• Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Chunkz & Yung Filly Arsenal Challenge - in today's video Yung Filly becomes quizmaster to test Chunkz's knowledge of his beloved Arsenal. 15 questions about the Gunners, if he can get enough right Chunkz will win a new adidas Arsenal shirt. But, if he doesn't, Chunkz has to go home in a Spurs jacket!
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Comments • 426

  • Pro:Direct Soccer
    Pro:Direct Soccer  Month ago +565

    OK, our researcher messed up. Arsenal have won 13 FA Cups. We've sacked our researcher, well done to anyone who spotted it, you know Arsenal facts!!

    • Links Blinks
      Links Blinks 11 days ago

      You shouldn't have sacked him.😒😒😒😒

    • Oli Maggs
      Oli Maggs 18 days ago

      I was doubting myself i thought i was wrong thank god i wasn't

    • J Mcfar
      J Mcfar 25 days ago

      Woolwhich Arsenal ?

    • phayke
      phayke 26 days ago

      @Timbob Official yeah ikr

    • Timbob Official
      Timbob Official 26 days ago +2

      Sacked is too harsh. 😂

  • Mecnun
    Mecnun 5 hours ago

    7:57 Wallahi I got it 😂😂

  • Amanda Connolly
    Amanda Connolly 2 days ago +1

    Love the passion

  • Denzerz madness
    Denzerz madness 3 days ago

    Hold on we had 97 points

  • Blake Antwi
    Blake Antwi 4 days ago

    Question number 5. How did chunks not mention Ian Wright once

  • Callum Bree
    Callum Bree 6 days ago

    Arsenals first name was Dial Square

  • MiSt Forcez
    MiSt Forcez 7 days ago

    Was Arsenal’s original name not Dial Square

  • Nareg Bedrosian
    Nareg Bedrosian 10 days ago +1

    Arsenal have 13 fa cups

  • Francis Fernandes
    Francis Fernandes 10 days ago

    Bro Wrighty?!?

    JOEY-AFC LARGIE 13 days ago +1

    Love you you guys man make me laugh hard bro but 1 question arsenal won 13 f.a cups i was wondering what was going one lol. 13 wasn't even on the questions was like da fuck 😂 man you boys should know this but u guys are legends so we allow that aha

  • Chacob
    Chacob 13 days ago

    yung filly is such a prick he isn't even funny

  • Donvan Leo Yucheng
    Donvan Leo Yucheng 13 days ago +4

    ‘Arsenal fan’, doesn’t know the answer to the simplest questions that every true Arsenal fan should know smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Sezed
    Sezed 16 days ago


  • mriganka das das
    mriganka das das 18 days ago +1

    Fucking easy question

  • memsefer
    memsefer 19 days ago +1

    No it’s 13 not 12 fa cups

  • Mawahib AMN
    Mawahib AMN 20 days ago

    "wallahi I didn't cheat"

  • gooner AFC
    gooner AFC 20 days ago +1

    Hell No 12 fa cup? 13 fa cups

  • Matthew Hogg
    Matthew Hogg 20 days ago

    Tottenham are better

  • Danz
    Danz 21 day ago

    I swear arsenal used to be called Woolwich Fc not Royal Fc

  • JJTO625
    JJTO625 21 day ago


  • JJTO625
    JJTO625 21 day ago

    Henry scored 226

  • Ann O'Rourke
    Ann O'Rourke 21 day ago

    On u spurs

  • Sam Abniki
    Sam Abniki 21 day ago +2

    I swear Arsenal won the fa cup 13 times not 12

  • JanSpurs HD
    JanSpurs HD 21 day ago

    1:42 Yung filly looks like Haller from Eintracht -> West Ham

  • JanSpurs HD
    JanSpurs HD 21 day ago

    I’m a big fan of you
    But I‘m Spurs fan
    Should I watch this video...?

    I watched it

    • JanSpurs HD
      JanSpurs HD 21 day ago

      I think I must say bye bye channel

  • GungMacho
    GungMacho 22 days ago


  • Golden Boot
    Golden Boot 22 days ago

    How the heck did he not remember IAN WRIGHT as one of the top 10 goalscorers for arsenal 😂😂😂😂 the dumb new generation of fans seriously

  • Lbaigent4
    Lbaigent4 23 days ago

    He crossed his singer wen he said mums life 😂😭

  • sin.7
    sin.7 23 days ago

    Ur mates shouldn’t want to see u fail the way that filly wanted chunks to fail

  • Ismail Maalim
    Ismail Maalim 23 days ago

    The way he analyzed to gat the debut game for viera was spot on

  • Ben Sheridan-Brown
    Ben Sheridan-Brown 23 days ago

    I think we will get top 4 next year as well as Spurs

  • Viking
    Viking 24 days ago

    Arsenal’s first name was not royal Arsenal it was dial square! Who gave you the wrong information?

  • slymondgamesbg
    slymondgamesbg 25 days ago

    nah he is not arsenal fan he is just guessing

  • Squirtle Hvac
    Squirtle Hvac 25 days ago +2

    Embarrassing they don’t know it’s 13 fa cups🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Waffles For Days
    Waffles For Days 25 days ago

    Because of people like these guys i can`t understand why anyone would ever want to be an Arsenal fan.

  • Morris Meeuwissen
    Morris Meeuwissen 25 days ago +1

    Chunkz is ugly af

  • Chilled B3ST
    Chilled B3ST 25 days ago

    Asnee I thought you were on a diet

  • Chazmadeit
    Chazmadeit 26 days ago +7

    Do a how well does yung filly know crystal palace fc

  • Sheikh ANDO
    Sheikh ANDO 26 days ago

    Man said ANDY JOHNSON my guy filly uno

  • Ben Sheridan-Brown
    Ben Sheridan-Brown 26 days ago +4

    I might be stupid but haven’t we won the FA Cup 13 times

  • darkghostgaming s22
    darkghostgaming s22 26 days ago +2

    As soon as he saw that spurs jacket he started making dua that's why he got most right

  • M Khalid
    M Khalid 27 days ago

    9:40 they both say wallahi

  • Ekal Bobby
    Ekal Bobby 27 days ago

    "wallahi i didnt cheat" 😂

  • Rando
    Rando 27 days ago

    The prize was the forfeit. The forfeit was the prize 🔵⚪

  • Luke Madhoo
    Luke Madhoo 27 days ago

    Y r u asking the questions putting the sheet down then blaming it on chunkz that means u r a bad quizmaster and dumb

  • biniam t
    biniam t 27 days ago

    Bro, how did you get your hair back?

  • ImtheOne
    ImtheOne 27 days ago +2

    These man actually have me creasing. It’s not forced like with others shit is too natural

  • CommandoChicken
    CommandoChicken 27 days ago +2

    Arsenal have 13 FA Cups and the first name of the club was Dial Square

  • Alpha male Pedro
    Alpha male Pedro 27 days ago

    Who are arsenal?

  • Aidan Cahill
    Aidan Cahill 27 days ago +1

    Swear Arsenal's first name was Woolwich look it up on Google

  • Tricky Niki
    Tricky Niki 27 days ago

    Fuck Arsenal Tottenham is Best

  • L&L Lewis carpenter
    L&L Lewis carpenter 27 days ago

    Arsenal are shit Come on you spurs

  • Nadav
    Nadav 27 days ago

    The answer is always the middle amount

  • BlackManriots
    BlackManriots 27 days ago

    Filly’s head so fucking long man 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Omar Abdirahman Ali
    Omar Abdirahman Ali 27 days ago


  • Eeshaan Iyer
    Eeshaan Iyer 27 days ago

    Chunkz and FIlly would have great green links on FUT. That chemistry is sick

  • Peter Scarano
    Peter Scarano 28 days ago

    Fake fan its crazy

  • Tip your takeaway driver, england !

    this fat fuq aint no arsenal fan , didn't no 1 question , I knew more and im not a fan

  • Tru Brit.
    Tru Brit. 28 days ago

    Arsenal should move closer to Nigeria ,closer to all their fans, ps start using the tracksuit fatty sideways foot

  • 7anoudii
    7anoudii 28 days ago +8

    Man didn't even say Ian Wright, that should be the 1st or 2nd name.

  • Isaac Dodshon
    Isaac Dodshon 28 days ago +1

    Royal Arsenal wasn't our original name. It was dial square

  • Gold3n Pandss
    Gold3n Pandss 28 days ago +2

    I'm a Chelsea fan but these guys are amazing

  • abdi yusuf
    abdi yusuf 28 days ago +1

    Arsenal have 13 FA trophy 🏆

  • phayke
    phayke 28 days ago +1

    This shit funny

  • Warda Fears
    Warda Fears 28 days ago

    Is yung filly somali

  • Sad10_Mane
    Sad10_Mane 28 days ago

    12:26 ftotv's brother.

  • nabeel kippie
    nabeel kippie 28 days ago +1

    Chunkz the goat

  • Madness_Tv Tv
    Madness_Tv Tv 28 days ago


  • phayke
    phayke 28 days ago

    his 4head is tiny

  • Cripinub1
    Cripinub1 28 days ago +1

    Easy and I ain’t even arsenal

  • Charlie Cock
    Charlie Cock 28 days ago +1

    arsenal have won the FA cup 13 times

  • 2 EZ
    2 EZ 28 days ago +1

    If only it was a week earlier I would’ve been there

  • Anu Alabi
    Anu Alabi 28 days ago +5

    My mans forgotten Ian Wright

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  • Vinnie London
    Vinnie London 28 days ago

    Filly said : “ask me anything about Palace” while he sits there wearing a Arsenal tracksuit 🤔