4 Levels of Steak: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of steak. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which steak was the best?
    Check out the recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/sous-vide-steak-recipe
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    4 Levels of Steak: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • Noah lynn
    Noah lynn Hour ago

    Respect the beef

  • Hilario Garcia
    Hilario Garcia 2 hours ago

    The real chef cute af 😂😂

  • Katie Booth
    Katie Booth 5 hours ago +1

    Adriana: SHALLOTS!!!!

  • Katie Booth
    Katie Booth 5 hours ago +1

    Emily: Do Cooking Things To It

    Emily Is Level 3 Now

  • Dylan Thurston
    Dylan Thurston 7 hours ago

    Everybody is saying Emily got too good, but she went to the store and picked out a 1/2 inch flank steak out of an entire wall of steaks. She’s got a ways to go.

  • eyes2pearls -
    eyes2pearls - 9 hours ago

    They ruined the beef... You only need salt and pepper!! Less is more guys don't listen to them

  • Invictus
    Invictus 13 hours ago

    emily 20 years of cooking expereince

    emily: hey im a level one chef

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave 14 hours ago

    level 2 was looking better than level 3
    that expert was doing too much

  • Billy Hernandez
    Billy Hernandez 15 hours ago

    Emily been watching binging with babish. Protect her!

  • Abigail Johnson
    Abigail Johnson 16 hours ago +1

    We don’t drink alcohol... I can’t make that sauce.

  • love0the0fans
    love0the0fans 19 hours ago

    Level 3 cook sounds like a Latina from Wisconsin. I've literally never heard whatever accent that is she has going on🤣

  • Karen Davidson
    Karen Davidson 22 hours ago

    10 years? She looks 20!

  • light564
    light564 22 hours ago

    Steak in the U.S. does not use blood. they use a liquid called myoglobin i think

  • difranchise
    difranchise 22 hours ago

    This has almost nothing to do with skill and everything to do with cut and quality. Of course the flank will not be as good as a dry aged ribeye.

  • Morti Cian
    Morti Cian 23 hours ago

    i always root for the underdog Emily! she's so much more relatable to me on a Mom to Mom level.
    p.s. i just finished watching Rosemary Trout on an episode with Brad & Andy making the perfect turkey!

  • Casey Goode
    Casey Goode Day ago

    This is less amateur to chef and more "budget" to "money is no object".

  • ツHype
    ツHype Day ago

    Awesome idea!! Have them try each other’s dish and let’s see what they think. Try to have them guess which level was able to make that dish!!

  • Cubby Nubby
    Cubby Nubby Day ago +1

    The expert cook baddddd tho

  • Mendokusai99
    Mendokusai99 Day ago

    Desensitised pan handling. Been there. I wouldn’t even notice small burns until I showered later.

  • Dopey H
    Dopey H Day ago


  • Joonie's lost passport in Norway

    my two friends fighting.
    Random stranger: Why are they fighting?
    Me: I can't tell.
    Random Stranger: why?
    Me : "Cuz I respect the beef"

  • Rhys Knight
    Rhys Knight Day ago

    Nearly got fired from a breakfast cafe for doing hollandaise off the stove, became sous chef of a different cafe for doing it, as long as a good outcome can be achieved, the method is okay

  • Aventus
    Aventus Day ago

    I want to see them taste each others food.

  • Alexandre Moonwell

    I really like Julie, she seems like a nice person !

  • Dick Piano
    Dick Piano Day ago

    level 3 chef fine as hell...10/10 would wife her.

  • Omnominus
    Omnominus Day ago


  • Kier John Señerez

    Emily's steak sauce is made up of Ketchup, etc.😆

  • AyeDeeHD
    AyeDeeHD Day ago

    3 ppl cook stake the way they enjoy it all cooked nicely

  • Lucas Barbosa
    Lucas Barbosa Day ago

    Me: place the steak on the air fryer, press beef button, done

  • SMGB
    SMGB Day ago

    Nobody talking about 1:52 what the heck lmao

  • kelso DiJA
    kelso DiJA Day ago

    I love Julie because she from were I’m from Manchester Jamaica 🇯🇲

  • sungod L
    sungod L Day ago

    😔 if it's a good stake you dont need the extra. Wait a f'ing moment you're telling me not everyone has a cast iron, so you cant find one in Walmart for I got mine on sell for 12 dollars? 🤔

  • Cubed
    Cubed Day ago

    “The bone brings out so much flavor”
    I just want steak

  • Fide Nemini
    Fide Nemini Day ago

    Emily is hopeless, 7:04 wtf is that searing?

  • teagan sucks
    teagan sucks 2 days ago

    oh emily don’t ever change

  • Sofia morales
    Sofia morales 2 days ago +1

    Level 1: It's a hobbie
    Level 2: I do this everyday
    Level 3: I've been doing this from the womb
    Level 4: What 's cooking? I only know that as air and life.

  • Sofia morales
    Sofia morales 2 days ago

    I like Adriana, but put her in an episode with Emily and Gabriel and you have a show!!!!!!!!!! or Lorenzo, he rocks

  • Ja Curururur
    Ja Curururur 2 days ago

    Notice how they went out of their way to get 3 women for the steak episode

  • Creeper Gaming - minecraft and more

    Aye the original food scientist is now back whats up

  • ATPhack
    ATPhack 2 days ago


  • First name Last name

    The first girl 🙄🤧

  • Matěj Kincl
    Matěj Kincl 2 days ago

    Next video: Hi, I'm Emilly and I'm a level two chef.

  • Andi Youkhana
    Andi Youkhana 2 days ago

    My Mum has been cooking for 26 years

  • seaweedbrain
    seaweedbrain 2 days ago

    bruh no wonder the grandma is pulling back from eating too much steak if she puts that much butter for one portion

  • BTSismy LIFE
    BTSismy LIFE 2 days ago +3

    Everyone: Herbs

    Americans: eRbS

  • asandrius86
    asandrius86 2 days ago +2

    Adriana is really beautiful, but I like more Julies stake.

  • gary murphy
    gary murphy 2 days ago

    How to perfectly ruin a steak : cook it sou vie .... i want it rare with a perfect meyers effect .

  • brootusx
    brootusx 2 days ago

    what a terrible video

  • goenøtter
    goenøtter 2 days ago

    The home cook looks a lot like a female version of Samuel L Jackson or is that just me?

  • Copyrightbreaker22
    Copyrightbreaker22 2 days ago

    I saw Emily and said a bit too loud oh no but she did great for level 1

  • Eric
    Eric 2 days ago


  • Shadow Trigger Unvalted

    “I’m level one alllllllright”

  • Rogue1717
    Rogue1717 2 days ago

    Anyone else think Julie sounds like RuPaul?

  • Yến Nguyễn
    Yến Nguyễn 2 days ago

    I need a level 3 chef skincare routine. Her skin is glowinggggggg

  • Fernanda Bravim
    Fernanda Bravim 2 days ago

    Is the chef brazilian? She looks brazilian.

  • Crazy—— Tacos
    Crazy—— Tacos 2 days ago +2

    No one :

    Lvl 2 : *that* *my* *friends* *is* *a* *blue* *cheese* *butter* *log*

  • Tabitha Schultz
    Tabitha Schultz 2 days ago

    I had the best dream last night: that Emily was promoted to level 2! Gettin closer!!

  • Josiah Araki
    Josiah Araki 2 days ago

    They should have all cooked the same kind of steak...

  • anson nguyen
    anson nguyen 2 days ago

    emily just level 2 on a budget

  • Brandon Stringfield
    Brandon Stringfield 2 days ago

    That level 1 steak is struggle steak fr