10 Movie Sequels You Won't Believe Are Happening

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Django will return. And he's not coming alone...
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Comments • 975

  • Boywonderr71
    Boywonderr71 3 days ago

    The accountant was great!

  • Nakia Rhone
    Nakia Rhone 10 days ago

    I know imma get crap for this... but The Boy was just lame. It was going pretty good until the ending. I mean come on really? Stevie Wonder could’ve seen the ending coming.

  • Roman Fedotov
    Roman Fedotov 26 days ago

    Zorro sequel with Banderas gonna be cool

  • Nork korn
    Nork korn 29 days ago

    Tarantino should make The Passion of the Christ part two!

  • evi watts
    evi watts Month ago

    I rather enjoyed the accountant haha the second time anyway the first time I watched it I was really good bored and not really taken with it but I put it on a second time and I loved it

  • Drty _ALGreen
    Drty _ALGreen Month ago

    I'll watch any Neil Bloomkamf(?) film.

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock Month ago

    I just assumed almost all nostalgia film projects used old rejected contract scripts with minor rewrites to change names and add property specific references.

  • yougosquishnow
    yougosquishnow 2 months ago

    "quite why hell would be involved is anyone's guess". Well anyone who has read the new testament wouldn't have to guess. That's not a random choice dude. John wrote it first.

  • Lila Seest
    Lila Seest 2 months ago

    My word, man! How woke can you be? I enjoyed The Hitman's Bodyguard. And yet you like other movies that I gave a hard pass to. BTW, if a movie is "critically acclaimed", it usually sucks; everybody grounded in reality knows this. So, while you have the right to like the movies you like, please don't tell me movies that I like are "horrible".

  • m
    m 3 months ago

    In a perfect world we'd get a proper sequel to the first two TMNT films from the 90s but in the dark style of the first film.

  • White Lily
    White Lily 3 months ago


  • BrickIntyre
    BrickIntyre 3 months ago

    Tarantino Star Trek...no...just no.

  • Jonathon Clary
    Jonathon Clary 3 months ago

    Passion of the Christ 2: Jesus is back... and he's pissed.

  • boondocks
    boondocks 3 months ago

    This idea that critics play a part in sequels is silly. Hitman’s wife bodyguard is already made. Critics have no say. These are the same folks who loved the Hurt Locker. SMH

  • Missy 13
    Missy 13 3 months ago +1

    The Accountant was a badass movie! Looking forward to it!

  • Vunk
    Vunk 3 months ago

    That's not how you say José Padilha, lol.

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez 4 months ago

    Bright freaking ruled

  • Evil Queen Of Cake
    Evil Queen Of Cake 4 months ago

    Don't be mean about Alien Resurrection; it's a great comedy 😋

  • Adam Prysock
    Adam Prysock 4 months ago

    Out of all these movies...the Boy was the worst.trash

  • salih taylor
    salih taylor 4 months ago +1

    I liked the Accountant

  • Aaron Garnett
    Aaron Garnett 4 months ago

    Hold on RoboCop 2 was a kid friendly cuit classic.

  • Aaron Garnett
    Aaron Garnett 4 months ago +1

    I actually enjoyed "Bright" considering The plot holes The movie still tickled my fancy

  • Sala Winborn
    Sala Winborn 4 months ago

    I'm hopeful about the Willow series. As long as it ties into the book series that came after the original movie.

  • bbsy1
    bbsy1 4 months ago +1

    The Accountant was awesome! Shut up!

  • K O
    K O 4 months ago

    Why are people sorry for awesome puns?

  • ciaran dolan
    ciaran dolan 4 months ago

    how about pirates of the Caribbean 6

  • Michael Towler
    Michael Towler 4 months ago

    The accountant is a good movie .

  • Carlos Kreek
    Carlos Kreek 4 months ago

    I think a lot of these will be straight to either DVD or Netflix

  • Anthony Clark
    Anthony Clark 4 months ago +1

    I'm totally in for that Django vs Zorro Film. The concept alone has me completely curious.

  • Phil Thesenuts
    Phil Thesenuts 4 months ago

    where is the sequel to i am number 4

  • Chris Connors
    Chris Connors 4 months ago

    Annabelle & The Boy are crappy versions of Dead Silence.

  • dimitris Bam
    dimitris Bam 4 months ago

    You pronounced it correctly...its a Greek name

  • Eddie Hearn
    Eddie Hearn 4 months ago

    So when Deadpool joins the MCU will 4th wall Nick fury about being his bodyguard 🤔

  • Andrew Hughes
    Andrew Hughes 4 months ago

    Yes to anything Tarrintino

  • Kalell121
    Kalell121 4 months ago

    Thanks for the video... Django V Zorro?? Really? Wtf...

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez
    Ariel fangirl Mendez 4 months ago +1

    Wish they make a squeal to power rangers (2017)

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 4 months ago +2

    A Rated-R Star Trek film by Quentin Tarantino? I'm down for that. Revenge is a dish served best cold

  • Phyt ink
    Phyt ink 4 months ago

    Dead silence sequel...finally someone who agrees with ne

  • Barry Joins
    Barry Joins 4 months ago

    robocop remains one of my fav films so hell yeah to a new one

  • Dark Hood
    Dark Hood 4 months ago +2

    Hitman's bodyguard is awesome.

  • MrVee24 Matabudul
    MrVee24 Matabudul 4 months ago

    Bright... absolute shit.

  • scott ferguson
    scott ferguson 4 months ago

    Tarrantino- Star Trek. That's a Star Trek that sounds good.

  • Saleh Harris
    Saleh Harris 4 months ago

    Bring Back Short Circut!!!!!!

  • Villain
    Villain 4 months ago

    That gladiator 2 idea is the “god of war” story.

  • Gregory Cardone
    Gregory Cardone 4 months ago

    District 10 please!!!!

  • Karley Pamer
    Karley Pamer 4 months ago +1

    I loved bright and i cant wait for the sequel

  • Juan Carlos Santana
    Juan Carlos Santana 4 months ago

    They really need to make John Carter 2

  • TANKtheRipper
    TANKtheRipper 4 months ago

    the currant critics are literally the worst critics ever shoot down good movies and hype up shit ones

  • Stardustpunk24
    Stardustpunk24 4 months ago

    If they are really doing that Zorro crossover, can we have Luke Evans as Zorro??

  • Mr.Stupid_& Wrong
    Mr.Stupid_& Wrong 4 months ago

    screw all these movies. give us the new stuff.

  • Addyson Kate
    Addyson Kate 4 months ago

    I don't think critically that The Hitmans Bodyguard was an amazing movie but it was very good entertaining buddy cop movie. Samuel ans Ryan had very good chemistry during the movie which really added to the jokes. So I believe the second one is going to follow the same lines where it is quite entertaining but not critically very good.

  • Wobbuffet Jr.
    Wobbuffet Jr. 4 months ago

    Antonio Banderas as zorro with Robert Rodriguez directing please.

  • Cassie Bloemendaal
    Cassie Bloemendaal 4 months ago

    Tarantino making a Star Trek movie? Sacrilege! Gene Roddenberry is probably rolling around in his grave:-(

  • Jordan Baker
    Jordan Baker 4 months ago

    I always think I'm as dead inside as I possibly can be, but I just hit a new rock bottom ten times in a row during this vid

  • blacksocietykatana
    blacksocietykatana 4 months ago

    Passion of the Christ Resurrection?? might as well just do Djesus: Uncrossed w/ the SNL Cast, ya crazy bastards!😂😂😂

    SUPER SPUNK BOYY 4 months ago

    Bullshitttt, nerd boy.

  • Exiled Hunter
    Exiled Hunter 4 months ago

    Yo Bright was actually a good movie. Not saying it was amazing but I was satisfied after watching it and didn't feel like it was a waste of my time. The makeup for the orcs were good too you atleast gotta give them credit for that.

  • Vapour
    Vapour 4 months ago

    Uh, DJango Zorro. Won’t the same without Jamie Foxx.

  • David Carlton
    David Carlton 4 months ago

    Bright was a good movie....i was expecting it to be shit....the robocop reboot too....and stop going on what critics say....they are hardly ever right

  • Nathan Felsch
    Nathan Felsch 4 months ago +10

    Start Trek good. Tarantino good. The two together, not great. To good things combined can actually ruin each other. Imagine a Shrimp Yogurt 🍤🍦