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  • Jake Alda Coffey
    Jake Alda Coffey 2 years ago +3413

    My mouth watered during this entire video!

    • Quantum Magnus
      Quantum Magnus 2 months ago

      KMichelle Argus my friend, you’re in the minority. Steak is amazing. 🤤🤤🤤

    • SirMalker
      SirMalker 8 months ago

      You are supposed to swallow.

    • Trevor Benoit
      Trevor Benoit 10 months ago

      You are very correct

    • Mayo Rodriguez
      Mayo Rodriguez Year ago +1

      @Bob And Bob r76

  • mafia
    mafia 4 days ago

    after this i ate ramen

  • Riley Horton
    Riley Horton 6 days ago

    Rhett: *Wooooow*

  • Benjamin Middaugh
    Benjamin Middaugh 8 days ago

    I got you, Link: Pourage, not porrige.

  • Bonesidedowngoof
    Bonesidedowngoof 22 days ago

    I don’t eat steak but I could almost taste the chicken...mmmmm

  • Ayden Marie
    Ayden Marie Month ago +1

    When Link said "who needs bread" while eating that second one, I felt that.

  • Zebra Gamer
    Zebra Gamer Month ago

    Jones barbecue and foot massage

  • J Nelson
    J Nelson Month ago

    Graham Stephen is watching this and taking notes.

  • tattered butterfly
    tattered butterfly Month ago

    " this is toast succa"

  • Omni0917
    Omni0917 Month ago

    The sad part is, I bet some people genuinely cook it liked this 🙃

  • Spaghetti hotdogs
    Spaghetti hotdogs Month ago

    I miss this intro

  • Richard Vang
    Richard Vang Month ago

    Whenever we make pho, we usually put the beef in the broth for about 1-2 hours.

  • Zoey Baca
    Zoey Baca Month ago


  • Angel Yuki-shama
    Angel Yuki-shama 2 months ago

    12:01It tastes like........ chicken noddle steak

  • Brandon Negus
    Brandon Negus 2 months ago

    Some people shouldn't cook. Then this exists. 😂 love y'all.

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C 2 months ago

    This is great!!! Lol

  • basedchest
    basedchest 3 months ago +1

    every vegans favorite episode

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 3 months ago +1

    Am i going to be looking for a boiled egg the next time i buy a rottisary chicken? Yes. I hope its true

  • James MinardKing
    James MinardKing 3 months ago

    U suppose to reverse sear that steak

  • Amanda Hammack
    Amanda Hammack 3 months ago +3

    Flash forward to 2019 when Rhett Sous Vide steaks for Shep's birthday.

  • Will _
    Will _ 3 months ago +2

    Look up “25 ways to cook a steak Guga” and watch the video. It’s great.

  • VeryBerry Blue
    VeryBerry Blue 4 months ago +1

    Watching Rhett pull the meat out of the toaster with metal tongs was nerve wracking

  • Alexandria Lease
    Alexandria Lease 4 months ago

    I bet that chickens feel so violated. 😅

  • misterblobby
    misterblobby 4 months ago

    Parents around the world are now at Wal-Mart buying new appliances. Thanks to you two

  • Ryan Flowers
    Ryan Flowers 4 months ago

    So glad they still do these videos I really feel like I grew up on this

  • WolfClaw
    WolfClaw 4 months ago

    11:47 🤣🤣🤣 taste like, chicken noodle steak

  • daniel Laswell
    daniel Laswell 4 months ago +1

    It dont look cooked I love the toaster routine

  • Dr. strange
    Dr. strange 4 months ago +1

    It's a little awkward to have an iron at the kitchen table
    I would just like to clarify the steak is not metal
    Who needs a grill~who needs bread?

  • David Buchholz
    David Buchholz 4 months ago


  • Evan Esplin
    Evan Esplin 4 months ago

    In college, this is all I'm gonna do

  • Richard Jeski
    Richard Jeski 5 months ago

    Butter on steak is AWESOME!

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 5 months ago

    Well now I'm having a serious craving for steak 😂

  • Eric Zhao
    Eric Zhao 5 months ago +1

    Steak needs to rest :'(

  • Leon Gholson
    Leon Gholson 6 months ago

    Food poisoning, that's all

  • Chicken Wang
    Chicken Wang 6 months ago

    "Is there a sprite in there?" Only the real fans will get that reference lol

  • Jacky D
    Jacky D 6 months ago

    'Yours bigger than mine'
    Rhett "2017"

  • phoenixsplash135
    phoenixsplash135 6 months ago

    Putting steak into a toaster seems like a good way to start an oil fire

  • Chelsea Douglas
    Chelsea Douglas 6 months ago +2

    Me- hahaha.... *wait, you cant spell liver without live* oh my god...
    FBI- *bangs down door* FBI OPEN UP *starts busting down into house*

  • Ruby Harris
    Ruby Harris 6 months ago

    I was wondering if they finished each one/set haha

  • kayla c. inouye
    kayla c. inouye 6 months ago

    - 10:47
    link: i don’t want to get splashed
    rhett: you’ll be fine
    link: oHhHhH! yOu GoT mE ThAyR

  • buckaroo banzai
    buckaroo banzai 6 months ago

    are we sure that Jeff made that comment about no sauce, or is Ron Swanson secretly watching GMM?

  • Catcat77 T_T
    Catcat77 T_T 7 months ago

    10:55 what am I watching anymore?

  • R6-D2
    R6-D2 7 months ago

    wtf let it rest 🤪

  • pawloiox2
    pawloiox2 7 months ago

    A dishwasher with a window would be interesting

  • Maito Gai
    Maito Gai 7 months ago

    Zoro's Mom of the 3 iron style

  • Maito Gai
    Maito Gai 7 months ago

    Is that considered weird? That's how I always have my steak cooked well done (sorry but I like it burnt y'all) in a dishwasher

  • The Minecraft Bros
    The Minecraft Bros 7 months ago

    Rhett sounded like he was having an organisme the whole video

  • Mike Sheehan
    Mike Sheehan 7 months ago

    "could you spread the legs for me a little bit?"
    "I don't wanna get splashed"

  • Gamelunatic1992
    Gamelunatic1992 8 months ago

    If anybody’s ever worked at Taco Bell, everything cooked in what’s basically a dishwasher.

  • Jack supreme wagner
    Jack supreme wagner 8 months ago

    This is in a musical way. Hey let’s go put irons on my stake what about Ironman no let’s use you you nope that’s it and use whatever we don’t care use a dishwasher or your hair

  • cobfucius
    cobfucius 8 months ago +1

    pressing 2 irons together to cook basically makes a manual version of a Foreman

  • troubless sake
    troubless sake 8 months ago +2

    *Vegans have left the call*

  • RS0mniscient
    RS0mniscient 8 months ago

    um I'm sorry but... NO SPRITE IN THE CHICKEN?!!

  • KingWensel
    KingWensel 8 months ago

    Struggling so hard, because I just cant believe they'd actually eat those. They aren't even COOKED. Just the damn surface, thats straight unsafe and unhealthy.

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 5 months ago

      It's scientifically proven that anything above medium rare is over cooked, also, cooking the outside of a steak for even 10 seconds is fully cooked, I'd suggest you research

  • benzmansl65amg
    benzmansl65amg 8 months ago


  • Jaden Dean
    Jaden Dean 8 months ago

    My hat is off to the toaster bro xD

  • wt f
    wt f 8 months ago

    This was the first GMM video I ever watched two years ago n I'm watching it again xD

  • Rogue Falcon
    Rogue Falcon 8 months ago

    Mmmm....S T E A M E D H A M S

  • Kady Saucy
    Kady Saucy 8 months ago

    Looks like a liver that was just pulled out of a person
    Hey snatch it

  • milkydanny
    milkydanny 8 months ago

    link: "i'm gonna hold the bag open and you're gonna touch the meat"
    rhett: *looks at the camera*