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  • Sarra
    Sarra Month ago

    This is the cutest thing ever, my heart 😭

  • charlotte23x1
    charlotte23x1 2 months ago

    Love this so much, editing so great. He is so good with kids ultimate cutie

  • kroos vlog e gamer
    kroos vlog e gamer 4 months ago +1


  • Lalthar Mawia
    Lalthar Mawia 6 months ago


  • Korede Alaran
    Korede Alaran 6 months ago

    respect for this

  • True Zezuru
    True Zezuru 6 months ago

    This video is so sweet and touching. That girl reminds me of my younger self .She'll never forget meeting you.You are amazing for doing this.

  • J-B Exploration
    J-B Exploration 7 months ago

    Sums up the arsenal defence . Weak AF. 🤦🏼‍♂️ SMH

  • Hache
    Hache 7 months ago

    Deberías visitarme a México te invito unos tacos :p

  • Koki Aji
    Koki Aji 7 months ago

    He have a channel youtube a wow

  • Inokalibellerin bieber
    Inokalibellerin bieber 8 months ago

    So you notice me too or you act blind?

  • I am GUNNERS
    I am GUNNERS 8 months ago

    Do y ou give your shirt of cska

  • I am GUNNERS
    I am GUNNERS 8 months ago

    I love Hector

  • Steak Head
    Steak Head 8 months ago

    Bellerin top guy

  • antiheld
    antiheld 8 months ago

    I'm jealous

  • double6domino
    double6domino 8 months ago

    Still needs to apologize to AFTV and Arsenal fans! Not that cynical apology that he posted on instagram.........he gots ta go!!!!

  • ayah ramirez
    ayah ramirez 8 months ago

    Much respect @hectorbellerin

  • Kushal Acharya
    Kushal Acharya 8 months ago

    so bellerin has his own youtube channel

  • Tony Boylen
    Tony Boylen 8 months ago

    Happy Birthday sorry it's a bit late. #youlegend

  • Tony Boylen
    Tony Boylen 8 months ago

    You're my hero

  • Jack Clare
    Jack Clare 8 months ago

    Absolute class respect you even more for this !

  • M Kelly
    M Kelly 8 months ago

    Tbh you don't sound Spanish but you're a very good footballer

  • Noelle Francisco
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  • J Doyle
    J Doyle 8 months ago

    Big up hector

  • MagThe1
    MagThe1 8 months ago

    How does it feel to know that leroy sane can walk faster with a ton og butter in he's pocket than you running top speed

  • Shaun Patino
    Shaun Patino 8 months ago

    Absolutely superb, nice to see this side of a premier league player 👌

  • Darragh I like trains
    Darragh I like trains 8 months ago

    Besides the whole point of Bellerin there. That family looks rich as fuck!!!!

  • T TYke
    T TYke 8 months ago

    Fuckin fair play hector 👏

  • Marcos Gabriel Altamirano Rodriguez

    Is Bellerin

  • BeastRhys FC
    BeastRhys FC 8 months ago

    I loved it even tho i'm a Tottenham fan!

  • Papa Francisco
    Papa Francisco 8 months ago +1

    Good man hector👏🏼

  • all i want is pounded yam
    all i want is pounded yam 8 months ago +1

    Race Pierre

  • Random Guy 123
    Random Guy 123 8 months ago +1

    People may say footballers only for the money but some footballers really are sweat like the fatest right back in the prem hector bellerin

  • CR7 is better than messi by country mile

    Shitty shitty bellerin

    Tati tati bellerin

  • BTS Fan
    BTS Fan 8 months ago

    That's ur voice

  • Ephraim Kebede
    Ephraim Kebede 8 months ago +1

    Hector we love you stay at arsenal

  • stupid moonkey coont
    stupid moonkey coont 8 months ago

    Still don't like ya

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 8 months ago +1

    Shree. He needs kids. Like, now. 😂 jk ❤️

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 8 months ago +1

    I’m unbelievably jealous of those kids growing up in a house that supports arsenal, I live in Australia, my family follow cricket and that is all. It kinda sucks.

  • jaker _
    jaker _ 8 months ago +1

    Heccy B, somehow love the guy more than the footballer. Legend

  • Hikidun M
    Hikidun M 8 months ago +1

    Great - don't leave the club tho!!!

  • Lloyd
    Lloyd 8 months ago +4

    Hector speaks better English than 95% of the footballers in the premier league

  • The Black soprano
    The Black soprano 8 months ago +2

    Bellerin you better stay at arsenal you think barca want you, your just gonna be another fabregas. Stay at arsenal and cut your hair cuz

  • Zlatan is the god pogba is the beast

    this is not a official channel right?

  • MannyPlays
    MannyPlays 8 months ago

    Visit Troopz he’ll treat you nicely😏

  • luis mendez
    luis mendez 8 months ago +1

    Okay player , genuine guy .

  • Abdul Nazir
    Abdul Nazir 8 months ago

    Subscribe to porptube

  • Calvin Mngatana
    Calvin Mngatana 8 months ago +4

    Lmao there is no way Bellerin isn't English. I'm not having it.

  • ThaBoss76000
    ThaBoss76000 8 months ago

    What song is that in fhe background, anyone knows?

  • Blems 1
    Blems 1 8 months ago

    ill always hate DT only cause of bellerin

  • ItsCyrus
    ItsCyrus 8 months ago +1

    Nanana bellerin hector bellerin

  • Gabriel Ramos
    Gabriel Ramos 8 months ago

    BRASIL 2018

  • Adebayo
    Adebayo 8 months ago

    Visit dt

  • Sir Arsene Wenger
    Sir Arsene Wenger 8 months ago +1

    see wenger taugh bellerin lets all respect arsene for this he made it happen..ciao to the wob

  • Josh Wells
    Josh Wells 8 months ago +3

    Footballers should do this more often

  • Josh Wells
    Josh Wells 8 months ago

    Get out of my club -Dt ahhaha

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 8 months ago +1

    Remember everyone loved bellerin and thought he was class I think it's because his accent was so strange they just thought oh he ain't a Spanish speedster he's an English clown who can't cross a ball

  • Aidy Gooner
    Aidy Gooner 8 months ago +2

    This is class Bellerin!! I really hope you get back to good form soon and show us fans (and the haters) why we fell in love with you 👌

  • Verezha Ibrahim
    Verezha Ibrahim 8 months ago

    Welcome to Juve

  • thomas chandler
    thomas chandler 8 months ago

    You wouldn’t believe he’s Spanish if you didn’t know who he was

  • Reggie Nixx
    Reggie Nixx 8 months ago

    Bellerin looks like ezra (flash)

  • I'm jaystation
    I'm jaystation 8 months ago +2

    This is what I love about football players

  • A0 .XGhost
    A0 .XGhost 9 months ago +1

    I still cant get over how he pulled this accent! 😄 wenger was there before hector was born and he still couldn’t pull a decent accent 😂

  • George Groves
    George Groves 9 months ago +1

    Mad love for hector bellerin, I have a shirt any chance me getting it signed by him? Big fan

  • Luke Cibelli
    Luke Cibelli 9 months ago +1

    Hector Bellerin

  • Diesel Kmi
    Diesel Kmi 9 months ago +1

    I Wish I was those kids:(

  • kingdomrun
    kingdomrun 9 months ago +2

    He's got a cockney accent. I thought he was Spanish???

    PARAMESWARA 9 months ago

    Hey why don't you practice more crossing idiot.

  • James Davies
    James Davies 9 months ago +2

    As you can tell, I'm Spurs but this is classy from Bellerín. That girl may grow up, could even stop loving football, but she will never forget these moments. Top man.

    • LTH AVN
      LTH AVN 8 months ago

      respect to you

  • Fedor Molokov
    Fedor Molokov 9 months ago

    Could you help me to find the song from this video?

  • ayam rendang
    ayam rendang 9 months ago +2

    We love you Hector. You're hot tho

  • Darío Buendía Sánchez
    Darío Buendía Sánchez 9 months ago +1

    What's the brand of that hoodie???

  • Balt Witch
    Balt Witch 9 months ago +2

    It is so heart touching!

  • asiimwe osama
    asiimwe osama 9 months ago

    Hector bellerin I mean you're supposed to bro

  • Liam91
    Liam91 9 months ago +1

    What a nice thing to do that is well done hector lad !!!

  • I Rule Hyrule
    I Rule Hyrule 9 months ago +1

    Nice to see a player give back. New found respect for Hector

  • Jamesy TheReDevil
    Jamesy TheReDevil 9 months ago +1

    this is beautiful. im a manutd fan and also a bellerin fan

  • Hasan Al-Jarrah
    Hasan Al-Jarrah 9 months ago

    december.... its march now

  • Roman Harrison
    Roman Harrison 9 months ago +1

    Great work hector

  • Jaysen B
    Jaysen B 9 months ago

    actually Bellerin is a good guy trying to make some extra pees on TheXvid!

  • Jai Cee
    Jai Cee 9 months ago


  • Jesus creepers
    Jesus creepers 9 months ago +1

    To be fair, this made me smile... and I'm a miserable cunt.

  • Everton Fc
    Everton Fc 9 months ago +1

    Well done you are a great person look at the smiles on the kids faces they will never forget that day ever.

  • lea00789
    lea00789 9 months ago +1

    My cousins. What a lovely thing you did for them ❤️

  • christopher baeta
    christopher baeta 9 months ago +1

    Hector, I'm not a fan of arsenal but this was a nice touch from you.

  • Paul Sykes
    Paul Sykes 9 months ago

    Working class house next?

  • christopher borthwick
    christopher borthwick 9 months ago +2

    Massive respect man from a liverpool fan

  • It'sonlyElise xo
    It'sonlyElise xo 9 months ago +1

    This is too cute

  • S R
    S R 9 months ago

    find your form first

  • LeBison 10
    LeBison 10 9 months ago

    He’s only doing this to get the Arsenal Fans back on board with him after his opinions about some of there loyalty towards the club

    • LTH AVN
      LTH AVN 8 months ago

      nah. he has been searching for that girl for months

    • LeBison 10
      LeBison 10 9 months ago


    • G L
      G L 9 months ago

      SafariGL Troll.

  • Diana Fearon
    Diana Fearon 9 months ago +3

    Bellerin speaks like he is from England but he’s spanish

  • no9scrum
    no9scrum 9 months ago +1

    the fuck!?! i thought he was spanish!

    • Kimberly Soberano
      Kimberly Soberano 8 months ago

      no9scrum he lived in the UK since he was 15

    • no9scrum
      no9scrum 8 months ago

      think you missed the point, lol
      i meant his accent sounds like he's english

    • Seynab Moalim
      Seynab Moalim 8 months ago

      no9scrum he is but he can speek english

  • 2760db
    2760db 9 months ago


  • Jim Lahey
    Jim Lahey 9 months ago

    Im gonna be the miserable fucker to point out that these two kids are clearly massively privileged anyway - then again, I supposed you need to be nowadays to be able to afford to actually go to the match.

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler 9 months ago +1

    Please go see DT😂👌🏻

  • Dave Govinden
    Dave Govinden 9 months ago

    lost the currents fan generation with arsenal fan tv banter but workin hard on the next fans generations. He's very kind and relaxed with these adorable kids.

  • Kane
    Kane 9 months ago +1

    So sweet omg

  • Jamie Le
    Jamie Le 9 months ago +1

    mad ting

  • George Films
    George Films 9 months ago +1

    Top guy

  • Green Goblin
    Green Goblin 9 months ago

    “Oooooo” “woooow” “aaaahhh”

  • Dan Mathieson
    Dan Mathieson 9 months ago +1

    What a nice guy could genuinely see he was having a good time your great with kids. Top lad