More Raspberry Pi Cases For Your Eyes | Ashens

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • It's time to put little Raspberry Pi computers into things
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  • Fr34k1ng0ut
    Fr34k1ng0ut 8 days ago

    Rechargeable AA batteries, ashens. It's 2019 :D

  • Arcadeperfect Reviews
    Arcadeperfect Reviews 15 days ago

    That button placement on the picade is aweful. Not astrocity, not vewlix, wtf

  • Foxime Artzy
    Foxime Artzy 19 days ago

    He has had that couch for so long

  • Karina Moore
    Karina Moore 20 days ago

    7:16 whoes that??

  • SnowLily Official
    SnowLily Official 22 days ago

    The Elements are going to kill the rPi! Twily do something!

  • Delboy Trotter
    Delboy Trotter 23 days ago

    I’ve just reported you’re channel have a nice day haha!

  • Jason Barnes
    Jason Barnes 23 days ago +1

    7:16 uhhh who's that?

  • T@wesomE
    T@wesomE 24 days ago

    I want allot at least one of the game boy or from the small boxed ones but truth be told with all those bits & tats you also need a good amount of money.A luxury i cannot have those days that much to be brutally honest stuard my friend!

  • GamingMill
    GamingMill 25 days ago

    Who's been kissing the screen of that Picade thing? You can see the lip prints at 6:28!

  • joseph
    joseph 26 days ago


  • Jptv 952
    Jptv 952 26 days ago +1

    Ashens if you see this go in d and a it has a really shity witch cape that’s similar to the emergency costumes things that you did a couple years ago from pound world

  • Gaberiel Bires
    Gaberiel Bires 27 days ago

    what was that face

  • BasicRock123
    BasicRock123 28 days ago +2

    How does he have the same intro for 11 years and it’s still great

  • honey
    honey 28 days ago +2

    I would love him to ready me a bedtime story lol his voice is amazing

  • VoteBrexit Party1212
    VoteBrexit Party1212 28 days ago +1

    People talk about AAs as if you cannot get rechargeable ones.

  • KG Master
    KG Master 28 days ago

    nice hat Stuart

  • kalob hunt
    kalob hunt 29 days ago

    Athens pls pls pls do another video game collectors edition episode i know its been a couple years since episode 7 but it was amazing and there’s so many new art books you need to look at. Pls bring it back I have watched that playlist at least 5 times starting to get old lol either way keep up the good work you the best.

  • dean simp1
    dean simp1 29 days ago +2

    This is the only guy that has never changed on youtube

    • Beth M
      Beth M 27 days ago +2

      dean simp1 Yeah that’s what I love about him, he’s always been the same but is never boring.

  • Sampai
    Sampai 29 days ago +10

    Ashens’ tombstone: “Can’t remember, should’ve looked it up before recording.”

  • Jonathan Dagnillo
    Jonathan Dagnillo 29 days ago

    The Genesis emulation is actually not off, the sound clips out because the GPi by default only plays one channel of sound so stereo effects get lost. You can get a premade image from Super Retropie which has a fix installed already, or the Facebook group has documentation of how to add this fix to your own machine.

  • SlAuGhTeReD GaMeR
    SlAuGhTeReD GaMeR 29 days ago +1


  • SlAuGhTeReD GaMeR
    SlAuGhTeReD GaMeR 29 days ago +1

    Your videos are awesome

  • Zahid Shabir
    Zahid Shabir 29 days ago

    a downside to that gameboy case besides the fact it takes AA batteries is the fact that the actual Raspberry Pi goes in to the freaking cartridge slot meaning you won't be able to insert cartridges if you wanted and also because of the way the Raspberry Pi has to sit in the cartridge you have to disconnect it to access the memory card slot

  • Chris Boring
    Chris Boring 29 days ago

    I would like to wish the good folk at Ashens Ash a good day and make the suggestion that they put their flagship housing in my mothers eye of Sauron.

  • 6581punk
    6581punk 29 days ago +3

    Why did they have to print "Case" on the case? it's accurate but also redundant :)

  • culwin
    culwin 29 days ago

    I thought this was going to be "Ashens tries 20 year old raspberry pie".

  • boeingnz
    boeingnz Month ago +1

    For the handheld. you can use a powerbank.
    Don't have to mod anything.
    : )

    JOHEL B Month ago

    many subs = much money, much money = enough money for a NEW SOFA.

  • DC
    DC Month ago

    You are my MUM!

  • Cory Engel
    Cory Engel Month ago

    GPi: downside the 2nd: no HDMI out.

  • ChrisD4335
    ChrisD4335 Month ago

    really amazon fire stick is a reasonable often $25 alternative for the raspberry pi for things like emulation. Not quite as versatile but easier. Also the android emulators tend to be more developed.

  • Onnie Koski
    Onnie Koski Month ago

    I have one of those heatsink pi4 cases... if you get the 4GB one you’ll need a fan. Trust me.

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander Month ago

    4:30 hello reflection

  • Colin Tate
    Colin Tate Month ago

    Anyone else see the face?

  • -NineTailed-
    -NineTailed- Month ago +1

    Ahhh, we meet again guy who uses a couch as a table and the floor as a couch.

  • talon12020
    talon12020 Month ago

    Did I miss it or did he not say where the last case, the one he actually uses, is sold?

  • Drew Borrowdale
    Drew Borrowdale Month ago

    aww, i used to sell those back when Maplin was a thing :(

  • Jacob Ware
    Jacob Ware Month ago

    What a treat for my balls of vision

  • SFC - Synthetic Fallout Creator

    I remember finding out about ashens with the great AirPhone 4

  • Franko Walker
    Franko Walker Month ago

    Hi Stuart, and everyone else, I don't know who else to ask... (I'm Billy no mates LOL)

    I've just got a subscriber to my TheXvid channel! But I hav'nt got a TheXvid channel! HOW?
    Have you heard of this happening before? I only watch TheXvid and leave likes and comments. Cheers for any feedback :)

  • CRT Gamer
    CRT Gamer Month ago

    I'm sure this has been addressed many times, but who is the bald headed subliminal dude?

  • Lee Collins
    Lee Collins Month ago

    you need ladda batterys from ikea! use the super retropie 1,2 final as your base image,its what im using on my gpi and it works a treat!! if you need and advice give me a shout

  • The Laptop Lagger
    The Laptop Lagger Month ago +2

    I personally just built a case out of Lego

  • Sir Scofferoff
    Sir Scofferoff Month ago

    Load Ghosts & Goblins.. Get Hit.. Quit ..
    Such a millennial 🤣

  • Raena Thomas
    Raena Thomas Month ago

    Perhaps a good way to fix the USB issue with the PiCade would be to add an automotive panel mount usb port.

  • Mr.Cringe Kid
    Mr.Cringe Kid Month ago +1

    Ashen's game child remake

  • Bright Spark
    Bright Spark Month ago

    I now had my own Retroflag GPi for two weeks, and I am quite happy with it. In fact, I am positively shocked how well the humble Pi Zero (W) can run PlayStation games with PCSX ReARMed (not the LibRetro version, the native one, mind you)! So far it ran everything I threw it at perfectly, including Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.
    Less happy with it's battery consumption tho, but I mended that by buying some rechargable AAs and a charger, because I went through a bazillion batteries per week, which is both economically and ecologically irresponsible.

    Only disappointments I had to face so far: The screen is at exactly the wrong size for GameBoy games, and MSU-1 enhanced SNES games aren't playable.

    For GameBoy games, you have the choice between a 1x scale, which is the size of a postage stamp, a 2x scale, which is too large and crops out the top and bottom fifth or so of the screen, or a 1.5x scale, which causes UNEVEN PIXEL SCALING and has to be compensated by enabling interpolation as to not cause a shimmer effect while scrolling. That, however, also gets rid of my beloved crisp pixels!

    In case of the MSU-1, all SNES emulator cores I tried are either too slow and run at like quarter speed at best, or don't support MSU-1 enhancements, which means no SNES games with CD quality music.

    Normal SNES games work fine for the most part tho, aside from games that use some special chips, which unfortunately hits classics like Kirby's Fun Pack/Superstar or Yoshi's Island, but in case of the latter we at least have the GBA version.

    But overall, I'm quite happy with it. By the way, one thing I noticed as a owner of both the Retroflag SuperPi and GPi cases: The GPi's cartridge is ALMOST the right shape and size to act as a to-scale Super GameBoy for the SuperPi. One wonders if maybe, some day in the future, they'll release a revision of the SuperPi that can interface with GPi carts, or even a seperate "Super GPi Dock"...

  • rockapartie
    rockapartie Month ago +2

    3:14 Dear Mr. Ashens, there's a thing called "rechargeable AA batteries".

    • Cody Cooper
      Cody Cooper 27 days ago

      They even have ones with a USB plug or port on em, or battery packs that fit in 2 or 3 AA slots

  • Helvetica Scenario
    Helvetica Scenario Month ago

    Stuart, if you happen to see this, the sound emulation isn't off, it's just that for some dumb reason, the case takes the stereo audio from the headphone jack and only plays the right channel from the single speaker on the case. Google "gpi case mono sound" and the first link to a reddit thread should have a workaround that changes the system's audio to mono.

  • BucketsAMF
    BucketsAMF Month ago

    Honestly, I'd rather the AA batteries than a built in Li-ion or LiPo, at least I can change AAs easily.
    I have enough unused devices in my home with lithium batteries already. It's a fire hazard lol

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ 29 days ago

      change AAs easily, then through them away never to be used again. unless you're talking about rechargeables of course

  • Call Me Meme
    Call Me Meme Month ago

    Would you not be able to use a few rechargeable batteries like a few Panasonic Eneloops (or maybe some of those Lithium Ion AA batteries you can find on Amazon) for the Game Boy case?

  • scaleop4
    scaleop4 Month ago


  • Rcking1110
    Rcking1110 Month ago

    Ashens always delivers :)

  • TessaigaUserInu
    TessaigaUserInu Month ago

    "I have to play for 15 hours"
    *double checks how long this video is*

  • joncoale
    joncoale Month ago

    I have not watched this channel in forever, had no clue you still uploaded!

  • Jason Frizell
    Jason Frizell Month ago

    Fuck raspberry pis, how about original XBOX mod chips?! Yeah Baby! I use my original XBOX to shop for games the right way.

    • Jason Frizell
      Jason Frizell Month ago

      some where along the line reality leaked into gaming. Anyone with any sense knows that reality sucks. PC games suck.

    • Jason Frizell
      Jason Frizell Month ago

      I believe the original XBOX is the last console made.

  • Southern Hills Creative

    It was nice to see a video where you were not horrified by what you were looking at.

  • KanadianSpaceProgram

    Pi Zero W isn't faster, but it does have wifi and bluetooth.

  • CorneliousRR
    CorneliousRR Month ago

    I take exception to that, i love playing Sean in 3rd Strike XD

  • SillyBillyBeanBoyJack
    SillyBillyBeanBoyJack Month ago +6

    Seeing those Toys "R" Us batteries made me inexplicably sad...
    Rest in piece you beautiful bastard

    • StraightOuttaJarhois
      StraightOuttaJarhois 23 days ago

      @Kyle Whitehead good atomized prole, don't even think of going for power in numbers. because you're an adult who understands how the world works.

    • Kyle Whitehead
      Kyle Whitehead 23 days ago

      @StraightOuttaJarhois You mean not a socialist prick? I don't need to be part of a union in order to negotiate a deal with an employer, because I'm an adult.

    • StraightOuttaJarhois
      StraightOuttaJarhois 23 days ago

      @Kyle Whitehead you clearly know what you are

    • Kyle Whitehead
      Kyle Whitehead 23 days ago

      @StraightOuttaJarhois Are you going to call me stoolpigeon next and complete the stereotype, comrade?

    • StraightOuttaJarhois
      StraightOuttaJarhois 23 days ago

      @Kyle Whitehead how's that boot tasting, maggot?