10 Most SHOCKING FIFA 20 Ratings!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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    FIFA 20 dropped their ratings this week but which one shocked you most?!
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  • Football Daily
    Football Daily  Month ago +295

    Which FIFA card do you think is the most shocking in FIFA 20?

    • memsefer
      memsefer 5 days ago

      Football Daily aubameyang is just rediculus auba should be 91 92

    • Swiggen
      Swiggen 7 days ago

      Lingard should be 85+

    • suraj rai
      suraj rai 10 days ago


    • jshehsbd jshsgg
      jshehsbd jshsgg 12 days ago

      Maddison honoustly is on the same level as modric rn

    • TheoTheGuy
      TheoTheGuy 15 days ago


  • Toar Vincentius
    Toar Vincentius 18 hours ago

    Lingard not deserve 82 lol.. he deserve 70

  • Mads Jæger
    Mads Jæger 2 days ago

    not everything is about goals and assists

  • the yogmaster
    the yogmaster 3 days ago

    You're using XG incorrectly, the fact that Son's XG was lower yet still contributed the same amount shows he is finishing chances at a higher calibre than firmino who is receiving easier chances by the statistics reckoning.

  • Martin Gabriel
    Martin Gabriel 4 days ago

    Overrated United

  • DaGamer YouTube
    DaGamer YouTube 5 days ago

    Jesse lingard should be high 70s

  • Stoopid Penguin
    Stoopid Penguin 5 days ago

    Lewandowski should be 91
    89 is good but it should be higher

  • Fortino Garcia
    Fortino Garcia 6 days ago

    What about dzeko to a 84 he had a really good season.

  • vala 1384 GPF 10xz
    vala 1384 GPF 10xz 9 days ago

    Without any joking zlatan should be 87 or 88 rating

  • suraj rai
    suraj rai 10 days ago

    Can anybody explain me why vardy’s rating is still 82?

  • Ashun
    Ashun 10 days ago

    I say this every year, Fifa suck premier league dick.

    • Ashun
      Ashun 7 days ago +1

      Guest one who me? Never my friend. I’m an Arsenal fan, even worse.

  • Johannes Blum
    Johannes Blum 12 days ago

    you should watch a juventus match

  • Android 17
    Android 17 13 days ago

    Lingard 82 rating is very impressive for a youth prospect 🤣

  • moon light
    moon light 14 days ago

    Matip one of the best center backs in league deserves 85+

  • ToniGames
    ToniGames 14 days ago

    Yes, 'past glories' are a part of the FIFA rating system, which is why players like Modrić, Ibrahimović and Mandžukić have high ratings

  • N Ate
    N Ate 16 days ago

    Fifa does'nt rate Zlatan, Zlatan rates Fifa

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 17 days ago

    Could you be more premier league oriented/bias?

  • Michael Tofts
    Michael Tofts 17 days ago

    Mate, where’s Pogba? 88 for the last 2 seasons is an absolute piss take. He’s been absolutely shocking, I’m sick of EA giving united players much higher ratings than they clearly deserve whilst everyone else gets shit on. Once again, piss take!

  • Kermit118
    Kermit118 17 days ago

    some of these players dropped majorly bc they're getting old

  • Rich y
    Rich y 18 days ago

    Adama Traore physicality rating. Overall rating of 74 (which could be arguably better) but PHYSICALITY 75!!! They are smoking some next level shit.

  • AcidBeats 17
    AcidBeats 17 18 days ago

    Trents pace 😭😭

  • Semantics
    Semantics 19 days ago

    Gendouzzi is super underrated. He could be world class in a few years if he's managed correctly

  • Siri Siri
    Siri Siri 19 days ago

    Fifa rating is influenced by football politics, basically its bullshit

    EXE BEERUS 19 days ago


  • Saif AlRefaie
    Saif AlRefaie 19 days ago

    Daniel James 69! He's arguably the best player at United right now

  • mango man
    mango man 20 days ago

    he had a terrible season and got upgraded to 88
    10:47 I'm sorry are you saying that kante is better than MODRIC???

  • AlexStoresund
    AlexStoresund 22 days ago

    Lewandowski and Suarez

  • Henning Kristiansen
    Henning Kristiansen 22 days ago

    Good but you can't have hamill read this, sounds like he is nothing but crying about the stats on leicester players.😂

  • donkmeiister
    donkmeiister 22 days ago

    Firmino do not deserve a higher rating he's not well rounded

  • 123pa1n
    123pa1n 22 days ago

    the truly outrageous thing is that millions of people get the same full priced game every year with their moneybased progression erased, yet they all still happily buy this crap and spend more money.
    Theres another SHOCKING thing that this casino still get a 3+ rating......

  • Dikshit Sarma
    Dikshit Sarma 23 days ago

    pes is better :D

  • Bobby Ramsay
    Bobby Ramsay 24 days ago

    To be fair these ratings are better the the fifas best XI

  • teyzman
    teyzman 24 days ago

    All your arguments are based on numbers alone which makes them very vague

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 24 days ago

    Here to see the cats who buy packs just to win

  • Násrúl Kaká
    Násrúl Kaká 24 days ago

    fifa gating shit on rating... wonderkid rating now day also shit.. so hard to build team in career mode

  • Edward 2012
    Edward 2012 25 days ago

    I’m puzzled at how Lingaard’s rating is even above 75.

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 25 days ago

    Fifa every year over rating man utd players and under rating arsenal players

    • Guest one
      Guest one 8 days ago

      Maybe they always give man United high rating

  • Grant Dixon
    Grant Dixon 25 days ago

    You briefly mentioned Josef Martinez when talking about Zlatan, but you forgot to mention the fact that even after his record breaking form, he was DOWNGRADED from an 82 to an 81 this year. Absolutely insane. He should have gotten upgraded to the 83/84 range if Zlatan is 85.

  • Logical Thinker
    Logical Thinker 25 days ago

    86 is a very good footballer, it's an accurate representation of how good Firminho is.

  • Matt Power
    Matt Power 25 days ago

    Maddison should be 84

  • iamFedi
    iamFedi 25 days ago

    Sensi and Brozovic. Expecially the croatian, who’s been awesome both in serie A and in the National team

  • Jerrin George
    Jerrin George 25 days ago +1

    how is callum hudson odoi 74 rated and silver card? he should be at least 76 and gold

  • Asamoah Boateng
    Asamoah Boateng 26 days ago

    U are so wrong about Luka Modric

  • ConsoleRebels
    ConsoleRebels 26 days ago

    Watch I bet you Ze Luis going to be rated 78 or 79 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Tar Alanshori
    Tar Alanshori 26 days ago

    How EA making FIFA RATING
    a : okay, now we do james madison, what do you think his rating is?
    b : who?
    a : he's 22yo leicester playmaker, he's been an integral part of leicester last season
    b : oh give him 70s, next
    a : jesse lingard
    b : oh my boy, i follow his IG, he's hilarious, give him 90
    a : but he's never scored any goal in 2019
    b : you're such a hater. alright 82

  • Guido M
    Guido M 26 days ago


  • Saq Loc
    Saq Loc 26 days ago

    Lingard isn't even better than Daniel James

  • amir nicator
    amir nicator 26 days ago

    Lewa is big shock,he deserve 91

  • francesco borg
    francesco borg 26 days ago

    74 zaniolo is a sin

  • Max Klee
    Max Klee 26 days ago

    Werner is a absolute joke

  • -WagWam-
    -WagWam- 26 days ago

    Firmino was absolutely robbed with that rating

  • Ryan Fernandes
    Ryan Fernandes 26 days ago

    Lewandowski should have been atleast 91 but they downgraded him to 89. wat a joke

  • Fuck Zionist
    Fuck Zionist 26 days ago

    Fifa 19 - 𝘊𝘰𝘱𝘺 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘱𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦 -> Fifa 20
    It's ironic because I used 𝘊𝘰𝘱𝘺 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘱𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦 for that font 😂

    and my high school essays 🤭🤫

  • Eduardo Uribe
    Eduardo Uribe 26 days ago

    James Rodríguez got an incoherent downgrade...

  • Logan Coffey
    Logan Coffey 26 days ago

    U hated united

  • Logan Coffey
    Logan Coffey 26 days ago

    Mctominay was got more goal contributions and not far off the defensive stats last season despite playing 1300 minutes less, he only had 1 less block half the clearances and not far off on the rest

  • Matthew Frazier
    Matthew Frazier 26 days ago

    Again, Harry Winks getting compared to Tielemans. Of course Tielemans is great, but how can anyone seriously not talk about the massive difference in role? When has winks ever been anything like a 10 for Tottenham? Tielemans is supposed to put up his numbers,,, Winks is doing something massively different.

  • Matthew Frazier
    Matthew Frazier 26 days ago

    Vardy scores because of the system he plays in, his pace, and decent finishing. The stupidity of this analysis all over man.. can you not conceive of abstracting from play? We are supposed to ONLY consider goals scored? Let's just make Vardy have the same skills all of the field because he scores a lot. I agree that Lingard is shite and Maddison has been very good, but a lot of this video is awful and pays no attention.
    Anybody watching Rashford play will admit that his skill on ball is better than Vardy, a huge part of why he will be rated higher.

  • Mitch
    Mitch 26 days ago

    Soccer isn't only about scoring goals

  • Shaun Twed
    Shaun Twed 26 days ago

    Jesse Lingard @ 82, Next Joke please 😂😂😂