Damien Rice - Hallelujah (Sommerfest 2010)

  • Published on Jul 31, 2010
  • Sommerfesten, Giske, Norway - July 31, 2010
    Part 7/7: Damien Rice - Hallelujah
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  • Martin Williams
    Martin Williams 10 months ago


  • Santiago Garcia
    Santiago Garcia 2 years ago

    Fenomenal Damien Rice.

  • Margarida Silva
    Margarida Silva 4 years ago +17

    This is stupid. Damien deserves silence while he is singing. in every song. Stupid people should be listening to this musical genius and not be talking about what they are going to have for lunch.

  • shaguig
    shaguig 6 years ago

    lol, you had to talk

  • mehmet ali urluk
    mehmet ali urluk 7 years ago +1

    2 people absolutely retarted

  • Susan Walker
    Susan Walker 7 years ago

    She's called Alexandria Burke...and she slaughtered this song. :)

  • Nikola Monkey
    Nikola Monkey 7 years ago

    1:42 Damien made camerman cry...

  • Heinousness
    Heinousness 7 years ago

    hell yea.. please Damien

  • Ívar Örn Guðjónsson

    hello :)
    i like this performance like i like the lovely iceland mountains

  • tim youngman
    tim youngman 7 years ago +1

    Please come back to us in the main stream Damien, I for one miss your music :-(

  • ladigambler
    ladigambler 7 years ago

    that's true

  • LifeeForever
    LifeeForever 7 years ago

    @darkdesignband I know another one!.. Foy Vance can do this song too!:-)

  • Hannah Renton
    Hannah Renton 7 years ago

    @haiderbird2000 thank you :)

  • Haider Hazem
    Haider Hazem 7 years ago

    @star15615 well done

  • Haider Hazem
    Haider Hazem 7 years ago

    such a great guy,so amazing.i hope all the best for him and God bless.

  • Anant Masih
    Anant Masih 8 years ago

    Keep like this people! 0 dislikes!!!

  • TavernacleRecords
    TavernacleRecords 8 years ago

    @Renegademaster15 Amen brother. Well said.

  • Hannah Renton
    Hannah Renton 8 years ago

    hey i've uploaded a video of myself singing this song, please listen to it and let me know what you think :)

  • ladigambler
    ladigambler 8 years ago

    0 dislikes !

  • Susan Walker
    Susan Walker 8 years ago

    In your face!!! Stupid woman from x-factor........That's how the song is meant to sound

  • HansRoht
    HansRoht 8 years ago

    Hallelujah to the people who doesn't dislike.

    OCIRELCNU 8 years ago

    american idol is horrible, please dont watch it and dont speak about it

  • lewis cook
    lewis cook 8 years ago

    the people who are talking through this clearly DONT CARE FOR MUSIC ....DOOOO YAAAA

  • The Renegade Master
    The Renegade Master 8 years ago

    @lukemanthomson P.S I even prefer this version to Kate's :)

  • The Renegade Master
    The Renegade Master 8 years ago

    @lukemanthomson I think more people would be in favour of Buckley's then Kate's
    I think Jeff's version has more artistic merit, and more emotional impact
    Kate's version is the sort of version that would go down very well on American Idol
    Jeff Buckley's is the sort of version that will be remembered as one of the best covers ever in time :)

  • JonMcGrawMusic
    JonMcGrawMusic 8 years ago

    I lol'd at 'Have a fockin amazzzzzing festival!!!'
    Absolutely beautiful cover. It would be mad of him not to cover it, it's as though it was written to be played by him.

  • Kobbe
    Kobbe 8 years ago

    Nice echo to the song. He sings it way better here than at Leonard Cohen's R&RHF induction. To say that he doesn't owe his version entirely to Jeff Buckley would be a lie, though.

  • The Renegade Master
    The Renegade Master 8 years ago

    @greenpixey1 Go listen to Jeff Buckley do it
    Definitive version imo

  • Huy Doan
    Huy Doan 9 years ago

    fucking amazing festival

  • Yee Chung Cheong
    Yee Chung Cheong 9 years ago

    thankyou so much for putting this up!