfect😍

  • Saniya
    Saniya 3 months ago

    Gonna be better than The kissing booth 2