• Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • How far down will we dig this hole before someone gives up and stops digging?? Whoever stops digging first has to bury their iPhone at the very bottom, and the last to stop digging wins.
    We built Ranged Survival Weapons for Trick Shots:


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  • Yoshi Apple1
    Yoshi Apple1 6 days ago +1943

    Last to stop watching wins I'd win that for sure lol

  • Compound Crazies

    I like the movie holes

  • Laura Higgins
    Laura Higgins Day ago

    Are u clash with cam because u look like him

  • Faith Joy Sembrano

    love your vids

    • Leopard Bra Brado
      Leopard Bra Brado Day ago

      XD "i dont wanna host this show no more" "keep digging" XD XD XD XD

  • Faith Joy Sembrano

    Last to stop swimming i did not no what is the price

  • Victor Elizardo
    Victor Elizardo Day ago

    But first you have to go to hell down =hell

  • Madeline Svenson

    We made it to God's thum holes referance

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss Day ago

      Love you so much 😍😘😍😘😍😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Truck Spotting
    Truck Spotting Day ago

    Who else loves the movie Holes

  • blazemazeplayz Gamez:p

    Ok so no one saw this but the water bottle was buried alive... At 10:00 to 10:03 rip water bottle 2019 to 2019

  • Josh White
    Josh White Day ago

    Sad hole there ladies

  • Kimberly Moseley

    Jeff is going to win

  • Parisamore XoXoXo

    What a waste of time

  • Francine Pluecker

    Hey you do realize that if you use water to turn the dirt into mud it makes it easier to dig

  • Christian goff
    Christian goff Day ago

    Sometimes I feel like zero just wanna dig

  • XxEmeraldGaming Yt

    Is it me or does he copy MrBeast

  • James Jones
    James Jones Day ago

    Who was the camera man in this vid??

  • Mann _Mann
    Mann _Mann Day ago


  • God
    God Day ago

    Holes 2 [Revealed] 2020

  • Nrd Drn
    Nrd Drn Day ago

    Real men can dig that same hole in 1 hour for a actual purpose with none of that whining lmao

  • Oliver Metzger
    Oliver Metzger Day ago

    Their not free somebody has by the tickets

  • Hussein Alkhafaje

    It will fall in core of the Earth

  • Chris Hansard
    Chris Hansard Day ago

    XD "i dont wanna host this show no more" "keep digging" XD XD XD XD

  • Jay Dornbush
    Jay Dornbush Day ago

    He had a bandage on and then he took it off and he was bleeding.

  • Lola Lawrance
    Lola Lawrance Day ago

    You should do stop eating and drinking wins

  • Yassin Shaheen
    Yassin Shaheen Day ago

    Love you so much 😍😘😍😘😍😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Momin A.
    Momin A. Day ago

    Did anybody think this was a Mr.Beast video

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Cam jeff

  • DuhBruh_90
    DuhBruh_90 Day ago

    Hector Zeroni be like ooops

  • KillercraftPlays

    That is why you wear pants

  • caleb v
    caleb v 2 days ago

    4 hours is pretty pathetic

  • Emaly Najera
    Emaly Najera 2 days ago

    Are ya'll diging to china por what i like ur video

  • zacgoesgaming
    zacgoesgaming 2 days ago


  • Jennifer Myers
    Jennifer Myers 2 days ago

    99 % of comments: about there digging skills
    1% me : I’m just trying to chill
    0% also me : were did the word digging come from

  • Shaniqua Hall
    Shaniqua Hall 2 days ago

    I'll watch this for three whole days all of it wanna bet yoshi

  • Lindsey Freeman
    Lindsey Freeman 2 days ago

    I dont wanna dig this hole no mowe! ;(

  • Lindsey Freeman
    Lindsey Freeman 2 days ago


  • This Slug
    This Slug 2 days ago

    A shovel is a tool for digging but a picaxe is a tool used for mining ores/ crystals and rocks

  • Chuck's Stuff
    Chuck's Stuff 2 days ago

    Why dont u pick that water bottle out and recycle it like a good millenial

  • VOID
    VOID 2 days ago

    Uhh but Jeff and Chris YOUR WRONG pick axes are for mining not digging :p

  • Twitch Soothingbaby
    Twitch Soothingbaby 2 days ago

    I remember holes my G hector zeroni is fast af

  • Dex McLuskey
    Dex McLuskey 2 days ago

    I remember 🕳 s

  • Thegaming Phoenix 831

    That’s not a tractor

  • Isaac Merfeld
    Isaac Merfeld 2 days ago

    New people move in want a pool digs and finds a phone

  • Weston Dean Buttz
    Weston Dean Buttz 2 days ago

    Part 2 on the same hole any one ?

  • Madison Jenkins
    Madison Jenkins 2 days ago

    So they can only sleep for 30seconds? Don't come at me I'm just asking somthing funny I could say Jeff would prob come take my bunny eñtebøtl to clean the blood

  • The green pro Gamer
    The green pro Gamer 2 days ago

    Cam jeff

  • The green pro Gamer
    The green pro Gamer 2 days ago

    Can jeff

  • The green pro Gamer
    The green pro Gamer 2 days ago

    I just got back from a over night camp for a week with a phone Jeff.

  • Matt Ransom
    Matt Ransom 2 days ago

    In holes my favorite character is zero

  • Nord Gang
    Nord Gang 2 days ago

    gratest ideea

  • Kim Swanson
    Kim Swanson 2 days ago

    I’ve watched you guys Sense 800k subs

  • Kim Swanson
    Kim Swanson 2 days ago

    It looks like Jeff peed his pants

  • Rex Rhoades
    Rex Rhoades 2 days ago +1

    holes is the best movie ever

  • Brock Richter
    Brock Richter 2 days ago

    Iq of a peanut

  • Tommy Loika
    Tommy Loika 2 days ago

    Ran out of ideas?

  • Anthony Gragasin
    Anthony Gragasin 2 days ago

    The dirt was paid to be digged😂😂😂

  • Puss
    Puss 2 days ago

    It’s not a pick , it’s a pick mattock.

  • Savannah_101 Schultz

    Everyone saying their’s hot outside, and don’t say that bc if you did this you would say the same thing

  • Mallie Hawat
    Mallie Hawat 3 days ago

    i love you gies

  • Mallie Hawat
    Mallie Hawat 3 days ago


  • Isac Karlsson
    Isac Karlsson 3 days ago

    i think its no worhfit

  • Heath Brown
    Heath Brown 3 days ago


  • Josh miles
    Josh miles 3 days ago

    Why did you bury the plastic bottle?

  • J Banta
    J Banta 3 days ago

    This is literally a copy of Mr beast 😤

  • Verss
    Verss 3 days ago

    10:01 Too lazy to pick up a water bottle? My dude buried it.....

  • Dust Buggy
    Dust Buggy 3 days ago

    Any normal person: enjoys video
    Me: can't enjoy video because he buried a plastic water bottle in the dirt hole 🙃😂

  • Kryptek
    Kryptek 3 days ago

    Buiries bottle*
    Environment am I a joke to you?

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 3 days ago

    use a hose to make the dirt wet and less hard

  • LOGAN Mcenzie
    LOGAN Mcenzie 3 days ago +1

    I love the movie holes that's why I think there doing this and my grandad died when the movie came out thanks rob 🤓 and 💀

  • Evelyn Mendez
    Evelyn Mendez 3 days ago +1

    Good digging👍👌