Barcelona's Frenkie de Jong | Tactical Profile (Ajax Amsterdam)

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • It’s easy to see why Frenkie De Jong has been linked with elite clubs like Spurs and Barcelona. Spurs have benefited greatly over the years from having Mousa Dembele who can destabilize the opposition from deeper areas, but with his age and injury history, Spurs have to start thinking of a future without him. De Jong’s understanding of space and his style of play would fit Barcelona quite well, as they could also do with some fresh legs in midfield. For either club, getting De Jong would ensure themselves a gifted young midfielder who has the chance to become great quite soon.
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Comments • 397

  • francelo nelo
    francelo nelo 2 months ago

    yep you right, this season will be start of hyperlinking chemistry between arthur melo & fdj, the duo who hopefully fill the gap that already left by xavi & iniesta

  • Dre Mack
    Dre Mack 4 months ago

    Where do you get your stats for tactical analysis @Tifo Football

  • DarkFriday1408
    DarkFriday1408 5 months ago

    Very nice video, as always.

    Out of curiosity, is there any chance of getting a tactical profile video on Guti Hernandez, Arjen Robben and/or Franck Ribery?

  • Hazim Rahim
    Hazim Rahim 7 months ago

    Mousa dembele, the most under rated player ever. De bruyne and every spurs players agreed that he is a eru great midfielder.

  • Sergio Manteca
    Sergio Manteca 7 months ago

    "Elite clubs like Spurs" AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAA

  • Kawsar Amin
    Kawsar Amin 8 months ago

    Ladies and Gentleman we got him

  • Sports Epic
    Sports Epic 9 months ago +3

    Hit Like, if you came here after Real Madrid 1-4 AJAX .

  • Omkar Vedak
    Omkar Vedak 10 months ago +7

    Elite clubs like Spurs ???? Hahaha

  • Ritwik Ghosh
    Ritwik Ghosh 10 months ago +3

    Barcelona signed him😍

  • S D
    S D 10 months ago +2

    Hey guys I just came from future and I will tell you that he has joined Barcelona..😎😎

  • NA Taif
    NA Taif 10 months ago +8

    Anyone after barca bought him..?

  • Abhi
    Abhi 10 months ago +1


  • drtirtha das
    drtirtha das 10 months ago +3

    barcelona have just signed de jong

  • mithaq ali
    mithaq ali 10 months ago +1

    Barca player know.

  • Mad Scientist
    Mad Scientist 10 months ago +4

    Barcelona Player *
    Frenkie De Jong ❤❤

  • ivor moto
    ivor moto 10 months ago

    Well he is a Barcelona player from this summer

  • AngoNL035SD
    AngoNL035SD 10 months ago

    He will join Barca in this summer for €75Mil

  • Sonwabile Booi
    Sonwabile Booi 10 months ago +124

    Who's here after Barça signed him? We got him boys!! 🔵🔴🔥

    • S D
      S D 10 months ago +2


    • Moniruzzaman Mahadi
      Moniruzzaman Mahadi 10 months ago +10

      i screamed. I woke up in the morning and checked my notifications and I saw "Barca signs De jong." At first, I thought it was fake and then realized it was true. I was so happy, I don't remember being so happy for a signing.

  • Maleshwar Sastri
    Maleshwar Sastri 11 months ago

    Barca pls buy him and use him well !! Rather than benching potential prospects !!

  • Trust Me
    Trust Me 11 months ago

    lol spurs

  • Michael Townley
    Michael Townley Year ago +1

    The next Johan Cruyff
    Welcome to Barcelona mate 🤗🤗

  • com vong
    com vong Year ago

    New Beckenbauer???

  • jmgp
    jmgp Year ago

    Just go to Barcelona, you'll be teached by the masters, and you'll become a legend.

  • Omkar Dalvi
    Omkar Dalvi Year ago

    He should join Man city because fernandinho is getting old and he will get a lot of chances whereas in Barcelona they already have Vidal and sergio

  • Alan Gressler
    Alan Gressler Year ago

    Excellent! Could you do a Ajax tactical analysis too ? it will be great! Thanks

  • MMafieMc
    MMafieMc Year ago

    If sky or bt offered you would you go on tv? I think you should have all the reach of tv 📺

  • TSgitaar
    TSgitaar Year ago

    Spurs or Premier League wouldn't be a good fit for De Jong, he is not physical enough (yet). He is a very good player, but he needs to become a bigger guy to survive there. Many players from the Eredivsie go to the Premier League, but hardly anyone makes it there. I watched Spurs against PSV, and the difference in physique is very noticeable. Maybe ManC, but Barcelona would be a better team for him.

  • Oguz Han
    Oguz Han Year ago +1

    Overrated player. 2 years ago no one heared about him (bought from Willem 2 for 1€, yes ONE EURO) and now they say hes over 50 million worth. Ajax do deliver good young players but Frenkie is just not worth that much. Sometimes i get the idea that clubs are willingly paying Ajax that much.

    • Mobile Entertainer
      Mobile Entertainer 9 months ago

      No you are a dumb ass when you don't see that Frenkie is a world class player then you better watch hockey or something bro because you don't understand the game at all.

    • Oguz Han
      Oguz Han Year ago +2

      Im personaly very impressed by the performance of de Ligt. Its a priviledge to have both de Ligt and de Jong but yeah thats Ajax' compliment for having one of the best youth infrastructure in football world. I always find that Ajax lacks experience and not talent. A few years ago they started to buy some experience with Huntelaar but that was more for the elder role that Ajax was lacking. It needed a few high profile players between 26/30 age and that just what they did with adding Blind and Tadic. I allso like the matured Ziyech a lot. I think Ajax is very close to be CL knock out stage material but that juvenile team just needs a bit more experience to become realy common in that part of football. Like allways time and the results will tell us what will happen. Enjoy it indeed buddy

    • DutchNewbJr
      DutchNewbJr Year ago +1

      @Oguz Han you're right! but its nice to have one of the most upcoming young talents in your favorite club, im enjoying it while it last...

    • Oguz Han
      Oguz Han Year ago

      First, football is a teamsport which require 11 starting player. Subbing 1 for another should always be possible. For an amouth of 70 million or so it should be very easely possible.even stronger, i would say "JACKPOT" at the end of the season he will have around 60/70 matches played for Ajax. That would be, if he goes for 70 mil, a gain of 1 mil for every pro match he played for Ajax. So yeah, i wouldnt miss that oppertunity. You cant maybe cover Frenkie by talent (eventho Ajax has a lot of talents) but you can sure replace him with an outstanding midfielder with more experience what could let Ajax even benefit more.

    • DutchNewbJr
      DutchNewbJr Year ago +1

      @Oguz Han hahah lets hope! But once he is sold, where can we find a player like Frenkie isthe question .. he is one of a kind :( so part of me really dont want him to go, but 60m+ for 1 player Ajax could really use good and invest .. 😣 haha

  • sjoerd de boer
    sjoerd de boer Year ago

    not spurs please

  • epnick
    epnick Year ago

    Why did they make Schone into an overweight veteran?

  • Tomkuyt
    Tomkuyt Year ago

    Good player for Ajax, but highly overrated. People sayhe is worth 80 million EUR....

    De jong has a nice dribbling technique at the middle line, but he doesn't succees closer to the opponant's goal

    • DutchNewbJr
      DutchNewbJr Year ago

      Tomkuyt you down talking de jong, because you support ajax’s rival. We all know de jong is extreme talented and proves it match to match in big games, france - netherlands for example, and now in champions league. You dont understand football clown

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman Year ago

    He will play for barca one day thats for sure

  • Libanovic 17
    Libanovic 17 Year ago

    Well guess whos taking the spotlight mazraoui !!


    Also Arthur Melo at barca


    Which ever club realistically want a midfielder shall pay what ever Ajax realistically want for him

  • idklol
    idklol Year ago

    i love de jong but he's not ajax's greatest talent; that title still goes to dolberg. he missed a huge portion of last season and is only now getting back but he has it in him to be an absolutely world class striker.

  • Kautilya
    Kautilya Year ago

    Well, Dembele is aging and De Jong would be the perfect fit tbh. Hoping he would see that at this age it's better to play for Spurs.

  • 1980HiphopFunkHouse

    Next level vid , thanks .

  • bhagyash patil
    bhagyash patil Year ago

    De Jong has been heavily linked with Man City and Pep is really not going to miss out on him.

  • Jim N
    Jim N Year ago

    Elite clubs like Spurs? I dont understand

  • Daan dss
    Daan dss Year ago

    Frenkie de jong Gonna be swaped with Gündogan

  • AFCA 1900
    AFCA 1900 Year ago

    0:10 nice flag 🔸▫️🔹

  • Mike Haarstad
    Mike Haarstad Year ago

    Go to Spurs kiddo!

  • Mahlatse Seabela
    Mahlatse Seabela Year ago

    What happened to La Masia?

  • Luc Hof
    Luc Hof Year ago

    Gewoon nog twee jaar wachten
    Wij zijn ajax

  • rena varun
    rena varun Year ago +1

    City will get him soon.

  • Funny videos /NL
    Funny videos /NL Year ago

    Hakim ziyech is the bestt

  • Joseph Sisya
    Joseph Sisya Year ago +1

    Coming soon to CiTY near you😂

  • Alexander Bingel
    Alexander Bingel Year ago

    Great pronunciation on the Dutch words

  • Mr B
    Mr B Year ago

    Spurs an elite club, lol look at Spurs trophy 🏆 cabinet, you'll see a fancy room filled with everything BUT silverware

  • İsmail Cem Turgut
    İsmail Cem Turgut Year ago +1

    Now a City player. 80million price tag.

    • taku NN
      taku NN 10 months ago +2

      How wrong you were

  • Aron Groen
    Aron Groen Year ago

    I wish Ajax would be able to keep their players. We would slowly become a world class team.

  • Andre Amelo
    Andre Amelo Year ago

    The background song : Shazam said : digital diamond "winning "

  • Yolo Stats
    Yolo Stats Year ago


  • Cliff De Zoete
    Cliff De Zoete Year ago +1

    For me the most impressive thing is that this guy has the technique on par or beyond of any star attacker while playing the positions he is.

  • BigVic
    BigVic Year ago +2

    If only spurs didn’t have Levy otherwise we would sign him

  • hendrik jan
    hendrik jan Year ago

    Frenkie de jong is atleast 150M mate GG

  • Steve 86
    Steve 86 Year ago

    Great video

  • 40% Vol.
    40% Vol. Year ago +9

    Gravenberch 16 year old attacking midfielder just made his debut for Ajax.
    There is a shitload of talent waiting in line Ajax wont have any problems with new talent in the near future.

    • Aj 247
      Aj 247 Year ago +1

      And the will all either go England or Barca! Feeder club life eh? Join us Liverpool has become barca's bitch at this point

    • PyroCham
      PyroCham Year ago

      @Kasper Hermans He is NOT the back up for Gravenberch. Ünüvar has a completely different playing style. Besides, they aren't even playing on the same positions. Ünüvar is an attacking midfielder and can also play on the left wing. Gravenberch is a centre midfielder and could basically play everywhere on the midfield, except as an attacking midfielder.

    • Kasper Hermans
      Kasper Hermans Year ago +1

      We already have the back-up for Gravenberch: Naci Ünüvar. He is just 15 years and 4 months.
      Last year as a 14 year old he was topscorer of the Future Cup (a U17 Tournament) where teams of Juventus, Sporting, Sevilla, PSG and Anderlecht were present. And Ünüvar isn't even a striker.

  • Νίκος Ρενιέρης

    You should also make a video about hakim ziyeck pleasee

    • Timmy Games
      Timmy Games Year ago

      Νίκος Ρενιέρης ziyech*