RED HOT PAN - 50 Lighters Vs 3000 Matches EXPERIMENT

  • Published on Jan 27, 2017
  • In this experiment I get 3,000 matches and 50 gas lighters and place them inside a REAL red hot pan to see which is best. I still can't decide, you tell me.
    1,500 matches are dumped in a pile, I love the way they move like as the fire subsides, then trap the heat to make the pan glow even more.
    The 1,500 match cake really goes up violently in a wave from back to front.
    The 50 lighters create huge fireballs and the slop left behind was interesting.
    The WowShow also has some red hot pan experiments if you like this you should check him out. I didn't do this to copy him, I've had this video on my radar for a few weeks now, and purchased a pan quite a while ago ready for this.
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  • dpaldi anfwha
    dpaldi anfwha 2 days ago

    Look back, your mom is there.

  • Yj C
    Yj C 2 days ago

    Don't pollute the environment.

  • 박예찬
    박예찬 2 days ago

    Air pollution

  • さ成
    さ成 3 days ago

    Not music !

  • 주
     4 days ago


  • 왕 왕
    왕 왕 6 days ago +1

    라이터가 펑 터지진않네

  • See You
    See You 7 days ago +1


  • 전지원
    전지원 9 days ago

    불장난하면 오줌싼다 ㅋㅋ

  • 이준호
    이준호 9 days ago

    이런 영상 자제해요!!!
    환경오염에 주범이네ㅠ

  • Jo마른잎다시살아나

    은근 잼 있네

  • Hi덕진
    Hi덕진 11 days ago

    이게 불장난이지

  • 희도강
    희도강 12 days ago +11

    밤에 이불에 오줌싼대이 ..

  • marin blue
    marin blue 13 days ago +5

    라이터. 플라스틱. 환경공해주범. 지구온난화 유발자.

  • 최미네이터choi
    최미네이터choi 13 days ago


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  • 정의봉
    정의봉 16 days ago

    저짓을 왜 하는거지?

    • sh K
      sh K 16 days ago

      궁금해서 보게하려고요 그럼 조회수가 올라갈꺼고 구글에서 돈 나올꺼구요

  • Marco Guerrero
    Marco Guerrero 16 days ago

    More of this plis good video ☺

  • 예솔향tv
    예솔향tv 19 days ago


  • Luis Castro Velasco
    Luis Castro Velasco 19 days ago

    Un pobre imbécil ignorante contaminando el medio ambiente...

  • hagerty256
    hagerty256 20 days ago

    Please stop calling this kind of playing with fire an "experiment".

  • 이성훈
    이성훈 21 day ago

    똘아이짓좀하지마 시발년아

  • 우비소녀
    우비소녀 22 days ago +4

    라이타쇼 저거 너무 위험해요ㅜㅜ

  • 오미스터리
    오미스터리 22 days ago

    아니 씨발 ㅡㅡ
    라이터를 자리에 놓고나서 불을 켜야지
    병신인지 자살하고 싶은놈인지 ..

  • 류정기
    류정기 22 days ago

    What is the meaning of this? Why are you doing like that? For what????

  • Raymond Class
    Raymond Class 22 days ago +1

    That's a strong heavy duty pan to take all that damage what kind of pan is that? Lol

  • krayzeejojo
    krayzeejojo 22 days ago

    I’ll take my lighters medium well. Thanks.

  • Mark
    Mark 27 days ago

    2:39 That is not the same lighter..

  • Le Tuyen
    Le Tuyen 28 days ago


  • Paolo Ricca
    Paolo Ricca Month ago

    Attention to high temperatures the plastic develops dioxin

  • Mister Mayor
    Mister Mayor Month ago

    Dinner is ready!

  • Khalid alotaibi
    Khalid alotaibi Month ago


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    memo naar Month ago +1

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  • Фон Гадке
    Фон Гадке Month ago +1

    Очень волосатая пися

  • ليست ليست
    ليست ليست Month ago

    مذهل 😍

  • Ocean Mist
    Ocean Mist Month ago

    💥🔥The best experiment was the one with 50 lighters...🌟

    OTTO MKHATSHWA Month ago

    Do one in which you have 50% of the sticks facing up and 50% facing down but they must be mixed.

  • mario weingart
    mario weingart Month ago

    burning all that shit and poisoning the environment, just for some clicks.... hope you retards get cancer soon!

    ALE MPOA Month ago

    Wah wah

  • 王建智
    王建智 Month ago


  • Monteiroevandrogea Monteiro


  • Valdinei Dias
    Valdinei Dias Month ago +3


  • Hernan Zabala
    Hernan Zabala Month ago +1

    Cuando eres piromano y no sabes como decirlo....
    - Braiannn no juegues con los cerilloooss!!!!!
    - Solo los enciendo mamaaa

  • Yamil Pedrozo
    Yamil Pedrozo Month ago

    Ya medio hambre

  • Dasuki 150683
    Dasuki 150683 Month ago

    Maksude apa sih

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M Month ago

    Hora pinche piromaniaco prende fuego en tu casa 😂

  • Usmon Raufov
    Usmon Raufov Month ago


  • 김혜란
    김혜란 Month ago

    야 이새끼 되게 할일없네..
    유튜부를 통해서 합법적으로 장난쳐..

  • Mo amed
    Mo amed Month ago +1

    انت بتعمل حاجه ولا ليها ايوتها 60 لازمه

  • Ilham Bagus
    Ilham Bagus Month ago

    Wong kurang gawean kie lur!

  • Thamir Alaenze
    Thamir Alaenze Month ago +2

    *هاي الطاوه انتهت ... اكو عراقيين هنا😂😝✌*

  • Sodry gad bidara
    Sodry gad bidara Month ago


  • nuevas realidades! diversidad!!

    Que quieren. Apostar Quien se átr3ve a enviar una fotos fotos de su ombligo a mi correo apuesto que yuyá le encanta ra este tipo de vide0s

  • clovis deote machado

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    pek peka Month ago

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    Studio Pack Month ago

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  • ăn và chơi
    ăn và chơi Month ago

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  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago

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  • Finger crossed for u

    المنظر حلو

  • šņĺĺďæ ñģĺĺöøø

    Blasting experiments

  • Siamlian Than
    Siamlian Than Month ago

    50 lighters

  • 이수철
    이수철 Month ago

    한국에서 저런짓 하면 슬기로운 감방생활 예약

  • Davonte James
    Davonte James Month ago +1

    Mmm love me some burned matches in the morning

  • Diethard Michael Meyer

    Absoluter Blödsinn, aber lustig anzusehen. Bitte nicht mehr machen denn es ist Umweltverschmutzung.

  • Slava Pushcarev
    Slava Pushcarev Month ago +1


  • rapsi1978
    rapsi1978 Month ago +7

    Your Mother hit you by use her new pan???

  • Basanta katwal
    Basanta katwal Month ago

    Are you mad it make air pollution

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  • Liberdade Cibernetica

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  • Manuel Tirado
    Manuel Tirado Month ago

    No más contaminado el ambiente

  • princesito luna
    princesito luna Month ago

    Solo puedo ver contaminación

  • Dolphiweb
    Dolphiweb Month ago

    This is a test/experiment to prove... what?

    • MsG.
      MsG. Month ago