Nish Kumar & Aisling Bea's Thoughts on General Election 2019 | The Last Leg

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are joined by Aisling Bea and Nish Kumar to discuss this week's news.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  Month ago

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  • Michael Gallimore
    Michael Gallimore 4 days ago

    "WARNING" this clip contains no humour.

  • Charles Gurling
    Charles Gurling 6 days ago +1


    • Deimos2k5
      Deimos2k5 4 days ago


  • Clayton Wiffen
    Clayton Wiffen 6 days ago +1

    Mass immigration will hurt Labour with the working class, like its hurting the Left right across the Western World.

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee 7 days ago +2

    This show and Channel 4 on the whole is pure cancer.

  • Martin Higgins
    Martin Higgins 9 days ago +1

    Good move to put the audience above the wall background. Seeing them not laughing during the canned audio track would be a giveaway. Smart. Alternatively, produce comedy that makes humans laugh. I guess it would cost more, though, as Kumar asserted - right wing comedians ask for more money, apparently.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 10 days ago +1

    That Nish wanker is about as funny as cholera only the twats on TV think he's funny.

  • David Ball
    David Ball 10 days ago +2

    well after his downfall at the lord taverners ball i decided to watch some of nish's 'Comedy???'
    seems he has some bad writers everything is either A, Brexit and slating it B, Racism and how bad white people are C, Slavery and how it held him back (even though hes never been a slave)
    is this 'woke' comedy if so it seems more like a sob story than humor these 'comics' will never be replayed and loved like les dawson or Tommy Cooper
    its reported in a event he said ' I want white people to do something for me, i want you to go home & kill your racist brexit voting parents' is that funny is that humor i'm sure if white was swapped for black the police would be on it in a rush

    • David Ball
      David Ball 2 days ago

      @Deimos2k5 is that the same as calling for white people to kill their parents
      i guess if the white was changed for another colour then it would be reclassified as racist

    • Deimos2k5
      Deimos2k5 3 days ago

      Guess this is the gutter level that 80s humour drops to

    • Deimos2k5
      Deimos2k5 3 days ago

      @David Ball "I saw six men kicking and punching the mother-in-law. My neighbour said 'Are you going to help?' I said 'No, Six should be enough"
      Oh no, is that a joke by your comedic hero Les Dawson advocating for a gang of men beating an innocent woman to death? Man I bet you're first in line to criticise this vile, abusive humour eh?

    • David Ball
      David Ball 3 days ago

      @Deimos2k5 ok glad you feel calling for people to be killed as being funny
      remember you said that next time someones threatening your family or friends 'don't worry its funny'
      never heard anyone calling for people to be hurt or killed back in the 80's when i was a kid
      guess this is the gutter level that woke humour drops to

    • Deimos2k5
      Deimos2k5 4 days ago

      It was hilarious to be fair. The joke is the subverted expectation as he made out it was "go home to your grandparents and convince them" and then switched it at the last moment. I'm not surprised you love Les Dawson given you don't understand how that joke works.
      You sound about as fun as a wet fart, by the way, so I'm not sure you're qualified to weigh in at all

  • Joseph
    Joseph 11 days ago +1

    Why does everyone refuse to mention decades of anti-islamic/anti-foreign/racism within the Conservatives yet Jeremy Corbyn defends Palestinians and now he's basically Hitler? Fuck this

  • Andrew Macaulay
    Andrew Macaulay 15 days ago

    English. Rapists.

  • Garax
    Garax 20 days ago +5

    Drawing parallels between Corbyn and Johnson is lazy, unproductive and is just.. not going to help anyone

  • tom cleland
    tom cleland 27 days ago +1

    Clearly tories arehitting the middle ground. They are upholding the referendum result. They are cleaning out the candidates that are not representing their electorates and also it will totally reject Jeremy Corbyn and his woeful economic , Marxist agenda and the clearly antisemitic stance they have projected. There is only one choice.

  • Ruby Doobie
    Ruby Doobie 29 days ago +6

    Can someone explain the Corbyn antisemitism stuff? Is there a legitimate claim or is it just that bizarre drop of the hat accusations that go around because I've been called an anti-semite for saying bombing schools and hospitals is bad and Bernie Sanders (Who's religiously and ethnically Jewish) was being accused of being anti-semitic around the 2016 US Election.

    • wendy boothman
      wendy boothman 10 days ago

      Scavenger gibberish

    • Scavenger
      Scavenger 10 days ago

      There are loads of antisemitic scumbags in his party, he himself is not antisemitic however people believe he is not doing enough to root out the antisemitism in his party and worse turns a blind eye to them/has allowed them to flourish.

    • Scavenger
      Scavenger 10 days ago

      There are loads of antisemitic scumbags in his party, he himself is not antisemitic however people believe he is not doing enough to root out the antisemitism in his party and worse turns a blind eye to them/has allowed them to flourish.

    • wendy boothman
      wendy boothman 29 days ago +9

      Ruby Doobie its a smear campaign by MPs who don’t want him as leader. They are followers of tony blair and his more right politics. They also support the Israelis who are currently committing war crimes against the Palestinian people in the occupied part of Palestine. Jewish people are being abused if they support the Palestinian people too. Its the same as saying corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser, he was part of the peace process in Northern Ireland. Of course he met with the ira mps so have many MPs. I hope this helps. ☮️🕊🕊❤️🌹🦉

  • Lewis
    Lewis 29 days ago

    Is it just me that's sick of seeing thumbnails containing Adam and his stupid beard?

  • Fingaz Mc
    Fingaz Mc Month ago +1

    I could never vote for the Tories but I could also never vote for Corbyn. So again I won't be voting!
    Also, Nish needs to pish off!

  • Joey Brown
    Joey Brown Month ago +3

    Why do they bother to act like they're not all going to vote labor?

    • jimmerlewis
      jimmerlewis Month ago

      They want to vote labour, but they won’t vote for Corbyn so they can’t say too much.

    • H4RDI7G
      H4RDI7G Month ago +1

      To give the illusion of impartiality.
      It's not working very well.

  • ali mackenzie
    ali mackenzie Month ago +4

    I wonder how many people in the UK would vote SNP if they could.

  • GoldnDusty
    GoldnDusty Month ago

    Christ Aisling, you didn’t have to reach into my fucking subconscious with that divorce bit.

  • Richard Buckingham
    Richard Buckingham Month ago +11

    Why has Adam got a hairy badger strapped to his face ...

  • Graham Waddingham
    Graham Waddingham Month ago +7

    Beard just isn't a beard. Not sure what it is. Sort it out mate.

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +12

    Why is Ned Kelly hosting a comedy show

  • Rhodri Williams
    Rhodri Williams Month ago +37

    Think of all the things that the Tories are promising and ask yourself why they haven’t done that in the 9 years they’ve been in power. There’s only so long you can say “but labour left us in really bad debt” before you think to yourself this should have been sorted by now.

    • A K
      A K 2 days ago

      😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️Shut up ya muppet, only the mentally brainwashed and retarded support corbyn

    • Randy Lahey
      Randy Lahey 6 days ago +2

      Labour support terrorism and paedophilia get your shit together nonce.

    • Clayton Wiffen
      Clayton Wiffen 6 days ago +1

      Rhodri Williams Boris has only just got in. Mass immigration will distroy Labour with the working class, like it is destroying the Left right across the Western World.

  • Bruce McKay
    Bruce McKay Month ago

    Bunch of bloody lefties bollocking on about bullshit...

  • Red Rooster
    Red Rooster Month ago +1

    Voting Only gives them ideas of legitimacy.
    NOT ONE candidate comes near my views.

    • michael Vincent
      michael Vincent Month ago

      Take it from an American...don't abstain from voting just because you don't like Corbyn. I hate Corbyn and Hillary. But i at least know there are some good ppl in Labour. Good conservative politicians American or British do not exist

  • Swoooze
    Swoooze Month ago

    Look we know Corbyn isn't anti-semetic and we know Borris Johnson is a racist. How is this a debate?

  • J-Roc
    J-Roc Month ago +1

    I'm sure this will be measured and logical 😵

  • John Burton
    John Burton Month ago

    Are you going to practice impartiality and get some right wingers on the show or will it continue to be a leftist circle Jerk?

    TGSUPERCHARGED Month ago +11

    Why is this show just a horrific left wing clusterfuck?

    • Garax
      Garax 20 days ago +1

      They're centrists at a push

    • Garax
      Garax 20 days ago +1

      It's really Not?

    • wendy boothman
      wendy boothman 29 days ago +1

      John Burton communism and fascism are totalitarian death cults they’ve got nothing to do with socialism

    • wendy boothman
      wendy boothman 29 days ago

      TGSUPERCHARGED it isn’t. They have in the past supported sick and disabled people who are suffering under the tories and liberals false austerity policies

    • Fingaz Mc
      Fingaz Mc Month ago +1

      @LucyBluePaddy When it first started and was more sport based it was pretty neutral I thought. Was a lot better back then too.
      And I'm not voting, I have no allegiances, I think they're all scum :)

  • Sir Squegg
    Sir Squegg Month ago +27

    Adam, does the amount you’ve spoken out against Israel’s occupation makes you more antisemitic than Corbyn? No of course not, neither of you are because that’s not antisemitism. They did the same to Bernie in America, didn’t work there so why we letting it work here?
    Not saying theirs not a problem because there always is everywhere, but come on Corbyn takes racism in all forms really seriously, if anyone could be trusted to make a positive impact, it’s him. Also, good on all the Jewish people coming out in support of Corbyn.

    • thisisnumber0
      thisisnumber0 23 days ago

      @YIIMM oh

    • YIIMM
      YIIMM Month ago

      @thisisnumber0 In the immortal words of Ronan Keating then: you say it best when you say nothing at all.

    • thisisnumber0
      thisisnumber0 Month ago

      @YIIMM Sorry, I appear to be speechless.

    • YIIMM
      YIIMM Month ago +4

      @thisisnumber0 Your points may be entirely valid but you must first render them in human speech.

    • thisisnumber0
      thisisnumber0 Month ago

      Support Corbyn, you say?

  • Saoirse del Tufo
    Saoirse del Tufo Month ago +49

    So Adam is struggling between the party that killed 130,000+ people with austerity or the party with one anti-Semitic councillor and a lot of media furore?

    • Paul W
      Paul W 10 days ago

      One anti semitic councillor? Sort of sums up the dismissive attitude labour have towards prejudice, as long as it's our prejudice it's fine.

    • Chris Lee
      Chris Lee 29 days ago

      @wendy boothman Yep, because they inherited a huge deficit from Labour.
      Labour stated they would continue to run a larger deficit than the Tories, in which case they would have increased the debt by more than the Tories have since they came to power.

    • Chris Lee
      Chris Lee 29 days ago

      Saoirse del Tufo.
      More I'll informed nonsense. The underlying report didn't even say the Cons killed people with austerity but I can tell you're not the kind of person who bothered to read it.
      What is did say was pretty biased in the first place and then misreported.
      The report showed that prior to the Tories being in Gov't there had been improving mortality rates for a number of years. The improvement slowed down which meant that each year still fewer people were dying but the rate of improvement was lower.
      The report only showed correlation and not causation with public spending.
      But the crucial fact was that they projected the previously observed improving mortality rates and said if it had carried on improving at the same rate as before how many fewer people would have died.
      That is about as weak as you can get with poor use of stats and as I said, they didn't even attempt to prove causation.
      Do a bit of research.

    • Chris Lee
      Chris Lee 29 days ago

      @Saoirse del Tufo If you're going to post publicly with political sh t better get your facts right.
      The deficit has reduced but the debt has increased. If you don't know the difference you really shouldn't be on here. You should be learning instead.

    • weeddegree
      weeddegree 29 days ago

      Saoirse del Tufo labour didnt do shit in power.. cmon fucking blair took us into a unjust war lol.. wake up

  • Grumpy Bunny
    Grumpy Bunny Month ago

    Wonder what would happen if not a single person voted..

    • GUV85
      GUV85 Month ago

      Lord Buckethead via space military coup!

    • 4rt_6uy
      4rt_6uy Month ago +1

      The same as if everyone votes. Hung parliament probably 😂

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +62

    If her accent didn't tell you she's Irish, her "Nobody's happy" bit should.

    • John Steward
      John Steward Month ago +1

      Tara O'Donovan - Plus, she's gorgeous. I have a huge celebrity crush on her.

    • Tara O'Donovan
      Tara O'Donovan Month ago +4

      Yeah, she's just brilliant.

  • wendy boothman
    wendy boothman Month ago +32

    Labour isn’t anti semitic just look at the huge numbers of Jewish people coming out in support regardless of the abuse they get. This election for me is about a spiteful, racist and anti what’s best for Britain party (tories). And a chance for a better future for everyone else, no contest; labour it is.

    • Liam Thompson
      Liam Thompson 10 days ago

      Scavenger I am working class you penis. You say they aren’t for the working class, please explain this? Because they want a second referendum? What?

    • Scavenger
      Scavenger 10 days ago

      @Liam Thompson Labour is bringing back the true values on which Labour was founded, that's why the working class as a majority have no interest in voting for them? There are no parties for the working class anymore, its all for the middle and upperclass. Lib Dems, Tories and Labour have no interest in supporting us so we will not be supporting them.

    • PaSta
      PaSta 29 days ago

      @matthew howes hey pussy, are you going to make an argument here or just spout shit then hide

    • PaSta
      PaSta Month ago +1

      @Liam Thompson I suppose, but just look at this guy going on about how socialism is going to end the world. No amount of reasonable discourse with them is going to get them to change their opinions. Imo you would be much better off challenging people's opinions elsewhere, perhaps political sub-reddits. TheXvid has never been a good place for a proper discussion, and this channel even less so :)

    • Liam Thompson
      Liam Thompson Month ago

      PaSta I don’t expect to make a difference but there’s no harm in challenging views and potentially planting a seed of doubt in their own ideas that may make them question things upon their next discussion in public