Congress ERUPTS Into Chaos

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Washington is a mess! Ana Kasparian, Brooke Thomas, and Francesca Fiorentini, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:
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    "The House voted along party lines to allow Speaker Nancy Pelosi to refer to President Donald Trump's tweets about minority Democratic lawmakers as "racist," overriding House rules and GOP objections.
    The nearly two-hour long delay threw the House into chaos and pushed back a final vote on a resolution condemning Trump's rhetoric. That vote is now expected late Tuesday night."
    Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brooke Thomas, Francesca Fiorentini
    Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brooke Thomas, Francesca Fiorentini
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  • The Young Turks
    The Young Turks  6 months ago +294

    Members of the US government have lost their minds. Leave a comment below.

    • Doc B
      Doc B 4 days ago

      So mocking southern accents isn't racist I'm lost... he clearly said "her words are unparliamentary and should be taken down" hosts of this channel are the most hypocritical racist pieces of shits I have ever seen....

    • Comrade Anthony the Leninist
      Comrade Anthony the Leninist 5 months ago

      Bruh I’m a Marxist and even I hate you guys.

    • randomnobody playthrough
      randomnobody playthrough 5 months ago

      This is the LAST time I will hear Ana speak of "the right wing government" of Israel.
      From now on I will NEVER watch any TYT videos with Ana in it.

  • FriedSpamable
    FriedSpamable 26 days ago

    Slaveowners gave us the electoral college and other debauchery. America the ugly.

  • findingout
    findingout 3 months ago +1

    Y'all keep saying trump did this and trump did that but, where is your proof at!?? Y'all never play anything for proof or show him actually committing these acts that you accuse him of?? Are we just sopposed to believe you?!!! This is America you lieing, cheating, pieces of shit!!!!! Here we don't acuse the president of the United States of America of shit!! Unless you can back it !!!!!! How stupid can a party get!!!?¿?

    • FriedSpamable
      FriedSpamable 26 days ago

      There's something called the internet, you inbred moron.

  • findingout
    findingout 3 months ago +1

    Who is this stupid young punk of a news person that looks more like a bill Clinton staffer than a actual news consultant. If she was a actual down to earth nose to the grindstone reporter, she would know the Democrats are only grabbing at straws here. And nothing they are acuseing Trump of can be backed up with any evidence of any kind! Most of their actuations are completely see though!!!! Laughable!!

  • Bradley Hoyt
    Bradley Hoyt 4 months ago

    An immovable Parliament is more obnoxious than an immovable King!

  • Bradley Hoyt
    Bradley Hoyt 4 months ago

    Ilhan Omar is an enemy of the state.

    * FLORIDAMAN 4 months ago

    Ilhan Omar should be convicted of fraud she's a criminal Democrat just like all Democrats are criminals

  • Tanya Garcia
    Tanya Garcia 5 months ago +1

    Schumer and Pelosi they are the most disgusting people in the world I don't understand how they allow this man to disrespect these women in their face but these are all Adidas like are you kidding me everybody kept saying to me all Pelosi this and Pelosi dad and Pelosi this and Pelosi. I knew there was something about that lady I didn't like she's a bully so who she could but she backs out who she want it back up and I find out I find it real funny that these two are hanging out together when the government was shut down diesel had a lot of things to say especially her but now nobody got nothing to say not nobody want to help the people this is why this is why people need to go stand in front of these voting centers and let it be known we are not voting for nobody that is not for us I don't understand why this impeachment is taking so long they wanted to impeach Clinton for getting his dick sucked in his own f****** house and this man is running around corner racism and he's letting these white people get away with murder. When are our leaders going to stand up for us the people I don't understand this and then they got the nerve to sit there and if you are a dark-skinned person a brown person a person out of this country they quit to tell you go back to your country I will but this is my country I was born here

  • Scott Hilliard
    Scott Hilliard 5 months ago +1

    I usually lean towards the right, but once in awhile, I have to check in on the left. What the f$#! has happened to this party?!!!! I voted for Bill Clinton, because I felt as if he was the best choice at that time. The bitterness, and contempt that oozes from these people today is embarrassing! They seem like spoiled little rich kids, who never had any friends. I'm not trying to be's just what I see.🇺🇸✌

  • Gwendolyn Albert
    Gwendolyn Albert 5 months ago

    Sorry little girl you are such a child that knows nothing. Ormar and her gang are racist! They use there term so you repeat their phrases! Just repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Now you have Mantra down now what are you going to say?

  • Gwendolyn Albert
    Gwendolyn Albert 5 months ago +2

    There is no place for Omar and her gang. They are racist comments. They are inciting violence. Not President Trump!

  • Gwendolyn Albert
    Gwendolyn Albert 5 months ago

    They should have been called out!

  • Jeannie Kendrick
    Jeannie Kendrick 5 months ago


  • Tee
    Tee 5 months ago

    Cleaver is working under a racist institution but he can't do anything about it.

  • Jamie Kloer
    Jamie Kloer 5 months ago

    It sucks when people use your own tactics against you and you have to use your tactics against them so they use your tactics against you and so on and so forth

  • chindoo
    chindoo 5 months ago

    Trump says his.opinions. we disagree but still he has free speech.

    • Parmetheus Rai
      Parmetheus Rai 5 months ago

      ...and others have the free speech to condemn him for his racist speech.

  • jon luc
    jon luc 6 months ago +2

    Like it or NOT TRUMP is YOUR President now TILL 2024. DEAL with it world's #1 Haters.

  • Dana McMahan
    Dana McMahan 6 months ago +1

    If you don't like America just leave ..Go anywhere!!

  • Minnie Foulks
    Minnie Foulks 6 months ago +5

    All these people for trump is racist bigots. Trump is a racist piece of crap

    • chindoo
      chindoo 5 months ago +1

      Trump is real

  • ocean joker
    ocean joker 6 months ago +3

    Wth! Lame ass congress!!

  • jon luc
    jon luc 6 months ago +2


    • Minnie Foulks
      Minnie Foulks 6 months ago +1

      jon luc you sounds stupid why you think what you say is any better than what I say.

  • Les Fogle
    Les Fogle 6 months ago +4

    Collins has Trumps tiny dick in his mouth too

    • firestream93
      firestream93 5 months ago

      I find it odd how much liberals are obsessed with Trump's dick.
      That's not natural. You need help!

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant 6 months ago +3

    So Trump can hypothetically call Omar the "N" word and if Omar calls him racist then she's in violation of congressional rules? Gotta love Murica.

    • jeff ghant
      jeff ghant 5 months ago

      ​@firestream93 Prime, Premium, or Choice?

    • firestream93
      firestream93 5 months ago

      @jeff ghant Nope. No bread involved. Just steak.

    • jeff ghant
      jeff ghant 5 months ago

      @firestream93 Yeah, a steak sandwich. That's fine.

    • firestream93
      firestream93 5 months ago

      @jeff ghant Better than that. I'm fixing to eat a steak!

  • B Mullin
    B Mullin 6 months ago +1

    White male Trump supporters think it is okay to rape Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

    • jon luc
      jon luc 6 months ago

      This is what I mean. Idiots just make shit up to frame TRUMP. Rapist. Idiost like TRUMP said "when you have money they let you crab em by the Kitty" now trump Supporters are Rapist. Like if you check the stats they will be no Democrats. Let's start with Anthony Weiner proud Democrat.

    • Minnie Foulks
      Minnie Foulks 6 months ago

      All these republicans are racist bigots themselves ALL OF THEM. They all needs to be kicked out to

    • Cody
      Cody 6 months ago

      You mind backing up your fantasy with some evidence?

  • Fotosynthesis858
    Fotosynthesis858 6 months ago +3

    I don't trust Pelosi. I think she's an undercover RepuliTard.

  • Dom Wings
    Dom Wings 6 months ago +3

    Stop recommending the Young Turks, TheXvid. FAKE NEWS, not alternative media, not news, opinion piece full of unchanging bias.

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      @Dom Wings what are you talking about? EVERY news agency employs what. At least they don't pander to elite corporate masters with fantastically hilarious tales of fantasy within THEIR op-eds. Not are they obligated to support any party or policy. If you were a member, then you would also know that they don't all always agree about issues.

    • Dom Wings
      Dom Wings 6 months ago +1

      sergio rubio what are you talking about. Look at you going off assuming so much off of nothing, pure ignorance, you should be embarrassed

    • Dom Wings
      Dom Wings 6 months ago

      vh9network no I don’t think the government is fake, YT is strictly an opinion based channel that is extremely biased and a waste of time. That’s what my original post said, why are you assuming I think the government is fake? That’s quite a stretch don’t you think?

    • The Ghost of Judah Tribe
      The Ghost of Judah Tribe 6 months ago +2

      @sergio rubioHelp your way down a toilet drain

    • sergio rubio
      sergio rubio 6 months ago +1

      Dom Wings TYT is an garbage opinion site. They actually think a minimum wage policy helps the public

  • Chase Dizzie
    Chase Dizzie 6 months ago +6

    I think TYT’s fan base is half Trump supporters. They low key love Anna.

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      I think some people can't resist being corrosive. Causing division at such an insignificant level is childish.

  • K Boo
    K Boo 6 months ago +9

    Impeach donald trump

    • vh9network
      vh9network 6 months ago +1

      or don't vote for him in 2020.

  • chicago77
    chicago77 6 months ago +12

    Rule of thumb: The "R" in every Republican's title actually stands for "racist." For example: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky = Racist, Kentucky). It totally makes sense now 😀

    • chicago77
      chicago77 6 months ago +2

      @Redfestiva bo That's not an insult. A dick has appreciably more useful functions than a racist on any given day. I would much rather vote for a dick than a racist dick. Nice try though.

    • Redfestiva bo
      Redfestiva bo 6 months ago

      The “D” in every democrat means “dick”.

  • Roman Korvinus
    Roman Korvinus 6 months ago +3

    He's a nose dive, will never get a second term.

  • Trump's Brick Layer
    Trump's Brick Layer 6 months ago +2

    These three stooges should go back to where they came from , that would be the trash can behind Planned Parenthood

  • eaglesclaws8
    eaglesclaws8 6 months ago +4

    So congress people dont have freedom of speech during session? What a bunch of bullshit.

  • SystemzOverload
    SystemzOverload 6 months ago +12

    the ultimate snowflake cuck, goes around saying racist shit, sexually assaulting women, gets triggered when its pointed out.

    • jon luc
      jon luc 6 months ago

      @John nie we with all that being said let society die. Trump following u.s rules on the books Already. If you dont like it you can vote your President in. I'm voting TRUMP until I see a better choice. I'm tired of picking a side instead of the best candidate. Ya whining and bitching about everything is the reason. Trump tweets dont matter tomorrow.

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      @jon luc change in culture and society? Are you serious? The only reason you would even mention such a meaningless concept is because it means more to you than all the more disturbingly corrupt outcomes of this administration...not bama, Carter, Clinton, nobody but THIS utterly incompetent bafoon. But if you are sympathetic to white priders, well then why didn't you just say so. See, I could understand then, because see, that makes them no better than the mentally unstable. And let's not forget how bad Israel wants the US to bring them their *NEW* Messiah. So, how do you reconcile that the enemy of my enemy won't inevitably lead to mutual self destruction? Civilizations must evolve or die.

    • jon luc
      jon luc 6 months ago

      @John nie oh yes I'll take your beautiful crafted criticism of TRUMP. Other nations wish they Had Control of THIS nation. hey no one Said Trump was smooth like OBAMA but Trump is Making the right changes. DEMOCRATS want to change the nations. Culture. Society. It already started with Obama but even he Agreed on border Sercurity.

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      @jon luc lol...the facts your frail ego can't seem to accept won't change just because you choose to live in an altered reality. The vast majority of other nations sentiments toward L'Orange, even of allies, is one of disgust. So I say let pigs lay, sleep, play and sling all the MUD and make lots a noise, cuz that's what they do best. It is literally a hilarious shit-show of failure, day by day. The tyrant can barely form a cohesive sentence. History couldn't hide this level of incompetence. Pathetic.

    • jon luc
      jon luc 6 months ago

      @John nie looking like Democrat are the ones suffering the consequences. Trumps looking Brand new. Dems looking like a clown show. With the Squad as the leaders. Ya got bigger problems than sir TRUMP.

  • acool6401
    acool6401 6 months ago +9

    Trump has demonstrated time and time again that he is racist but it's amazing how everyone seems to act all surprised and shocked when he does it - yet one more time.

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      @jon luc jon luc whoa there...what? Who said all that? I think you need to adjust your bi-focals Gramps. Who said you couldn't disagree? And what's all this about socialismisticswhatever. Man, do you sometimes feel like a social engineered tool? You know, cuz you used that BIG, scary word? LOL. Pay isn't that great to be a trolling network shill, well cuz it was never a requirement and technically, you don't exist. How dumb do ya gotta be to repeat the worst mistakes in history? And you thought you were their darling, loyal to the end, suffer any indignity, patriotic supporter....LOL. now you pout because it's not fair that it's just so easy to demonize this administration? Why? Because they act like traitorous criminal thugs, and have not one ounce of integrity among them? No respect for each other? No plan for a better future? No desire to allow growth? No tolerance for diversity? Nothing. And you cling to a two party failure of a system designed to give you only *ONE* choice. Dead end game.

    • jon luc
      jon luc 6 months ago

      @John nie that is the problem who ever disagrees is Racist. SmFh when I see Trump have support from all over. Ya will never turn the American into a socialist country. Your Race Card is REJECTED.

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      @Redfestiva bo lol...what a pathetic _loser_ . Just what I'd imagined another illegitimate, red headed, step-child of L'orange to say. Ignorance est BLISS! N'est pas? LOL!!

    • Redfestiva bo
      Redfestiva bo 6 months ago +1

      Yet there is no proof of his racism. Wait... no proof of Russian collusion. No proof of Kavenaugh’s guilt. I see how democrats roll now.

  • The Black Knight
    The Black Knight 6 months ago +3


    • queenyt4ever
      queenyt4ever 6 months ago +1

      Starting when?! Wake me up when it starts.

    • stretchwith
      stretchwith 6 months ago

      @The Black Knight hahahahaha

    • The Black Knight
      The Black Knight 6 months ago


    • stretchwith
      stretchwith 6 months ago

      "Send them home! Send them home!"

  • likquidsteel
    likquidsteel 6 months ago +14

    Not all racists are Trump supporters, but all Trump supporters are racist (actively or tacitly)

  • Gene Ferguson
    Gene Ferguson 6 months ago

    Lol yes an we will be happy

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 6 months ago +4

    All I hear is bawk bawk bawk

    • Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler 6 months ago

      @wayne french lol ill show you my nuts

    • wayne french
      wayne french 6 months ago +2

      dirk diggler. you to nuts to be here go away

  • Delsi Ayala
    Delsi Ayala 6 months ago +4

    Vote those weak democrats out!!, replace them for justice democrats instead

  • James Sparks
    James Sparks 6 months ago +2

    I love seeing the Democrat Crime Cabal in total meltdown mode responding to MAGA Patriot President Trump’s courageous smackdown of the 4 horse faces of the Apocalypse! Trump 2020!

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      LOL!!! I LOVE the absolute maniacal rantings of fanatical maniacs for some fairy tale empirically superior ego chest pounding, _" dicks bigger than yours!..."_ panty party. You win!

  • Private Author
    Private Author 6 months ago +3

    Refuse fascism or face extinction.

  • extra14u
    extra14u 6 months ago +13

    You know what's funny? More Trump supporters watch tyt than progressives, liberals and democrats! Just look at the comment section 🤣🤣🤣

    • extra14u
      extra14u 6 months ago

      @John nie Nope, you couldn't be more wrong. I meant it in an ironic/sarcastic sort of way. Just an observation on tyt videos. Next time, don't assume because it make an ass outta know the rest

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      Move along...nothing to see here...just another easily triggered orange trolling trumplodyte.
      *DO NOT FEED*

  • Matt Keesee
    Matt Keesee 6 months ago +1

    3 idiots talking..Man this was embarrassing to watch.lmao.Morons asking each other the definition of words on the air..Duhhh...lmao..Love it or LEAVE IT BITCHES..

    • Patrick Charles
      Patrick Charles 5 months ago

      Matt Keesee is a racist troll who hates women! He must be an insel. Calling them bitches removes all doubt that he’s a trump kissass

    • Matt Keesee
      Matt Keesee 6 months ago

      @Deleuze and Guitars that was an adorable response..bless your heart..

    • Deleuze and Guitars
      Deleuze and Guitars 6 months ago +3

      you sound triggered, go back to watching deepfake videos of Ana Kasparian to calm your nerves

  • TMS
    TMS 6 months ago +3

    Total liberal bitches, everybody and everything is racist. Losers.

  • mark broussard
    mark broussard 6 months ago

    Jeffery Crenshaw you suck it down moron

  • Luis Robinson
    Luis Robinson 6 months ago

    to the young turks...will someone ask Why they don't weigh in on whether the Donalds tweets are racial and need to cut him off just like they offed farakhan?

  • ClickBidHunt
    ClickBidHunt 6 months ago +3

    TYT - Thank You for helping make sure that President Trump gets re-elected!

    • John nie
      John nie 6 months ago

      LOL!! TYT does *not* mean _Thank You Trump._ what kind of clickbidhunt are you? Oh, the kind that luvs public floggings for attention. You sound so desperate. Ok, the bidding will start now. I offer one middle finger.🖕

  • Leigh Oats
    Leigh Oats 6 months ago +8

    Thanks, TYT, for your steady (stable?) but potent campaign for sanity. The agent-provocateur-in-chief, the gangster-in-chief, the criminal-emboldener-in-chief, will get his comeuppance. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Jeffrey Crenshaw
    Jeffrey Crenshaw 6 months ago +10

    If we are supposed to remove statements because they are "unparliamentary", does that mean we are supposed to remove presidents because they are "unpresidential"?

    • Imperfect Xennial
      Imperfect Xennial 6 months ago +1

      mark broussard actually you’re the moron

    • mark broussard
      mark broussard 6 months ago

      Jeffrey Crenshaw hey moron are you an idiot or just plan stupid

  • Alexander Brusilovsky
    Alexander Brusilovsky 6 months ago

    They really like to be the center of their imaginary world. They call it a job.
    I will subscribe here, to sense the surreality.

  • Miss Chief
    Miss Chief 6 months ago +11

    Surely the real reason it is important to condemn his racism is so that minorities in the country can see their elected representatives standing up for their rights. Also the Jefferson Manual of Parliamentary Practice explicitly states any reference to “racial or other discrimination on the Part of the President” are not allowed... So for example you couldn't mention his housing discrimination against minorities. Surely this is in breech of the Civil Rights Act especially considering that the President is not supposed to be above the law. Might also be worth noting this rule was based on a British one stating _“In Parliament, to speak irreverently or seditiously against the King is against order.”_ Isn't the whole point of America that you are all equal and there are no kings or tyrants? Why don't they just change the rule? Democrats have the house, the rule is no longer appropriate in particular the way it singles out racism.

  • Eric Hall
    Eric Hall 6 months ago

    Awww Uncle Sammy, who hath bewitched thee all these centuries. Why callest thyself democratic whilst thou art aren't.Take heed these days though, lest thou dash thy wicked feet pon the stone...🤨😐

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson 6 months ago +2

    So the snowflakes melted on this one, hell he offered to let them come back, I wouldn't do that.......

    • The Huxley Agnostic
      The Huxley Agnostic 6 months ago

      @r36125yt Haha, I'm Canadian. And, if you think Canada is all out socialism, or Europe, or Japan, or Australia, or New Zealand ... just because of single payer healthcare ... then you're a complete moron, on top of being paranoid.

    • r36125yt
      r36125yt 6 months ago

      The Huxley Agnostic If your not scared of socialism, you should leave too.

    • The Huxley Agnostic
      The Huxley Agnostic 6 months ago

      @Joe Anderson That's a) bullshit, and b) not how being an American works.

    • Joe Anderson
      Joe Anderson 6 months ago +1

      @The Huxley Agnostic They aren't really American they hate this country

    • The Huxley Agnostic
      The Huxley Agnostic 6 months ago

      @Joe Anderson Telling fellow Americans to leave the country, because you don't like what they say, sounds kind of anti-American.

  • Pelosi Is Drunk
    Pelosi Is Drunk 6 months ago +3

    Your world is caving in around you TYT. Do you STILL support Omar?? The Squad?? They're YOUR People arnt they Chunk?? Anna??? Hillarious, Dems are imploding.....

    • Imperfect Xennial
      Imperfect Xennial 6 months ago +1

      Jurassic Punk damn you’re dumb

    • Mustybone666
      Mustybone666 6 months ago +1

      @Don donny Dill Hole, apparently you haven't read the constitution, Majority rule vs minority rights.

    • Mustybone666
      Mustybone666 6 months ago +1

      @lcyw20 Erm ….. you're just upset he won't let you pee pee in the little girls room.

  • zarplex2003
    zarplex2003 6 months ago +15

    Unparliamentary to call a racist a racist? Talk about political correctness. The Republicans are nazis. (They were literally endorsed by neo-nazis in 2016!)

    • Mayko Luche
      Mayko Luche 6 months ago

      @Joe Anderson No thats you stupid! Sorry wait no you're a sheep!

    • Joe Anderson
      Joe Anderson 6 months ago +1

      you can't fix what you are..... you're stuck on stupid....

  • mark broussard
    mark broussard 6 months ago +3

    This woman on this video ,you can leave this country to

  • skankhunt43 43
    skankhunt43 43 6 months ago

    You are rasist.and all of you dems and left are noxies

  • Brian Wargo
    Brian Wargo 6 months ago +5

    Nothing that are President has said is racist Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats have lost their minds

    • Imperfect Xennial
      Imperfect Xennial 6 months ago

      You dumb MAGAts don’t have a mind to lose.

    • discipleofsakura
      discipleofsakura 6 months ago +1

      Explaining to a racist like you why what he said is racist is pointless.

    • Don donny
      Don donny 6 months ago +1

      Well, this is freedom of speech (the right to complain is a core part of the USA) and an racist insult from American history.
      If you dont like it you can take Trumps racist advice for yourself.

  • Malamockq
    Malamockq 6 months ago +4

    Sounds like a rule made up by a racist, to defend and protect racism. It's shocking and a disgrace that such a rule exists, and it should be abolished immediately, and that racist clown who invoked the enforcement of the racist rule, should resign.

    • Malamockq
      Malamockq 6 months ago

      @Ivan Enfinger No, it's a rule designed by a racist, to avoid any instances of racism by the president being pointed out. You already proven you're a racist with your admiration of a rapist and slave owner, this defense of racism is the cherry on top of the shit sundae. You're a racist kid.

    • Ivan Enfinger
      Ivan Enfinger 6 months ago

      Its to stop rival politicians from slinging accusations of racism back in forth across the floor of the house. Its a smart rule because without it nothing would ever get acomplished.

  • Varrie Ann
    Varrie Ann 6 months ago +1

    Emmanuel Cleaver, that was a weak move. You messed up