iOS 13 - 70+ Best New Features & Changes!

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • iOS 13 - 70+ Best New Features & Changes! | iOS 13 Beta 1 Released - What's New Review
    iOS 13 beta 1 was just released and in this in-depth video, we cover over 70 new features & changes on the iPhone! These features include dark mode, a new Volume HUD, a download manager in Safari, new UI enhancements throughout the OS, and more!
    25+ Tips to Improve iOS 13 Battery Life!:
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    iOS 13 - The ACTUAL Best New Features & Changes:
    iPhone 11 - First 13 Things To Do:
    iOS 13 on iPad Pro - 20+ Best New Features & Changes in iPadOS 13:
    iOS 13 - 30+ Best Hidden Features:
    iOS 13 - How to Play iOS Games w/ PS4 or Xbox Controller:
    iOS 13 - Hands-on with Dark Mode & New Volume HUD:
    What's your favorite iOS 13 feature so far? Stay tuned to the channel for the best iPad features in iOS 13/iPadOS13!
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  • Brandon Butch
    Brandon Butch  4 months ago +648

    *UPDATE:* Want to save HOURS of *battery life* on iOS 13? This is the video you need to watch:
    Now that the final version is out, here are my overall favorite features -->
    Did you get an iPhone 11? You will want to see this video... -->

  • Prahlad Kulkarni
    Prahlad Kulkarni 9 hours ago

    Well, I bought an iPhone 11 and returned in a week! There's a basic defect in iOS that Apple says it cannot fix. When you increase the text size in settings, it does that only in Apple native apps and not third party apps! I was told to contact the developer to include dynamic text in their app! In Android, the experience is consistent. So, Google all the way...

  • Jer M
    Jer M 12 hours ago

    Dark mode has existed for awhile 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • •Kage-Kun•
    •Kage-Kun• Day ago


  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith 3 days ago

    Please add how to use repeat song on new update, the option is not there ?

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith 3 days ago

    How do we use repeat song on this new update please

  • Zurtron D
    Zurtron D 3 days ago


  • Zurtron D
    Zurtron D 3 days ago

    Hears new ability’s. Immediately changers to dark mode

  • Sukhi Deol
    Sukhi Deol 3 days ago


  • LadyM0215
    LadyM0215 3 days ago

    The updates are at the top where your picture go click on that scroll to the bottom you will see it in the APPS store

    MaGe FAMILY 3 days ago

    All this and all I wanted was to be able to minimize TheXvid vid on a corner of my phone and be able to do something else at the time

  • The Main Street Connection

    When you choose select & select a photo to send, you now see your most recent contacts, how do you clear those contacts. There’s no delete option. All you see is a list of recent contacts going across. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kid Corey
    Kid Corey 5 days ago

    Quick. Let’s all throw our heads back and laugh at all those who do not use dark mode! 😂😂

  • Yabloomatoons
    Yabloomatoons 6 days ago

    Why does my phone volume thing beep when I go close to the max volume

  • Emma Coggin
    Emma Coggin 7 days ago

    U didn’t to the one where u press the off button 3times

  • Ryan Perkins
    Ryan Perkins 8 days ago

    Just more excuses for big brother. Cycle tracking, location automations, etc

  • Joey Fourfingers
    Joey Fourfingers 8 days ago

    Updates are under the profile picture along with a subscriptions list

  • bebetigre12
    bebetigre12 8 days ago

    fix messages !!!!!

  • Lululio
    Lululio 8 days ago

    Can someone explain why the swipe thingy doesn’t work on keyboards that’s in other languages??

    • Aliicenn
      Aliicenn 5 days ago

      Maybe it’s something they’re going to implement later?

  • Tim G
    Tim G 9 days ago

    Updates are when you press your face icon

  • Cody Budrow
    Cody Budrow 9 days ago

    If you haven’t found where the updates are in the App Store you click the little person up in the right hand corner

  • Hope W
    Hope W 9 days ago

    You can access updates in the App Store user profile (user icon too right corner). I actually like it a lot better. You can easily see installed apps AND subscriptions and easily cancel subscriptions.

  • donna wolfe
    donna wolfe 9 days ago

    I wish you wouldn’t talk so fast for ppl who are trying to follow along on their own devices.

  • Matthew Fernando
    Matthew Fernando 9 days ago

    Dark mode da best

  • Matthew Fernando
    Matthew Fernando 9 days ago

    The updates for App Store are on your account page. You have to go to today, then you click the icon with your account picture.

  • Just Jaxie
    Just Jaxie 11 days ago

    Who else has iOs 13?

  • Jethro L
    Jethro L 11 days ago

    Whenever i press the volume button the animation for silent mode animation. Is this normal?

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 11 days ago

    I thought there were only 3 lmao

  • T W
    T W 12 days ago

    Wait... lyrics...? How do i get these?

  • alayna ellis
    alayna ellis 13 days ago

    Hey wanted to let you know how to look at your updates on the App Store 👍🏻
    When you open the app and you go to the top right is shows your logo. It’s on the right of is above the search bar. If you click that and you scroll down it will show you what you need to update 👍🏻 hope this helps
    I also don’t know you already know this haha
    And also I did not realize this was posted 3 month ago so you probably already know lol I just updated mine 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Christopher Sutton
    Christopher Sutton 13 days ago

    To update apps- go to App Store- click on your little circle picture. Update app options are in there! 🙂

  • Deelilah Urdiales
    Deelilah Urdiales 14 days ago

    Cool phone

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 14 days ago

    The fact that they took away the updates tab is actually so stupid and annoying.

  • rainyseoulss_
    rainyseoulss_ 14 days ago

    i dont have ios 13 even though im a apple user

  • Lilly Schrodter
    Lilly Schrodter 15 days ago

    If you go on the account tab thing in the corner u scroll down and that’s where the updates are

  • Jayden Smith
    Jayden Smith 15 days ago

    When does this update come out

  • Pamir Karakaya
    Pamir Karakaya 15 days ago

    Also the lyrics aka karaoke section is only available for the Apple Music users.

  • Pamir Karakaya
    Pamir Karakaya 15 days ago

    The updates are at the account section. You click on the account and scroll down to see the updates.

  • Brianda G
    Brianda G 15 days ago +3

    Uuuh when you touch the screen on the TheXvid comments it gets a spot light

  • D&N Desrochers
    D&N Desrochers 15 days ago

    For swift key, you don’t have to hit space between each word. It recognizes separate words and adds the space on its own

  • Belinda Dennis
    Belinda Dennis 16 days ago

    I am glad you showed me this. I need to add a code to my hidden photos

  • tennearia ball
    tennearia ball 16 days ago

    The update thing in the App Store is actually where your icon is so if u press your icon in the corner of the App Store and u stroll down you’ll find it

  • fahn_1138
    fahn_1138 16 days ago +1

    Ok you need to turn the highs down. All I keep hearing is your tongue and lips smacking inside your mouth. Please pull the mic away from your mouth and turn the highs down. Omg I can’t finish this video all that noise coming from your mouth when your talking is so bad!!!! Please look in to this.

  • whydontwevideos
    whydontwevideos 16 days ago

    I already updated my iPhone XS Max to iOS 13 and it doesn’t let me have my dark mode 😪

    • David Kosovich
      David Kosovich 13 days ago

      whydontwevideos I have dark mode in my XS max

  • Imaan Tayob
    Imaan Tayob 16 days ago

    Awesome video, have to download iOS 13 asap! 👏🏻

  • Josi S.
    Josi S. 16 days ago

    I watch this on my iPhone 6...

  • Ben O'Hagan
    Ben O'Hagan 16 days ago

    Updates -
    Press on your profile pic, and scroll down to updates (they try to do it more automatically now)

  • Sara Elena Buljo
    Sara Elena Buljo 16 days ago

    The swiping writing dosent work to iPhone 8
    Updates on AppStore
    You have too clik on the litle person

  • Lofi_Clips*_* 8
    Lofi_Clips*_* 8 16 days ago


  • tisay
    tisay 17 days ago +2

    the best thing about updates is that it feels like you have a brand new phone

  • Luis Virtual Band
    Luis Virtual Band 17 days ago

    No explanation of how to access ‘street view’ on MAPS!!!

  • Taylor Vescio
    Taylor Vescio 17 days ago +6

    you don’t need to hit space in between each word when swiping! once you’re done swiping a word it will appear and then once you start swiping the next word it will automatically add a space in between :)

  • Queenteetee Editx
    Queenteetee Editx 17 days ago

    Finally got it

  • star. hailo
    star. hailo 17 days ago

    tip: if you swipe text... you don’t have to press space

  • sury xo
    sury xo 17 days ago +1

    I started screaming when I saw people with dark mode

  • ツ I Bet You Can’t Do This Lol


  • fudgy bunny
    fudgy bunny 18 days ago

    Ooo pubgm

  • Norma Montaño
    Norma Montaño 18 days ago

    Updating the apps by clicking on your photo on top right corner then scrolling down.. give your the option to update all.

  • Adryana Porras
    Adryana Porras 18 days ago

    And also when you try to delete things it gives you options

  • Adryana Porras
    Adryana Porras 18 days ago +1

    I’m only for dark mode once go dark never coming back and also rip iPhone11 heard they were taking it down because of people not liking it and some type of complication

    • Adryana Porras
      Adryana Porras 16 days ago

      Justx Marwa apple did

    • Justx Marwa
      Justx Marwa 16 days ago

      Adryana Porras who said the iphone 11 is going to be taken down?