Klopp's reaction: Tactical changes, Lallana and VAR | Man Utd vs Liverpool

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Jürgen Klopp speaks to the media following the Reds' 1-1 draw against Manchester United at Old Trafford, thanks to Adam Lallana cancelling out Marcus Rashford's opener
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  • Liverpool FC
    Liverpool FC  Month ago +2

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  • GamingFreakSK
    GamingFreakSK Month ago

    Please do make it a short of about 5 minutes duration.... We love to hear Klopp's press conference... But this is too long. Please do make it short...

  • Aashis Rajbhandari
    Aashis Rajbhandari Month ago

    Lets win epl this season millions fans all over world wanting for this

  • Edwin Chan
    Edwin Chan Month ago

    The average performance was already seen in the previous few EPL games however we did manage to get away from them. I think the midfield selection may need to be assessed again, perhaps we do need that little extra flair in the midfield area which is clear in this game.

  • Yakin
    Yakin Month ago

    Klopp was saying ManC should've gotten a pen. Pep will start conspiracy theories now.

  • genzdro motovlog
    genzdro motovlog Month ago

    Artine opo ?

  • Harry Sanjaya
    Harry Sanjaya Month ago +1

    overrate manager💩💩

  • Sonny
    Sonny Month ago

    VAR is rubbish it's only found at a professional level! Pro's training with VAR at a professional level is amateur?

  • bugout21
    bugout21 Month ago

    Look, no one should have thought United would not come up for us. The squad was a bit flat too but it’s not the end of the world. Bad call in there but that’s football

  • Cheeky Monk
    Cheeky Monk Month ago

    Martin Atkinson is probably bent as they come. Aside from all the mind-boggling bias shown against Liverpool on Sunday, two other crucial decisions spring to mind from recent history: failed to send off Kompany for a reckless, out of control, two-footed lunge on Salah in the game at the Etihad last season and then also failed to award a penalty for a clear foul on Keita in the dying moments of the game versus Leicester. It's no longer a coincidence. Liverpool should object to this bellend refereeing any more games involving Liverpool for the rest of the season.

  • Aditia Aditia
    Aditia Aditia Month ago

    m.u lost...liverpool winer...tecnolgy v.a.r no winer

  • PikeyBoo
    PikeyBoo Month ago

    Only thing the VAR proved was that Liverpool players are pussy's and go down at the slightest of touches! Origi had been diving the entire start of the match, should have given him a card! Was great to finally see a Referee not give into the dramatic Oscar Award worthy performances of sissy players.

  • Ricky Goh
    Ricky Goh Month ago

    Need a REF VAR to check on refs

  • helen raybould
    helen raybould Month ago

    I will be glad when Atkinson gets taken off refereeing and retires but our first half was awful sluggish and lethargic I think keita Lallana and chambo should have started Atkinson should have blown whistle for the challenge on origi which led them to scoring if it was any other team he would have given that foul even dermot Gallagher gave it as a foul but still says its Atkinsons decision whether its a foul or not mane did handle the ball but it was accidental he raised his leg to connect to control the ball but that didn't happen as the ball comes over his leg and touches his wrist the motion of ball to hand shouldn't have been disallowed as it was the start of the goal just like rashfords goal manes goal should have stood after var check but it was left to sub adam to punish them instead

  • Sha HyZack
    Sha HyZack Month ago

    Ole should say thanks to Klopp from getting fired n sit tight at 13 lol

  • Muhammad Syakur Ahmad

    Next training will be tough
    Team A
    1.Allison (Adrian)
    2.Trent (permanent)
    3.Vandijk (permanent)
    4.Matip (lovren)
    5.Robertson (permanent)
    6.Fabinho (Henderson)
    7.Wijnaldum (Milner)
    8.Ox (Keita)
    9.Shaqiri (Salah injured)
    10.Mane (lallana)
    11.Firmino (Origi sub g.o.a.t)


    Team B
    9.Salah (recovery)

  • Juveno Arditama
    Juveno Arditama Month ago

    Liverpool 11 player vs MU 15 player ( 12nd player Martin Atkinson , 13th player VAR, 14th player asistant teferee , 15th player MU supporter ).
    Result 1:1.

  • Mohanan Rajoo
    Mohanan Rajoo Month ago

    JK is correct....that was a foul on Origi then Man U scored...

  • Phat Meow
    Phat Meow Month ago

    credit the subs cos they came on and made a difference! on another day that shot by The Ox would have been inside the post and personally that was a stonewall foul on Origi but some calls go against you in the course of a season so....

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy Month ago

    What a joke. The only reason Mane's goal was a called back was because of a handball decision, even though the ball barely touched his NATURALLY placed hand. Then some may say, well yes, it's a handball no matter what if it directly affects a goal, but the only reason mane's hand touched the ball was because lindeloff was tugging on his shirt and mane couldn't control his arm movement.. So either Atkinson should have called the goal back for a penalty (which would be ridiculous since Mane scored), or let the goal stand.

  • Ram Lakhan
    Ram Lakhan Month ago

    Liverpool need to buy Son from Spurs.

  • Mohd Hassan
    Mohd Hassan Month ago

    Mane used his right knee so the ball goes to the left if he used his left hand it would have gone to the right. The fullback was already swearing and angry with his colleagues . Anyway the var has cancelled the goal.

  • David Bohata
    David Bohata Month ago

    I am a Liverpool fan and I am fine with Man Utd goal (in terms of refereeing) as well as Mane's goal. Klopp's lads were simply mediocre and didn't deserve more.

  • Nur Ikah
    Nur Ikah Month ago

    Liverpoll the best..kloop the best

  • Irtaza Saeedd
    Irtaza Saeedd Month ago

    Ref was byes

  • HAN Bakht
    HAN Bakht Month ago

    Sell Salah... Always injured..

  • Prithvi
    Prithvi Month ago

    Origi bad actor... clutching wrong leg🤣🤣...well done Atkinson..well judged

  • M
    M Month ago

    If little Divock didn't deck himself he might have still had possession😔

  • Football Scrutiny
    Football Scrutiny Month ago

    we actually made a tactical analysis of this match if anyone is interested in checking it out. Great tactical display from both managers and both teams

  • RyuK Shīnīgāmī
    RyuK Shīnīgāmī Month ago

    Our midfield is poor, ox and keita need to step up their games coming on back of an injury. Henderson is just not that good.

  • vacantplanet
    vacantplanet Month ago

    That was the definition of a foul, comes from behind, clips him, no contact with the ball. The shocking part is that they checked it on replay, and still let them get away with it. There are always strange referee decisions when we visit the mancs. Can't be just bad luck

  • s tan
    s tan Month ago

    this is the same ref that gave man utd 7 minutes to let judas owen score against man city 10 years ago.. how the FA still allows him to ref man utd games i'll never know

  • Steven Hawes
    Steven Hawes Month ago

    Qw is a hhhui,knvbbbbbbbyuoooiooooooooopppmm

  • Imperium V
    Imperium V Month ago

    It was a dive

  • abdallah hussein
    abdallah hussein Month ago

    A real man they not after excuse we played under performance

  • A T
    A T Month ago

    Var kill english soccer, RIP

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    The best Liverpool team in 30 years against the Worst United team in 30 years and still Liverpool couldn't win 😂😂😂.

  • carl cederhorn
    carl cederhorn Month ago

    Nice game xD

  • Adam Evans
    Adam Evans Month ago

    We played badly, nicked a draw, fine.
    Origi is fouled in the build up to the first goal, but it’s not a clear and obvious error so it still stood, fine. Klopp makes a good point that the ref seemed to let it go because he knew VAR could have a look at it, but it made no difference so what’s the point in VAR?
    The Mane handball is the correct decision by VAR on the current rules. But I have an issue with the rule, Mane did not handball intentionally, it didn’t seem to gain an advantage.

  • alchemist 73
    alchemist 73 Month ago

    Ushited had 12 players on the pitch and their 12th Martin Atkinson was man of the match! Manc scum.

  • 27shocking
    27shocking Month ago

    Origi out left then out right and Mane starting on the right was klopp at his worst. Crosses then flying in for Firmino whilst Origi was subbed off was daft.

  • Liam Ball
    Liam Ball Month ago +1

    "I'm not the person who should be frustrated by Man Utd's style."
    What a legend.

  • Gbayesola Temidayo
    Gbayesola Temidayo Month ago

    Well not a bad result
    Var needs to work more cos it's terrible in the premiership
    Klopp needs a creative midfielder when on of the front 3 is absent.

  • WCT Sports
    WCT Sports Month ago

    I love klopp

  • J G
    J G Month ago

    If Origi didn't dive and act like he'd been shot then maybe he would've got the foul. But acting like that made the ref think he was trying to decieve him. Then not giving the foul is subjective so VAR doesn't matter. Shot himself in the foot, cost Liverpool a goal.

  • Maxismaximal
    Maxismaximal Month ago

    Fantastic to see,Ox,Keita,Adam all in brilliant Condition! I’m not scared for the next matches.

    NINJAGO ROCKS Month ago

    The ref doesn't know how to how to ref. For that game , man u had 12 players.

  • manna2015
    manna2015 Month ago

    JK - please stop bitching - u didn't have anything to say when they favored you against Leicester

  • Luky Nyak
    Luky Nyak Month ago

    J.Klopp is Good 🙌👍

  • Intern Brand Contact

    What Lalana said post match was brilliant...

  • Azlan Rana
    Azlan Rana Month ago

    The ref should have a screen. Let’s be honest the VAR lads will never overturn a decision a ref has made. If the ref goes to a screen like the World Cup more decisions will be correct because he ref is looking at it HIMSELF on a screen. Rocket Science 🤯

  • Titanfall
    Titanfall Month ago +1

    How hard win in old trafford even Man Utd can't do it...

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders Month ago +2

    The ref really wanted Liverpool to loose (not a Liverpool fan)

  • GEE GEE GEE Bae Bae Bae

    I dont think liverpool play bad on this game

  • spittaZ
    spittaZ Month ago +1

    About time klopp gets rid of this love affair with hendo and starts playing the midfielders who are actually a threat going forward

    • MIND THE gap
      MIND THE gap Month ago

      Indeed.. drop Hendo please. Keita or Ox should start.

  • Prithvi
    Prithvi Month ago

    Atkinson great decision 👍👍
    I don't buy it when Klopp complains about the referee decision on Wijnaldum or Origi idk....but it's a contact sports and d foul wasn't dat serious....and if player falls down by small nudges dan wats left in dis game...i think d player should be given a yellow for acting......he moved backwards and got the container of Lindelof who was doing a great job during dat incident..... it's not a basketball game....it was "Never a foul".... Klopp couldn't Stop his frustration of loosing

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia Month ago

    Liverpool played as well as they were allowed to. Guess its tough when Klopp makes the same mistake 5 times, seen as how he says this opposition always play the same way since he has been manager of LFC.

  • bharath star
    bharath star Month ago

    Just imagine Keith and ox playing midfield

  • pee jirawat
    pee jirawat Month ago +1


  • Murphy moe
    Murphy moe Month ago

    Careful he bites eh mr Colgate