10 Movie Sequels You Won't Believe Are Happening

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Django will return. And he's not coming alone...
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Comments • 970

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez 2 days ago

    Bright freaking ruled

  • Evil Queen Of Cakes
    Evil Queen Of Cakes 2 days ago

    Don't be mean about Alien Resurrection; it's a great comedy 😋

  • Adam Prysock
    Adam Prysock 3 days ago

    Out of all these movies...the Boy was the worst.trash

  • salih taylor
    salih taylor 4 days ago

    I liked the Accountant

  • Pataka Tv
    Pataka Tv 4 days ago

    new movie trailer 2020..@t

  • Pataka Tv
    Pataka Tv 4 days ago

    new movie trailer 2020..@t

  • Aaron Garnett
    Aaron Garnett 4 days ago

    Hold on RoboCop 2 was a kid friendly cuit classic.

  • Aaron Garnett
    Aaron Garnett 5 days ago +1

    I actually enjoyed "Bright" considering The plot holes The movie still tickled my fancy

  • Sala Winborn
    Sala Winborn 5 days ago

    I'm hopeful about the Willow series. As long as it ties into the book series that came after the original movie.

  • bbsy1
    bbsy1 5 days ago

    The Accountant was awesome! Shut up!

  • K O
    K O 5 days ago

    Why are people sorry for awesome puns?

  • ciaran dolan
    ciaran dolan 5 days ago

    how about pirates of the Caribbean 6

  • Michael Towler
    Michael Towler 6 days ago

    The accountant is a good movie .

  • Carlos Kreek
    Carlos Kreek 6 days ago

    I think a lot of these will be straight to either DVD or Netflix

  • Anthony Clark
    Anthony Clark 6 days ago +1

    I'm totally in for that Django vs Zorro Film. The concept alone has me completely curious.

  • Phil Thesenuts
    Phil Thesenuts 6 days ago

    where is the sequel to i am number 4

  • Chris Connors
    Chris Connors 7 days ago

    Annabelle & The Boy are crappy versions of Dead Silence.

  • dimitris Bam
    dimitris Bam 7 days ago

    You pronounced it correctly...its a Greek name

  • Marty Mcfly
    Marty Mcfly 7 days ago

    So when Deadpool joins the MCU will 4th wall Nick fury about being his bodyguard 🤔

  • Andrew Hughes
    Andrew Hughes 7 days ago

    Yes to anything Tarrintino

  • Kalell121
    Kalell121 7 days ago

    Thanks for the video... Django V Zorro?? Really? Wtf...

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez

    Wish they make a squeal to power rangers (2017)

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 7 days ago +2

    A Rated-R Star Trek film by Quentin Tarantino? I'm down for that. Revenge is a dish served best cold

  • Phyt ink
    Phyt ink 8 days ago

    Dead silence sequel...finally someone who agrees with ne

  • Mr Shelton
    Mr Shelton 8 days ago

    Brrrrrr!! What happened to THAT boy😂😂😂😂

  • Barry Joins
    Barry Joins 8 days ago

    robocop remains one of my fav films so hell yeah to a new one

  • Dark Hood
    Dark Hood 8 days ago

    Hitman's bodyguard is awesome.

  • MrVee24 Matabudul
    MrVee24 Matabudul 8 days ago

    Bright... absolute shit.

  • star beast
    star beast 8 days ago +1

    its really surprising how many movie franchises are erasing there sequels from existence

  • scott ferguson
    scott ferguson 8 days ago

    Tarrantino- Star Trek. That's a Star Trek that sounds good.

  • Saleh Harris
    Saleh Harris 8 days ago

    Bring Back Short Circut!!!!!!

  • Villain
    Villain 8 days ago

    That gladiator 2 idea is the “god of war” story.

  • Gregory Cardone
    Gregory Cardone 8 days ago

    District 10 please!!!!

  • Karley Pamer
    Karley Pamer 9 days ago

    I loved bright and i cant wait for the sequel

  • Juan Carlos Santana
    Juan Carlos Santana 9 days ago

    They really need to make John Carter 2

  • TANKtheRipper
    TANKtheRipper 9 days ago

    the currant critics are literally the worst critics ever shoot down good movies and hype up shit ones

  • Stardustpunk24
    Stardustpunk24 9 days ago

    If they are really doing that Zorro crossover, can we have Luke Evans as Zorro??

  • Mr.Sneezy Anus
    Mr.Sneezy Anus 9 days ago

    screw all these movies. give us the new stuff.

  • Addyson Kate
    Addyson Kate 9 days ago

    I don't think critically that The Hitmans Bodyguard was an amazing movie but it was very good entertaining buddy cop movie. Samuel ans Ryan had very good chemistry during the movie which really added to the jokes. So I believe the second one is going to follow the same lines where it is quite entertaining but not critically very good.

  • Wobbuffet Jr.
    Wobbuffet Jr. 9 days ago

    Antonio Banderas as zorro with Robert Rodriguez directing please.

  • Cassie Bloemendaal
    Cassie Bloemendaal 9 days ago

    Tarantino making a Star Trek movie? Sacrilege! Gene Roddenberry is probably rolling around in his grave:-(

  • Jordan Baker
    Jordan Baker 9 days ago

    I always think I'm as dead inside as I possibly can be, but I just hit a new rock bottom ten times in a row during this vid

  • blacksocietykatana
    blacksocietykatana 9 days ago

    Passion of the Christ Resurrection?? might as well just do Djesus: Uncrossed w/ the SNL Cast, ya crazy bastards!😂😂😂

    RED EYE 9 days ago

    Bullshitttt, nerd boy.

  • Exiled Hunter
    Exiled Hunter 9 days ago

    Yo Bright was actually a good movie. Not saying it was amazing but I was satisfied after watching it and didn't feel like it was a waste of my time. The makeup for the orcs were good too you atleast gotta give them credit for that.

  • Vapour
    Vapour 9 days ago

    Uh, DJango Zorro. Won’t the same without Jamie Foxx.

  • David Carlton
    David Carlton 9 days ago

    Bright was a good movie....i was expecting it to be shit....the robocop reboot too....and stop going on what critics say....they are hardly ever right

  • Nathan Felsch
    Nathan Felsch 9 days ago +6

    Start Trek good. Tarantino good. The two together, not great. To good things combined can actually ruin each other. Imagine a Shrimp Yogurt 🍤🍦

  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan 9 days ago

    wtf where is rocky 24 come on there are so many great books out there to turn into films or series of films why keep recycling the same old stuff, i mean they even releasing a "new version" of lion king ffs

  • Lane Hardy
    Lane Hardy 9 days ago


  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 9 days ago +1

    Willow is the first part of a novel series and if I remember correctly it gets pretty dark

  • Hattie Dame
    Hattie Dame 9 days ago

    Okay so... I want to clarify something. The reason for hell being a part of Christ's resurrection is biblical. Upon dying on the cross, He descended into hell as payment for our sins then He ascended into heaven so we would all be saved. After three days, He came back to Earth and appeared to His disciples and told them to go out and tell others about Him. He then rose into heaven once again with the promise that He'll come back.
    That being said, I really hope the film falls through because the first one was way too graphic and I can't begin to imagine how horrible hell will be if they make it.

  • Carolina Kidd
    Carolina Kidd 9 days ago

    Man's best friend part 2 needs to happen

  • Boom Boom Billy
    Boom Boom Billy 9 days ago

    The accountant was awesome

  • El masca Vidal
    El masca Vidal 9 days ago

    They should make
    Truth or dare 2
    Bad boys 3
    Daddy’s Home 3

  • RS2002
    RS2002 10 days ago

    Good Lord, the lengths you went to extend the dialogue to get a longer video.

  • william walsh
    william walsh 10 days ago

    Dude maximus was a Roman fucking general his career would've literally consisted of massacring barbarians and selling the women and children into slavery at no point would he give two shits about christians, and the Roman gods bringing him back to life to save christians? If anything they'd bring him back to kill christians that may be the dumbest sequel idea I have ever had the misfortune to hear about...would I see it? Most definitley.

  • QandB Vlogs
    QandB Vlogs 10 days ago

    We all came here to see if Django is getting sequeled lol

  • Mister Wiki Memes
    Mister Wiki Memes 10 days ago

    Django 2? What’s the plot they tied up all loose ends in the first and QT just released a new movie.

  • Vee A.
    Vee A. 10 days ago

    Tarantino’s Star Trek should be one of those episodes where they go back to the old west or 1970s.

  • Stephen Siegel
    Stephen Siegel 10 days ago

    Desd Silence sucked dude. Awe and i just sub'd to your channel.

  • Prez Mil
    Prez Mil 10 days ago

    No Tarantino or Jamie No Django for me.

  • E. J. Banks
    E. J. Banks 10 days ago

    i wonder how many times Tarantino is going to call Klingon's the K-word.

  • LordEredor
    LordEredor 10 days ago

    Gladiator sequel would make more sense if it follows the formula of 'Captain America: The First Avenger' where in this premise, Roman gods resurrect him to be some Roman superhero of sorts for the modern world or in between or something along the lines of 'Wonder Woman'...

  • Scott McPherson
    Scott McPherson 10 days ago

    Bright 2 is definitely not happening

  • Brad ArmPitt
    Brad ArmPitt 10 days ago

    Bring back JUMPER!
    That was an entertaining flick but keeps getting shat on.
    (Ignore Samuel L. Jacksons hair)

  • miggie2099
    miggie2099 10 days ago

    Willow will be fine as long as they follow the first book.

  • Gary Macmillan
    Gary Macmillan 10 days ago

    The Hitmans bodyguard was awesome!

  • Patrick Powers
    Patrick Powers 10 days ago

    I loved the Accountant.

  • Neil skywalker
    Neil skywalker 10 days ago

    Not a great list, I've only ever heard of 5 of the original movies to begin with.

  • Matt Rogers
    Matt Rogers 10 days ago +1

    The Hitman's Bodyguard was a solidly funny film. Not surprised it's getting a sequel!

  • Camel Spotter
    Camel Spotter 10 days ago

    A Neill Blomkamp RoboCop movie could be fantastic, but it needs to be rated R. The neutered violence is one of the reasons why the reboot from a few years ago failed. The original movie was made famous for it's borderline comedic levels of gore, so it makes no sense to do away with that.
    Neil needs to be allowed to make use of his signature gore. Movies like District 9 and Elysium are proof that Neill's take on violence is perfect for a RoboCop movie.
    Oh, and the movie also needs a sense of humor. One of the original's most defining traits was that it was a satire on consumerism and corporations. Something that is still very much relevant to today's society. All the gore in the world won't matter if the movie is still a joyless husk.

  • Gary Maxion
    Gary Maxion 10 days ago

    As far as Hell in the Passion of the Christ: Resurrection is concerned, it's believed within Christian dogma that Christ went to Hell to get the keys to Purgatory (Abraham's boozom) to free the souls there to bring them to Heaven. Also, Christ took all of the sins of the world and sin cannot enter Heaven. Christ either went to Hell or Purgatory for those 3 days.

  • MrUseless247
    MrUseless247 10 days ago

    The Accountant was a good movie and has potential. It got most of it's views through digital rentals, purchases, and illegal downloads.
    Well, I'm kinda hyped to see what they can add to this character.

  • Damilare Williams
    Damilare Williams 10 days ago +1

    The Hitman's Bodyguard was a highly highly enjoyable film

  • Keenan Jenkins
    Keenan Jenkins 10 days ago

    Hitmans Bodyguard was a very good movie

  • LowLying
    LowLying 10 days ago

    I hear if you have netflix you have to watch whatever trash limited pro-american-black-bootleg-indie-budget culture movies and content they put up because no one outside of i wanna pay for stuff i support and like circles fucks with you netflix NERDS

  • Anis Elkadiri
    Anis Elkadiri 10 days ago

    Jim Kavazell? lol

  • Terry Fiorello
    Terry Fiorello 10 days ago

    I agree with you on last Star Trek (awsome!!) but I have to disagree on Alien Resurrection, great movie (but, yeah, really s....y creature). Anyone with me :)

  • Ma Jean
    Ma Jean 10 days ago +1

    I LOVE Hitman's Bodyguard!! So excited about the sequal! Hope they change the title though

  • Jackalope
    Jackalope 10 days ago

    Willow 2? God I hope that's a joke.. Why...

  • Kristján Rúnarsson
    Kristján Rúnarsson 10 days ago

    There is nothing like the outrage of a movie critic when a film gets a 20% approval rating from critics and a 60-80% approval rating from audiences. All I care about is the audience rating.

  • Dan Langdon
    Dan Langdon 10 days ago

    Am I the only person who didn't hate the Robocop reboot? I mean, it wasn't an amazing film, but I've seen worse.

  • Edward Stewart
    Edward Stewart 10 days ago +1

    While a Zoro/ Django cross over movie would be great Django needs at least two sequels and Zoro a third featuring an middle aged Zoro with both him and his young adult age son fighting side by side as mask heroes as the loose cannon, hotheaded, and stubborn but for good reasons son wants to take up his father's mantel as the masked hero in which the elder fills reluctant to come out of retirement after living comfortably as a pillar of the community for many years.
    Django on the other hand would feature both him still being quickest draw in the South and Bruhilda as partners with Bruhilda as the best long-range marksmen around and both of them destroying their former plantation residence by burning up the big house with old man Karrueche still inside on his deathbed after they free other people from their slavery starting a rebellion in the middle of the Civil War era and the next sequel the couple puts together their own team of bounty hunters while battle the likes of Big Daddy's son who is either a Captain or a Lieutenant whom at the time of his pappy's death was off fighting in the Civil War for the Confederacy of course.
    Then a Zoro/Django cross over trilogy could be made.

  • Bla Balu The Gamecat
    Bla Balu The Gamecat 10 days ago

    So the last movie Tarantino is going to make will be a Star Trek franchise entry? Weird choice, but could be a good movie maybe 🤔

  • jason withey
    jason withey 10 days ago

    django should be good

  • MyloRen
    MyloRen 10 days ago

    There are no horror fans, only shitty pg-13 movies that should be rated R. Tired of dumbass teens inside the theater.

  • jason withey
    jason withey 10 days ago

    i look forward to startrek

  • Angelia
    Angelia 10 days ago

    It is believed that Christ went to hell when he died so those who never heard him preach could be saved if they wished to be. It is biblically taught.

  • IAMPEDRO 101
    IAMPEDRO 101 10 days ago +2

    If Tarantino makes Star Trek... will it be his last film?

  • Trevor Neil
    Trevor Neil 10 days ago

    Would love to see another Zorro.

  • Solo Passenger
    Solo Passenger 11 days ago

    Still waiting for Tron 3 😪

  • Ali Saleh
    Ali Saleh 11 days ago

    The most interesting one is Tarantino's Star Trek. WHAT!?

  • DonkeyMan USA
    DonkeyMan USA 11 days ago

    I loved Django Unchained, so I'm looking forward to the sequel.

  • emiliano terriquez
    emiliano terriquez 11 days ago

    im all in for a django zorro movie. that would be dope.

  • Taro Yamada
    Taro Yamada 11 days ago

    I love Django Unchained

  • jahovia82 disdik
    jahovia82 disdik 11 days ago

    I might actually go to the movie theater to watch WILLOW 2. one of my top 3 movies growing up

  • Hannah Kramer
    Hannah Kramer 11 days ago

    I want Hamlet 3 the sequel to Hamlet 2. It deserves it.

  • Reject Studios
    Reject Studios 11 days ago

    Do people not know that Jesus went to hell when he died?

  • Chief Steps-In-Poo
    Chief Steps-In-Poo 11 days ago +1

    Warwick Davis's first movie was Return of the Jedi as the Ewok, Wicket.