Link your Account and Tune in for the Fortnite World Cup!

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • First premiere is on July 25!
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  • juanitoboi
    juanitoboi 15 days ago

    I haven't got my rewards

  • Polski Gołąb
    Polski Gołąb 17 days ago


    POWE_FGX 23 days ago

    ازق عليكم

  • Ramon Martinez
    Ramon Martinez 25 days ago


  • OctoGamer
    OctoGamer 25 days ago

    Clearly stretched to 10 mins

  • Rashad Davis
    Rashad Davis 25 days ago

    Do I get my World Cup stuff?

  • SubaStar 7
    SubaStar 7 25 days ago +1

    FortniteWTF what did you do to the combat shotgun worst idea ever 120 dmg to the head🙅‍♂️

  • Lance Alera
    Lance Alera 25 days ago

    I linked my account as soon as the video was posted
    *i was too lazy to watch the videos and got no rewards*

  • kevinboiii231 savage
    kevinboiii231 savage 26 days ago


  • Hola soy el cejas
    Hola soy el cejas 26 days ago

    FORTNITW why i cant watch the video?


    I received the World Cup spray for linking my account but did not receive the redline wrap is anyone else having this issue can someone please help

  • Fluffy Skye Star
    Fluffy Skye Star 26 days ago

    How to get reward? Am i late T-T

  • Jꪙᤂทۖエスコバー

    Alguien latino o de habla hispana :v

  • Ethan Carroll
    Ethan Carroll 26 days ago

    Bruh I still haven't gotten the wrap

  • King Dire
    King Dire 26 days ago

    i cant get the wrap

  • Mr gaming333
    Mr gaming333 26 days ago

    The end

  • BritoCraft
    BritoCraft 26 days ago

    Wtf 194 hours, omg FAKE uff

  • محمد بن عبدالرحمن

    Prophet servers in the Middle East Belize

  • محمد بن عبدالرحمن

    نبي سيرفرات

  • TWBS_Sammy
    TWBS_Sammy 26 days ago

    Frick yEah, I’m So ReAdY To WaTcH tHiS 195 hOuR StReAm YeSsSsSs

  • Joaquin Alcaraz
    Joaquin Alcaraz 26 days ago


  • Kellfire Gamer
    Kellfire Gamer 26 days ago


  • PAF_Winzzord
    PAF_Winzzord 26 days ago

    I watched 23 minutes of the Fortnite World Cup but I didn’t get anything. Please help

  • Hanan Ayan
    Hanan Ayan 26 days ago


  • Turtsmcgurts
    Turtsmcgurts 26 days ago

    Nice it only took 194:52:39 for them to end the stream

  • Gaming Legends
    Gaming Legends 26 days ago


  • Mariana Lungu
    Mariana Lungu 26 days ago


  • Mariana Lungu
    Mariana Lungu 26 days ago


  • Faze Boy
    Faze Boy 26 days ago

    The vid hasn't started

  • proshaban07
    proshaban07 26 days ago

    Sub to proshaban07 roblox rb

  • GamerBoyXander
    GamerBoyXander 27 days ago

    Do i have to watch it live to get the skins

  • kaynat sahru
    kaynat sahru 27 days ago

    umm where the f is my world cup spray i did watch 20 mins and connected my account what else i gotta do?

  • Mr. Bear
    Mr. Bear 27 days ago

    I didnt get anything:c

  • asebas
    asebas 27 days ago

    It's still not working. What the hell? Does that mean the TheXvid Drops thing is pointless now?

  • IchBinSehrGut
    IchBinSehrGut 27 days ago

    Tipico regelt

  • Chocolate Bacon
    Chocolate Bacon 27 days ago

    Do I have till the streams over to get my rewards?

  • kp_the_little_p_26 Patrick


  • Elijahcoolbro l
    Elijahcoolbro l 27 days ago

    My fortnite account name is Mrgangstergod

  • YouberTubers
    YouberTubers 27 days ago

    Still doesn’t work

    • Gypro
      Gypro 27 days ago


  • E TV4Kids
    E TV4Kids 27 days ago +1

    It won’t let me watch

  • Rebecca Hansen
    Rebecca Hansen 27 days ago

    Was it a world record

  • xxAditorxx
    xxAditorxx 27 days ago

    194:52:39 Nice

  • xxAditorxx
    xxAditorxx 27 days ago


  • Team Sync
    Team Sync 27 days ago


  • Mrocks 5000
    Mrocks 5000 27 days ago

    It won't let me connect my account

  • Phoo Yone
    Phoo Yone 27 days ago

    195 hours of hot garbage

  • Gamerkid69xd lol
    Gamerkid69xd lol 27 days ago

    Not epic

  • LuckyBlockMan Gaming
    LuckyBlockMan Gaming 27 days ago

    195 hours that early 😂

  • Marshboy_ TM
    Marshboy_ TM 27 days ago

    Marshboy_TM_YT ps4

  • Marshboy_ TM
    Marshboy_ TM 27 days ago


  • shadow wolfs
    shadow wolfs 27 days ago

    Speedgaming2009 or Pit3rrr

  • Aizurre
    Aizurre 27 days ago

    How do you get the gamejam emote?

  • Darwin GD
    Darwin GD 27 days ago +1

    Now we can't get the free TheXvid rewards cmon fornite
    Edit: I just check epic games' website and you can get the rewards on multiple streams

    • Darwin GD
      Darwin GD 25 days ago

      @FORTNITE GAMEPLAY GIVEAWAY same thing happened to me so I emailed epic but that didn't help. I then played some Fortnite and it just appeared


      Darwin GD I got the World Cup spray but not the wrap and that what I really wanted if I don’t get it I’m never linking anything again this is b.s epic games please fix this issue

  • zLxveWelli FNA
    zLxveWelli FNA 27 days ago

    Bro i only watched like ten minutes than the stream stopped and I can’t watch it anymore 😤

  • Matthew Hodge
    Matthew Hodge 27 days ago

    Mom said one more video before bed

  • play withme
    play withme 27 days ago

    Got my reward yesterday. Hope get it today

  • braian rene
    braian rene 27 days ago

    my hair hurts

  • TapedD L2
    TapedD L2 27 days ago

    Da like

  • xXALPHA27
    xXALPHA27 27 days ago

    Jesus Christ 195 hours

  • Aizurre
    Aizurre 27 days ago

    Well there goes the gamejam spray i cant get it now

  • Smokey Eyes Gamer
    Smokey Eyes Gamer 27 days ago

    HELLO GUYS! I will request you all to please subscribe my channel as I am new to TheXvid and love making gameplay videos please show some some. My channel name is Smokey eyes gamer. 💝

  • Not_LevuiCheLL
    Not_LevuiCheLL 28 days ago


  • Dwillis2000
    Dwillis2000 28 days ago

    i did not know when it started i turned on noto but i never got one saying that it was live

  • ALEXIOS 240
    ALEXIOS 240 28 days ago


  • Syko Chris
    Syko Chris 28 days ago +1

    195 hour livestream btw

  • Jack HK Yeoh
    Jack HK Yeoh 28 days ago

    Why I can’t get items when I connect my account and look over 20 minutes

    • Jack HK Yeoh
      Jack HK Yeoh 27 days ago

      I am no getting any GameJam spray

    • Gypro
      Gypro 27 days ago

      Same, I have only the first GameJam spray but not the yesterday's spray

  • Savage Guy Hari
    Savage Guy Hari 28 days ago

    Wait I didn’t get any reward watching this photo for hours

  • 侍ソード
    侍ソード 28 days ago +1


  • XC Skull
    XC Skull 28 days ago

    Bruh I watched all the world Cup and I didn't get anything

  • Vionix Trigger
    Vionix Trigger 28 days ago

    I did the thing and it haven’t gave me my reward stoooooopid

    • Gypro
      Gypro 27 days ago

      You must Watch the world cup finals for the rewards !

  • -Ronald- -Mctwisty-
    -Ronald- -Mctwisty- 28 days ago

    I watched a title screen 4 20 minutes so i still get my free fortnite spray

  • Avils Right Hand
    Avils Right Hand 28 days ago

    Come on I was watching this and nothing happened

    • Gypro
      Gypro 27 days ago

      You must Watch the world cup finals for the rewards !

  • Stolicious
    Stolicious 28 days ago

    I can't believe it is unavailable

  • ibrahim als
    ibrahim als 28 days ago +1

    البث يعيال ليه ماشغل

    • Ali X
      Ali X 27 days ago