The Largest Resort on the Las Vegas Strip that NO ONE can Visit

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • The Largest Resort on the Las Vegas Strip that NO ONE can Visit
    Hey everyone! In this video, we are going to be talking about the largest resort on the Las Vegas Strip that NO ONE can visit, The Fontainebleau. Otherwise known as The Drew, this 63 story casino resort is an Urban Explorers paradise! This Abandoned Place was left to rot after the 2007-2008 subprime mortgage crisis. In this video, we are going to be discussing what happened to this immaculate resort, and why it failed to open after being 70 percent complete.
    Very few Urbex Enthusiasts have been able to get video of the inside of this resort. Unfortunately, I am not one of the few who have been able to see the inside of the resort. Fortunately for you though, in this video I have put videos of people exploring this abandoned place! This Abandoned Resort is absolutely amazing on the inside, so make sure to watch THIS video to see what the inside looks like!
    If you enjoy this type of videos be sure to let me know down in the comments below! Also, if you have any suggestions for future videos let me know! I will most likely end up making a video on it! If you enjoy Urbex/Urban Exploration Videos, or videos of people exploring abandoned places, be sure to subscribe down below! I film both exploring abandoned places videos, as well as these Urban Exploration Documentary Videos!
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  • devan jones
    devan jones 3 days ago

    Parking garage killed resort

  • Richy T
    Richy T 4 days ago

    Call that hotel”Raider Nation”!!’n

    EV GREER 4 days ago +1

    VEGAS ....................................................... WTH

  • Madam Butterfly
    Madam Butterfly 5 days ago

    Timing is everything!!!

  • TEMA
    TEMA 5 days ago

    Fontainebleau pronounce FONTAINE - BLOW not Blue, it’s a french city

  • Adnan lexus
    Adnan lexus 7 days ago

    I that the hotel where they shoot at people

  • Kissa Mias
    Kissa Mias 7 days ago

    Just throwing around millions and millions of dollars like it's nothing. Greedy bastards.

  • Hwy 407 407
    Hwy 407 407 8 days ago +1

    It should be What happened?

  • Nicholas Cabral
    Nicholas Cabral 8 days ago

    This is like a really shitty Bright Sun films, way to duplicate his style and everything.

  • Dan Customer
    Dan Customer 10 days ago +3

    Jeffrey Stouffer is a scamming Rich daddy's boy from Florida. He was a massive drug dealer that owned a powerboat dealership until Daddy got him into real estate he never even graduated college.
    I'm a union ironworker and I worked on that job in the whole thing the fix was in Turnberry was a contractor the financier the insurer under ocep Insurance rules. This thing was was set scam. He screwed Bank of America out of about 2 billion dollars in the other investors many many many Rich friends of his got taken to the cleaners. He even got the country of Dubai to buy half the fountain blue Miami to skim more money. I was on that job site everyday for over six months and watch money disappear like Harry Houdini was in charge of it.

    • Kissa Mias
      Kissa Mias 7 days ago

      That's what they all get. Rich fools.

  • Jack City
    Jack City 11 days ago

    The revel casino (Atlantic City NJ)

  • SE Mowery
    SE Mowery 12 days ago +16

    My husband was a foreman on this job. It's supposed to start building again soon.

  • Mykee Wattz
    Mykee Wattz 12 days ago +1

    Fontaine blue or FOUNTAIN BLUE?

  • Crypt Keeper
    Crypt Keeper 13 days ago

    Hope the new casino dies as well.

    DJEDDX 13 days ago

    As a Vegas local I appreciate that you answered so many of my questions about this building that had just been standing there untouched for years.

  • Arab Katib
    Arab Katib 13 days ago +1

    Gambling is Haram. :^)
    You should NEVER gamble! :-)
    All casinos are a red zone for us. :^)
    And I don't like those who do gamble.

    • Arab Katib
      Arab Katib 11 days ago

      oliver quinn, Lol!! 🙃

    • oliver quinn
      oliver quinn 11 days ago +1

      +Arab Katib Hahaha LOVE IT!!!

    • Arab Katib
      Arab Katib 11 days ago

      I believe your mother is a lovely person! :3
      Tell her to stop, and she will listen to you. \(:3)/

    • oliver quinn
      oliver quinn 11 days ago

      +Arab Katib My mother is

    • Arab Katib
      Arab Katib 11 days ago

      Why do you care?
      Do you gamble? :-)
      I hope you are not a casino owner! :p
      Or someone who works there..

  • Louis Pulice
    Louis Pulice 13 days ago

    Keep slipping in your advertisement

  • Alex Caston
    Alex Caston 14 days ago +16

    Man they need to do something because that end of the strip been dead for years. Lived in Vegas for 22 years

  • Thorns Offline
    Thorns Offline 14 days ago

    Mhmm... I live in Vegas

  • Kevin Tiedeman
    Kevin Tiedeman 14 days ago

    How does one sue themself? That's the dumbest thing ever!

  • Schlange Bauch
    Schlange Bauch 15 days ago +7

    I have no idea what this is doing in my recommend?
    -Is this secretly the Lucky 38 in New Vegas?-

  • Regulator Recordings
    Regulator Recordings 16 days ago +1

    9/11 wasn't an "attack" it was a controlled demolition just like the clip of the El Ranchero demolition that played right as you mentioned 9/11 lol

  • Ryan H. Turner
    Ryan H. Turner 16 days ago

    I was just in Las Vegas two weeks ago and noticed this weird property that was completely abandoned. It actually looks sort of like a scene from a war-torn cityscape in a movie. VERY mysterious to me. But I forgot about it until I just stumbled upon this video. THANK YOU for the information. I love backstories to mysteries.

  • Michael Bey
    Michael Bey 18 days ago

    23 story garage? u'd better have the funds to build some elevators in it.

  • bird10498
    bird10498 18 days ago

    Lay down with BOA, wake up with fleas.

  • Jaffa Orange
    Jaffa Orange 18 days ago

    After watching one minute of this video, I turned it off. What an annoying, tiresome voice.

  • hamid malik
    hamid malik 18 days ago +2

    OMG can you Google how to pronounce Fontainebleau and remake this video

  • Chewy Ltd
    Chewy Ltd 19 days ago

    The years of Las Vegas has changed over the years I am from Canada and worked there in the 80s when culture went through the hair metal days in which a lot of these newer places were not there, The growth of Las Vegas is extremely changing due to the growth of this place they now have a hockey team that was not even thought of in the 80s and other growth factors being there in the 80s you could still feel that Elvis was a major role along with Frank Sinatra and other icons that were a part of the culture having Canadian Singers recently up there it proves a very much international resort town Las Vegss was built on other names in the culture of the area and it seems as though ELVIS is leaving the building because of the lack of thought involved in the past rather than keeping up to all the tourism., Do not get me wrong though it is meant there is a culture that made Vegas and I think that a lot of citizens not in the multi dollar businesses would be upset at this type of growth and change in their town … What an eye sore for Vegas!!!

  • c__ c__
    c__ c__ 20 days ago

    lucky 38

  • Ken Goldberg
    Ken Goldberg 20 days ago

    Omg, the name of the hotel is pronounced "Fountain Blue" it's French!!! All of that research and you couldn't call the hotel to make sure you were saying the name right? Considering you say it probably five thousand times. It was extremely irritating. Other than that, great video!

  • Sick of Being Rich
    Sick of Being Rich 21 day ago +2

    Pronounced “fountain blue”

  • Ed H
    Ed H 21 day ago

    I think he needs to learn how to spell before EAXPLAINing anything!!

  • Dave Watts
    Dave Watts 23 days ago +1

    B O R I N G

  • Richard Vidana
    Richard Vidana 23 days ago

    That financial crisis killed about 90% of us in Las Vegas... North side of Vegas sucks.. it is very sketchy. I dont go to north side without a gun or something on me

  • kfresh1ify
    kfresh1ify 23 days ago

    East New York Brooklyn

  • Danielle padgett
    Danielle padgett 24 days ago

    I think maybe they increased the parking deck size for three reasons, first is the required structure requirements, secondly the alternative plumbing, and thirdly extra revenues to sell available parking for the strip.
    If anyone has ever lived in particular in a rather condensed large city, such as Akron Ohio, in which visitation/working requires a limited spacing for parking, then parking becomes less owned by the public and more owned by for profit structures.
    In regards to BOA, they really had no choice, I don't think they would have backed out had they had a considerable amount of cash flow on hand to keep the project going.
    Problem was at the time in regards to banks in general was they were allowed to do a number of shady things that threw off their banking revenues, but in the end made a lot of short term profits.
    Examples of this was when the banks were allowed to self insure their own loans, even though the self insured loans were merely pennies on the dollar, secondly the banks were allowed to run wild hiring their own property appraisers, that helped the real estate industry to over blow land and developed property values.
    This I believe was the most damaging of all economic follies.
    If property values weren't so inflated, then inflation itself wouldn't have been a factor.
    Sub prime borrowers would have been able to afford the vast majority of properties purchased, in addition the extended terms of condition written in by the banks to bloat the terms of purchase wouldn't have been so accelerated that made it impossible, even for a person or corporation having plenty of revenue or assets to cover most loans.
    The terms were unreasonable.
    Someone, or a group of one planned this financial coup.
    The reason I say this, is the very fact that most of the banks had sold off these high risk investments, via micro economics/fractional banking, breaking down the loans, into small increments sold off to mostly 401k plans. Meanwhile the banks retained ownership of the titles, while all of the risks were 401k holders.
    Yet the Federal government bail out was 100% profit to the banks, and more importantly the Federal Reserve.
    People have no idea, as to how much we got f'ked.
    If a bank banked internationally, a foreign country that has a subsidiary in the U.S. should have been required to pay a 2.5% interest on monies obtained for foreign transfers.
    That was a major failure of the Obama administration.
    It would have helped U.S. citizens to help pay down their debt on world subsidy.
    Instead we sit back working our arses off paying down a debt, that the Congress is addicted to adding to, meanwhile countries such as Norway having just 5.2 million in population, has a higher GDP than the U.S. even though it's merely just $100 billion Marks.
    I'm tired of our nation paying, paying, and paying, while American's are working themselves to the grave.
    American's already get the least amount of time off than any other country in Europe.
    Were slaves and don't even realize it.

  • roger palmer
    roger palmer 24 days ago

    Time to revise this video or just pull it ..

  • Reeble Snarfle
    Reeble Snarfle 25 days ago +1

    Greed leads to some strange outcomes....

  • Aplus_Nerd
    Aplus_Nerd 25 days ago +2

    That shits been there since I was a kid, never saw it open which has been sad and annoying to see.

  • John Dalecki
    John Dalecki 26 days ago

    The project is fully funded lol...that should have been the first clue that something wasnt right. That spokesmen's next paycheck isn't yet fully funded.

  • marc bell
    marc bell 26 days ago

    In the early 1960's, the Fountain Blue was the tits.

  • Bradley Pollack
    Bradley Pollack 28 days ago

    I think we’re heading in another recession very soon and Vegas will be in trouble again.

  • Michael Ivey
    Michael Ivey 28 days ago

    Hey while naming famous movies filmed in Vegas, you forgot the MOST famous one, VIVA LAS VEGAS! Elvis Rocked Vegas in 63!

  • Moriwood
    Moriwood 28 days ago

    Great Content

  • Hardly Young
    Hardly Young 29 days ago

    I think that trying to apply when average people visit Vegas to your timeline when your committed to a project this size is a diversionary excuse for its failure. It takes years to build and years to make a profit. It almost seems smarter to build during the down time when the labor force is hungry for work. It is amazing that a Japanese or Saudi company didn't scoop it up.

  • Hardly Young
    Hardly Young 29 days ago

    The only thing I would have liked to have seen added was an update on the original company's survival as well as the big players who abandoned ship before it reached safe harbor. The number of divorces and suicide attempts must be in the hundreds. Timing is everything.

  • Crazcompart
    Crazcompart Month ago

    Nowadays, corporate cutthroats just piss huge amounts of other people's money away, much of it inevitably flying into their own pockets (i.e. "One for the project, five for me!") to fund lavish lifestyles, and nothing more... Vegas worked much better when the mobs still owned it all and were skimming off the top... If a resort developer went and pulled shit like this back then, they'd wind up poured into the footings of what they were contracted to build!

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker Month ago

    You may know but failed to mention that the north end of the Blvd. is not even in Las Vegas at all. It is in Henderson, a completely different city.Huge implications about the differing policies these developments faces, because, look, all the major abandoned projects are there.

  • Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

    Yak Yak Yak

  • missbusanbeth
    missbusanbeth Month ago +1

    I think he just said "exhorbirant". It's exhorbitant asshat

  • Albert Schroeder
    Albert Schroeder Month ago

    That is an ugly building that should be demolished.

  • 1mezion
    1mezion Month ago

    One of the reasons why it's suggested you build in a recession is ( aside from cheaper costs) coming out of the recession you are in a better position than another company that now wants to build, of course all of this relies on you gauging very well when the recession it's going to end

  • delcapslock100
    delcapslock100 Month ago

    The should have got rid of that burr at the faro table and gotten themselves a straight dealer.

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez Month ago

    It sounds like they are trying to clam a soul to build the foutainblue or gain investors to make it a time share. Or just a hard time agreeing on a construction contract to finish the project where they save money and profit....they are trying to claim a life to build the resort so the resort has life life Trump international.

  • Perryinjax Studios
    Perryinjax Studios Month ago +1

    This is non stop babbling to me and was difficult to follow. A title I found interesting quickly became boring to me.

  • JustADude WithAnIQ
    JustADude WithAnIQ Month ago

    Can you do one on the Lake Las Vegas debacle? And, it's just fountain + blue, not European-esque pronunciation of fountain + blue.

  • Donny Steelhead
    Donny Steelhead Month ago

    ‘Golden finger’ ahahah

  • srulster 2.0
    srulster 2.0 Month ago +2

    Whats up guys my name is Jake... I mean Jonah stahl

  • Msflamingo2008
    Msflamingo2008 Month ago

    That place is bad ju-ju. Celebs bought in, & even they left. Douche didnt care about the existing Residents, & look what happened to him, bu-bye!😂 The biggest jerk in life, *CARL ICAHN* (pronounced, "icon") known for DESTROYING *TWA*, bought it to flip it. WARNING: DONT GO TO THAT AREA AT NITE, UNLESS YOU GOT A GLOCC.
    The STRIP has lost her flashy, unique glamour. 😥

  • Mega Fudge
    Mega Fudge Month ago

    I always thought that building was finished. Never got close enough to see it i guess.

  • Amy Valiant
    Amy Valiant Month ago +2

    It's pronounced "FON tAIne BLOW."

  • nicolas m
    nicolas m Month ago +1

    i was at the hilton accross the street on nov 16 and i was wondering abouth this place. now i know.

  • Kaptain Kid
    Kaptain Kid Month ago

    It's pronounced "fountain", like a drinking fountain or a fountain in the park. It is NOT "Fountaaaaaain blue". Check it out: . . . . . . Also, the James Bond movie was "Goldfinger" . . . . NO "Goldenfinger".

  • Paul Deland
    Paul Deland Month ago +1

    You did an incredible job researching this stupid money pit. Can you do some stories on corrupt government projects & about the idiots in the Congress who fund them? On second thought don't do it or you will have people like the FBI or CIA threatening to kill you or frame job you into prison. Nice bunch of A-holes running the show in Washington, D.C.! Worse than Las Vegas gangsters.

  • Samuel Lee
    Samuel Lee Month ago +2

    are you yelling?

  • Craig B
    Craig B Month ago +1

    You said Goldenfinger

  • Patrick EH
    Patrick EH Month ago +2

    No one can visit it because it ISN'T a resort you idiot. It is an unfinished buiding

  • Steve Chapman
    Steve Chapman Month ago +1

    I remember watching a video a couple of years ago and focusing on the virtual river flowing underneath the building. Was that remediated?

  • Philip Trimble
    Philip Trimble Month ago +2

    You obviously don't know how banks really work regarding the comment on the bank would lose money on the deal. Learn how banks really work then adjust your monologue to fit the facts.

  • Daniel Gates
    Daniel Gates Month ago +1

    It's pronounced "Fountain Blue".

  • Bret Boyle
    Bret Boyle Month ago +1

    Ex·or·bi·tant /iɡˈzôrbəd(ə)nt/ adjective adjective: exorbitant
    (of a price or amount charged) unreasonably high. "the exorbitant price of tickets"

  • amie higgins
    amie higgins Month ago

    Mr.billionaire, Drew name sucks!

  • Yoshi 244
    Yoshi 244 Month ago +1

    Oh Wow

  • I Want Kim Jong-Un To Kill Me

    They got North-Korea-ed hee hee.

  • Chris Thao
    Chris Thao Month ago +1

    Bring back the Westward Ho.

  • Alex Wall
    Alex Wall Month ago +1

    James Bond, Goldenfinger?!?!

  • amie higgins
    amie higgins Month ago


  • J.L. Goodman
    J.L. Goodman Month ago +3

    What happened? Capitalism happened.

    • Kissa Mias
      Kissa Mias 7 days ago

      Buying a building for $600M. Give me a break...😒

  • Brandon Gates
    Brandon Gates Month ago

    What’s up guys Doug Polk here

    DOG FACE Month ago +1

    The best part was the "come visit Portland" ad before the video. Must have been talking about the one in Maine cause the one in Oregon is a leftist sewer!

    • whiteclifffl
      whiteclifffl Month ago

      DOG FACE The one in Maine is also a lib sewer.

  • Scott Andrew B L
    Scott Andrew B L Month ago

    I enjoyed this video. I apperciat the way you disseminate info.

  • Jennifer Snyder
    Jennifer Snyder Month ago

    Good news. The new name of this resort is the Drew Las Vegas and will open in 2020. I will surely make a reservation.

  • fin screenname
    fin screenname Month ago

    Just like with most theme parks, the one who starts it usually looses his shirt and the next guy after them to. Then someone comes in and buys it all for a song and that is the only reason they can make a go of it. Makes you think how the first guy got investors into the pipe dream in the first place. And its been going on forever. The Empire State Building took 15 years to become profitable and wasn't fully occupied until the 1950's.

  • Sinuhe Guzmán
    Sinuhe Guzmán Month ago

    Probably is the future, the new posh Vegas and the old trashy family oriented both at the same time, sounds very smart to diversify the target audience.

  • Emmanuel Ortega
    Emmanuel Ortega Month ago

    This makes me want to be alot more financially responsible

  • BurningBeard
    BurningBeard Month ago +1

    Why does he keep saying Franken - Berry......?.....its Frankenblue

  • starquant
    starquant Month ago

    There you go Aussies, there where all your Superannuation money goes... Offshore, into massive white elephants. 🐘🐘🐘🐘

  • Sara Mcgaha
    Sara Mcgaha Month ago

    @ 7:46 why does it look like dinosaur and human bones? Am I nuts?

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy Month ago

    1st mistake is who the hell wants to live in a condo in Vegas? We were there when they casino was being built and wow it was touted to be an awesome place replete with a many Hospital, condo, shopping, theater, and we were told u could be born there, live ur entire life there and never leave...well hmmmm. Looks like belly up for huge condos and casinos...but I still don’t feel bad for the dummies and Turnberry!

  • AnimusFlux
    AnimusFlux Month ago

    This is a sign of how sick and depraved society is and how we accept it. Las Vegas has a large homeless population yet a hotel stands vacant. Our priorities are that of psychopaths.

  • Irate Puffin
    Irate Puffin Month ago +1

    Where’s the clips of people exploring the place like the description says?

  • M Golfinho
    M Golfinho Month ago

    (((Jeff Soffer))) weasel

  • Kathy Kovacic
    Kathy Kovacic Month ago

    Turnberry isn't an "apartment complex". These are condos OWNED by the residents.

  • stringTheory80
    stringTheory80 Month ago

    Its called the fountain blue. An their looking for investors as we speak. I should know I work security there.


    thats too bad. I hate to hear that someone with a dream and a vision have so much go so wrong. It's Truly sad that he didnt have greater more vision. He should have built a Vegas styled disneyland type thing on part of the land... to provide great fun and proceeds to help pay for the rest of the project. And just build it in sections. But whatever. very sad.

  • LauderdAlien
    LauderdAlien Month ago

    Fountain Blue

  • uk7769
    uk7769 Month ago

    Wow at 11:32 that gold digger on the left hit the wall hard. Dios mio. Rich people are disgusting and corrupt. Greed. Vegas sucks now. Bunch of children running around screaming. Might as well go to Disneyland. Gaming is nothing like it used to be. No fun. $25 minimum tables. Ridiculous.

  • uk7769
    uk7769 Month ago

    Deceptive practices by a developer? NEVER. buahahhahahha. Idiots believed what a developer sales reps told them.

  • James Mara
    James Mara Month ago +1

    It's not Fontaine. It's prononced Fountain, you bone head. My great grandad was the brick foreman on the original.

  • ron perry
    ron perry Month ago +1